Thursday, August 27, 2009


We will be away from out computers through we will see you in church on Sunday and will commence blogging again on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

FDIC Could Go Red

Some months ago we posted that the FDIC only had $.70 (yes, that's 70 cents) in reserves for every $100 that they were on the hook for at banks across the country. They have nothing in reserves because they figured they can always print more money (which is free) if they needed more to bail people out.

Today this headline builds on the Ponzi scheme that is being revealed within the Federal government;


NEW YORK — The government agency that guarantees you won't lose your money in a bank failure may need a lifeline of its own.
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. coffers have been so depleted by the epidemic of collapsing financial institutions that analysts warn it could go red by the end of this year.

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Again, are we doing what Christ commanded which is to place our treasure in heaven where moth and rust will not destroy?

Modern Day Tower of Babel

We all remember the OT story of how men all got together and decided to build this tower. They believed that they had mastered engineering and could now build ANYTHING...including a tower that ultimately would reach into the heavens so they could be "like gods".

We know how the story ends.

Today we have scientists who are convinced they are close to mastering the building blocks of life itself. They can clone living things...they can make babies in a test tube...they can choose the sex of a baby...they can take apart DNA so that one day soon you may be able to pre-order your customized baby, complete with hair color, eye color, height and sex, already selected. If they can master a few more things.....these scientists will be "like gods".

Now check out this strange headline today in the Washington Post;

Lab Produces Monkeys With 2 Mothers

Using cloning-related techniques, the researchers developed a way to replace most of the genes in the eggs of one rhesus macaque monkey with genes from another monkey. They then fertilized the eggs with sperm, transferred the resulting embryos into animals' wombs and produced four apparently healthy offspring.

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I don't need to remind any of you that monkey DNA and human DNA is VERY similar....meaning that if they can already do it with monkeys, it's already possible to perform on humans. We just need to wait for society to grow more unethical and become totally void of the Fear of the it can be allowed. And sadly, that ethical decline seems to be coming like a flood.

So how much longer can we stick our finger in the eye of Almighty God before her reaches his finger down here and says, "enough!"?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ezekiel Players on Stage

Ezekiel 38 tells us that an alliance will form in the last days and that they will join with Russia and gather all their military might to go and destroy Israel and take all of Israel's wealth. If you read the whole chapter you will discover that God will confuse these armies and will fight for he used to do in the Old Testament.

Some of the players in this alliance are Turkey and Iran. Now check out this headline;

New alliance emerging in the Middle East

TEL AVIV -- Syrian President Bashar Assad's visit to Tehran last week has revealed a new regional element that has been largely ignored by Western observers. Assad's visit was officially described as a goodwill trip to congratulate Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his re-election as Iran's president. But what came out following Assad's meeting with Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, was an idea for an unofficial quadripartite alliance between Syria and Iran, with Turkey and Iraq joining.

We already know that Iran, Turkey and Russia have drawn close together, so this un-holy alliance looks to be taking shape.

So how do Syria and Iraq join in this alliance? How come they aren't mentioned in Ezekiel 38 alliance?

One answer might be Psalm which they ARE mentioned. And also Isaiah 17 in which Damascus is laid waste...which is obviously the capital of Syria. Just maybe...the reason Northern Iraq and Syria aren't mentioned in Ezekiel 38 is because Israel has already dealt with them in fulfilling Psalm 83....and they really don't have much left to offer in the way of military might.

Now read what comes up at the end of this article;

Realizing the wider regional implications, Israel appears ready to co-operate with Obama's vision for Middle East peace.

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Obama is going to keep messing with the "apple of God's eye"....and we are all going to pay the price.

Monetary Movement

We have been watching the U.S. dollar for the past few years. It is increasingly coming under fire as the rest of the world realizes how much their own fates are attached to U.S. currency....and if that currency happens to collapse....they will ALSO end up in a world of hurt.

Today this hit the Google headlines;

UPDATE: French President: Dollar Can't Remain Only Reserve Currency

The U.S. dollar's dominance of post-war global finance came under fire in July at the last gathering of leaders from the Group of Eight leading nations in L'Aquila, Italy.

Sarkozy then joined China, Russia and other emerging powers present at the meeting in calling for an end to the dollar's reign as the international currency of reference.

China in particular, which has amassed the world's biggest foreign-exchange reserves, is growing concerned that the exploding U.S. debt could threaten the stability of the dollar, and therefore its vast dollar holdings.

The French President called Wednesday for a rebalancing of the global economy, which, he said, is already under way, as the rise in the savings rate of U.S. households is likely to cut the current account deficit in the world's largest economy.

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The global financial market definitely looked over the abyss of full collapse in the fall of has now stepped back from the abyss and is in the process of wiping it's brow and saying, "Whew!!...that was close!!"

The bible is clear that a unified currency will be taking over the world in the Last Days. So we will continue to watch what happens as the leaders of the world devise new plans that involve monetary systems.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Pestilence Coming?

The swine flu isn't dead. It's going to ramp up again. Today the headline on ABC tells us; White House Warns of Massive Swine Flu Spread

Up to half of the population of the U.S. could come down with the swine flu and 90,000 could die this season, according to a dire report from the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

The report, which claims as many as 1.8 million people could end up in the hospital seeking treatment for the H1N1 virus, comes as government officials push drug companies to make a vaccine available next month.

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Even in years of the standard flu, thousands die but those that do are usually the very old or very sick. This version of flu is killing people who are are not at the outskirts of life...and that is what is concerning. Can the US economy handle all the missed work and production that will result from millions of workers staying home in bed? Only time will tell.

Obviously the bible forewarns of the Last Days and tells us the time will be marked by famines and pestilence (disease). Will this outbreak be one more wake up call to planet earth that the days are shortening....that Satan's mayhem and God's wrath are soon to be poured out in full?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Showdown Coming

Today the Google headlines have news about Jerusalem front and center....AGAIN! As we have said in the past, it appears that a showdown is coming between Netanyahu and the Obama administration.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to tell the special U.S. Mideast envoy on Monday that Israel will not accept any limitations on its sovereignty over Jerusalem, and will allow settlers to continue to live in the West Bank.

Netanyahu traveled to London on Monday, where he will meet with the U.S. envoy, George Mitchell, in order to continue the discussion on the Obama administration's demands for confidence-building measures between Israel and the Arab world.

The U.S. is demanding that Israel freeze temporarily construction in the settlements, and is asking the Arab world to begin normalizing ties with Israel immediately.

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Now ask yourselves this; what if China (who has loaned the U.S. $800 billion) came over and told us that we can't build apartments in New Brighton....or else!

Israel is a sovereign state that can handle it's own land and zoning problems. The world is obviously believing the lies of Arab propaganda. Pressure is going to continue to grow on Israel and the nations will eventually start to "rage" against her...just as the bible says.

Let's continue to pray for the U.S. that our government will not fall in with the rest of the crowd when it comes to threatening Israel and appeasing enemies of Jews.

Let's also remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem every single day....just as our Lord commands us to.