Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anti-Semitism and Islam

Did you ever wonder why so many muslims focus their negativity and hatred towards the Jews? Did this all start simply because the world carved up the middle east after WWII and gave the Jews a slice of land called Israel?

Actually, Jew hatred has it's roots in the very beginning of Islam and originates with Muhammad himself. According to Islamic prophecy, the Jews will end up being the fighters for Satan's army in the last days. Also, according to prophecy, they are in a constant bid to control the world for Satan. So if you were a muslim and started having those lies (who is the father of all lies?) pumped into your head from the time you could walk, it would pretty hard to be a muslim and actually respect the jews or believe that Israel has any right to exist at all.

Read this excellent article about why the hatred runs so deep. Then ask yourself, do you really believe that this situation is going to get better in the near future?

Another First in History

It seems that hurricane Fay is the first storm in recorded history to strike Florida four separate times. Here is what the Fox News report says;

STEINHATCHEE, Fla. — Tropical Storm Fay's path Saturday crossing the Florida Panhandle vaulted the stubborn weather system into the record books.
The tropical storm crossed over the central Florida Panhandle at 5 a.m., the first in recorded history to hit the state with such intensity four different times.

How many "first times", "worsts", "most intense", descriptors will need to be used until the world wakes up and realizes that the time we are in is NOT business as usual. These are warnings that should inspire us to WATCH, just as Jesus commanded.

You can read the entire Fox News headline story here;,2933,409321,00.html

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Turmoil in Pakistan

It might be a good thing that Musharraf has been forced to resign, if you consider the fact that he was not democratically elected. Maybe this will open the way for Pakistan to make further strides towards democracy and open-ness is this nuclear armed country. But then again, maybe his resignation will be a catasrophe for the world. The coalition government seeking to replace him is in shambles, muslim extremists are capitializing on the uncertainty as they increase their efforts to kill everyone they can, and some reports I have read say the Al qaeda would win the most seats in parliment if democratic elections were held today. If that happened, I wonder what they would do if they got their hands on the launch codes for the 35 nuclear missiles they have?

Pakistan is on the front page of Google News this morning, and you can read one of the articles here;

Rice in Poland

As you probably already saw in the news, Secratary Rice signed a deal with Poland yesterday to install a missile shield. The shield is to help protect the US and Europe from rogue nations like North Korea and Iran, but Russia doesn't see it that way. They see it as a direct threat against their military. Comments from a Russian general about the deal are a bit concerning, "After Warsaw and Washington announced the agreement on the deal last week, top Russian Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn warned that Poland is risking attack, and possibly a nuclear one, by deploying the American missile defense system, Russia's Interfax news agency reported. "

Read the whole article here;

Return to Cold War

It's been pretty amazing to watch Russia do a quick turn from friend to foe. For years, after the Berlin wall came down, the world seemed to have a peace dividend. No longer did we all have to worry about a nuclear exchange between the world's super powers. President Clinton slashed the US military budget as the world started to see a time when we would turn our swords into plows.

Last year we pointed out how Russia was building a naval base on Syria. Then they placed a flag on the ocean bottom near the north pole, claiming the artic was theirs. Now they are flying their Bear bombers on all their old cold-war paths forcing many countries to scramble their jets. And now Europe and the world are getting jittery as we watch them walk into Georgia and go against their word and threaten Poland with destruction if they install a U.S. missile defense shield.

And Israel sees that they will be at the epicenter of it all. As Russia arms Syria and signs deals with Iran, and Iran supports Syria and Lebanon, Israel understands that the whole conflict could be played out dangerously close to them. I believe that if the Jews read the new testament, they would understand that it WILL be played out in their backyard. Read here;

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

One Currency

As prophecy tells us, in the last days the people of earth will actually welcome a one world government, and the global trend is already moving that way.

Today, I was at a luncheon and the speaker was a chief market analyst for JP Morgan. He suprised me when he said that he would prefer a one-world-currency. He said it would make so much sense if everyone just got behind the Euro and the administrative dollars the world's economies would save from currency trading would be enormous.

And there you have it. The writing is starting to show up on the wall.

Europe Jittery Over Russia

This story from the LA Times had me thinking that maybe Russia's recent aggression will make the people of Europe "like" the U.S. a little more. There has been lots of recent talk about how the rest of the world doesn't like the U.S. That we are bullies and cowboys and just run all over everyone. I hear reports from all kinds of world travelers that it hasn't been good lately to say you are a U.S. citizen. Maybe when the rest of the free-world realize that the U.S. has single handedly provided a shield against Russian/Soviet aggression since WWII, they will look a little more kindly towards all of us "cowboys". Afterall, while Europe has been putting all it's money towards social programs and building corporate profits, the US has been putting billions into a military machine that has provided them free protection. Read the LA Times article here;,0,6812498.story

More Rumors Float

According to this Jerusalem Post blurb, the Saudis and Egypt "may know" of U.S. and/or Israeli plans to attack Iran. Sounds like the rumors are building. Read it here;

Monday, August 18, 2008

Russia Promises to Crush

We are watching as Russia (Magog) pulls the gloves off and reveals it's true colors. It is amazing and prophetic that in a very short time, Russia has gone from friend of the West to enemy. We knew it had to happen as the players of Ezekiel 38 continue to move, but it is still eye-opening to witness it all. Read a Yahoo report here and notice the rhetoric in the first few paragraphs;


I'm sure many of you get Joel Rosenberg's email telling you of global events. But for those of you who don't, I am posting his comments on Pakistan and the resignation of Musharraf. As we talked about in adult education last winter, Pakistan already has 35 nuclear weapons and if they held democratic elections today, it is possible that Al Qaeda could win considerable power. What would Al Qaeda do if they got access to the launch codes on those missiles? It would make the problems we are facing in Iran look very minor, that's for sure. Read Rosenberg below and remember to pray for Pakistan.

By Joel C. Rosenberg (Washington, D.C., August 18, 2008) -- Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf resigned this morning, telling his country of 167 million people in a televised address, "I hope the nation and the people will forgive my mistakes." Pakistan now enters a dangerous moment of instability.

It is not yet clear who will replace Musharraf, and as I've written before, Pakistan has long been one car bomb away from a bin Laden-ally seizing power. Should an al Qaeda-type Radical gain control of the country and its nuclear weapons, we could be facing an apocalyptic moment. Let us pray without ceasing that a Reformer will emerge who is respectful of Islam but is committed to true freedom, democracy, and the rule of law and who can root out corruption and protect minorities throughout the country. Note, however, that the last Reformer who began emerging there was Benazir Bhutto who was then assassinated after returning from exile.

For all his many flaws, Musharraf was steadily becoming a Reformer. After 9/11, he became a key ally of the U.S., helping us in our war against al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan rather than interferring. He and his security forces worked closely with us to capture numerous top jihadists, including Khalled Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11. He was also supportive of protecting Pakistan's rapidly growing Christian minority, which has been very important because Muslims are turning to Christ there in record numbers (I just met with a top Pakistani Christian leader for lunch last week and learned that there are now more than 2.5 million MBBS or Muslim Background Believers there.) Musharraf, to his great credit, also dramatically reached out to Israel, in defiance of the jihadists in his country. He once shook hands with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, something the Saudis won't even do, and gave a remarkable speech to the American Jewish Congress in New York City in 2005.

Let us pray for this important nation as it enters a time of great change and risk.