Saturday, November 7, 2009

Who Will Stand With Israel?

The Bible tells us that we can watch for Israel to be standing alone as the world turns totally against her in the very Last Days.

Many of us have been concerned about whether America will be a country that stands with Israel until the very end.

The linked article sheds some hope that we will, in fact, stand with Israel.

An unprecedented number of American generals, along with 1,400 U.S. army soldiers, are participating with top IDF brass in the high-level Juniper Cobra military exercise that one U.S. Navy commander said is aimed at “specific threats.” Public affairs officials interrupted the naval commander in order to divert the conversation from the scenario of Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities and defending itself from a counter-attack.

Also, there is another surprise in the article that is encouraging;

As the joint drill was taking place, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the U.S. Congress, "Whoever threatens Israel also threatens us."

Read it here;

It Wasn't Jim Peterson

As the news continues to flow in about the tragic shooting at Fort Hood, pundits will digest it for the coming months.

I first heard the news when I turned on the TV last Thursday at 5:30. Brian Williams started telling about a man who walked into Fort Hood and shot 13 people dead, he said.

As I heard it, I said out loud, "I bet the shooter's name isn't Jim Peterson or Matt Johnson."

Within minutes they announced the shooter's name was Nidal Malik Hasan....and surprise!!!......he is a devout Muslim from Palestinian-Arab descent.

We next learn that he entered the room and said, "Allah akbar!!" before he opened fire. (The translation of that phrase is, "Allah is greater!")

Since we know Allah is not the God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob....what kind of supernatural power could possess a man who finished medical school (courtesy of the US Military), who had just been promoted to walk into a room of innocent, young soldiers and shoot them dead?

Keep praying for all the families at Fort Hood that are dealing with this tragedy. Also, as difficult as it may be to do.....pray for Nidal Malik Hasan.

The spiritual battle is raging.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Psalm 83 Discussion

Over the past year we have talked quite a few times about the fulfillment of Psalm 83. Let's remember that the named players of the Psalm are all the territories that are currently touching modern day Israel...including Lebanon, Jordan, parts of Egypt, Gaza and others. What they have in common is that they are all enemies of Israel.

Ezekiel 38-39 has also been mentioned quite a few times. Currently, we are watching the named players of Ezekiel be put onto the world stage with amazing speed.

Today I found this article that discusses these very matters.

I have read some of Doc Beshore's writings and have much respect for him. So when he says that Psalm 83 is really a prayer asking for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38, and NOT a literal war to watch for....I have to sit up and let that one soak in. Again, I hope none of us believe we have a crystal ball on EXACTLY how God is going to fulfill prophecy...because no one does.

When Jesus tells us to "Watch!", it means we are supposed to be paying attention to the season....but not claiming to know the exact order of Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83, the Rapture, the Tribulation, etc.... But when we see movement on all fronts at the very same time, Jesus tells us to not be surprised when the loud trumpet sounds...and we see the dead in Christ rise first...seconds before we also are changed in the twinkling of an eye.

Also this article talks about the, "peace and safety" passage in Ezekiel 38 which has always been a curiosity.

However, I was certainly encouraged by one aspect of this article;

In order for the battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39 to occur, there will be plenty of enemies who will eagerly march against Israel. To imply that the Israelis will ever be living peacefully before the Gog-Magog battle simply cannot be. Clearly, those who participate in the Gog-Magog war will be great enemies of Israel. I don’t believe for a minute that Israel will let down its guard until the son of perdition, the Antichrist, deceives the Israelis into thinking he is their savior. This argument is also in keeping with the conditions necessary for a pretribulation rapture of the Church.

Did you catch that? More evidence that really smart people, filled with the Holy Spirit, are confident that Jesus, Paul, and the disciples, were all taught (and expected) that Jesus will come for all believers BEFORE all hell breaks loose on earth....commonly known as The Tribulation.

Read this article here;

I will warn you in advance that if you are clueless on Ezekiel 38, Psalm 83 and Isaiah may be thoroughly confused by what all this talk is about. But maybe it will encourage you again to open your Bibles and seek God's word.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sanhedrin Issues Warning to UN

Do you guys remember the Sanhedrin? Pull out your Bibles and remember that Jesus spoke severely to this group of Jewish lawmakers.

Well....they are back. For the first time in 1900 years they are reconvening and issuing edicts and comments. To be honest, this has to be one more sign that we are living in the very last the Jews are getting ready for the day when they can build the third temple and start worshiping and sacrificing again. And the Sanhedrin is a necessary part of this whole process.

It seems that the Sanhedrin has issued a warning to the UN that if they decide to pursue this Goldstone report that is accusing Israel of war crimes in the Gaza Operation Cast Lead...they will bring about the catastrophic events talked about in the OT book of Joel.

You can't make this stuff up!!

Check this out;

The Sanhedrin then explained by what authority it issues injunctions to the United Nations: "The International Court of the Sanhedrin operates by the power of the Bible, the only Holy Writ whose essence was handed over to mankind at Mt. Sinai [the Torah], and of the Prophets, sent to all nations of the world and universally held in respect by them. By virtue of this delegated authority, passed down from one generation to the next ever since the time of Moses our teacher, the master of all of prophets, and by virtue of the succession of authority in Jewish tradition, we appealed to you that you might not fail and thus fail the world, bringing upon it catastrophe."

Now, get this;

The Sanhedrin concludes by advising that the verse from the Prophet Isaiah - “Let them beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks and they shall not learn war anymore”- that is engraved on the United Nations wall "will never be realized via the Goldstone Report and the traditional policy of the UN regarding the State of Israel. [Instead,] your welcome action [as advised above] is anxiously awaited by all mankind. You have the power to help contribute to the prevention of wars."

Did you catch that?? A verse from Isaiah which is talking about the thousand year reign of Christ on earth--The Millennium--is engraved on the UN wall!! And the Sanhedrin is invoking this verse in it's message to the UN.

Read it here;

Remember folks....Jesus rebuked the religious people of His time for not being able to recognize the season of the Messiah on earth. How much more is he going to hold us responsible if we don't recognize the season that we are in....which is the soon return of Jesus.

Our blessed hope is that we will soon hear the trumpet and see Jesus in the clouds as he yells to His bride to "COME UP HERE!"

Preparing for War in Gaza

Last week we posted an article about Lebanon complaining to the United Nations that they felt Israel was preparing for war with them...and unless the UN ran interference on Israel....Israel might soon invade and attempt to destroy Hezbollah.

Today we found this headline;
ANALYSIS / Israel preparing public for a new war in Gaza

We will remind you again why this is incredibly interesting; because Psalm 83 names by name the tribes that will be destroyed and taken over by Israel in the Last Days....and the Palestinians of Gaza are one of the people groups mentioned and so are the peoples of Lebanon.

It seems that Hamas in Gaza fired a new longer range rocket.

The rocket was fired in rough weather, apparently in an attempt to hide the experiment from Israeli eyes. But Israel's radar installations registered the launch, even if the exact spot where the missile hit the sea is unknown. Israel believes Hamas considers the new rocket a strategic asset, a "doomsday weapon" of sorts, and therefore avoided publicizing the experimental launch, in the hope of using the weapon as a surprise during some later confrontation.

The Israeli announcement of this missile test by Hamas was probably meant to prepare the public for the idea that the IDF may soon need to go into Gaza again.

Yadlin's announcement should be seen as part of an attempt by the military to prepare the public for a new attack against the Strip. The General Staff is not remotely eager for another round, especially with the Goldstone report conclusions still haunting commanders of the previous operation when they travel abroad.

Hamas, for it's part, is in no hurry for a confrontation either. Gaza has not yet recovered from the devastation of Cast Lead, and the organization knows it would pay in heavy casualties if the conflict reignites.

Read it here;

"....there will be wars and rumors of wars...."

Surrounded by Hatred

If you are looking for some visuals to help understand how small Israel is verses how large their enemies are...this is a great site.

If you are looking for documentation of how illogical it is that the Arabs and Persians are demanding that Israel give up more land to the Palestinian-Arabs....this is a great site.

As we have said numerous times....God referred to Jerusalem as the, "apple of My eye." Ever since those words were uttered, Satan's focus has been on destroying God's apple....Israel.

The Bible is also clear that all humans who are not washed by the blood of the Lamb...are sons of the devil. Because of this truth, it should come as no surprise to any of us that the humans of planet earth are increasing their hatred and animosity towards Israel and the Jews. They are unknowingly doing the bidding of their father....Satan.

On the other hand, those humans who have the Holy Spirit indwelling in them, the Bible calls, "Sons of the Light." So we can expect that the Sons of the devil will also be focusing their hatred (in these Last Days) on all the Sons of the Light.

Jesus said that we can expect their hatred because they first hated him.

Jesus also said, "You are either for me or against me."

No wonder so many liberals hate Christ....he leaves them no grey area to inhabit.

Hat tip to Mike S.

Pretty Please?!

Obama and The West seem convinced that if they keep pleading and begging with Iran....that the Iranian regime will finally give in and give up it's nukes, respect Israel and quit all this, "Down with America!" rhetoric.

It's like we all just refuse to catch a clue.

Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, Bret Stephens had another outstanding article and pretty much hits it right on the head after he catalogues how many times Iran has said, "No!" and how we simply refuse to hear them and instead just keep begging.....making ourselves look more pathetic all the time....and making Iran even more belligerent as they realize The West has become sniveling little whiners.

I once overhead a guy try to make a date over the phone. His end of the conversation went roughly as follows:
"How about Friday?" (Pause.) "Not Friday? Because I'm free most of the weekend." (Pause.) "Not this weekend? What about next Saturday?" (Pause.) "Are you free at all next week?" (Long pause.) "Well, are you ever free?"

Apparently she was not, at least as far as he was concerned.
Now it's the turn of the Obama administration to play the guy who won't take a hint. And it falls to the Islamic Republic of Iran to be the girl who's hard—actually, impossible—to get.

Read this article here where it catalogues how many times Iran has said "No!"'s_Most_Popular

Obama better soon understand that the more he apologizes and abases the U.S., the more pathetic and desperate we become in the eyes of the Iranians and to all our enemies.

Remember to pray for Obama and his team. After all, he is our president and would not be in that position unless God ordained it for fulfilment of His word.

Thy will be done.....

Arabs See U.S. Tilt to Israel

Israel was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal yesterday.....again!

The article was titled the exact same as I titled this post.

It appears the Arab countries are getting ready to throw things at Obama.....because they are angry. Now there's a surprise....and angry Arab government!

MARRAKECH, Morocco -- The Obama administration's drive for Middle East peace risked a major setback as Arab nations warned of "failure" after a surprise U.S. shift away from insisting on a total freeze of Israeli settlement-building in disputed areas ahead of peace talks.

A furor in Arab capitals forced U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to issue a carefully worded statement from Morocco on Monday, asserting that U.S. policy on the settlement issue hadn't changed. That didn't damp the criticism.

So of course, the Arabs are walking away from the "peace process" with Israel that the U.S. is trying to shove down every one's throats. So the Obama team will just keep banging it's head against a wall....somehow believing if they bang it long enough and hard enough that the wall will somehow magically fall down.

U.S. officials weren't able to outline what steps they will take if the Arab governments don't relent and agree to resume negotiations without the freeze. That appeared unlikely Monday. Palestinian officials stressed that they can't be expected to take further steps and expect public support without that concession. Some analysts say the U.S. should wait until the completion of Palestinian elections next year until pushing again.

Read it here;

Did you catch that? The Palestinian officials said they can't take further steps without getting the concession from Israel first. Question?....what steps have they taken up to this date besides firing 8000 illegal missiles into southern Israel within days of Israel giving them the concession of withdrawal from Gaza.

Street Clash In Iran

Many are unhappy with Ahmadinejad in Iran. Today that appears to have boiled over.

Initially, a government sanctioned rally to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the U.S. Embassy takeover was going on. The attenders were happily burning their U.S. flags shouting "Down with America!" and "Destroy Israel!"

But part way through the flag burning, a large group of thousands started gathering across the street who were in support of the opposition leader Mousavi.

Many marchers wore green scarves or wristbands that symbolized the campaign of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi, who claims President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stole the June election from him through fraud. Mousavi and his allies, including former President Mohammad Khatami, appeared to encourage opposition protesters to stay on the streets.

Is this going to be a steady movement that will try and oust the nut-job Iranian leaders who deny the Holocaust and seem bent on creating global chaos?

The full extent of the opposition marches was not immediately clear. Hundreds were seen in Haft-e-Tir Square, some chanting "Death to the Dictator" or marching silently and flashing the V-for-victory sign.
Reformist Web sites also said one of the leading opposition figures, Mahdi Karroubi, was beaten by security forces before being led away by his bodyguards. Neither Karroubi nor his aides could be immediately contacted.

Read article here;

As for now, we will need to keep watching. One thing for sure....Iran is a mentioned country that will take part in a Last Days attempt to destroy it is highly unlikely that Iran will overthrow an extreme government and replace it with rulers who love Israel and embrace the West. On the contrary, we would expect Iran to keep moving towards Russia and the days grow shorter.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Norway Buys the Lies

One thing we should expect to see amongst all the turmoil and uncertainty taking place on planet earth, is the isolation of Israel. At the end of The Tribulation period, the Bible tells us that all the nations of the earth will gather against her.

We are currently seeing the shadows of this future event cast into today's news.

Norway's second-largest university to vote on Israel boycott

The boycott initiative started with a letter, signed by 34 professors and assistant professors at NTNU and the University College of Sør-Trøndelag, also in Trondheim. NTNU is Norway's second-largest university.

The letter read: "We, who have signed this letter, believe that it is time that academic institutions contributed to an international pressure against Israel so that real negotiations between Israel, democratically elected Palestinian authorities and the international society can begin."

Did you catch that? It's time that we put international pressure on Israel. Pressure to do what? Give away their land? Negotiate with terrorists?

Read article here;

How about we put international pressure on the Arab nations that caused the "Palestinian problem" in the first place? They have 1000 times more land than teeny-tiny Israel....and those Arab countries kicked all the Jews out of their countries when Israel was established....even though the Jews had been living in those Arab lands there since the first century.

The Palestinians and their Arab sponsors have played the "victim" card very well. The Arab lie of the Palestinians plight has been repeated so often and the true history has been erased for so long.....that even the world's educated countries are now believing those lies.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Israelis Prepare for War

It sure seems to be getting close, people. The headlines and rumors continue to build that Israel will soon be at war with Iran.

"But wait a minute," some will say, "Isn't Iran cooperating with international pressure and now willing to work with The West regarding nuclear fuel? Shouldn't that calm the Israelis?"

Given these dreadful options, one might assume that the Israeli public would respond with relief to reports that Iran is now considering the International Atomic Energy Agency's proposal to transfer 70% of its known, low-enriched uranium to Russia for treatment that would seriously reduce its potential for military application. In fact, Israelis from the right and the left have reacted with heightened anxiety. "Kosher Uranium," read the mocking headline of Israel's largest daily, Yediot Aharonot. Media commentators noted that easing world pressure on Iran will simply enable it to cheat more easily. If Iranian leaders are prepared to sign an agreement, Israelis argue, that's because they know something the rest of us don't.

So you see, unlike The West which values honesty and desperately wants to believe what Iran is telling them.... the Israelis know that's not the case. They have lived amongst the Persians for centuries. Remember the OT book of Esther takes place amongst the Persian people. Queen Esther was married to the Persian king. And Haman, who wanted to kill all the Jews, was Persian. It was only in the 1930's that Persia changed it's name to Iran.

As sanctions efforts faltered, most Israelis came to answer the first question affirmatively. A key moment in coalescing that resolve occurred in December 2006, when the Iranian regime sponsored an "International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust," a two day meeting of Holocaust deniers. For Israelis, that event ended the debate over whether a nuclear Iran could be deterred by the threat of counter-force. A regime that assembles the world's crackpots to deny the most documented atrocity in history—at the very moment it is trying to fend off sanctions and convince the international community of its sanity—may well be immune to rational self-interest.

Israel has been prepping for war since December of 2006....when they realized Iran may be immune to rational self-interest. Could the order to "GO!" be given today or tomorrow? If it will it change our lives? More will it change the lives of God's chosen people?

Read full article here;