Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rainbow Colors

Here in Minneapolis we had the 35W bridge collapse about 4 years ago and it was a major undertaking to get it rebuilt.  Now today we find out that the MNDOT is changing the lighting on the bridge to rainbow colors for Gay Pride...and this on top of New York state legalizing gay marriage yesterday.

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River will be getting a festive makeover for Twin Cities Pride this weekend.

The bridge’s underpass will be lit up in a rainbow, instead of its usual blue glow, starting at 9:20 p.m. Friday. Twin Cities Pride celebrates the metro area’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

See it here:

I wonder what other ways this lost generation will think of to be prideful of our fallen natures?  Let's forget about repentence and celebrate all of our perverse ways!!

Hat tip to Jennie D.

Freedom Flotilla to Set Sail

Please remember to prayer for the peace of Jerusalem and to pray for Israel.  The 2nd "Freedom Flotilla" has started moving towards Palestine and Israel has said that they will not pass.  This is meant as a provocation of Israel and very well could be an event used by the world to continue the isolation of Israel.

Of course this should not surprise us as the Bible tells us clearly that Israel will be standing all alone as the Last Days approach.

On Saturday 25th of June several boats with supporters of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla will pass through the canals of Utrecht, some of the supporters are Dutch celebrities and former politicians. The boats will be decorated with balloons in the colors of the Palestinian flag, banners and flags. A live music band will perform on one of the boats.

“With this action on Saturday we show our support for the departure of the Freedom Flotilla and we urge the Israeli authorities not to hinder or attack the passage through international waters to the Gaza strip.” Organizers said in their press release.

Last year the Israel navy attacked the first freedom flotilla as it was sailing in international waters killing nine Turkish aid workers on the Turkish flagged ship Mavi Marmara.

In Israel the Israeli navy announced that they conducted a number of trainings to counter the flotilla; Turkey, once a major weapon buyer from Israel, severed ties with Israel after the attack on Mavi Marmara last year.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Day Another Quake

The earth continues to shake with another quake a few days ago in Japan and now pretty big one struck in Alaska.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- The Alaska Earthquake Information Center says a major earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.2 has been recorded in the Pacific Ocean off Alaska's remote Aleutian Islands.

Another reader emailed me today and said she ran into an old friend from church who she always believed had his eyes wide open.  She commented to him how amazing it was with all the epic things happening all over the world and he looked at her and said, "What are you talking about?"

Yes friends...the Church is sound asleep...just as Jesus said we would be.

Jews Can't Fly on Delta

Isn't it interesting that all the Arab world has convinced the rest of the world that all Arabs of Palestine should be allowed to return to Israel but Jews aren't even allowed to visit Saudi Arabia.  Plus of course all Muslims would die if they were told they weren't allowed to bring the Koran to America or Europe, but of course no Bibles are allowed to enter Saudi Arabia.

Now that Delta is teaming up with Saudi Airlines on connecting flights Delta will honor the Saudis request that no Jews can fly...and certainly no Bibles allowed!

JERUSALEM (RNS) Jews and Israelis, or passengers carrying any non-Islamic article of faith, will not be able to fly code-share flights from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia under Delta Air Line's new partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines that is set to begin in 2012.
Saudi Arabia bans anyone with an Israeli stamp in their passport from entering the country, even in transit. Many Jews believe the kingdom has also withheld visas from travelers with Jewish-sounding names.

Religious items such as Bibles that are not related to Islam may be confiscated at the airport.

See it here;

Nice!  Gotta love those tolerant Muslim nations!!  They scream to high heaven if they are looked at cross eyed at the airport while chanting Allah Akbar before a flight, but don't let women, Jews or Bibles even get on their planes.  How sad we are sending them billions of dollars every day to buy their oil. 

Hat tip to Kelly E. and April

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rain in Billings, Montana

When it pours in ultimately floods in Bismark and Pierre.

So what's up with all the rain in Billings?

Here is one headline from about 5 weeks ago;
3.12 inches of rain fell in Billings yesterday.  It was the rainiest day ever recorded in Billings.  Everywhere you go you hear people, including myself, say they have never seen anything like this ever in Montana.  Rivers and streams are out of their banks, many have flooded basements, and I-90 is still closed.  What is going on? 

Then at the end of May, the Billings Gazette said this;
Last month was the rainiest May on record by a long shot, according to the National Weather Service.
The rain total for the month in Billings was 9.54 inches — 7.06 inches more than average. The previous record for May was 7.71 inches, set in 1981.
It was also the second-wettest first five months in Billings since 1934. So far this year, 12.99 inches has fallen. Only 1978 — also a big flood year — had a wetter start, with 15.07 inches by the end of May.
Billings hit another dubious weather benchmark Sunday, when its high of 47 degrees tied the record for lowest high for May 30.
The only other time the day was that cold was in 1971.
Billings has still not reached 75 degrees this year, another record for 2011.

And that was for the month of May.  In the month of June it just keeps on raining...and where will all this water go?

Now today I get this email from my relatives in Pierre.  Remember that the Oahe dam in Pierre is now releasing 160,000 CFS when the previous high mark for water release was 60,000 CFS.

Finally the rain stopped this morning, but we had over 6 inches!! So far the levees are holding, but we saw a picture today of water going over the emergency spillway at the dam. That could be very serious - if they have to release water from those gates, it will damage or destroy the homes on the Pierre side of the river! And we still have two more months of this not knowing what's going to happen.

So it appears that lots and lots of folks all over the country from all different walks of life are wondering...."what's going to happen?"

Seeking a More Cooperative Spirit

I don't think I need to pre- comment on this article too much.  Any of our longtime readers will certainly pick up on the New Age attempt to summon some type of better help the capital city of Pennsylvania out of a rough financial patch.

HARRISBURG — To help Harrisburg out of its financial crisis, area Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders have called for three days of fasting and praying for a more cooperative spirit among Harrisburg government leaders, the business community and residents.

The Rev. Herb Stoner, pastor of adult training at Christ Community Church of Camp Hill, said the answers to problems in Harrisburg and the region won’t be found in the wisdom or ability of humans.

 “Therefore, united, we turn our hearts to God, knowing that he is good, and that his plans for the capitol region will give us a bright future and a glorious hope,” Stoner said.

An ecumenical service ending the fast will be at 4 p.m. Friday in Goodwin Memorial Baptist Church, 2447 Green St.

See it here;

Come on now!!....tell me you don't love the ecumenical service ending the fast!! know they are gonna sing Kum Ba Yah and hold hands while they softly sway back and forth!! just KNOW IT!!

And you have to love Rev. Herb Stoner!...he is confident that God (whomever your god is) will give Harrisburg a bright future and glorious hope!...regardless of whatever their previous sins of ommission and commission have been.

Question for Rev. Stoner please? come you didn't invite the Buddhists, Hindus, Satanists, Darwinists and atheists to your prayer and fast??  Don't you need all the gods you can muster?  Or did you purposely try to keep this prayer and fast confined to the religions that acknowledge Abraham as an actual human being?

Holy inter-faith ignorance!!  We are certainly a lost generation. 

My people perish for lack of knowledge.

Hezbollah Preparing for War With Israel

It is being reported that Hezbollah (in Lebanon) is preparing to go to war against Israel in an attempt to deflect attention from the mayhem going on in Syria.

Lebanon's Hezbollah militant group is preparing for a possible war with Israel to relieve perceived Western pressure to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad, its guardian ally, sources close to the movement say.

The radical Shi'ite group, which has a powerful militia armed by Damascus and Iran, is watching the unrest in neighboring Syria with alarm and is determined to prevent the West from exploiting popular protests to bring down Assad.

 Hezbollah believes the West is working to reshape the Middle East by replacing Assad with a ruler friendly to Israel and hostile to itself.

"The region now is at war, a war between what is good and what is backed by Washington... Syria is the good," said a Lebanon-based Arab official close to Syria.

"If the situation in Syria collapses it will have repercussions that will go beyond Syria," the Arab official said. "None of Syria's allies would accept the fall of Syria even if it led to turning the table upside down -- war (with Israel) could be one of the options."

See it here;

Of course this article falls into the category of, "there will be wars and rumors of wars".  Also if Israel DOES pre-emptively hit Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon it may also begin to shape the military engagement mentioned in Psalm 83.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"I Never Thought...."

The sirens are going off in Minot today as 12,000 people and numerous businesses prepare to evacuate.  Unheard of amounts of rain have simply overwhelmed the dikes, dams and levees.  And of course Bismark, Pierre and numerous other cities all downstream may also have further troubles as walls of water show up on their doorsteps.

Here is one quote that caught my attention from this article;

"I never thought we could possibly have anything even coming close to what is happening in Bismarck-Mandan this year ...," Dalrymple told reporters in a briefing. "There will be a lot of water in the city."

See it here;,0,6390271.story

As it was in the days of Noah the people shut out of the ark of course thought that calamity would never happen...even though Noah had been preaching repentance for 120 one would listen.  And as the rain started falling I wonder how many people said, "I never thought...."


What do you get when a bunch of "religious leaders" come together and promote the mixing of Christianity and Islam?

The answer of course is "Chrislam".

As you read this article you will quickly discover how lost the mainstream churches of this country have become.  It also becomes painfully clear how the wolves in sheep's clothing have entered the flock and are now in the process of devouring them and leading them onto the wide road to hell.

The off-base Emerging Church is encouraging pastors to embrace an ecumenical concept of combining Christianity and Islam, actually partnering with Islam, to launch a new religion called…Chrislam—which would combine the two. So far, they have managed to gather 130 Christian leaders who collectively state that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. No they do not! Allah was the Arabic name for a higher power, or a god. Mohammed ‘s god was Allilah, the moon god which conveniently became the generic name for a god, Allah. This is why a crescent moon and star is on the flag of Islam and mosques. Let this be clear.

Brian McLaren , the leader of the Emerging Church Movement wrote on his five-part blog entry why Christians should join with Muslims in the Ramadan fast. As to be expected, another leader in that Emerging Church movement is Dr. Tony Campolo. Campolo says he is not convinced that Jesus lives only in Christians. In his distorted view, an Islamic “brother” who has fed the hungry and clothed the naked clearly has a personal relationship with Christ, only he doesn’t know it. How’s that again?

See it here;

I believe it was also the Presbyterians who voted last month to approve the ordination of practicing homosexual pastors.  Sad.

The Bible is clear that a one-world-religion is coming in the very last days.  What it will look like we don't know and we WON'T know because we will be gone before the Antichrist is revealed....but we can see the foreshadowing of how this religion will manifest itself. 

Remember one thing and remember it well;  Islam is a cult because it was only ONE MAN (Mohammad) who claimed to have a meeting with the angel Gabriel and this was unconfirmed by anyone else.  NO ONE ELSE SAW any of the things Mohammad claimed to see!  NO ONE ELSE HEARD the things that Mohammad claimed to hear.  He simply came out of his cave and said, "This is how it's gonna be".  Not only that but Mohammad couldn't read or write so it was left up to others to write down by their best guess what it was that Mohammad claimed to see and hear.


Jesus said that you are either FOR ME OR AGAINST ME.  Ask yourselves one simple question;  Is Islam leading people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ who is the ONLY way to the Father and heaven?  Of course we all know the answer is, "No".  So by that simple test we can know that Islam is AGAINST Jesus by definition then, Islam is anti-Christ.


Hat tip to Kim H.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

North Dakota Flood Continues to Build

Minot, North Dakota seems to be the next city in line for a massive catastrophe.  As of now some 12,000 residents have been told to evacuate and the coming flood is expected to top anything ever seen by white men in Minot.

(Reuters) - Officials ordered the evacuation of more than a quarter of the residents of North Dakota's fourth largest city of Minot, where massive flooding is expected to overwhelm barriers, authorities said on Tuesday.
"We have been riding a pretty thin edge and regrettably, the storms over the last several days have really pushed the Souris River basin into territory that we have never seen before," Schlag said.

Minot officials warned that water releases from Canadian dams and from Lake Darling Dam above the city could push river levels up to 8 feet beyond those reached during a flood in 1969 and far exceed record flood levels set in 1881.

See it here;

Again, one has to ask....has judgment started for America?  How many never seen before calamities can one nation have in one year before we realize we simply don't have any money left to offer Federal, State or Local aid to all the people who are in need?

Mass Extinction of Ocean

As the rain won't seem to quit in SD, ND and Montana and the drought won't let up in the would be nice to know that at the very least our oceans would be a safe haven of "normal", but of course there is even gloom and doom coming for the high seas.

Mass extinctions of species in the world's oceans are inevitable if current trends of overfishing, habitat loss, global warming and pollution continue, a panel of renowned marine scientists warned Tuesday.

Vanishing species — from sea turtles to coral — would upend the ocean's ecosystem. Fish are the main source of protein for a fifth of the world's population and the seas cycle oxygen and help absorb carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas from human activities.
"Things seem to be going wrong on several different levels," said Carl Lundin, director of global marine programs at the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which helped produce the report with the International Programme on the State of the Ocean.
Yes it's true...things DO seem to be going wrong on several different levels.
Revelation tells us that during the Tribulation the ocean will be turned to blood and a massive die off of fish and sea creatures will be the result.
Are today's scientists starting to get a glimpse of this coming catastrophe?

Sun Awakens

We started blogging about solar flares a few years ago because of an article we had seen in the Wall Street Journal tipping us off to how vulnerable our power grid is to solar flares.  And of course the Achilles heel of America, and the Western world, is electricity.  When the lights don't come on....NOTHING works and anarchy starts about 10 minutes later.

The sun is waking up
And on June 7, it woke up Michael Hesse. At 5:49 a.m., the solar scientist received an alert on his smartphone. NASA spacecraft had seen a burst of X-rays spinning out from a sunspot. The burst was a solar flare — and a “notably large one” at that, Hesse said later.

The sun has been quiet for years, at the nadir of its activity cycle. But since February, our star has been spitting out flares and plasma like an angry dragon. It’s Hesse’s job to watch these eruptions.
If a big one were headed our way, Hesse needed to know, and fast, so he could alert the electric power industry to brace for a geomagnetic storm that could knock some of the North American power grid offline.

Communications satellites will be knocked offline. Financial transactions, timed and transmitted via those satellite, will fail, causing millions or billions in losses. The GPS system will go wonky. Astronauts on the space station will huddle in a shielded module, as they have done three times in the past decade due to “space weather,” the scientific term for all of the sun’s freaky activity. Flights between North America and Asia, over the North Pole, will have to be rerouted, as they were in April during a weak solar storm at a cost to the airlines of $100,000 a flight. And oil pipelines, particularly in Alaska and Canada, will suffer corrosion as they, like power lines, conduct electricity from the solar storm.

See it here;

Holy lights out!!  Can you imagine life with no cell phones, no lap tops, no financial transactions?  Make no mistake about it, THIS WILL HAPPEN...we just don't know exactly when....but it could be later today.  Are you ready for the foundations to be shaken??

Wildfires Ravage 6 States

By now we are all aware that Arizona currently has the largest fire ever burning out of control.  But do we realize that 6 other states also have massive fires burning right now?

About 10,000 Arizonans have been forced to flee from their homes as wildfires continue to consume wide swaths of the southwestern United States today. Three dozen fires are raging across parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and California, as well as Texas and Georgia, forcing additional evacuations and slowing traffic to a crawl as highways in the path of the firestorms are closed.

Along with Arizona, Texas has been the hardest hit. North of Houston, a 14,000-acre blaze is among the largest east Texas has ever seen. (there's that word EVER again)

See it here;

2011 has so far been about massive storms, massive floods, massive droughts followed by massive fires. I wonder who is going to pay for all of this massive destruction?  What will happen when the news starts to report the massive crop shortages that certainly are happening right before our very eyes?

Has judgment started for America?

Social Program Gone Wild

Today's Washington Post has an article about the poor people living in London who are going to have to move from the expensive apartments because the government is broke and can't pay for their rent anymore.

Seriously, you have to read this to believe it.

Poor immigrants struggling to survive in one of the world’s most expensive cities, the family of four nevertheless lives in a sunny, two-bedroom flat in an enclave of urban privilege. Their benefactor: the British government, which covers 85 percent of their $3,600-a-month rent through welfare benefits giving tens of thousands of low-income earners access to even the best neighborhoods. But the clock on such subsidized London lifestyles is suddenly running out.

The Conservative-led government is rolling out Britain’s most sweeping welfare reform since the 1940s, taking aim at the ballooning bills in cities such as London, where a few families receive as much as $160,000 a year to ensure economic diversity and quality housing for the poor in some of the priciest districts in the world. Yet as benefits are rolled back, academics are warning of a major side effect: an exodus of the poor from central London in numbers not seen since the demolition of soot-caked Dickensian slums in the 19th century.

See it here;

The article goes on to tell about stories about people making $800 per month but living in $5000/mo rent apartments....all generously paid for by a government who believed they could simply print money out of thin air and make this charade continue forever.

Unrest will continue to spread as governments take away benefits that have conned multiple generations of people to believe that the government owes them some standard of living.

Watch and see what happens when California starts taking away food stamps, welfare checks and rent subsidies from millions of folks in Los Angeles, Oakland and Sacramento.  Do we really believe that these people will immediately go out and start looking for work?  What job could they find?  How many jobs are available?

Now take that scenario and multiply it by Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Phoenix, etc....

Strange times are coming.  The foundations of the wealthy nations fictitious utopia are going to be severely shaken.  Are we all holding on tight to the foundation that only Jesus Christ can provide?  Have we built it on rock or have we been deluded to believe we can build it on sand and survive the coming storm?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Levees Breeched in Missouri

The water just keeps coming.  The Oahe dam (in Pierre SD) has been releasing twice as much water as they EVER have...and if that wasn't bad enough for those folks down stream, another 4-5 inches of rain is expected in the basin in the next 4-5 days, so they now increased the release at Oahe by 10%

And this water all is flowing fast towards the already flooded Mississippi.  I wonder who is going to pay for all these coming losses?

Now today we are finding some signs that the levees may really be put to the test in numerous states downstream.

KANSAS CITY, Mo.- Several levees in northern Missouri were failing Sunday to hold back the surge of water being released from upstream dams, and locals braced themselves for more breaches as the Missouri River dipped but then rose again.

A hole in the side of a Holt County levee continued to grow, deluging the state park and recreational area in Big Lake, a community of less than 200 people located 78 miles north of Kansas City. The water _ some from recent rain _ started pouring over levees Saturday night and Sunday morning in Holt and Atchison counties, flooding farmland, numerous homes and cabins.

See it here;

Also remember that this water isn't going to pass and recede like a flash flooded creek....the Corps of engineers is saying that they may be releasing this amount of water through the Missouri river through September.

The news of expensive repairs, lost businesses, displaced people and swamped farmland just keeps coming.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Gay Pride Coming to White House

This can't be good.  Its being reported that President Obama, the leader of the free world and the most powerful man in the world, is going to be hosting a gay pride event at the White House at the end of the month.  Of course this will be to commemorate the gay pride month of June.

Still, as the President gets ready to host a Gay Pride event at the White House at the end of the month, and attend a "Gala With the Gay Community" this week in New York City, plenty of people want to know where he really stands.
And then we have the openly gay congressman, Barney Frank, acknowledging that Obama is pro-gay marriage.

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) told the New York Times that he thinks Obama supports gay marriage in principle, but doesn't think it's politically workable at this time.

"My own view is that I look at President Obama's record, he was probably inclined to think that same-sex marriage was legitimate, but as a candidate for president in 2008 that would have been an unwise thing to say. I don't mean that he's being hypocritical," Frank said.

See it here;

With the worst flooding in history coming down the Missouri and pushing into the already catastrophically flooded Mississippi, and the Federal Reserve set to quit buying Treasury Bonds at the end of the has to wonder if the USA is getting set up in perfect storm.  Could it end up being a REALLY BAD IDEA to host a gay pride event right in the midst of this epic flooding?  How many times can one country poke God in the eye and get away with it?