Saturday, February 8, 2014

John Kerry and The World Are Simply Deaf

These are interesting comments from Hal Lindsey.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is so obsessed with the Palestinian/Israeli peace process that he's not even listening to the Palestinians. If he did, he'd probably turn around and go home. 

A few weeks ago, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas confirmed the famous "Three Noes" of the 1967 Arab League Khartoum Summit by announcing his own three "noes." 

In a fiery speech from his Ramallah headquarters, Abbas proclaimed that there would be no giving up the Palestinian "right of return"; no recognizing Israel as a Jewish State; and, no concessions over Jerusalem. 

Like the famous "three noes" of 1967, these "don't-even-go-there" refusals make any long-term peace deal between the two groups impossible because Israel cannot give in on any of the three. 

So what's really going on? With all of the efforts of the international community to broker a peace deal, why are the Palestinians just as intransigent in 2014 as they were in 1967 -- almost 50 years later? 

The bottom line is that with every fiber of their beings, they want to make void God's promise to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their descendants. Mohammad and all who follow him believe that God gave those promises to Ishmael and his descendants (the Arabs), not Isaac and the Jews. The heart of the conflict, then, is over the integrity of the Bible itself. 

But don't worry, Mahmoud Abbas may be able to manipulate the United States, and perhaps even some of Israel's politicians, but he and all the armies of the world cannot foil what God has already declared will be done. 

Isn't that amazing??  The leader of the PLO makes a speech and says there will be NO JEWISH STATE, no giving up on the right of return for refugees to come back into Israel and take over the land they had 50 years ago, and no negotiations over Jerusalem.

If we can listen to this speech and clearly hear what Abbas is saying....why can't John Kerry?  How come The World and the media can't hear it?

Sadly, just as most of The World is deaf to spiritual things of God...they are also deaf to the spiritual things of Satan.  They don't believe that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob even exists...and they also don't believe Satan exists.

Iranians Lie About the Temple Mount

No surprise here.  It seems the Iranians are spreading lies among the Muslims that the Jews are getting ready to destroy Al Aqsa Mosque...which is on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

They are saying this, of course, to whip up protests and Antisemitism.

TEL AVIV – Official Iranian state-run media has released several false reports in recent days using fabricated quotes purportedly from an Israeli minister vowing to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Some of the reports use the made up quotes to incite anti-Israel riots.

Arik Ben-Shimon, spokesman for Israeli Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel, confirmed to WND that Ariel did not make comments about destroying the Al Aqsa Mosque.

“If he actually made those statements it would be headlines in major newspapers around the world and not fake news in Iran’s media,” Ben-Shimon said.

The next day, Iran’s Press TV reported, “Saudi Arabia is supporting the Israeli regime in its plan to replace the holy al-Aqsa Mosque with a temple,” according to an analyst that spoke with the media outlet.

Continued Press TV: “Saab Shaath was talking to Press TV on Saturday, one day after Israeli Minister of Housing and Construction Uri Ariel called for the construction of what he called ‘the Third Temple’ to replace the holy site.”

Shaath went on to call for “resistance” against Israel because of the so-called threats against the mosque in Jerusalem.

“The only thing which will stop the Israelis from going that far is the Arab-Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip and in Lebanon,” Shaath told Press TV.

A Press TV editorial cited Ariel’s supposed quotes about the Al Aqsa Mosque to claim “Zionists provoking Armageddon.”

Ben-Shimon, meanwhile, told WND that Ariel did make statements last year about rebuilding the Third Jewish Temple.

“But he was speaking about his dream for the Third Temple to be rebuilt after the coming of the Messiah. He was not referring to any real plans for Israel to reconstruct the Temple,” Ben-Shimon stated.


Temples and Mosques and Messiah...OH MY!  (think Wizard of Oz)

So let's recap....a Israeli official says it would be his dream to see the Third Temple built on the Temple Mount AFTER Messiah comes (remember, the messiah he is talking about will be a false messiah called Antichrist)...the Iranians make up a lie that the Mosque is being readied to be destroyed by the Jews to build their Temple...and the Muslims say their best chance is stop the Jews is by Arab-Palestinian resistance in Gaza and Lebanon.


Now lets look back in the Bible and see what was happening the LAST TIME the Jews were trying to build the walls around the Temple in Jerusalem...after they were released from bondage in Babylon;

Nehemiah 4:7-9

7 But when Sanballat, Tobiah, the Arabs, the Ammonites and the people of Ashdod heard that the repairs to Jerusalem’s walls had gone ahead and that the gaps were being closed, they were very angry. 8 They all plotted together to come and fight against Jerusalem and stir up trouble against it. 9 But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat.

You see, friends, the Arabs (who are now Muslims...but please remember, the Iranians are Persians) have been against Temples, walls and Jews in Jerusalem since before Nehemiah was dispatched to rebuild them!

What we are witnessing today is just a carry over that's been going on for over 3000 years!

 But Satan got real serious when he invented Islam and foisted it up these eternal enemies of Israel....because now they have become so deluded that they believe if they blow themselves up killing Jews and attempting to destroy Israel....they will be eternal heroes and get the best places in heaven...sitting right next to Allah, Muhammad and a bunch of virgins feeding them grapes and wine.

Satan REALLY doesn't want Jews, Temples or Israel.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Aussie Dollar is "Done For"

A few days ago I did a post on how the world is awash in debt.  The chart the article featured clearly showed that Australia and Canada had little national debt as compared to other Western nations.

I mentioned that some traders were keeping an eye on those currencies as a storehouse of value.

Today I received an email from a money manager and he claims the Aussie dollar is going to suffer.

For starters, the U.S. variations have a lot to do with our massive debt creation and money printing. The Aussie’s headaches have to do more with rising and falling exports and foreign trade.

Our foreign trade is around 10% of GDP, much lower than most emerging countries, like China or most European countries. 

For example, China and Germany’s foreign trade have been running as high as 35% of their GDP recently. South Korea is the highest at 50% of GDP. 

Australia’s foreign trade has run at between 20% and 24% of GDP in recent years. That’s as much as double that of the U.S.

When countries with high exports, like China, Germany, South Korea, and Australia, see them rise, they accumulate foreign exchange reserves and so their currencies rise in value. Unfortunately, that ultimately hurts the very exports that created such reserves and so exports tend to fall again.

Besides that, there have been two trends in particular that have driven the Aussie dollar to new heights since 2001. Commodity prices have seen a bubble that peaked in mid-2008, and China has increased its Australian imports from 6% to 30% as it inflated its massive bubble. In fact, Australia’s exports to China alone are responsible for 6.3% of its GDP.

These twin China and commodity bubbles have been the biggest factors driving the Australian dollar up, and they’ve been a big factor in the country’s strong economy, including its greater resilience in the 2008 global financial crisis.

But if the China bubble bursts, as I believe it will, then Australia could see 3% of its GDP growth suddenly disappear. That right there would put the land down under in a recession.

But, of course, there are other, indirect impacts of the China bubble bursting. For example, it would put downward prices on the very industrial commodities that Australia largely exports — like iron ore and oil — as it consumes 40% to 50% of these commodities, globally.

That’ll hurt Australia’s gross exports even more. And profit margins will shrink even more painfully, especially because their costs to mine, work, and export the commodities won’t change much.

The China bubble burst would also hurt Australia’s next two largest trading partners, namely Japan and South Korea. Next thing you know, the rising exports that helped catapult Australia’s dollar from as low as 48 cents to as high as $1.08 will see a larger crash.

If you look back to the chart above, you’ll see that the Aussie dollar dropped sharply in 2008, sliding from 98 cents to 62 cents to the U.S. dollar. That was largely thanks to commodity prices crashing.

I see the Aussie dollar falling further still… all the way back down to around 62 cents to the U.S. dollar by 2015 or 2016, and then possibly as low as 48 cents to the U.S. dollar again by 2020 to 2023, when commodity prices are due to bottom on our 30-year cycle.

And the pending bubble burst in China will only add momentum to this collapse.

More evidence that NO ONE HAS ANY CLUE as to how this debacle may all play out.  The very thing that makes Australia's money attractive could end up hurting it's exports (cuz things cost too much to buy from Australia) and slash over 3% of its GDP.

Maybe all the currencies are going to take a big drop...and then serious calls will come in from around the world to create a GLOBAL CURRENCY?

Radical Islam Leads List in Persecuting Christians

This headline isn't a surprise.  Everyday Islam is torturing, harassing and killing a Christian someplace.

It shouldn't surprise us as Jesus clearly said the world will hate us...and you can spot Satan a mile away in any system or religion that goes out of its way to kill those who disagree with it.


What I do think is sad is how few of us in America, who call themselves Christians, have heard ANYTHING about the plight of our brothers and sisters on the other side of the world?

Our churches seem to have no problem praying for Aunt Alice's bunion surgery or that Dave gets a better job....but have no clue to pray for Peter in Iraq who has been beaten all night and is going to be beheaded by a steak knife in the town square in the morning.

I wonder if when the Church of America sees Jesus,He will ask us how we could have been so self absorbed that we couldn't even hear the cries of our brothers and sisters being persecuted?

Persecution of Christians continues to worsen, fueled in part by the "Arab Spring," which not only unleashed a wave of Islamist radicalism across the Arab world but also left Christians holding the blame for many of the uprisings that removed Arab leaders from power.

In 2013, 2,123 Christians were killed in persecution around the world, up from 1,201 in 2012.

In countries across the Middle East, North Africa and south Asia, Christians are murdered or imprisoned, their homes and businesses destroyed and their rights removed. This area represents just four percent of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians, but the treatment they receive is nothing short of horrific

“It is not an accident, the persecution and mass murder of Christians by Muslims,” said Lee Habeeb, a Lebanese Christian and vice president of content at Salem Radio Network. “It is not episodic. It is by design. It is part of a plan to destroy any competing narrative about God. To bully, threaten, and intimidate Christians into submission, or mass evacuation.”

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has been attacking Christians and blaming them for the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi, even though far more Muslims supported the ouster.

Even with the violence, Egypt ranks as the 22nd-worst nation for Christians, but that's up from 25th in 2013. After Morsi’s removal, the Muslim Brotherhood burned at least 38 churches and damaged 23 others.

Egypt has the largest population of Christians in the Middle East -- about 10 percent of its 83 million total population -- but throughout the attacks, the Egyptian military and government did nothing to help. Because of the violence, some 100,000 Christians have fled the country since the original Arab Spring that ousted longtime leader Hosni Mubarak.

Interesting that the Muslim Brotherhood has climbed to the top of the list and yet it is being reported that Team Obama just invited elements of that murderous clan to be his guests at the White House.

A senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood was recently hosted at the White House for a meeting with President Barack Obama, prompting an outcry from critics of the global Islamist organization.

Anas Altikriti, a top British lobbyist for the Muslim Brotherhood whose father heads Iraq’s Muslim Brotherhood party, recently met with the president and Vice President Joe Biden as part of a delegation discussing problems in Iraq.

Lord forgive us for we know not what we do.

Rabbis Call for Divine Wrath

Most of my readers probably believe that God will bless those who bless the Jews and curse those who curse the Jews.  Most of my readers also believe that the HOLY LAND is actually land that God set apart as HIS...and anyone who tries to divide it will end up in trouble.

We don't believe that it's a coincidence that storms, droughts, record cold and record snow have been pummeling the USA the entire time that John Kerry has been in Israel messing with God's land and pressuring the restored Jews to make peace with known terrorists.

Today we have some interesting news that would deeply concern me if I were John Kerry.  Furthermore it should concern all of us because WE ELECTED TEAM OBAMA.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is now being warned he’s risking the divine wrath of God if he continues plans for Israel that some feel is a war against the Almighty.

“By the power of our Holy Torah, we admonish you to cease immediately all efforts to achieve these disastrous agreements – in order to avoid severe Heavenly punishment for everyone involved,” a group of Israeli rabbis wrote Kerry in a letter on Sunday.

According to Israel National News, rabbis from the Committee to Save the Land and People of Israel are warning Kerry about his “antagonism” of the Jewish state, sharply criticizing him for plans “to establish an Arab capital in Jerusalem for Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and to have Israel withdraw to the 1949 Armistice lines.”

Over the weekend, Kerry threatened Israel with an international boycott if peace talks fail.

“Your incessant efforts to expropriate integral parts of our Holy Land and hand them over to Abbas’ terrorist gang, amount to a declaration of war against the Creator and Ruler of the universe. For G-d awarded the entire Land of Israel to our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in order that they bequeath it, as an everlasting inheritance, to their descendants, the Jewish people, until the end of all time,” the rabbis’ letter opens.

The message was signed by Rabbi Gedalya Axelrod, emeritus head of the Haifa Rabbinical Court, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, chairman of the Temple Institute, Rabbi Ben Tziyon Grossman of Migdal Haemek, Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo, dean of the Institute for the Complete Code of Maimonides, and Rabbi Yigal Pizam, dean of Yeshivat Kiryat Shmuel.

The rabbis slammed Kerry’s plan to immediately uproot “20 percent of the Jews now living productively in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan valley,” warning of the imminent security threat for Israelis, and reminding him how similar uprooting of Jewish residents in Gaza turned that region into a launching pad for Islamic rockets.

The letter says Kerry’s plan “would force tens of thousands of Jews to be evicted from their homes and livelihoods, devastating their lives financially, economically and psychologically, as happened to those expelled from the flourishing Gaza settlements, most of whom still suffer from the expulsion’s ruinous after-effects.”


The article also goes on to call attention to the fact that Rabbis put the same type of language on Ariel Sharon when he was withdrawing from Gaza...and within a few months he was in a coma. He lasted for 8 yrs in that coma until he recently died.

Of course I don't believe in Rabbis being able to summon a curse....but I do believe in God Almighty getting directly involved when His Holy Lands are messed with which is exactly what he warns the nations in His Word.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pray to Whomever Your God Is

Don't you think it's kind of funny that we have a NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER...and on that day the Muslims can be encouraged to call out to Allah (Satan) to com to this nation...the Mormons are encouraged to call out to their false Jesus (Satan) created by Joseph Smith, the followers of Joel Osteen can call out to their god of wealth to bless them (Satan) and the Buddhists can call out to one of their numerous gods (Satan) to help them reach Nirvana.

So what really happens on that day??  Are more prayers heading towards Satan...or are most of them heading to the ONE TRUE GOD, the God of the Bible, the God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob?

Today I ran across this article in the New York Times written by a Jew from Alabama.

As you read it remember to understand that the Bible says a day is coming when the world will be pushing for a ONE WORLD RELIGION.  A religion that says that there are MANY paths to God...and no matter what name you use to call on God, he hears everyone's prayers!

Furthermore, every human being who follows their heart and is a loving person will certainly enter heaven.

And finally remember that the Jews who haven't accepted Christ are suffering from a temporary blindness that God has allowed...until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in.

Sometimes, toward end of day, I jog on a beach nearby on Mobile Bay. As the sun is sinking I look out at the pelicans wheeling in the sky, the fishermen on Fairhope Pier casting their nets, sailboats and channel markers changing to silhouette.

Like many who make their way here to enjoy sunset, snapping photos, sipping cocktails, relaxing on benches, I find this light on water a joy to behold. I breathe deeply as I run – the Gulf Coast winter is mild, a sweatshirt enough to ward off the chill – and feel happy just to be alive.

I am in good health, enjoy a loving family and many trusted friends. I have worked as journalist, novelist, teacher, had great jobs, lost others; made more money, less money. I’ve traveled the world.

On this day, I sprint up a hill and come to a promontory looking out to the sweep of the bay, the horizon red and orange, and another impulse comes up in me.

It is not enough to take a photo, call a friend, jot a line in my notebook, be philosophical. Like the light, the feeling is orchestral, a welling-up of emotion.

I want to speak in a way that used to be easy for me as a child: silently, intensely, embracing the mysteries.

I want to pray.

It is a matter of remembering, after so long, just how.

The Author now goes on to give a bit of his life story and how he lost his Judaism...but then came back to some type of spirituality...whatever that means.

There were stories that broke my heart, like the one of a Methodist pastor in north Alabama who had to find strength in her faith when her little girl was killed in a tornado; and others that intrigued me, like the jailhouse conversion of a Klansman.

I was skeptical, but deeply curious, seeing people all around me healed during a tent revival. When I shadowed a hospital chaplain, I watched patients, without doubt, perk up at his arrival.

During Ramadan, invited to the home of a Turkish couple to write about their meal after a day of fasting, I not only enjoyed a rare, Middle Eastern feast in south Alabama, but also appreciated their devotion to Islam.

I became fascinated by the intensity, in all varieties, of prayer.

So now he is FASCINATED by the intensity IN ALL VARIETIES of prayer...and now here comes his closing statements!

While religion can divide people and be wielded like a cudgel, it can also be nurturing and sustaining.

And it can bring people together.

I recall a public, interfaith prayer service to raise funds for victims of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti, another to buoy people’s spirits after the April 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, yet another to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11.

“Dear God,” I begin,"Whatever we call you / Wherever we find you / in the laughter of our children / the tenderness of our parents / the strength of our brothers and sisters and friends/the closeness of our companions and husbands and wives. / In the arc of the pelican/the leap of the mullet, / the perfect sunny day / or incoming storm / In whatever ways we understand you, / in a church or synagogue or mosque, / or on a beach beneath a starry sky, / we offer gratitude for this day.”


And there we have it!!  Dear God...WHATEVER WE CALL YOU!  We offer gratitude for this day...and this religion can BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER!

Can you see how the road is being paved for universalism?  Can you see how the Catholics are saying the same things about all "good" people being saved?  Can you see how Chrislam is saying the same thing?  Can you see how Joel Osteen said Mormon's were his Christian brothers?  The list goes on and on.

The final battle cry of perishing mankind will be "BUT WE ALL WORSHIP THE SAME GOD!!"

How far from the Truth that actually is.  Jesus said we are either FOR HIM or AGAINST HIM.

Paul warned us against those who would come in the last days preaching ANOTHER GOSPEL.

We need to cling to Jesus' words, "I am the way the truth and the life, NO MAN comes to the Father except through me."

Jesus was 100% intolerant in claiming that the only way to heaven was through Him.  The world HATED that message and the world HATED Him.

So how about us...does the world HATE you and me for spreading the One True Gospel?...or are we more concerned about making friends with the world and not ruffling any feathers? we just keep our thoughts and beliefs to ourselves?

If so, how do you think we will explain that to Jesus...that we had a light...but we decided to hide it from everyone we know?

Remember, first show people love and then BE READY to give a reason and explanation for the salvation you have in Jesus Christ.  Think how much it would mean to that person if your are the one who delivered the words of salvation...and they were instantly changed from eternal death into eternal life.

Whole World is Engulfed in Debt

I ran across this interactive article complete with some charts and graphs.  It's interesting because it clearly shows the debt explosion that has overtaken the civilized world over the past 30 years.

Notice what has happened to America's debt and then notice what has happened to Australia's debt. America's debt as a proportion of GDP is now 88%...and Australia's is only 14% and Canada's is only 37%.

This could be one reason why currency traders are keeping an eye on these two countries as a storehouse of value....since they seem better able to live within their means.

Most followers of finance realize that when a country reaches debt loads of 100% of GDP...the nation's finances become tenuous...and it becomes near impossible to dig yourself out in a responsible manner.

When talking about national debt, the numbers quickly become too big to fathom. The debt level of the U.S. government is now $17.3 trillion. But high national debt is far from just being an American problem. The whole world is now engulfed in debt. 

See it here;

Remember friends, COMMON SENSE tells you that if creating wealth were as simple as creating paper money and assigning a value to it plucked out of thin air....THERE WOULD BE NO IMPOVERISHED NATIONS!!  They could all just print themselves wealthy and give all their citizens enough money to buy anything they needed.

But for some reason (maybe foreshadowing of a coming delusion?) we have all come to believe the lie that the Federal Reserve and their MONEY MAGIC will ALWAYS be able to make our lives wonderful!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why Do Gay Men Get Syphilis?

Sometimes we end our blog posts by saying, "You can't make that up!"

This time we are going to start this post by saying, "You just can't make this stuff up!"

The National Institutes of Health has spent millions of dollars studying male sex workers in Peru, including more than $400,000 to determine why gay men get syphilis in the South American country.

“Syphilis remains an uncontrolled infectious disease globally, with high prevalence and incidence in certain high risk populations, affecting more than 20 percent of men who have sex with men (MSM) in Peru,” according to the grant, awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“The incidence of syphilis in MSM in Peru is about 9 cases per 100 person-years,” it said. “We are proposing a study to improve our understanding of syphilis epidemiology and molecular biology, particularly among MSM.”

Messages include information on HIV testing, not “stigmatizing and stereotyping messages or images about ‘being gay.’”

Another HIV prevention intervention study by the university is focusing on “MSM/transwomen,” at a cost of $146,524.

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is conducting numerous studies on male sex workers in Peru, as well.

UCLA researchers are examining how community “skills building” can help “Fletes,” a term for bisexual male sex workers who engage in survival sex work for very low wages. The project cost $168,197 in 2013.

The university also received $323,360 to give “partner therapy” to Peruvian male sex workers who have gonorrhea or chlamydia for another study beginning in 2011.

Public health interventions ($272,160) and “partner notification strategies” ($754,901) are also being researched by UCLA to reduce HIV and sexually transmitted infections, specifically targeted at Peruvian male sex workers.

In all, the listed studies have cost U.S. taxpayers $2,122,137.

Hey!  If nothing else, by reading this article I learned that MSM means "men who have sex with men".  I also learned that a "Fletes" is a bisexual man who engages in survival sex for very low wages.

I have an idea I could have saved the U.S. taxpayers over $2,000,000 dollars by pointing out that doing VERY perverted activities will ultimately get you VERY sick.  And we could have just left it at that.

Of course I feel VERY sorry for the millions of kids all over the world who are living on the streets and have no other choice but to pervert themselves for food.  That is so sad. If there weren't any perverted adults though, there would be no demand to make perverted it is a consequence of sin.

Just one other reason we should all be eager for Jesus to return and usher in an era of justice and righteousness.

Just one more reason why the USA is going broke...a few million dollars at a time.

Hat tip to Tom F.

No Lake Mead...No Las Vegas

The media is really picking up on this '500 year' drought that may end up decimating us all.

Today we have a report from Lake Mead, which was made by the Hoover Dam.

It's dozens of feet lower than normal and they expect it could go down by another 20 feet this year!

Even now, Nevada is boring another giant intake tunnel in an attempt to tap into the lower lake levels.  They hope to get it done soon to replace the current intake tunnel that will be ABOVE THE WATER LINE later this year.

Of course we all know that Las Vegas PROUDLY calls itself "Sin City".  It's a city that has made its living on advertising open sin...and all who come are welcome to partake in it!  Furthermore, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!" has been their advertising campaign.

Sadly mankind has chosen to forget that God sees all of our deeds and misdeeds....even when we fly to another city to commit our sins that we hope to keep private.

LAKE MEAD, Nev. - When you head out on Nevada's Lake Mead, the first thing you notice is a white line. That's where the water used to be. 

What did this look like a decade ago? 

"This was all underwater," said Pat Mulroy, the general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. "I mean boats were everywhere. There was a whole marina here." 

Mulroy said that the drought began 14 years ago. Satellite photos show the Colorado River, which feeds Lake Mead, is drying up -- so the lake is rapidly shrinking. Islands are growing, and boats are floating far from where they once were.  

 "It's a pretty critical point," Mulroy said. "The rate at which our weather patterns are changing is so dramatic that our ability to adapt to it is really crippled." 

Lake Mead was created by the Hoover Dam in 1935. It provides water for 20 million people in southern Nevada, southern California and Arizona. Since 2000, the lake has lost 4 trillion gallons of water.  

"We're really scrambling to make sure that this intake is done in time before we lose our first intake," said J.C. Davis, the project's spokesperson. "Without Lake Mead, there would be no Las Vegas."  

Despite its wasteful reputation, Las Vegas actually reuses 93 percent of its water. It's paid homeowners $200 million to rip up their thirsty lawns. The city added 400,000 people last decade but cut its water use by 33 percent.

 "All of us are in it together, and all of us are either going to survive this or all of us are going to feel the consequences," Mulroy said. 

Hmmmm.....without Lake mead there would be NO Las Vegas....

We will just have to watch and see if the lack of rain is what ultimately turns this city of ill repute into a dust-bowl.

Remember how Las Vegas was the FASTEST GROWING CITY in the USA during the real estate run up??  People were snapping up houses faster than they could build them and speculating they were going to double every 2-3 years!!

How foolish mankind is.  

If the water goes dry and the Sin City starts to much do you think your house is going to be worth in the suburbs of Las Vegas?

When the water runs out you won't be able to GIVE AWAY the massive hotels and casinos.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Currency Crisis Could Trigger "Global Meltdown"

History shows us that currency wars lead to trade wars and then trade wars lead to shooting wars.

Biblical prophecy tells us that the world needs to have some sort of global, cashless, web-based monetary system in order that the Antichrist can one day put his stamp on that system and require a "Mark of the Beast" in order for anyone to use it.

So of course we realize that the 180+ currencies that are currently in use on planet earth ALL NEED TO GO AWAY.

So this headline is pretty interesting;

Currency crisis at Chinese banks 'could trigger global meltdown’

The growing problems in the Chinese banking system could spill over into a wider financial crisis, one of the most respected analysts of China’s lenders has warned.

Charlene Chu, a former senior analyst at Fitch in Beijing and now the head of Asian research at Autonomous Research, said the rapid expansion of foreign-currency borrowing meant a crisis in China’s financial system was becoming a bigger risk for international banks.

“One of the reasons why the situation in China has been so stable up to this point is that, unlike many emerging markets, there is very, very little reliance on foreign funding. As that changes, it obviously increases their vulnerability to swings in foreign investor appetite,” said Ms Chu in an interview with The Telegraph.

Ms Chu has been warning since 2009 about the growth of a shadow banking system in China that has helped fuel the credit expansion seen in the country in the wake of the Western financial crisis.

However, fears are growing that the build-up of foreign borrowing by the Chinese, particularly in US dollars, is creating an even greater build-up of risk than that seen before the crisis of 2008.

“If the dollar were to appreciate it could cause problems for those banks that have borrowed in dollars. Anywhere you have a banking system that uses a non-domestic currency, there is a possibility of a mismatch that could cause issues when the value of your liabilities runs away from you,” said Mr Magnus.

The BIS figures show foreign-currency loans are already at a decade high, though the body said there was no reason this should mean there was a “currency mismatch”.


Please notice that CHINA is the nation that the world believes is going to lead all of us to the PROMISED LAND of consumerism.  The commonly heard blurb goes something like this;  "There are a billion Chinese that want blenders, microwaves, TV's and cars...and they are going to buy them all from us and keep our economy headed skyward!"


What happens if China has really been cooking a CURRENCY CRISIS?  Could it really trigger a 'global meltdown'?

What is a global meltdown?  What would that look like? Could it look something like what the Bible says is coming during The Tribulation?

I know the Bible promises that we will NOT SEE THE WRATH OF GOD...but certainly we could be around to see the consequences of mankind's folly....believing that he could sustain himself by printing numbers on little pieces of paper and proclaiming that they ALWAYS WILL HAVE VALUE.