Friday, October 31, 2014

Europe Preparing for Russian Invasion

The Russians are coming!!

Numerous countries in Europe, and also the USA, have had to scramble jet fighters to intercept Russian bombers that are flying into their air space.  Russia is reviving it's old Cold-War posture.

Today we find this ominous headline;

Poland Is Preparing For A Potential Russian Invasion

As Vladimir Putin’s Russia continues to threaten Ukraine after stealing Crimea in the spring and exerting de facto Kremlin control over much of the Donbas this summer, war worries are mounting on NATO’s eastern frontier.

New reports of Russian troop movements on the Ukrainian border this week are not reassuring to those Atlantic Alliance members who suffered Soviet occupation for decades, and still live in Moscow’s neighborhood.

Neither are Russian air force incursions into Western airspace calming nerves with their reborn Cold War antics: yesterday, NATO fighters intercepted no less than nineteen Russian combat aircraft, including several heavy bombers.

No NATO countries are more worried about Kremlin aggression than the Baltic states, with their small militaries and lack of strategic depth — countries that are frankly indefensible in any conventional sense without significant and timely Alliance assistance.

But Poland is the real issue when it comes to defending NATO’s exposed Eastern frontier from Russian aggression.

Only Poland, which occupies the Alliance’s central front, has the military power to seriously blunt any Russian moves westward. As in 1920, when the Red Army failed to push past Warsaw, Poland is the wall that will defend Central Europe from any westward movement by Moscow’s military.


Dang it!!  Why are those Russians so cantankerous?  Why can't we all just get along?

That's just not how the game of Nations is played on planet earth.

We will NEVER all get along until the Prince of Peace comes and rules over us.  Until that time we well see more headlines about wars and rumors of war.

Also remember that Russia is a key player in the Ezekiel 38 war.  One day they will have "hooks in their jaw" and the God of Israel will draw them into devising a plan to destroy Israel.  While Russia and her Muslim allies are gathered to make war, the God of Israel will decimate their armies.  Israel will realize that God has saved them and the nation will begin the process of turning back to God.

So the fact that Russia is now in the news everyday and the headlines are always about wars and rumors of war that involve her....give us one more signal that we may be in the very Last Days.

They kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.


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