Saturday, November 6, 2010

Strangest Creature Found on Earth

I guess you will have to look at the photos for yourself and see if you can decide what the heck this thing is that was found in Thailand. Of course the locals are doing what pagans always do when they see something unexplainable....they build a shrine and worship it.

Again, let me be clear....I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS A REAL CREATURE. What I am saying is that strange things are happening all over planet earth at the exact same time....and MANY will be deceived.

Could Putin be Gog of Magog?

When I saw this headline it makes one wonder;

Forbes rates Putin world's 4th most powerful person

The World's Most Powerful People in 2010 was released on Wednesday with the Russian leader was eclipsed only by Chinese President Hu Jintao, his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama, and Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz.

Russia's next president will have a six-year term due to constitutional changes approved in 2008. Should Putin be elected, he would be able to run for a second six-year term in 2018 and serve as president beyond his 70th birthday.

"The people on this list were chosen because, in various ways, they bend the world to their will," Forbes said.

Most prophecy watchers have no doubt that Russia (and some ex-Soviet satellites) will play into the end times battle described by Ezekiel in chapter 38. Could Putin be the dude to lead them in the coalition that includes Iran, Libya, Turkey and others?

Interesting to watch.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Financial Tsunami

It's being reported out of Germany that the U.S. has not held up it's promises....another way of putting that would be that the U.S. lied about it's financial intentions...and yesterday's announcement that the Federal Reserve was printing another $600 billion confirmed the lie, according to European bankers.

Germany has accused the US of breaking a promise made at the G20 summit in Toronto in June by injecting a further $600 billion into its economy to stimulate growth.

Speaking on national TV on Thursday (4 November), German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble said that participants at the meeting had agreed to tighten their belts: "That was the common policy, that all developed countries, including the US, at the G20 summit in Toronto ... explicitly obliged to undertake."

"Printing money again will trigger a tsunami across the world economy," Mr Schaeffler said.

See it here;

I have an long as the Fed is printing money, why don't they just print an extra $1 million for every man and woman in America over the age of 18? Then we can all go out and pay off our houses, buy a few new vehicles, take a much needed vacation and won't be in such a hurry to look for a job? That should stimulate the economy, right? After all, if printing a little money is good....then printing a lot should be great!!

Solar Shield

We have posted in the past about the rise in solar storms that are expected to peak in 2012. The last time we had storms of this expected magnitude was the late 1800's when the country was operating without electricity. This time the country is 100% reliant on electricity....and having it knocked out for weeks or months could cause anarchy and destruction, the likes of which this country has never seen.

So what are we to do about it? NASA is going to build a shield and make a plan!! Yeah NASA!!

They’re out there, biding their time. Waiting patiently. And when you least expect it, they’re going to plunge you and everyone you care about into total darkness. Luckily, we can see solar storms coming from about 93 million miles away, and NASA is now in the process of creating a “Solar Shield” that should be able to minimize the damage to power grids caused by electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere and ground caused by foul weather on the sun.

The threat to power grids during bad solar weather is known as GIC, or geomagnetically induced current. When the sun ejects a huge coronal mass in our direction, the impact with our atmosphere shakes up Earth’s magnetic field. That generates electric currents from the upper atmosphere all the way down to the ground. These can cripple power grids, overloading circuits and in some cases melting heavy-duty transformers.

Those transformers are very necessary to keep the power flowing. They’re also expensive, irreparable in the field, and can take a year to replace. Meaning that a massive coronal ejection could knock down entire power grids for long stretches of time, grinding economies to a halt and making life more than a little inconvenient.

See it here;

Oh yeah, attention to this last paragraph;

Solar Shield is experimental at this point, and its hard to know how successful it will be, mainly because it hasn’t had the trial by fire it needs to see if it works. Solar weather has been fairly quiet this year, so the team hasn’t been able to gather the data it needs. But considering we’re going into a period of increased solar activity (solar weather ebbs and flows cyclically) that will peak in 2013, Solar Shield will likely get its chance soon enough.

What??? There has been no trial by fire??? You mean this whole plan may only HYPOTHETICALLY WORK??

That's just great.

Maybe we should all try praying to the Creator of the universe, humbling ourselves and seeking His face. Maybe then He would hear our prayers in heaven and would protect us, preserve us and even heal our land.

That's a novel idea.

Dollar Crashing

In a follow up to yesterday's headline of the Federal Reserve printing $600 billion more dollars...we have this expert confirming some of the thoughts we have expressed;

Federal Reserve policies have put the US dollar the risk of crashing, which will hammer consumers through higher prices, strategist Axel Merk told CNBC.

"It's with the best of intentions but I think it's a very, very wrong policy," Merk said in an interview.

"One of the key things here is a weaker dollar has traditionally not been inflationary because Asian exporters like to absorb the higher cost of doing business," Merk said. "There comes a breaking point when Asian exporters can no longer absorb that higher cost of doing business. They'll raise prices and guess what? They will stick.

Merk said forex investors still can navigate a difficult environment but need to be diversified and should focus on countries that will be looking to clamp down on inflation by boosting rates and backing their currencies.

"There's no such thing anymore as a safe asset. Cash is no longer safe," he said. "Do what central banks do, they diversify to baskets of currencies. That's what we try to do. It's a pity for any savers out there, but we'll survive. We'll get through this."

See it here;

Let me make one more stab of explaining how this all may come apart and lead to potentially huge inflation.

Let's say you have a yo-yo store in Minneapolis and you import all your yo-yos from China. You currently have 10,000 yo-yos on your shelf that you have priced to sell at $4 each. You paid $2 each to your supplier in China. Sometime in the future you will need to order more yo-yos from China to replenish your inventory if you are to stay in business. When you call your supplier, he says he now wants $4 each for the yo-yos. He explains that he hates to raise his costs on you but that the U.S. dollar simply isn't buying what it did last time you ordered...and he needs to stay in business as well. You have no choice so you order another 5000 yo-yos but now you have to raise your prices. Now for the yo-yo buyer in Minneapolis who comes into your store, the cost of yo-yos just went up 50%...but your wage (because unemployment is still 15%) hasn't gone up in 10 years. This is how the middle class will be crushed when the currency is devalued. Now take this example and apply it to just about everything you buy....because most of the stuff we consume is imported from other countries...and they will demand more U.S. dollars to supply their goods.

And this is what happens when the Federal Reserve prints copious amounts of money....and has nothing backing it. It just devalues the dollars that are already outstanding.

Hat tip to Mike S.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rachel's Tomb=Holy War

Islam has a pattern. Whenever it invades and takes over a land, they immediately locate where the most important places are of the religion that they just overthrew....and they build a mosque on the site.

That's exactly the reason we have two mosques sitting on the Temple Mount....because the Muslims who overthrew Jerusalem knew that Solomon's Temple and the rebuilt version, both sat on God's Holy Hill.

Today this Muslim practice may be the source of another flash point as Mahmound Abbas warns that their may be a "holy war" over Israel's claims to Rachel's tomb....where (of course) the Muslims had already built a mosque.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas warns of a “holy war” over Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem. Muslims claim it is a 1,000-year-old mosque, although Islam - only 1,300 years old itself - began publicly claiming the site only 44 years ago. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu accused Abbas of “hypocrisy.”

The Prime Minister announced earlier this week that the ancient tomb, located immediately south of Jerusalem, and the Patriarchs’ Cave (Me'arat HaMachpelah) in Hevron, are Jewish heritage sites that will be refurbished. Genesis Chapter 23 describes the purchase of the Patriarch's Cave by Abraham in order to bury his wife Sarah, and Genesis 35, 19 describes that Rachel "died and was buried on the road to Efrata which is Bethlehem...the sign of her grave stands until today."

Now get ready to show a look of sincere surprise as you read this next paragraph;

The entire Muslim world has protested Israel’s initiative, and the United Nations has expressed “concerns.” Hizbullah, Iran, Egypt, Syria and Jordan warned that the move is a provocation, and Hamas outrightly called for violence. Abbas, visiting in Brussels, told the Belgian parliament in Brussels that the move is a “serious provocation which may lead to a religious war.”

See it here;

I know this isn't a very Christian thought....but sometimes I find myself wishing that Hizbullah, Iran, Egypt, Syria and Jordan would just start the war already! I'm sick of hearing about all the reasons you folks are willing to wage holy war!! If it's not over houses then it's going to be over tombs....if it's not over Temple mounts then it going to be over land they lost and are still crying about 45 years later!! I feel like telling them all to either get on with it or just SHUT UP ALREADY!!!

Hat tip to Tom.

$600 Billion More Being Printed

Today's Wall Street Journal has the headline in big, bold print;
Fed Fires $600 Billion Stimulus Shot.

The Federal Reserve, in a dramatic effort to rev up a "disappointingly slow" economic recovery, said it will buy $600 billion of U.S. government bonds over the next eight months to drive down interest rates and encourage more borrowing and growth.

Many outside the Fed, and some inside, see the move as a 'Hail Mary' pass by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. He embraced highly unconventional policies during the financial crisis to ward off a financial-system collapse. But a year and a half later, he confronts an economy hobbled by high unemployment, a gridlocked political system and the threat of a Japan-like period of deflation, or a debilitating fall in consumer prices.

The value of the dollar has fallen in anticipation of a flood of new American currency hitting global financial markets.

There are immense unknowns and many risks.

In essence, the Fed now will print money to buy as much as $900 billion in U.S. government bonds through June—an amount roughly equal to the government's total projected borrowing needs over that period.

In normal times, a Fed spending spree on government bonds would be highly inflationary, because it would flood the economy with money and raise worries about too much government spending. The mere worry of too much inflation in financial markets could drive long-term interest rates higher and cause the Fed's program to backfire.

Did you catch that?? The Fed is just going to print another $900 billion....with nothing backing it. In essence they are just telling the rest of the world to, "trust us."

See it here;

So what Dennis? What does this have to do with anything...especially the Bible?

As we all know, America is no where to be found in prophecy. That means that as the Last Days play out, America is not going to be one of the players. So where did she go?

Remember that our entire financial system of printed money hinges on the "full faith and confidence" in the U.S. Treasury and/or U.S. Government. If the confidence vanishes the the U.S. dollar won't be worth the paper it is printed on....and we will fall from power with a mighty crash.

Here is what the National Inflation Association believes is on its way;

Quantitative easing is nothing more than the Federal Reserve printing money and creating inflation. This quantitative easing steals from the purchasing power of the incomes and savings of all Americans. While Americans are distracted by the mainstream media with daily debates by the Democrats and Republicans about taxes, U.S. taxes have almost no where near the effect on the lives of middle class Americans as does the Federal Reserve's monetary policy and quantitative easing.

Once Americans realize just how rapidly their dollars are being debased and losing their purchasing power, it could cause a rush out of the U.S. dollar and trigger hyperinflation as early as year 2012.

With prices of assets soaring in recent months just in anticipation of Bernanke's quantitative easing announcement, it shows that the world's financial system is already flooded with trillions of dollars in excess liquidity. Unless the U.S. government immediately implements dramatic spending cuts across the board, NIA believes the world is going to lose confidence in the U.S. dollar and it will be impossible for the U.S. to survive past the year 2015 without the U.S. dollar becoming worthless.

Hmmmm??......I wonder what kind of chaos would ensue if the U.S. dollar becomes worthless? I wonder if that all helps to explain why America is not found in the Bible during the Last Days.....because we have literally come apart by believing paper money could supply all of our needs?

Jesus said that you cannot worship God and Mammon (god of material possessions and money). America is sure at the center of Mammon worship and no doubt it has even permeated our churches. We have become the church of Laodicea....and God warns that because we are lukewarm, He is about to spit us out.

Could all these events be connected?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Doors of Destruction

Satan's pattern is pretty unmistakable.....first he comes after the Jews and then he comes after the Christians. As his rage does the slaughter of Jews and Christians.

Of course I am well aware that Muslims killing other Muslims is the leading cause of death in the Muslim Satan's fury can spill over in all directions and the shrapnel can kill anyone who happens to be standing too close.

Yesterday in Iraq some Muslim suicide bombers took over a church in Baghdad and the result was 50-60 Christians were killed.

Today there was a Christian church firebombed in Jerusalem....I believe in the Arab quarter of the city.

Now we see this headline;

Resurgent al-Qaida threatens Christians in Iraq with 'destruction'

Al-Qaida in Iraq has threatened more attacks on Iraq's Christians, claiming that they are legitimate targets who now face the "doors of destruction".

The warning, published today on militant websites, came three days after gunmen from an al-Qaida front group, the Islamic State of Iraq, raided one of Baghdad's main cathedrals during Sunday mass. More than 50 people were killed and dozens were wounded when Iraqi forces stormed the church in an attempt to lift the four-hour siege.

In its statement, ISI described the pope as "the hallucinating tyrant of the Vatican" and warned that Christians would be "extirpated and dispersed" from Iraq. "All Christian centres, organisations and institutions, leaders and followers, are legitimate targets for the muhajideen wherever they can reach them," the statement said. "We will open upon them the doors of destruction and rivers of blood."

The scale of the church massacre and Tuesday's bombing blitz has horrified security chiefs who have claimed credit throughout the year for the capture of senior militants across the country.

"It is true that al-Qaida are strong again," said General Diyaa Hussein Sahi, the head of Baghdad police's major crime unit. "It is also true that many of them have been freed from the prisons. They are dangerous people and we are doing our best to find them."

See it here;

I think Whoopi Goldberg and Joan Behar from The View should go over there and have a talk with these al-Qaida folks. Ask them what made them so blood thirsty and so zealous for killing infidels. Of course they should preface this conversation with a leading question....something like this;

"I know that Islam is a religion of peace and we all certainly know that Mohammad was a man of peace (peace be upon him) and the reason you are so angry at Christians is because we had a Christian extremist group almost burn your beloved holy book, The Koran?"

Seriously though, we need to be praying for our sisters and brothers in Christ who are living in Muslim lands. As soon as they are marked with the Holy Spirit, they are going to light up like Christmas trees in that dark, Satanic land. We need to pray that they will stand firm as the Day of the Lord draws close.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Overtake the World

It's funny/interesting/scary/concerning/ludicrous (choose your adjective) that the world seems content to ignore what many Muslim leaders are saying...and these are Muslims who may soon have the atomic bomb.

"The future is that of Islam and it will overtake the world," Ayatollah Emami Kashani said, addressing a large and fervent congregation of people on Tehran University campus on Friday.

"The difference in human society must be limited to certain factors such as race, language, countries and borders and everyone must be united in action and ideology," Ayatollah Kashani reiterated.

See it here;

When you further understand that this particular speaker believes that the 12th Imam is soon returning to take over the world.....and then you read his comments about how, "....everyone must be united in action and ideology." makes you believe that the world seems to be cartwheeling towards a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and also a ONE WORLD RELIGION.

Funny how the Bible says that's EXACTLY how the Last Days will play out.

Jews/Arabs Reach Boiling Point

Israel continues to be front and center on headline news. I plucked this headline off of Google from the Washington Post;
Jewish-Arab relations in Israel hit boiling point

Relations between Israel's Jewish majority and its Arab minority have never been warm, but they appear to have hit a new low that has activists on both sides worried the troubled relationship is beyond repair.

In the past month alone, Israeli lawmakers have introduced a series of bills that aim to marginalize Arabs. Rabbis in a northern town have urged followers not to rent homes to Arabs. Extremist Jews marched through this town and set off a violent riot. And a prominent Arab activist has admitted in a plea bargain to spying for the Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah.

These repeated run-ins have threatened to turn what has long been an atmosphere of distrust into open hostilities as Jews increasingly question the loyalty of their Arab neighbors while jittery Arab residents fear they are being unfairly characterized as a threat from within.

"The Arab community is terrified. They see the legislation, they feel the atmosphere. They see the discourse and they feel insecure. They feel like they need to protect themselves," said Jafar Farah, head of "Musawa," an organization promoting equality for Arab residents. "And some of these people think they should fight back."

See it here;

No doubt, something is getting ready to pop in the Middle East and the pin to pop the bubble could come from many different directions.

I find it interesting as to why the Palestinians living within Israel don't just sell their houses and move to Gaza or the West Bank where Palestinians are in control? The answer is that they are currently enjoying more freedom, opportunity and social services as Arabs living in Israel than they would have as Arabs living in ANY other Arab country in the world.

So they would rather just continue blowing the "victim" horn in hopes that if they blow it long enough the world will finally see things their way...and force Israel to give up land it fought and died for. looks like that day may be coming sooner than later...when the world will join together to pressure Israel to give up land...Promised Land, that is.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Satan Preps the Ground

It appears more and more prophecy watchers are beginning to come around to the same understanding about UFO's and "aliens" that we have been proposing. Mainly that the "aliens" are really demonic beings and/or some type of Nephilim (Genesis 6) hybrid that will be used in Satan's last great deception...probably to be used soon after the rapture of the church.

Hollywood has been doing it's part to prepare the population of planet earth to accept the idea that we are not alone in the universe, by unleashing a plethora of movies about aliens, UFO's, abductions, etc...

There is another movie coming out in the next few weeks called SKYLINE. It appears to be about some aliens coming and snatching people from planet earth. Again, by looking at this plot line, we have more evidence that Satan is preparing a myriad of explanations to those who are left behind, as to where all the Christians went.

Today the most visited prophecy website on earth had this to say in their weekly update;

Satan’s present-day warm-up act, designed to mesmerize people of planet earth, has at its heart great deception that will delude most who are left behind following the Rapture. The Holy Spirit resident within the church (each Church-Age saint) will remove from acting on the consciences of mankind as He has been doing during this present Age of Grace.

Following the removal of the church, it will apparently be impossible for those who deliberately rejected the Holy Spirit’s call to salvation before the Rapture to have any chance for redemption. The Lord will not let those people escape the delusion Satan’s man, Antichrist, will produce. They will be doomed to believe a specific lie, Paul’s prophecy indicates.

Some prophecy watchers observe Satan’s preparations for bringing to the world’s attention the man who will be his most infamous protégé. These–and I include myself--consider decades of fascination with extraterrestrial sightings to possibly be key to the old serpent’s concocting the “lie” of 2 Thessalonians 2:11.

Documentaries continue to fill cable TV networks, raising questions about whether we are alone in the cosmos. Reports of UFO sightings titillate the imaginations of brains already prepped by fictional accounts of invaders from far-flung places in space, such as in the current TV show titled V.

The latest such silver-screen fiction about intruders from space is the film Skyline. Its story line is most fascinating, as the Star Trek Enterprise’s first officer, Mr. Spock, might say.

One official synopsis of this latest movie about visitors from space states the following.

After a late-night party, a group of friends are awoken in the dead of the night by an eerie light beaming through the window. Like moths to a flame, the light source is drawing people outside before they suddenly vanish into the air. They soon discover an otherworldly force is swallowing the entire human population off the face of the earth. Now our band of survivors must fight for their lives as the world unravels around them. (

Sounds eerily familiar to something from the Bible we address frequently on Rapture Ready, doesn’t it? But God’s Word is nonfiction–absolute truth. Such a scenario is prophetically scheduled to actually happen. Revelation 12 foretells that Satan and his fallen angelic horde will be cast to earth for the final time. John was told to write “Woe to the inhibitors of the earth” when that happens.

The second Beast–the False Prophet—will call fire down from heaven (Revelation 13:13) in the sight of men. Many students of Bible prophecy who observe these strange times in which we live think these things will likely be part of the lie of 2 Thessalonians 2:11, which earth dwellers will believe--i.e., the major part of the lie will be that those who have disappeared from earth have been taken for reasons held by the “extraterrestrial” entities.

Today, we are being “entertained” by Antichrist’s warm-up act. But, it will be the Lord of Heaven –Jesus Christ—who will bring down the final curtain on Satan’s great impostor.
And then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. (2 Thessalonians 2:8)

See it here;

No doubt Satan is working overtime. He can see the signs all around. He knows we are in the season of the Lord's returning....first to snatch his bride like a thief in the night....and Satan will need to be ready to run when the Restrainer is withdrawn.