Friday, March 22, 2013

Gay Marriage First...Next is Polygamy!

We have said all along that once the push goes through to legalize gay marriage, then the polygamists will be next!

Hey!...why not?  One wife for cleaning, one wife for cooking and childcare and one wife for the bedroom!!  That way no one gets tired and everyone is happy!! 

Or....three wives to work and one husband to stay home with the kid and take him to the park!!

These Mormons and Muslims may be on to something!!

WASHINGTON (BP) -- Redefining marriage to include same-sex couples would jettison the rationale and logic behind prohibitions on polygamous marriages, according to several friend-of-the court briefs urging the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the traditional definition of marriage.

"Ultimately, there is no principled basis for recognizing a legality of same-sex marriage without simultaneously providing a basis for the legality of consensual polygamy or certain adult incestuous relationships," reads one of the briefs, filed by the Christian legal group Liberty Counsel. "In fact, every argument for same-sex marriage is an argument for them as well."

A friend-of-the-court brief signed by 18 state attorneys general also briefly warns about the potential legalization of polygamy if gay marriage is legalized. The brief -- which supports Prop 8 -- says the traditional definition of marriage is tied to the fact that only a man and woman can reproduce, thus continuing society's very existence. The state has an interest, the brief says, to see that children are raised, ideally, by the mother and father who beget them. A mother and father in each home is "optimal for children and society at large."

"Once the natural limits that inhere in the relationship between a man and a woman can no longer sustain the definition of marriage, the conclusion that follows is that any grouping of adults would have an equal claim to marriage," the attorneys general brief states, arguing that marriage no longer would be about the needs of children but about the desires of adults.


Hey, wait a tick...I just thought of something....what if some woman wanted to be married to three men?  One to cook, one to clean and one for the bedroom??  Yeah...that doesn't sound as good for my team....

Mark my some point in time a bizarre woman is going to step forward and say, "My pet chimp, Waldo, is 99.8% human...and he treats me better than any man ever has.  He is kind, considerate, he never sasses me and he's pretty dang good in the sack!  We are in love and I demand that the state recognize our rights!!  We want to get married and I want to leave my estate in trust to him and demand my Social Security be paid to him after I die."

And sure enough, some liberal judge somewhere will say, "Yeah!  That makes perfect sense!"

And PETA will say, "It's about time animals got their equality with humans!!  We all came from the same ancestor!!"

"Good will be called evil and evil will be called good."

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Has Iran Crossed the Red Line?

We know Iran is working towards a nuke.  We know that Obama and Israel have said that a red line will be crossed when Iran gets the materials necessary to assemble a nuke.  That event will trigger a strike on Iran.

(Washington, D.C., March 21, 2013) -- "Iranian scientists are working on nuclear warheads - and trying to perfect them - at an underground site unknown to the West, according to a high-ranking intelligence officer of the Islamic regime," reports Reza Kahlili, a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officer who joined the CIA and became a double agent against the Iranian regime.

"The officer, who has been assigned to the Ministry of Defense, not only provided the coordinates to this vast site but also details of its operation," Kahlili reports. "The site, approximately 14 miles long and 7.5 miles wide, consists of two facilities built deep into a mountain along with a missile facility that is surrounded by barbed wire, 45 security towers and several security posts. The new secret nuclear site, named Quds (Jerusalem), is almost 15 miles from another site, previously secret but exposed in 2009, the Fordow nuclear facility. The power to this site comes from the same source as Fordow -- the Shahid Rajaei power plant -- with high power towers surrounding the site. Construction of the site started about the same time as Fordow, and in the second half of 2010 all industrial tests were completed. The site became 60 percent operational in 2011."

In an op-ed in today's Washington Times, Kahlili writes: "Images of a secret nuclear site known as Quds…show the regime has crossed the nuclear red line. In collaboration with North Korea, it is now steps away from arming its missiles with nuclear warheads. According to information from a high-ranking intelligence officer assigned to the Ministry of Defense, the regime's scientists have made a significant breakthrough in not only enriching to weapons grade, but have converted the highly enriched uranium into metal, a key step in building nuclear warheads. Moreover, successfully using the metal in making a neutron reflector indicates the final stages for a nuclear-weapons design that would be a two-stage, more sophisticated and much more powerful nuclear bomb."


Wow!  Lots of red lines being drawn all over the world!  This one in Iran, a chemical red line in Syria, and a nuclear red line in North Korea!

Keep drawing enough red lines and sooner or later someone is going to cross one...THEN someone will need to decide if they are serious about taking action or would they rather just keep pushing the red line further away?

"Now Matthew!...don't touch your mother's fancy china plates!  I'm serious, if you touch that you will be in big trouble little mister.  Oh you want to touch it anyway?  Well we are going to move that china on top of the table where you can't touch it do you like that little mister?  Oh you're going to climb on the table and touch it anyway?  You better think again sonny or else you are gonna be in so much trouble!!  Ok, now we are going to move that china on top of the counter where you can't touch it for sure!  That will teach you!  What?!... you're getting a stool to get on the counter?!  You quit that are gonna get in so much trouble!!  I'm gonna tell your mother if you don't get off that stool right now!"

Meanwhile little Matthew is saying to himself, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...I'll do anything I please!  That dude is all talk!!  All bark and no bite."

I realize we need to take war very, as a nation, you best not draw red lines unless swift consequences are the immediate result of being crossed.

DHS "Insider" Says Collapse has Begun

Should it concern us that the government of Cyprus proposed stealing people's savings accounts so they could avoid bankruptcy?



Because if that idea was floated there, it will be floated in other nations.  If Cyprus can close the banks for a week while THEY DECIDE what to do with saver's money....other nations may also choose the same behavior.

"But Dennis, that could NEVER happen here!  This is America!"


18 March 2013: Much like my high-level source within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security outlined in a series of interviews beginning last year, the orchestrated collapse of the U.S. dollar and the entire world’s economic system has begun. The first shots in a global economic take-over were fired in Cyprus as my esteemed colleague and founding editor of Canada Free Press, Judi McLeod laid out in frank detail in her column yesterday. Please read it and heed her advice, or suffer the consequences of your own normalcy bias that such an event will not happen in the United States, Canada, or from wherever you might be reading this. It will, and the plan appears to be on schedule for a shot across the bow later this spring here in the West, with a more aggressive take-over starting sometime this fall, according to my source.

To those needing a quick refresher, the plan is quite simple and can be summarized by the Clinton-era quip attributed to political strategist James Carville, “the economy, stupid” and the June 9, 2010 statement by former Obama czar Van Jones, Socialist extraordinaire, “top down, bottom up, inside out.” It is a plan for a one world Communist economy where the “middle class” will be wiped out through a series of events that will have the same ultimate effect as we are seeing in present day Cyprus.

Based on the events in Cyprus, it should be quite clear to even the most vocal critic of the legitimacy of the information provided to me by my source within the DHS as published on this web site is no longer at issue. The U.S. dollar, the backbone of world currencies and the proverbial firewall preventing the erosion of our national sovereignty, is the ultimate target of a takedown by the global banking interests controlled by a handful of banks and families of the “royal elite.”

The plan for a global currency or a one world economic order is a matter that transcends political parties. Those who continue to argue in the Republican-Democrat meme are doing nothing more than providing entertainment to distract people from the real issue, that of the global elite versus the rest of us. The top of the pyramid in this Ponzi scheme is filled with members of both U.S. political parties who are systematically pillaging us and our future generations into financial debt, bondage and slavery. It is a plan that has been in the works for centuries. The problem, however, is that we have been conditioned not to think that big. Yet, the lie is that big.


Please remember friends, I am NOT SAYING THAT EVERYTHING I POST IS TRUE!  I am simply posting interesting articles that are making the headlines.  However, I do believe that many of these headlines point to the nearness of SOMETHING BIG about to take place.  As always, be a Berean and search scripture for yourself and determine WHAT and WHY you believe.

Now, back to the last sentence in the paragraph above....Is the lie that big?

Who is the Prince of the World?  Satan.  Who is the FATHER OF LIES?  Satan.

So yes...guessing the lie IS that big.

When this whole scheme is exposed, I am quite confident that people will be blown away.  They will be so shocked, so dismayed and so shaken by it all....they will be desperate for A MAN to come and lead them back into the comfort zone they believed they once had.

Enter the Antichrist.

Hat tip to Bob K.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Syria Uses Chemical Weapons?

As we all know, Team Obama has said that if the Syrian Regime were to use chemical weapons...they will cross the red line and America will make sure they pay for crossing that line.

Big talk.

The thousand dollar question is;  Will that big talk be backed up with big action? 

Republican Mike Rogers, the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, said evidence showed chemical weapons had been used in Syria and that the US had to act before thousands were killed.

The warning came as David Cameron, the prime minister, used Prime Ministers Questions to warn that Syria was set on the same trajectory of slaughter as Bosnia in the 1990s. He said EU resistance to easing the arms embargo to assist rebel fighters was unacceptable.

"I felt sitting round the European Council chamber there was a slight similarity between some of the arguments that were being made about not putting more weapons into Syria that seemed to me to be very familiar to the discussions we had about Bosnia and the appalling events that followed," he said.

"In my view, it is better to be engaged, working with the Syrian opposition and trying to bring this conflict to an end."

Mr Rogers said there was a "high probability" a chemical agent was deployed in an incident that resulted in at least 25 deaths on Tuesday in northern Syria.

The lawmaker told "CBS This Morning" the US knows "there has been some forensic evidence that at least small quantities" of chemical weapons may have been used.

Mr Rogers also said the United States has "lost the faith" of the opposition forces, adding: "This is the time to act. Don't wait until we have 5,000 dead."


I hope we have some drones or some other type of magic CHEMICAL WEAPON ERASER we can fire from a satellite up in heaven....because I am quite confident that I don't want to commit 75,000 U.S. Troops over to Syria to be shot at by Sunnis on one side and Shias on the other...while the Allawites threaten to drop chemicals on their heads.

This is a spiritual battle and it won't be won by bombs and guns.  And no matter WHO WE HELP...the Muslims of one sect or another will always hate us.

It's a lose-lose situation for us. 

If we wake up tomorrow to find that Syria has gassed 5000 people...why would we feel any different about that than we did when Saddam gassed 5,000 of his people in the 1980's...and we yawned and went back to bed?

Maybe France, Germany or Saudi Arabia should send some troops in there to stop the blood?

Also please remember that 150 years ago, America had it's own Civil War and we killed about 600,000 of each other....and no foreign powers sent armies to break us up and hold the peace.  We slugged it out til we were broke and sick of dying...and we have held the union together ever since.

In the same way....maybe Syria needs to have their own blood letting?  Just keep the bombs in your own back yard and stay out of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq...or they might just have to get involved.

The checkerboard of nations has become so complex and so interrelated that I'm not sure anyone is going to be able to navigate it for too much longer.

We need the Prince of Peace!!  But FIRST we must have The Tribulation...."All these things MUST happen."

Obama is in Israel. Blessings or Curses?

Don't be surprised if we get a huge earthquake, huge snowstorm, huge flood, huge tornado or huge hurricane sometime soon.


Because Obama is in Israel...and we are more than a little suspicious that Obama may be more prone to CURSE Israel rather than bless them.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: President Barack Obama plunged into the turbulent Middle East on Wednesday, assuring Israel of the US commitment to its security while cautioning that the region's "winds of change bring both promise and peril."

Obama declared common cause with Israel, noting that it was the first stop of the first trip of his second term and calling the US Israel's "strongest ally and your greatest friend."

Israeli President Shimon Peres welcomed Obama, declaring that "A world without America's leadership, without her moral voice, would be a darker world. A world without your friendship, would invite aggression against Israel."

Once in Jerusalem, a potent religious symbol as well as one of the main obstacles to an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, Obama will make several cultural stops - to see some of the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls and pay tribute to the founder of modern Zionism - intended to show his appreciation for the Jewish people's millennia-old connection to the land that is now Israel as well as the horrors of the Holocaust. He will also visit the Church of Nativity, which is revered throughout Christiandom as the site where Jesus was born.

Obama will make an almost perfunctory visit to the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority's headquarters in the West Bank, where he will meet embattled Palestinian President
Mahmoud Abbas to assure him that an independent Palestinian state remains a U.S. foreign policy and national security priority. Despite not coming with any new plan to get the stalled peace process back on track, Obama plans to make clear that his administration intends to keep trying to get talks relaunched.


Hey!  It all sounds pretty good to us on the outside...Jerusalem, Dead Sea Scrolls, Zionism...

However, what we DON'T see or hear is what he saying to Netanyahu while riding together in the back of a limo. 

For instance, if Obama were to say something like;
"Listen Ben, we give you a lotta flippin money every year to keep your bagels out of hot water and we expect a little give on your part.  Here's how this is all gonna play out....I'm going to suggest you move your butts back to the 1967 lines and give the land back to the Arabs you took it from.  In exchange we are going to continue to send you Patriot Missiles and bunker buster bombs.  Also you WILL quit building in Jerusalem...because you know dang well that not only pisses off the Arabs, but it pisses off Muslims all over the bleeping world!"

If anything like that is said...expect some natural disasters to come our way.

I will remind you once again that lots of Christian folks are reportedly having dreams about the New Madrid fault...and they are more like nightmares.  In the dream they see America basically cut in half because of a monster quake that runs right up our guts and right through Kansas City...basically shutting us down.

If we continue pushing Israel to divide God's land....He may very well decide to divide ours.

I don't know about you, but I am MORE than ready for the rapture! 


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cyprus is the Next Problem

Cyprus is a small island nation off the coast of Turkey.  They too are a bankrupt member of the European Union.  The government is going to default on its debt payments unless the EU comes up with some sort of bail out and gives them a bunch of cash.

So Cyprus came up with an idea of how it can come up with some money....THEY WILL TAKE IT FROM PEOPLE'S SAVINGS ACCOUNTS.

Yep!  It is being proposed by legislators that they could take as much as 10% of any body's savings on deposit at the bank.

Of course when the people got wind of this they rushed to the bank to take out cash...but then the nation declared a "bank holiday" and shut the banks.

Wow...history does repeat itself.

Banks will remain closed on Tuesday and Wednesday to avoid a run on deposits in the absence of the necessary legislation.

The Cyprus banking crisis has rattled money and stock markets along the Far East and Europe. Stock market loses up to 2 percent and the euro slipped both against the dollar and the yen.

In a move to sway opposition deputies, President Anastasiades has promised that compensation in the form of bank stock to be given to savers who will have their deposits slashed will be secured by government bonds tied to future gains from natural gas development.


Did you catch that??  The government has promised to give paper IOU's to the people whose savings accounts they have raided.

So they take the REAL MONEY today and exchange it for a paper promise from a bankrupt government who has promised to tie the paper to an event that has yet to happen....GOT IT?

Remember friends, our own U.S. government TOOK ALL THE GOLD from its citizens in 1933 to prevent collapse.  If they have done it will be very easy to do it again.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Actor Playing Satan Looks Like Obama

The very liberal Huffington Post had an article that caught my eye today.  They are reporting that some folks are disturbed because the actor playing Satan in the successful cable show called, "The Bible", looks an awful lot like President Obama.

"The Bible" has been an incredibly successful miniseries for the History channel, so it's no wonder viewers took to the internet after noticing that the actor cast in the role of Satan looks quite a bit like President Barack Obama.

Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni plays the role of the fallen angel. A number of Twitter users noticed the similarity between Ouazanni and Obama on Sunday. Among them was Glenn Beck, who first tweeted that the series was "one of the most important shows in decades," then posted a screenshot of Ouazanni and asked if others thought he looked like "That Guy," Beck's preferred term for Obama.

"The Bible" has come under fire for other reasons, as well. A number of Biblical scholars have noticed that the show seems to be "Europeanizing" characters in the story. In particular, it seems as though characters with positive roles are being cast as white, while roles of characters engaging in evil are more likely to be filled by actors with darker skin.

Writing on HuffPost, Rev. Wil Gafney, Ph.D. had this to say on race in "The Bible":

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey replaced the life-giving red-brown soil of Fertile Crescent with sandy white soil which would not sustain life so they could show God creating a white man in God's image. That man, like the bulk of the cast, is white like them, like their target audience, unlike the Afro-Asiatic Israelites.When they do cast a black actor it is to reinscribe some of the most base racialized stereotypes in the Americas: the big black man/dingo with a taste for white women.

I haven't watched the show as of yet, so I have no comment.  However, I am sure that for those who believe that Obama will end up being the Antichrist after the rapture of the church...maybe this is a bit eerie.

The Coming American Civil War

A reader sent me this 9 minute video clip made by a woman who calls herself "Patriot Nurse".  In the video she clearly explains why the coming civil war in America will be so devastating.

She says she KNOWS the civil war is coming...she just doesn't know when....and she also believes that it will start around the time our currency/money system starts to fail.

That could be any day now.

Video here;

After you watch the video, make sure you read the comments.

Those of us who are followers of Christ HOPE AND PRAY that He will come for us before America collapses and breaks into civil war...but of course we don't know that.  What we do know is that He will come in His perfect timing.

So keep sober, stay awake and always make sure you have oil in your lamps.

One thing I think we can ALL AGREE ON is that something big is cooking.

Hat tip to Mike P.

Iran; Countdown to Attack on Israel has Begun

Yes, yes....another day, another warning from the godless folks of earth that Israel is going to get destroyed.

However, the destructive words are getting more violent and more frequent...

In response to reports on a January 29, 2013 Israeli attack in Syria, Ali Reza Forghani, a supporter of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and former governor of Kish province, published an article titled "Countdown to an Attack on Israel," calling on Tehran and Syria to take this golden opportunity for a retaliatory strike against Israel that will destroy it once and for all.

In the article, which was published on regime websites,[1] Forghani stated that the war in Syria today is merely the prelude to a nuclear third world war between the "Axis," led by the U.S., and the "Allies," led by Iran, that will bring about the end of humanity.

This is not Forghani's first call to destroy Israel. In a February 4, 2012 article titled "Iran Must Attack Israel by 2014," he claimed that doing so was a religious obligation, and that Iran was capable of annihilating Israel in under nine minutes.[2]

Previously, on June 10, 2012, a number of regime websites[3] published an article by Forghani in which he called on the Islamic world to assert its right to possess nuclear weapons in order to create a balance of terror with its enemies. He wrote: "Since according to the fatwa of Imam Khomeini all Islamic countries are considered Islamic blood, the Islamic world must awaken from its hibernation and must disturb the sleep of America and Israel, and must shout, 'An an atomic bomb is our right!'

"Yes," he continued, "nuclear weapons are a right – and if this right did not exist, Israel would have been destroyed forever 30 years ago... Nuclear weapons are necessary to prevent America from doing whatever it wants. In accordance with the words of Imam Khamenei [sic] 'As we are attacked, so shall we respond,' there is a need for a swift response on the atomic-bomb level. Atomic bomb now!"


End of humanity?!  Destroy Israel in 9 minutes...once and for all?  Atom bomb now!?

I wonder how Team Obama and the West are going to continue ignoring those words?  I wonder how long they will continue to tell the SOUND ASLEEP people of the world that "talk will get us peace."?

Let's remember that England believed that a piece of paper signed by Hitler was a guarantee of peace in Europe....and a few days later Hitler took the world by storm.

"Those who don't know history and bound to repeat it."

Hat tip to Tom F.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nuclear War Could Break Out

Sorry guys!  I was in Oklahoma and just got back and did not have computer access...but of course the world just kept on spinning anyway!

Today we have the latest news from North Korea...and it's a good one!

N Korea warns world of nuclear war breakout

NORTH KOREA has threatened to target the prime minister of South Korea and told residents to evacuate islands within range of its artillery, warning the world that "a nuclear war may break out".

Military sources in Seoul said the North Koreans test-fired two short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan on Friday, just as the United States announced plans to boost its missile defences against Asian threats.


Yep!  Nothing like nuclear war talk to keep all the prophecy watchers going!

Of course everyone is aware that if a city in America was wiped out and a few million people killed...all the talk of new Vikings stadiums would vanish in an instant.