Friday, January 23, 2015

Netanyahu Spit in Obama's Face

The animosity between Obama and Netanyahu continues to grow.  Today we find out that Congress invited Netanyahu to speak to them when he is here in March and neither side cleared it with Team Obama Team Obama is very mad.

The White House’s outrage over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to speak before Congress in March — a move he failed to coordinate with the administration — began to seep through the diplomatic cracks on Friday, with officials telling Haaretz the Israeli leader had “spat” in President Barack Obama’s face.

“We thought we’ve seen everything,” the newspaper quoted an unnamed senior US official as saying. “But Bibi managed to surprise even us.

“There are things you simply don’t do. He spat in our face publicly and that’s no way to behave. Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price,” he said.

Officials in Washington said that the “chickenshit” epithet — with which an anonymous administration official branded Netanyahu several months ago — was mild compared to the language used in the White House when news of Netanyahu’s planned speech came in.

Haaretz reported that Obama had personally demanded that Netanyahu tone down his pro-sanctions rhetoric in a phone call between the two last week. The president has said a sanctions bill would cripple negotiations with Iranian leaders at a critical stage, and has threatened to veto such a bill should it come through.

The Washington Post reported that Netanyahu’s apparent disrespect for the US leadership was particularly offensive to Secretary of State John Kerry, who over the past month had made frenzied efforts on Israel’s behalf on the world stage — making dozens of calls to world leaders to convince them to oppose a UN Security Council resolution which would have set a timeframe for the establishment of a Palestinian state.


Team Obama clearly thinks he is in the driver's seat when it comes to his dealings with tiny-Israel and believes that Israel needs America a lot more than America needs Israel.  But since Obama neither reads or believes The Bible, he clearly has no clue that his beliefs need to change 180 degrees.

America needs Israel much more than Israel needs America.

America has been blessed and made great by God for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important clearly has to be that we were used to incubate and protect Israel as she was birthed into existence in 1948.

The Bible also clearly says that Israel will be standing all alone in the Last Days as she faces up to Russia and an Islamic horde mentioned in Ezekiel where is America?

Maybe we collapsed financially and can't offer her aid?  Maybe we are embroiled in our own civil war and can't offer her aid?  Maybe Muslim terrorists were successful in detonating a nuke in Manhattan which had a domino affect and crippled us....OR...(here is the best option) maybe the Rapture of the church happened and millions of Americans simply vanished to go meet Jesus in the air, and America was instantly laid low.

Here is what I do know for sure;  the nations who bless Israel will continue to be blessed and the nations that curse Israel will begin to be cursed.  Clearly, with Team Obama in charge, they are leading this nation into the curses and away from the blessings.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

ISIS Wants What Saudi Arabia Has

A few days ago we did a post on Saudi Arabia building a 600 mile long wall to try and keep Muslim terrorists out.  Kind of ironic how Saudi Arabia has supported Muslim terrorists for decades...but now that Muslim terrorists want to destroy the Kingdom of Saud, and take over Mecca and Medina, they suddenly decide they need to keep certain Muslim terrorists out!

The Bible warns, "Sew the wind and reap the whirlwind."  Sounds like a verse Saudi Arabia should take heed of.

The recent early morning clash between a Saudi border patrol and extremists trying to enter Saudi Arabia from Iraq appears to be the latest indicator of the Islamic State’s (ISIS) intent to expand its influence and control from its stronghold in Syria and Iraq south into Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the rest of the Arab Gulf where there is oil and what ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his followers would consider the ultimate prizes: the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

The armed engagement dovetails with al-Baghdadi’s call for increased attacks inside the Saudi Kingdom. It is likely he realizes that no one can claim to be the Islamic State without controlling the holy sites in and around Mecca and Medina and the wealth that comes with them.

In recent months, al-Baghdadi has issued calls for attacks inside Saudi Arabia. Violence against Shia residents in the Eastern Province town of al-Awamiya in Saudi Arabia confirms that Sunni extremists in this area have heard al-Baghdadi’s message. The Eastern Province is home to the majority of Saudi Shia and most of the Saudi Kingdom’s oil.

The current U.S. plan to focus on training more capable units within the Iraqi Armed Forces over the next two years, however, is likely to be inadequate by itself—too little too late to contain and push back the gains made by the Islamic State.

The faster the Muslim world can be shown that ISIS is not invincible and does not have a divine mandate to rule the Islamic world, the quicker young Muslims and others will stop listening to its messaging.

Al-Baghdadi’s messages have resonated with Sunnis in the region, North Africa, Europe and the United States primarily because he appears successful. He looks powerful. No amount of warning or counterargument will suffice if he continues to take and hold territory.

As he suffers repeated defeats and is unable to govern, however, it will be clear to his audiences that his path is misguided and that they would do better following a different one.


Wouldn't it be cool if the Muslim world could pull together some armies and go out and defeat ISIS all by themselves?

But no....the Muslim world can't agree on anything.  Too many of them probably already support ISIS and its ambitions while another large percentage wouldn't want to speak or fight against them because they believe that Allah may be the power behind ISIS and don't want to risk going against Allah.

That later group is actually correct in their beliefs that Allah IS the spiritual force behind ISIS.  Allah IS the spiritual force behind Islam.  Allah is filled with lies and fed them to his messenger, Muhammad.

Therefore, since we know that God is the ONE, TRUE GOD and that Jesus IS GOD and the Holy Spirit IS GOD...then we can say with 100% certainly that Allah is from Satan.  The entire religion is a lie straight from the pit of hell.  And the sooner we quit calling Islam a "Great religion of peace"...the sooner we can start to come to grips with how we are going to deal with this nasty blight.

Remember, we are to LOVE ALL MUSLIMS just as we are to love all people, because Christ loves all people.  But we aren't supposed to leave them on their hell-bound path following the demonic god of Allah.  We are to love them ENOUGH to tell them the truth.  The truth is the only thing that can set them free!

Anyway, ISIS most certainly won't be stopped by any Muslim once again it will be left to the USA to mount some sort of battle plan to stop the Muslim horde.

Remember The Crusades?  It's when Europe had to mount some armies and go stop the advancement of militarized Islam.  The Muslims were slaughtering, pillaging and raping the entire Middle East and had all of Europe in their sights.

Interesting how history tends to repeat itself.

Gay Marriage is "America at its Best"

Some of you may have watched Obama's State of the Union a few nights ago.  I tried, but it was too painful so I shut it off after about 20 minutes.

The one verse that kept coming to mind as Obama swaggered around the pulpit was, "Pride comes before the fall."

What kind of a pompous, narcissistic have we elected??

Answer:  We have elected the leader that we deserve.

Please remembers that when Obama was campaigning for America's vote he was VERY CLEAR that he believe marriage was between one man and one woman...and you can see him quoted on it in the attached article.

( - When he was running for president seven years ago, and appearing in a nationally televised forum held by a Christian pastor at a Christian church, Barack Obama said he believed that marriage was a “sacred union” that was “between a man and a woman.”

On Tuesday night, in his State of the Union Address, Obama said that legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States is one of the things he has seen that represents “America at its best.”

“I still believe that together, we can do great things, even when the odds are long,” Obama said. “I believe this because over and over in my six years in office, I have seen America at its best.

“I’ve seen the hopeful faces of young graduates from New York to California, and our newest officers at West Point, Annapolis, Colorado Springs, New London,” he said. “I’ve mourned with grieving families in Tucson and Newtown, in Boston, in West Texas, and West Virginia.  I’ve watched Americans beat back adversity from the Gulf Coast to the Great Plains, from Midwest assembly lines to the Mid-Atlantic seaboard.  I’ve seen something like gay marriage go from a wedge issue used to drive us apart to a story of freedom across our country, a civil right now legal in states that seven in 10 Americans call home.

“So I know the good, and optimistic, and big-hearted generosity of the American people who every day live the idea that we are our brother’s keeper and our sister’s keeper,” he said. “And I know they expect those of us who serve here to set a better example.”


I just finished a book called, AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH.  The author claims that according to ancient, Jewish Rabbinical custom, the final event that sealed earth's destruction by The Flood was that men began writing marriage contracts with other men....aka, gay marriage.

So, go check it out for yourselves, but the fact that the supreme court may soon decide that gay marriage is the new FEDERALLY MANDATED LAW OF THE may be one more marker to how close we are to judgement falling.

After all, how many innocent babies can we kill?  How many false gods can we worship?  How many ways can we mock God?  How much porn can we produce and consume?  How many mind altering drugs can we legalize and consume?  How much perverse sex can we have?....before God finally says, "ENOUGH!"

Yes, God is merciful....but He is also just.  One day His justice will fall on this country and it appears that God's merciful delay is the only thing that is holding it back.

Do you see America listed anywhere in the Last Days prophecies of which the Bible speaks?


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Famine Coming For Iraq?

As we all know, war many times leads to famine.  Why?  Because the farmers are either dead or too scared to go in their fields to plant.  Also it can be hard for them to buy seed, fuel, fertilizer and any other supplies they need to get their crop in the ground.

Looks like that's exactly what is happening in Iraq as ISIS continues to destroy this country in their quest to take over the entire Middle East.

ARBIL, Iraq (Reuters) - As the season for wheat planting in Iraq wound down early last month, farmers in areas under the control of Sunni militant group Islamic State grew worried.

More than two dozen farmers told Reuters they had not planted the normal amount of seed, because they could not access their land, did not have the proper fertilizers or adequate fuel, or because they had no guarantees that Islamic State would buy their crop as Baghdad normally does.

Farmers, and Iraqi and United Nations' officials, now fear a drastically reduced crop this spring. That could leave hundreds of thousands of Iraqis hungry. But another big loser would be Islamic State, which controls territory that normally produces as much as 40 percent of Iraq's wheat crop.

The breakaway al Qaeda group, which declared an Islamic caliphate across parts of Syria and Iraq last summer, has killed thousands and forced hundreds of thousands from their homes. Islamic State militants had hoped to use wheat to show it can govern better than the Arab governments it condemns as infidels. They have published pamphlets with photos of golden fields and fighters distributing food.

A bad crop might not cost the group control of territory, but it would seriously dent its campaign to be seen as an alternative government, and hurt its credibility among some fellow Sunnis.

Iraqi farmers have long complained of Baghdad's neglect and mismanagement of agriculture. International sanctions and the U.S. invasion further hurt the sector. But many farmers say this planting season marks an all-time low.

Farming in huge swathes of the rural belt around Baghdad has also shut down because of violence, or because farmers fear the Shi'ite militias which now control the area and are fighting Islamic State.

Sunni farmer Abu Amr laments how tough it has become. Abu Amr once hated Iraq's Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who lost power following elections last April. But his view began to change when he was not paid for last season's harvest. Instead, Islamic State militants stole it from a government silo they had seized.

"When we saw the chaos of IS we wanted Maliki back. Everything is gone, my livestock, my harvest, everything," he said.


"Down with Maliki!  Down with Maliki!!" careful what you wish for...because now Iraq has reaped the whirlwind.

Hey Mr. and Mrs. you honestly believe that all of these Islamic-extremist fighters just created themselves overnight?  Do you truly believe that one day they were nice young boys playing soccer and happily studying math in high school...and the next day they are beheading and raping people all over the world?

Time to wake up, Muslim world! You are worshiping a false god....and by Biblical definition, ANY false god is from Satan...the Father of All Lies.

Of course we can file this one under, "There will be famine."  Jesus warned us ahead of time, so we shouldn't be surprised.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Israelis Just Took Out a Dude Named Jihad

" are just the cutest little baby boy we have ever seen!  Some day you are going to grow up and learn to kill Jews and maybe even die as a martyr for Islam...won't that be just wonderful!"

Who names their baby boy, "Jihad"?

One of the main leaders of the terrorist organization, Hezbollah, that's who.

It's being reported that Jihad just got removed from the battlefield by the Israeli Defense Forces.

BEIRUT (AP) — An Israeli strike in Syria on Sunday killed the son of a slain top Hezbollah commander and at least five other fighters in a move that could ratchet up tensions with the powerful Lebanese Shiite movement, which recently boasted of rockets that can hit any part of the Jewish state.

Hezbollah militants in towns and villages along the border with Israel went on high alert, said an official from the group. In the Shiite-dominated areas of south Lebanon and Beirut, the streets emptied quickly as residents feared an escalation. Hezbollah-run al-Manar TV warned that Israel was “playing with fire that puts the security of the whole Middle East on edge.”

In a statement issued to the media, Hezbollah identified one of the six slain men as Jihad Mughniyeh, the son of Imad Mughniyeh, a top Hezbollah operative assassinated in 2008 in Damascus. Hezbollah blames Israel for the killing and has long vowed to avenge his death.

The younger Mughniyeh is one of the most prominent Hezbollah officials to die in Syria since the group entered the fray in 2012, fighting alongside President Bashar Assad’s forces against the Sunni-led rebellion.

The dead also included another senior Hezbollah commander, Mohammed Issa, and at least one Iranian national with the group, the statement said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the slain Iranian belonged to the Revolutionary Guards. The group, which obtains its information from a network of activists on the ground, said the Israeli strikes hit two vehicles and a home. It said the fighters were in the area to plan attacks along the Israeli-controlled frontier.

Other Hezbollah officials said Sunday’s strike targeted two Hezbollah vehicles as fighters were inspecting positions in the Golan Heights, close to the Israeli-controlled frontier, in an area known as Mazrat al-Amal. Israel seized part of the mountainous Golan Heights plateau from Syria during the 1967 Mideast war.

“While a group of Hezbollah fighters were on a field inspection of the town, Mazrat al-Amal, … they faced rocket shelling from helicopters of the Israeli enemy, leading to the martyrdom of a number of holy warrior brothers, whose names will be announced once their honorable families have been informed,” the Hezbollah statement said.


Friends, I admit that as you read this article you may have the tendency to say, "Good enough!  Those Muslim bast....ds got what they deserved!  That's six less terrorists that the world has to deal with...especially one named Jihad!!"

But should we really be celebrating that six more souls just entered hell for eternity?...or should that break our hearts and encourage us to be busy spreading the Gospel while there is still light to work?

I can honestly see both sides.

If you read the book of Judges, it soon becomes obvious that God has no problem killing all the men, women and children who were inhabiting the Promised that God was giving to the Israelites.  Sometimes He killed them with fiery hailstones, but most of the time he empowered the Israelite army to kill everyone.

I'm just super glad that God is in control.  There has NEVER been one-single person that ever got killed where God said, "Nooo!!  I totally didn't see that one coming!!  How could I have missed that?"

One preacher I heard last week said, "Once you accept Jesus as your savior you become invincible until your work on earth is done."


Shhhh...Don't Say the M Word

Have you noticed how Team Obama and the mainstream media does cartwheels all over themselves to avoid saying the word MUSLIM when it comes to describing terrorists?

I literally find myself yelling at the TV as I watch the latest terrorism attack being reported.

"Who stabbed the cops in New York?  Was it a Lutheran yelling, 'Jesus saves!'??  No!!  Say it please!"

Well, I guess I'm not the only frustrated one.  The Jewish Press has noticed it too.

God. Allah. The Prophet Mohammed.

Everything is in the name of God, but President Barack Obama and his counterpart in France don’t see it that way.

The French government last week continued to placate Muslims. President Françoise Holland declared, that Muslims were “the first victims of fanaticism, fundamentalism and intolerance.”

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls had a  bit more common sense and said that France is  in “a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity.”

That is more than President Barack Obama can admit.

He was careful not use the “M” word when he denounced the attacks in France and said:
The fact that this was an attack on journalists, attack on our free press, also underscores the degree to which these terrorists fear freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
But the one thing that I’m very confident about is that the values that we share with the French people, a belief — a universal belief in the freedom of expression, is something that can’t be silenced because of the senseless violence of the few.

White House  Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained that radical Islam was not mentioned because “these terrorists are individuals who would like to cloak themselves in the veil of a particular religion.”

Obama’s position suggests that if a Muslim kills anyone in a terrorist attack, he is not acting as a Muslim.

And does the president think that any Muslim who burns the French flag in the name of Allah is not acting as a Muslim?


How frustrating!  The leader of ISIS has his doctorate in Islamic studies and knows more about the Koran, Hadiths and Muslim history than most people on earth....but Team Obama says that clearly ISIS aren't acting as "true Muslims"....


Placating your enemy will only empower them.  Islam is rising and as long as The West and Western Media continue to sidestep the Islamic problem we can only expect it to get worse.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist but every terrorist seems to be a Muslim.

Go figure!

Allah is an Arabic moon-god that happened to be one of Muhammad's family favorite gods.  Bowing to Allah is the same as bowing to Satan.  When you bow to Satan you quickly end up with a religion that straps bombs to little kids and sends them out to blow up people by promising the kids they will go to heaven...a religion that can't take even the slightest criticism without sending it's followers into a bloody, murderous rampage as they scream "Allah Akbar!" right before they cut off your head or shoot you in the head.

Please remember that Jesus told us to pray for our enemies and those who persecute us.  Have you remembered to pray for some event or someone caught in Satan's Islamic stronghold today?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Russian Bear Feeling Cornered?

Russia is in a very tight spot.  Oil prices have plummeted and so has Russia's income.  Their currency is in crisis as Russian citizens are scared of inflation so are dumping their Rubles in favor of US Dollars.  They are trying to carry on a war in Ukraine and are flying aggressive Cold War routes with their bombers again....but are running out of hard cash.

So what do you think Putin might do?

A)  Call Obama and apologize for his aggressive tactics and ask to be friends with The West and beg Obama to release the sanctions?

B)  Blame The West and Obama for Russia's hardships and claim America is leading the way to topple Russia's government...and then strike out like a caged bear, making a further mess of things in the process.

Vladimir Putin has made no secret of the fact that he no longer believes in diplomacy with Europe, or in confidence building measures between the two, as he firmly believes that European foreign policy is simply an extension of Washington’s.

Putin also has no trust or desire to negotiate with Washington who have wasted no recent opportunity to vilify and attack a Russian regime headed by a man that Hilary Clinton herself as described as “Adolf Hitler.” This is fundamentally shaping Russian foreign policy in a way that is detrimental to the West, to Europe and to the United States of America.

It is pushing an already wounded animal into a corner.

Russian perceptions are that there has been a planned and ongoing effort on the part of the West to weaken and subjugate Russia and its interests for years. Russia was too weak previously to stand up to Western intimidation but that changed in the summer of 2008 when Washington ordered its puppet regime in Georgia to invade the breakaway republic of South Ossetia, killing a number of Russian peacekeepers and civilians in the process. Russia’s response was decisive and brutal. Within a few short hours the Russian military had comprehensively crushed the U.S. armed and trained Georgian invasion force, restoring South Ossetia once again to Russian control.

Circumstances are now forcing Russia to turn and face southwards, towards the Middle East to find new allies in a hostile world. Iran( ancient Persians), are also breaking under the weight of Western sanctions which is costing them billions and billions of dollars in lost oil revenues every year and they have made ready bed mates for the wounded Russian Bear.


The Bible says that in the Last Days God will put a hook in the jaw of Russia and draw them out to make war on Israel.  God will then supernaturally destroy this gathering army before they can attack. (read Ezekiel 38-39)

With all that is happening with Russia, could we be witnessing this final set up?

Certainly, I don't know...but certainly it is interesting to watch.