Saturday, December 8, 2018

CBS Paying Hush Money

Remember when CBS ran a story 24-7 about Trump paying hush money to a porn star he fornicated with 15 years ago?  They were “outraged” by this behavior.  Now we find that their president, Les Moonves, was a pervert for years and that CBS has been paying hush money to their own skeletons they don’t want the world to know about.  It’s funny but it seems that everyone who jumps on Trump seems to have the crap they fling at him come right back into their faces. Remember how Charlie Rose vanished from CBS on account of his perversion? Clearly they have a bad culture and everyone enjoys seeing hypocrites fall.
Following the exits of CBS CEO Leslie Moonves and “60 Minutes” boss Jeff Fager, an outside investigation has found that CBS has paid more than $5 million as part of a settlement with a woman who accused “60 Minutes” series creator Don Hewitt of sexual assault.
On Thursday, the New York Times published pieces of a draft report from the investigation, which was launched by the CBS board to look into the company’s workplace culture following multiple accusations of sexual misconduct by Moonves and at “60 Minutes.”
According to the Times, the settlement was first reached more than 20 years ago when the company determined that “her allegations were credible,” and it has since paid out more than $5 million in total in exchange for the unnamed woman’s silence.
Representatives for CBS and CBS News did not immediately return TheWrap’s request for comment.
According to the Times, the investigation also found that the success of “60 Minutes” and its independence from the rest of CBS News “permitted misconduct by some ’60 Minutes’ employees,” including former senior producer Michael Radutzky and current producer Ira Rosen.

Science Confirms Adam & Eve

Bible readers have known all along that life doesn’t come from non-life.  There is a Creator.  He created a male and female and all humans descended from this pair.  Now science is confirming it even though the researchers “fought against it as hard as I could.”  Of course they did!  They don’t want to admit there’s a creator because then they would have to admit they will be responsible to Him.
Their findings are so contrary to current evolutionary thought that they found it almost impossible to believe. “This conclusion is very surprising,” said Thaler, “and I fought against it as hard as I could.”
From the first line in the article (emphasis mine throughout): “All modern humans descended from a solitary pair.” From the second paragraph: “Scientists surveyed the genetic ‘bar codes’ of five million animals – including humans – from 100,000 different species and deduced that we sprang from a single pair of adults after a catastrophic event almost wiped out the human race.”
Now, to be sure, they are off on their timeline by about 94,000 years. They’ve got it right that there was a “catastrophic event that almost wiped out the human race,” which of course we know is actually a reference to the flood of Noah’s day, though they haven’t figured that part out yet. But give them time. They finally got to Adam and Eve, they’ll eventually come around on the rest.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Facial Recognition One Step Closer to Mark of the Beast

Do you remember reading about how John in Revelation saw a vision of all people needing a mark on their forehead or right hand in order to buy or sell anything?  Maybe he saw a vision of people showing their faces to a computer scanner which recognizes them and allows them to board a plane, unlock doors, and access all their money in their bank or credit cards?

Delta Air Lines has rolled out facial recognition for international travel at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for what it calls the first biometric terminal in the United States -- and is now making plans to expand the technology in Detroit.

Atlanta-based Delta in September announced plans to make the international terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson into a biometric terminal, including facial recognition at check-in, at the security checkpoint, at gates and at Customs

Delta Air Lines has rolled out facial recognition for international travel at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport for what it calls the first biometric terminal in the United States -- and is now making plans to expand the technology in Detroit.
Atlanta-based Delta in September announced plans to make the international terminal at Hartsfield-Jackson into a biometric terminal, including facial recognition at check-in, at the security checkpoint, at gates and at Customs.

Woman Is Offensive so Use Womxn Instead

In this strange new world we live in someone is perpetually offended all the time.  The offended folks claim they can be triggered by just about anything!  Today we read that the word woman is offensive to some people,  but we aren’t sure why.  Nevertheless we need to start using the word womxn instead to promote intersectionality...whatever that is.
Students at Goldsmiths, University of London and King’s College have stopped using the word “woman” because it is not inclusive enough. In it’s place, students have begun to use the word “womxn,” which was created to “promote intersectionality.”
“We are opening up to the idea that binary conceptions of gender are unnecessarily rigid and don’t correspond to the self-image of a great many people and even that people’s sense of their gender may not correspond to their biological sex,” Columbia University Professor John McWhorter wrote about new words like “womxn.”

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Our Greatest Threat in Thousands of Years?

We are now being told by the godless that climate change is the greatest threat facing humans in thousands of years.

Ummmmm….did you ever hear the true story about Noah's Ark and how God destroyed a whole bunch of stuff on planet earth because of the godlessness, perversion and violence that had taken over the entire world?

British broadcaster and environmentalist David Attenborough on Monday urged world leaders, meeting in Poland to agree on ways to limit global warming, to get on and tackle “our greatest threat in thousands of years.”
Known for countless nature films, Attenborough has gained prominence recently with his “Blue Planet II” series, which highlighted the devastating effect of pollution on the oceans.
“Leaders of the world, you must lead,” said the naturalist, given a “People’s seat” at the two-week UN climate conference in the Polish coal city of Katowice alongside two dozen heads of state and government.
“The continuation of our civilizations and the natural world upon which we depend, is in your hands,” he said.

Clearly he was never taught the song HE'S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS in Sunday school when he was a child.

This world isn't going to come to a screeching halt until the Creator says so.

Take care of the planet....but don't start worshipping Mother Earth.  Worship the Creator!  Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and remember that Jesus left his followers here on earth to be SALT AND LIGHT to a dying planet filled with billions of lost souls.

Surprise! Muslim Congresswomen Lied

Voters recently elected to send 2 Muslim women to Congress.  It should come as no surprise that they said one thing about Israel and Jews to get elected and once elected.

FROM GATESTONE INSTITUTE: Less known is that both women deceived voters about their positions on Israel. Both women, at some point during their rise in electoral politics, led voters — especially Jewish voters — to believe that they held moderate views on Israel. After being elected, both women reversed their positions and now say they are committed to sanctioning the Jewish state.
America’s first two Muslim congresswomen are now both on record as appearing to oppose Israel’s right to exist. They both support the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. Both are also explicitly or implicitly opposed to continuing military aid to Israel, as well as to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — an outcome that would establish a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Instead, they favor a one-state solution — an outcome that many analysts believe would, due to demographics over time, replace the Jewish state with a unitary Palestinian state.
In her acceptance speech, delivered without an American flag, Congresswoman-elect Omar opened her speech in Arabic with the greeting, “As-Salam Alaikum, (peace be upon you), alhamdulillah (praise be to Allah), alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.” She continued: “I stand here before you tonight as your congresswoman-elect with many firsts behind my name. The first woman of color to represent our state in Congress. The first woman to wear a hijab. The first refugee ever elected to Congress. And one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress.”


How tragic that Minnesota has become so deluded that WE sent this woman to D.C. to be a representative of our state!!

The liberals are so ignorant here that they are incapable of understanding just how hateful the religion of Islam is.  In their ignorance they have falsely believed that Islam is simply another denomination like Lutheran or Methodist and are PROUD to stand up for believers of this demonic doctrine which calls Jesus Christ a liar and totally incapable of saving us from our sins.

Rabbi Thinks Ezekiel’s War is Close

For the last 10 years we have been watching and posting about the coalition of Russia, Iran, Turkey and some North African Muslim nations that will come against Israel in the Last Days.  Many refer to this coalition as the Ezekiel Coalition.  And they war mentioned in Ezekiel 38-39 is referred to as Ezekiel's War and/or The War of Gog-Magog

As my long-time readers know, this coalition of Russia, Iran and Turkey has now come together for the first time in human history.  Not only are prophecy-watching-followers of Christ seeing it but so are the Jews who reject Christ as messiah.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific end-of days author and prominent Torah scholar, believes Russia’s influence in the situation developing to the north of Israel adds strong Messianic overtones.

“Russia is very Magog-like,” Rabbi Winston told Breaking Israel News. “Hashgacha pratit (Divine intervention) is always there, pushing things towards geula (redemption), vacillating from the obvious to the not-so-obvious.”
“Iran is another major power and Syria, who really has no power, is the power broker, balancing between communism and Shiism,” Rabbi Winston said. “At this point, anything, even something that seems insignificant, could be a trigger for the War of Gog and Magog.”
“During the Obama administration, America squandered decades of work at getting the Soviet Union out of the Middle East,” Rabbi Spiro said. “They were out of the picture. Now, communism has reemerged as Putinism and Russia has reentered the Middle East with a vengeance, aligning with Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah.”
“Now, perhaps more than ever, these developing alliances could be an end-of-days, potentially Gog and Magog scenario,” Rabbi Spiro warned.
Iran is strutting around like a peacock but if Trump decides to deal with them, he will wipe them out. Nations today should learn not to mess with him.”


That's funny!  A famous Rabbi says that the nations on earth should learn not to mess with Trump.

Also please remember that Jesus tells the Jews that even though they never accepted him as Messiah when he became a man 2000 years ago, THEY WILL accept the antichrist when he shows up.  So when the Jews are saying the "messianic age" is approaching, they are actually talking about the time when the antichrist will show up AFTER the rapture and THEY will allow him to sit in the 3rd Temple and declare himself to be God.

When that happens, the Jews will realize they have been tricked and will flee to the mountains...and 3 1/2 years later Jesus will show up on earth to rescue the remnant of the Jews who finally realize that Jesus was the promised Messiah all along and they will cry for Jesus to return to earth and save them.

Pretty darn exciting times friends!  Are you ready for what's coming?

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

2 Articles About Jeffrey Epstein

This story is making the news today.  Google News listed for me the top two places to read about Epstein, one was at NPR and one was from Fox News.  I’ve listed them both below.  What was interesting to me was that leftist-NPR avoided reporting the fact that Bill Clinton is tight with this sex offender.  Why would they want to offer up details that would further drag their famous Democrat hero into pervert town?  When you say FAKE NEWS it doesn’t always mean it’s untrue, but it may mean that the rest of the story is conveniently left out to satisfy the left-leaning media’s political agenda.
The 65-year-old Epstein, who has counted presidents and kings among his friends, allegedly operated a sex ring at his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, a residence in New York City, and his private island estate. The latter locale contained Epstein's 72-acre Virgin Islands home -- and the strip of land was dubbed by some as “Orgy Island.”
Court documents obtained by Fox News in 2016 showed former President Bill Clinton took at least 26 trips flying aboard Epstein's private jet -- known as the "Lolita Express" -- and apparently ditched his Secret Service detail on some of the excursions. Authorities who seized trash outside Epstein's home at the time found an invoice for the purchase of the book “SlaveCraft: Roadmaps for Erotic Servitude -- Principles, Skills and Tools," as well as the instructional “Training with Miss Abernathy: A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners."

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Quit Social Media?

Do you find yourself spending too much time swiping through Instagram and Facebook?  Do you find yourself wondering why you're such a loser...just laying on the couch looking at Instagram while everyone you know is posting photos from the beach, from a new restaurant, from the Vikings game, from the water park, from the campground, etc....  Why are YOU such a loser and why are YOU being left behind when it comes to entertainment, friends and excitement?  How come YOU don't have the perfect marriage like all those couples vacationing together on the beach?  How come YOUR kids aren't as happy as THEIR kids?  How come your family isn't always laughing with each other while all the Instagram people are??

Have you ever wondered if Social Media is being used by the evil one to drag millions and millions of Americans into depression, anxiety and panic attacks?

"But Dennis, I only look at FB/Instagram/SnapChat maybe an hour per day!"

Yep!  And that means you can check in on the lives of about 400-500 people during that hour, to see the amazing things they are doing while you are laying on the sofa at 6:30 wondering if you can go to bed yet.  LOSER!!

Check out this story from a young woman who has deleted her social media and realized she is MUCH happier.

As a society, we're starting to lose faith in our technology icons, especially in light of the questionable decisions made by the once-beloved Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, and reports about early Facebook employees who got rich and now have the luxury of preventing their own kids from using social media.
#DeleteFacebook, once unthinkable, is now a very real trend. And it poses a growing threat to Facebook's bottom line, and its future.
Against this backdrop, in August I made a big decision. I removed Facebook and Instagram apps off my phone, and logged out on the web. I didn't get around to fully disabling or deleting them, as I wanted to see first how I'd respond to a month-long break. Baby steps, I told myself.
I haven't been back, and I don't really miss them at all.

Time not well spent

My break came around the time when Facebook and Instagram introduced "time well spent" features in the summer, which allow users to check how many hours they've spent on social media. I checked the activity dashboard after reporting on these changes for CNBC, and learned that I spent more than five hours on Instagram in a single week.

Another question for we who claim to be followers of Christ;  Aren't we supposed to be different than the pagans (non-believers) on earth?  Have we become so wrapped up in the things of this earth that we end up losing our SALT AND LIGHT qualities?

If you are out to lunch with a friend who needs to talk and you can't leave your phone in the car for one may have a problem.

If you feel the need to show 600 friends how much fun you are having every single probably have a problem.

If you can't sit on the sofa with your husband without constantly looking at your phone to see what everyone else is do have a problem.

Maybe all the folks who call themselves FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST should turn the page on this misery called social media and delete our accounts.

"But Dennis, I would literally DIE if I couldn't look at pictures of everyone else every day!" positively have a problem.  Maybe even an addiction.  Which is most likely a false idol too.


NASA Admits Aliens May Have Visited Earth

It would seem that the inhabitants to planet earth continue to be prepared for the arrival of "aliens".  And if one day they do show up, the left-behind world will believe that they evolved from Mother Nature's concoction just like we did!

A NASA scientist admits that it's entirely possible aliens have already visited Earth – and we simply never noticed.
The space expert also noted that not all UFO sightings can be "explained or denied", and said scientists should be more open-minded about the possibility of alien visitors.
Nasa has long been investing in SETI, the "search for extraterrestrial intelligence" – better known as aliens.
And in a recently publisher paper on SETI, Professor Silvano P. Colombano suggested that alien life may have already visited us.
He suggested that aliens could look so different from how we expect, and that they may be able to travel huge distances – because we simply can't comprehend their make-up or technology.
"I simply want to point out the fact that the intelligence we might find and that might choose to find us (if it hasn’t already) might not be at all be produced by carbon based organisms like us," said Professor Colombano, of Nasa's Ames Research Centre in California.

Here's the deal people....advanced life on earth did not EVOLVE from two rocks rolling down a hill 5 billion years ago.  In the same way life on a distant planet didn't evolve by rocks rolling down a hill 6 billion years ago.

God created all things.  Jesus created all things that we can see and chose to reveal himself as a HUMAN!  Not a Klingon, not a Sasquatch, not Skin Walker...a human being! He died to redeem human beings!  Satan hates that story so he has been working relentlessly for the past 6000 years on deceptive plans to delude the world.  He's done a pretty great job!  We believe his last plan will be the mother of all deceptions and it will have something to do with 'aliens'.

We believe the final delusion won't happen until after the rapture (2 Thessalonians) and the nearness of a major announcement by the governments of the world that "aliens exist" should be one more clue to us about the nearness of Christ coming for his bride.

Encourage each other!

Melt Your Purity Rings to Make a Vagina Sculpture

So we already know that in the Last Days the few people left sitting in churches will refuse to put up with sound doctrine.  Paul clearly tells us that.  They end up surrounding themselves with teachers who tell them what they want to hear.  "Gay sex is OK because God loves you no matter what you do!  Fornication is OK because God wants you to use your teenage body to experiment with other teens about what feels good.  Polygamy is OK because God never meant us to be with one other human for our entire married life."

Today we read about an ELCA Lutheran pastor and she is asking girls across America to send her their chastity rings so she can melt them down and make them into a golden vagina.  Yep, you read that right.

Liberal Lutheran pastor and author Nadia Bolz-Weber has encouraged women to send her their purity rings to be melted down and recast into a golden vagina in protest of evangelical purity culture.

On Twitter, Bolz-Weber, founding pastor of Denver’s House for All Sinners and Saints, issued a call for people to send her those rings “for a massive art project.”

“Beginning November 12th, until December 17th, you’ll have the opportunity to send in your purity rings to be melted down and recast into a golden vagina,” she explained on her website. “This sculpture will be unveiled at the 2019 Makers Conference.”

The website states that those who send in their rings will then receive a “certificate of Impurity as well as a SHAMELESS, impurity ring.”

I think we can file this strange article into, 'YOU CAN'T MAKE THAT UP!"

We also hope that the truth of Jesus will remain and that these false denominations will continue to dry up and blow away.  #ELCAGOAWAY

Monday, December 3, 2018

Did God Really Say Gay Is Not OK?

The attack on the Bible from the Evil One continues on a daily basis.  "Did God REALLY say that??  Certainly a loving God wouldn't want to keep you from doing something that makes you happy?"

Today we find this in a Jewish Learning site that is questioning if gay sex is really wrong after all?

It makes no sense from an ethical perspective: A central purpose of ethics is to regulate and make fair differentials in power and privilege. To put it another way, ethics is about keeping everybody from taking advantage of one another. Thus, mutually consenting relationships between equals would seem to present no ethical problem.
Many people of a traditional religious perspective see these verses as establishing the primacy of heterosexual relationships — for them, the ethical message is one of preserving “traditional” — i.e., heterosexual — families. The claim is often made that validating gay or lesbian relationships would undermine such families and give people the “option” of choosing nontraditional lives. Yet the children of gay and lesbian families turn out to be gay at roughly the same rate as everybody else — so this theory would seem to have little credence.
It seems, rather, that some people are naturally attracted to same-gender relationships, and find in them all the emotional and personal fulfillment that any heterosexual couple might hope for.
Let’s assume further that a good and loving God would not create certain people to face the awful choice between permanent loneliness and loyalty to Torah — I cannot accept that the God of Israel’s Redemption would not love all those who are created in God’s Image.
So how then do we interpret, or re-interpret, these verses, which apparently deny gay and lesbian Jews even the possibility of affirmation? Dr. Avi Rose, a psychologist and Jewish educator (and sometimes Kolel faculty), reviews current thinking about the historical context of this verse in a lovely and moving essay in the anthology ReCREATIONS.
Did you catch that??  "I cannot accept that the God of Israel would not love all those who are created in God's image"  So let's rewrite the Word of God so we do whatever we want and pretend God never said that gay sex is NOT part of His plan for us.
What?????  Of course God loves everyone, BUT he doesn't love everything that we do.
It's a classic mistake to say, "Well MY GOD would never do such and such"....which means we are creating our own God and making Him have all the attributes that WE want him to have.
The Jews need Jesus.  Clearly this site is written by Jews who have NOT accepted Christ as the final sacrifice for all their sins.
Christ died for ALL OF US even WHILE WE ARE SINNING.  But Jesus clearly told the woman who was living with a man who wasn't her husband, "Go and sin no more."
We aren't saved BECAUSE we give up our sinful lives.  We are saved because of Christ's work and then he works with us to change our hearts and minds about the sin which has infected our lives and is leading us to death.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

More WWIII Headlines

In the past few years there have been MANY headlines that speak of WWIII.  We file this under Jesus’ words that there will be wars and rumors of war that will increase like birth pains as His return nears.


NORTH Korea is still expanding operations at a nuclear site, the United Nations has confirmed, just weeks after a separate US think-tank report said Kim Jong-Un was upgrading secret missile sites he had promised to shut down.

Pressure is mounting on US President Donald Trump to act after the repressive North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un appears to have reneged on promises he made at a summit in Singapore earlier this year. At the historic meeting, the first between leaders from North Korea and the United States, Kim Jong-Un assured the US President he would scrap his nuclear missile projects. The two leaders pledged to denuclearise the Korean peninsula but Kim Jong-Un’s promises were met with widespread scepticism from western leaders. Since then, North Korea has made few real steps towards complying with America’s demands for a “full and irreversible” dismantling of their nuclear arms programme.
Latest reports suggest the North is in fact still maintaining, upgrading and expanding operations at missile and nuclear sites across the country.
The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which reports directly to the UN security council, has said North Korea is pressing ahead with operations at its Yongbyon nuclear research centre

Friday, November 30, 2018

UFO Over Texas

More strange objects are being sighted in the sky. We believe it may be part of a Last Days delusion.
Today we find another story and this one comes from Texas.

At first, the white object in the sky looked like a cloud. A weather balloon, perhaps ?

The motionless, cigar-shaped object spotted last week near Fort Worth left the witness stumped. And a video of the sighting has since gone viral, opening the door to UFO theories online.
"It was the oddest thing I've ever seen," the unidentified witness said, according to their report to Texas UFOs, a website that tracks mysterious UFO sightings throughout the state. "I watched it for about 20 minutes. It didn't move. I don't think I've ever seen anything in the sky stay that still before, not even for a few seconds, let alone 20 minutes."

If you go to the link above and watch the video, the narrator asks the question we are most interested in;  "Is this proof of alien visitation?"

It's becoming more and more obvious that the world is buzzing about aliens visiting earth.

Here's the point to ponder:  these "alien visitation" theories are mostly believed by the same people who believe in evolution.  The line of thinking goes like this;  If you believe that humans evolved from rocks and water 5 billion years ago then you also would be more than logical to believe that other complex life evolved 6-7-8+ billion years ago on other planets in the universe.  And since these "advanced beings" have had an extra billion years to evolve...they are now smart enough to have figured out time travel, light speed travel, worm holes and all sorts of other ways to be visiting us from hundreds of light years away.

These are not aliens visiting us.  They are the demons, fallen angels and even strange flesh that has tormented men since the garden of Eden.  We believe they have ramped up this final great delusion because they see the writing on the wall and know that the return of Jesus is very near, so they need to be prepared for the Great Tribulation that will commence sometime AFTER the rapture and end with Jesus returning to earth at Armageddon.

Bible readers know what Romans 1 says.  The folks who reject that God/Jesus made the entire world and every living thing on it, those people end up with their minds given over to all sorts of strange/perverted behavior and their thinking can become totally foolish and futile.

20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.

22 Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Orangutan Prostitute

This article first surfaced probably 7-8 years ago but made it back into the "most read" articles again this past week.  I'm quite sure we probably blogged on it when it first came out but some of my readers noticed it again so I decided to point out a few more interesting facts.

The farm labor men had a brothel nearby with women they could pay for sex, but the brothel owner also had a shaved orangutan that they put makeup and perfume on and the men could pay to have sex with her.  They actually paid less to have sex with the orangutan than they paid to have sex with that seems like species discrimination...but that can wait for a future blog post.

Men working in the nearby palm oil farm in Borneo would come into the brothel and could pay a couple of quid to have sex with a prostitute, or, shockingly, with her.

Knowing what was expected, Pony would gyrate her hips when a punter came to the door before being raped by men twice the size of her who paid her owner for the experience.

Stolen from her mum as a baby, the gentle ape’s entire body was shaved every other day, leaving her skin irritated, covered in sores and prone to mosquito bites - and she was taught how to perform sex acts.

Clearly, the Bible tells us NOT to have sex with animals.  But if you don't believe the Bible is an authoritative Word from God...then why not have sex with monkeys, horses, sheep, goats and gators?
Speaking to The Sun Online she said: “When I found that she was used for prostitution and not just a pet I was horrified.

“Perhaps in my naivety I had never thought it humanly possible to do such a thing to an animal.”
Gross.  God help us.  Yep!  You are naïve.  Nothing new under the sun!!  Men and women have sex with animals.  They did it thousands of years ago and they are still doing it today.

But here is one more interesting thing I saw this time around.  It seems that when the PETA folks tried to rescue this animal from it's horrendous conditions, they were stopped by men with guns and even poisoned knives.

So what did the PETA folks do when THEY were threatened with bad men with bad guns?  (please remember that PETA folks are VERY against guns).  Yep!!  They hired lots of other big men with big guns (AK-47's even) to surround the brothel and take the orangutan by force!

In the end it took 35 armed policemen to get the villagers to hand over Pony.

Michelle says: “They were threatened with guns and knives.
So it turns out that when PETA wants something, they resort to guns and violence.

Silly PETA.  Practice what you preach!  If guns are bad you should have just tried to talk to the brothel owners and told them to lay down their guns and do the 'right thing" by giving up the chimp!!

Once again, the leftists are so confused!  What if the men who screwed the chimp simply explained that they were born with the desire to screw monkeys?  What if some of the monkey-screwers actually identified as orangutans?  Weren't they just fulfilling the desires they were born with? Wouldn't that have been a really simple answer that you would have had to accept and celebrate??  What are y'all?...intolerant, zoophobic haters??