Saturday, September 17, 2011

Here Comes Cush

As Americans are discussing whether Sponge Bob Square Pants is doing harm to our children...lets check in on what the folks are watching in Gaza.


The clip shows a delegation of Islamists coming to Gaza from Sudan to scream "Allah Akbar" and "Death to Jews".

Ezekiel 38 says, "Persia, Cush and Put will be with them."  Persia is Iran, Put is Libya, and Cush includes the modern day lands of Sudan.

The enemies of God's holy people are gathering.  What's going to happen once they are fully gathered and getting ready to pounce on Israel?

Continue reading Ezekiel 38 and 39.  God will fight the battle against this Satanic horde and they will turn on each other and be totally decimated with their bodies left on the field to feed the birds and the beasts.  "....I will make myself known in the sight of many nations.  They they will know that I am the Lord."

Wow!  How flippin' exciting can it be to watch this drama play out?  Our God is an awesome God!

Hat tip to Tom F.

Friday, September 16, 2011

10 Million Egyptian Martyred...I Would Do It

While Americans are spending their time watching Leno and America's Got Talent....what are the Egyptians watching?

Watch this clip where Egyptian author, Muhammad Abbas, says that if they could martyr 10 million Egyptians in exchange for destroying Israel...he would say that they should do it.

Is anybody listening?  Do the liberals in the West have any idea of the hatred that Islam harbors for Israel and the USA?  Do they truly believe that there can ever be any peace between Israel and Islam?

Bible believers know that no peace will come until the Prince of Peace arrives.

Hat tip to Tom F.

China to Liquidate U.S. Treasuries?

If this article has truth in it....a mighty blow could be coming for the U.S. Ponzi scheme of borrowing money to finance our way of life.

The debt markets have been warned.

A key rate setter-for China's central bank let slip – or was it a slip? – that Beijing aims to run down its portfolio of US debt as soon as safely possible.

"The incremental parts of our of our foreign reserve holdings should be invested in physical assets," said Li Daokui at the World Economic Forum in the very rainy city of Dalian – former Port Arthur from Russian colonial days.

"We would like to buy stakes in Boeing, Intel, and Apple, and maybe we should invest in these types of companies in a proactive way."

"Once the US Treasury market stabilizes we can liquidate more of our holdings of Treasuries," he said.

To my knowledge, this is the first time that a top adviser to China's central bank has uttered the word "liquidate". Until now the policy has been to diversify slowly by investing the fresh $200bn accumulated each quarter into other currencies and assets – chiefly AAA euro debt from Germany, France and the hard core.

We don't know how much US debt is held by SAFE (State Administration of Foreign Exchange), the bank's FX arm. The figure is thought to be over $2.2 trillion.

The Chinese are clearly vexed with Washington, viewing the Fed's QE as a stealth default on US debt. Mr Li came close to calling America a basket case, saying the picture is far worse than when Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher took over in the early 1980s.

See it here;

Ouch!  Words like "basket case" don't do well to instill confidence in the U.S system.  And we all know what happens when confidence falls.  Who will buy the flood of paper that the U.S. Treasury has to sell in the upcoming years?

Turkey Joins Hands With Libya

Just a few months ago many of us wondered how Libya was ever going to join a coalition with Turkey, Russia and Iran that Ezekiel 38 tells us will happen in the Last Days.

And just like that.....the Arab Spring breaks out and spreads to Libya, and now today you have the leader of Turkey standing in Libya joining hands with his Muslim brothers in prayers to Allah.

Few images of Turkey's expanding influence are more powerful than of Mr. Erdogan joining hands with Libya's new leaders for Friday prayers today.

"After we thank God, we thank our friend Mr. Erdogan, and after him all the Turkish people," prayer leader Salem al-Sheikhi told the crowd of several thousand in Tripoli's Martyrs' Square. Erdogan knelt in the front row beside Mustafa Ahmed Jalil, chairman of Libya's National Transitional Council.

"Our hands are clasped with those of the Turkish people," said Mr. Sheikhi. "We will never forget what you did for us."

Erdogan replied in kind afterward, turning the prayer session into a rally where Turkish flags commingled with new revolutionary ones. "Turkey will fight with you until you take all your victory," he said. "You proved to all the world that nothing can stand in the way of what the people want."
Indeed, the Turkish prime minister's "Arab Spring tour" has been a hit as he makes his way across North Africa extolling Turkey as a democratic model for fellow Muslims who have cast off their dictators.

As the elected leader of a thriving Muslim democracy, Erdogan portrays himself as uniquely placed to encourage an orderly transition from autocracy to democracy – one that will rein in the more extremist Muslim groups unleashed by the Arab Spring.

But while Erdogan's message of secular democracy may resonate with the West, the foundations of his growing prestige are worrying to
US leaders. As his Islam-rooted party has increased its influence, Erdogan has taken a tougher stance against Israel, which he accuses of oppressing the Palestinian people and flouting international law.

Some say he risks a breach with the West by antagonizing Israel, but others contend he is offering a type of Muslim leadership that
Europe and the US would do well to heed.

See it here;

The players have gathered, the unions are being made, the destruction of Israel is on the we just need someone to light the fuse and this whole thing could blow up.  Do we have enough oil in our lamps to stay awake and on watch til the Bridegroom comes?

U.S. Painted Into Corner Over Palestine

The news out of the Middle East that surrounds Israel is coming fast and furious now.  This is the headline at the tippity top of Google News on Friday afternoon;

Abbas Paints U.S. Into a Corner With Palestinian Statehood Demand at U.N.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' daring the United States to veto his people's bid for statehood has put the Obama administration and ally Israel in a corner and has left several lawmakers wondering what U.S. policy on the Middle East is trying to achieve.

Abbas' declaration on Friday that he would pursue statehood at a U.N. Security Council meeting next week was expected -- despite Arab League efforts to encourage the Palestinians to seek observer status in the General Assembly. The move will set up a potential showdown that has been brewing for months and could leave the U.S. with diminished credibility among the Arab world.

It also has the head of the House Intelligence Committee wondering what the U.S. was trying to achieve by not averting the situation in the first place.

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said the administration's policy is confused at best since it supports an "Arab Spring," but not a Palestinian awakening while at the same time making Israel even more insecure in a hostile neighborhood that includes former Israeli ally Turkey.

"The Israelis don't know if they think we're our friends right now, but they're not sure," he said "Without any U.S. strength in that whole region, we are as close to a disaster as we can possibly get."

The enemies have gathered.  With one mind they seek the destruction of Israel.  "We are as close to a disaster as we can possibly get," the Congressman from Michigan says.  I would agree.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Porn Company Builds 2012 Bunker

So if you were left behind after the rapture of the church and had to endure 7 years of misery...what would be one thing you would want with you?  According to Visual Pink, Inc., the answer is PORN!!

San Fernando Valley porn purveyors Pink Visual may be the only adult film company equipped to release such a title, as they are planning on “riding out the 2012 apocalypse in style” by building an “enormous underground bunker” in anticipation of the December 21, 2012 apocalypse.

“Our goal is nothing less than to survive the apocalypse to come in comfort and luxury,” Pink Visual spokesman Quentin Boyer told CBS’ Los Angeles affiliate. “Whether that catastrophe takes the form of fireballs flung earthward by an all-seeing deity, extended torrential rainfall, Biblical rapture, an earthquake-driven mega-tsunami, radioactive flesh-eating zombies, or some combination of the above.”

Boyer told the LA Weekly that the X-rated bunker will be filled with “multiple fully-stocked bars, an enormous performing stage, and a sophisticated content production studio.”

With nothing to lose on that fateful night, Boyer suggests that those invited to the bunker may participate in an end of the world orgy. “Inevitably, I suppose, that will happen,” he muses. “It’s hard to say how people would respond to an actual apocalypse.”

Pink Visual’s guest list will be limited 1,500 VIPs said Boyer, adding that “Pink Visual performers, active site members and Twitter followers (will get) priority over the general public.”

Good thing they have over a year to plan for the event, as Boyer admits that they’re “still working on oxygen, that kind of thing.”

Read more:

Did you catch the fact that they included the Biblical rapture as one of possibilities they are preparing for?  What a lost, decadent and perverse society we have created.  You know we must be close to righteous judgment when as a society we spend more money looking at other people having sex than we do on public education.

God created sex as a gift preserved for marriage.  So we should expect nothing less than for this world to send out the message that sex is for everyone at every time with anyone you desire!! strings attached!  And of course that path leads us down the road of destruction.

Hat tip to Kim H.

Israel Abandoned

Here is the headline from one of the top news services in the world...Al Jazeera.

Israel abandoned 

This is beginning to look like one of the worst periods in Israel's history.
The Turkish government has essentially broken relations with Israel over the Netanyahu government's refusal to apologise for storming the Mavi Marmara relief ship and killing nine Turkish nationals in the process.

Ordinary Egyptians (not the government) attacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo, forcing all its personnel to return home to Israel. And the Palestinians, having despaired of achieving anything in negotiations with Israel under current conditions. They are taking their case to the United Nations, where an overwhelming majority of the General Assembly will endorse Palestinian statehood, even though Israel will still control the territory of the new state.

Each of these events, standing alone, would be catastrophic for Israel. In combination, however, they create a perfect storm, one whose force can only be kept at bay by the US government which is, however, unwilling to help Israel in an election year.

That sounds counter-intuitive. Politicians always want to give Israel whatever it wants in an election year.
After all, both the Israeli government and its lobby here make it clear to them that refusal to "stand with Israel" will cost them mightily in terms of campaign contributions. (Democrats, who get most of the "pro-Israel" money worry more about this threat than Republicans who tend not to support Israeli policies because they are forced to but because they, like the Israeli right, are instinctively anti-Muslim). 

Israel is in big trouble and it needs allies who will help it prevail over this sea of misfortunes. It doesn't have those allies. The lobby cares not about Israel but about intimidating Congress to do its will and paying the mortgage on its eight story building overlooking the Capitol. Members of Congress just want the money to keep rolling in. And Obama shrinks at the very thought of offending some key donors.

See it here;

Oh my goodness!!  No wonder war is coming!!  The divide between what the Arab street actually believes...and what the truth actually is....has become insurmountable.  There simply is NO CHANCE FOR PEACE during the age of grace that we are in.

Did you catch his comment about Republicans being instinctively anti-Muslim?  I don't think anyone is instinctively anti-Muslim...I believe it is more of learned behavior.  Once you look around the world at the countries that have a majority of Muslims, you begin to see a cesspool of filth, corruption, ignorance and backwardness that is endemic of Islam.  It's at that point that you begin to realize that Islam has nothing to offer mankind because it leads people AWAY from the Truth of Jesus Christ and the Gospel.

Jesus clearly told us, "You are either for me or against me."  Doesn't sound like much grey area there.

Satan hates Jews because God chose them as His chosen people...end of story.  Christians should not be hating the people who have been deluded by Satanic Islam....but they should be hating any religion which keeps people from the Truth.  So yes, we should all hate the religion of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc...and we should all be fighting to spread the Gospel to those lost people.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Israel's Hell has Begun

You can gain quite a bit of insight into what the world is saying about Israel by reading foreign news.  Sadly, we Americans get our news from David Letterman or Jay can never quite figure out why the world doesn't like us.  And since so few Americans read or believe their Bibles, they REALLY can never figure out why the world hates Israel.

The following paragraphs are from a news source that is Pro-Arab/Anti-Israel.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The latest dignity-inspiring reflexes against Israel by the Turkish government and Egyptian protestors is undoubtedly a heartening, good news for hundreds of millions of people around the world who over many decades watched rather helplessly a manifestly criminal Israel torment, humiliate and murder innocent Arabs and Muslims in the tens of thousands.

Indeed, since its misbegotten birth in 1948, Israel has never wasted an opportunity to brutalize and savage ordinary Arabs and Muslims. Israeli forces, who constantly had a qualitative edge over Arab armies combined, thanks to unlimited Western, especially American support, bombed with utter apathy schools, hospitals, homes, apartment buildings and mosques.

In April, 1970, this writer vividly remembers how at least 30 Egyptian school children were mercilessly massacred when American-supplied Israeli warplanes bombarded their Bahr el Baqar primary school in the eastern province of al-Sharqiyya. Israel never apologized for the carnage.

Jordanian, Syrian, Lebanese and especially Palestinian civilians were murdered rather callously by Israel for purposes having to do with creating deterrence or as a disproportionate response to legitimate acts of resistance against a manifestly racist, colonialist occupying power.

The matter is very simple. Arabs and Muslims won't forgive Zionist Jews for their genocidal crimes-which never really stopped, just as Jews won't forgive the Nazis for their crimes against Jews in the course of the Second World War. In the final analysis, for most Arabs and Muslims, the Zionists represent the Nazis of our time.

See it here;

"Hello, Israel?  Yes, this is Obama.  Would you please give Jerusalem, the Golan, Gaza and all the West Bank back to the Arabs please?  My team here really believes that the Arabs and all the Muslims will forgive you for all your past mistakes and the world can finally rest in peace.  Could you do that Israel?"

Mr. Obama...are you READING what the Muslims and Arabs are saying?  Have you heard what Ahmadinejad from Iran is telling Ann Curry on the TODAY SHOW?

Sadly the world has been listening to its Father, the devil, and a real delusion is taking place when it comes to the truth surrounding Israel.

The Bible says Israel will be standing alone in the very last days...and it sure appears we are heading that way.

U.S. Poverty Rate at Record High

So what is happening to the USA?  Why do we seem to be falling and failing in so many areas?  Why can't a high school graduate spell or read anymore?  Why can't college grads get a job anymore?  Why is everything made off our shores?  Why did we lose our credit rating?  Why is our poverty rate skyrocketing?  Where did our manufacturing sector go?

Number of Americans in poverty hits record high

The number of Americans living in poverty rose to 46.2 million last year, nearly one in six people, according to the US Census Bureau's annual report.

The 2010 data shows the poverty rate at 15.1%, from 14.3% in 2009. The number of Americans without health insurance also rose slightly to 49.9 million.

The poverty rate was the highest since 1983, and tied with the level in 1993.


Reacting to the data, the Children's Leadership Council, an advocacy group, said: "The rising numbers of children living in poverty is a direct result of the choices made by political leaders who put billionaires before kids. America's children should be our top priority."

See it here;

You see friends, to the liberal mind, all of the problems of children living in poverty has everything to do with those stupid Republicans favoring billionaires over kids.  In their mind it has NOTHING to do with premarital sex and out of wedlock pregnancies, it has NOTHING to do with the welfare system which has actually made the number in poverty grow, it has NOTHING to do with people turning from God, it has NOTHING to do with the fact that we ignored what the Bible says, "If a man won't work he shouldn't eat", and it has NOTHING to do with broken families sending broken children to public schools and expecting the teachers to deliver a good outcome to the children.

It's all the fault of rich people.

Science Better Than the Bible

Here we have a short video you can watch where Richard Dawkins is being interviewed by some BBC host.  Richard Dawkins is one of the world's top evolutionists...and also top atheists.

Notice about 2 minutes in where the host says, "Of course no one really believes anymore that Lot's wife was turned to a pillar of salt, just like we don't believe in the tooth fairy or father Christmas...."

Then notice the host says, "Of course believing that we are a unique creation formed by a loving God is really much more comforting than saying we are just another piece of dust in the universe."  To which Richard Dawkins fervently says, "Yes but one is true and one is false.  You can make up all the stories you want but only evolution is true."

See video here;

Sadly we have allowed this theory to be dragged into our schools for the last 50 years.  Is it any wonder we have been turning away from God and his Truth that He did create us?...and He did send his Son to die in our place so that we could inherit eternal life?

I'm telling you, Satan has really been working overtime to delude this planet.

Harsh Consequences for Palestinian State

The push continues for a recognized Arab state in Palestine.  And the countries of the world are all lining up to vote their approval of said state.

For its part, Israel is warning of "harsh consequences" if the Arabs keep pushing for this state.

Hardline Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Wednesday there will be “harsh and grave consequences” if the Palestinians persist with their plan to seek UN membership as a state.

“I hope that we shall not come to those harsh and grave consequences, and that common sense will prevail in all decisions taken in order to allow co-existence and progress with negotiations,” he added.

So far, 127 countries have already recognised a Palestinian state based on the lines that existed before the 1967 Six Day War, including Gaza, the West Bank and east Jerusalem. 

U.S. President Barack Obama on Monday said the U.N. bid was a “distraction” that would not result in viable statehood, while Russia said it will back the Palestinians as the European Union remains divided.

The United States has decided to fight to the bitter end to convince the Palestinians to abandon their bid for U.N. membership, despite the rather small chance that the battle will succeed.

The Palestinians have two options − if they present their bid in the U.N. Security Council, they will surely face a U.S. veto.

If they go before the General Assembly, where they could ask to upgrade their representation from current observer status to non-member state, they have a very good chance of success, as Washington has one vote and no veto.

See it here;

Did you catch that Russia will back the Palestinians?  Remember that they are a named player in the upcoming war on Israel mentioned in Ezekiel 38.

 Do you get the feeling that USA has been standing with Israel trying to convince the Arabs to negotiate with Israel?  It makes one wonder if our tacit support of Israel is a major reason why we are still standing.

Israel won't say exactly what those harsh consequences will be, but it sure makes me wonder if they will be the trigger to what the Psalmist described in Psalm 83.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Texas Drought

This article is so sad as Texas farmers and ranchers have to make awful choices as the worst drought ever continues hammering the state.

Again, notice the "evers" and "nevers".

"It's just burnt up," says Jim Hughes, 68, a local cattle rancher who has lost 7,000 acres of his property to wildfires and sold off most of his herd. "It's the worst I've ever seen it."

As parts of the northeastern United States recover from historic flooding, Texas is suffering the worst one-year drought in its history.

Temperatures, meanwhile, have hit record highs: Texas' June-through-August average of 86.8 degrees was the hottest summer for any state in U.S. history, beating a record set by Oklahoma (85.2) in 1934, according to the National Weather Service.

In the Bastrop area, 25 miles east of Austin, recent wildfires killed two residents and destroyed 1,500 homes in less than a week — far surpassing the statewide record of 436 in 2009.


On a recent Thursday, 15 of the faithful met at the gazebo and split into two circles. They joined hands, squeezed their eyes shut and prayed. They prayed for an end to the wildfires, for the thinning deer and cattle, for neighbors who have lost homes.

And they prayed for rain.

The problem plaguing Texas is not so much shifting weather patterns as a lack of fervent faith from its residents, says Light, 67. More prayer could open up the skies, he says.

"When enough people get serious and do whatever it takes to get God's attention," Light says, "that's when we'll have our rain."

So the people who are gathered for prayer are the ones who know the Truth.  What would happen if the whole state of Texas stopped, dropped and prayed to Jesus the savior of mankind?  If they turned from their wicked ways then God would heal their land.  And as the media continues to ridicule any politician who dares to mention God, prayer and prophecy....what is the likelihood that this will happen?

What happens when a nation forgets God?  Look around the USA and ask ourselves if we are currently in the process of finding out.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Rolling Stone and the Rapture

If you read my previous post you will see that the article posted came from the Rolling Stone website.  So once there reading that article I couldn't help but see another one.  Not surprisingly, this article was also making fun of the GOP and wondering aloud how any body could be so stupid as to be a person who subscribes to some what some GOP contenders are saying.

So of course they make fun of Michelle Bachmann who claims that God could be using earthquakes and storms to wake us all up.  Funny...that's what I believe too.

And they make fun of Ron Paul who wants to know since when did the U.S. Government define it's primary role as care taker of everybody?  Funny....that's what I'd like to know too.

And then they really hit a home run when they start talking about God snatching believers from the earth.

On the Biblical side, we’re going to hear the same worries about communist revolution, as well as dire predictions of natural disasters sent our way by an avenging Creator bent on punishing America for everything from gay marriage to Quantitative Easing.

The Christian candidates are also influenced by rapture theology. Both Bachmann (who once led a Rapture-ready “We are in the last days” prayer ) and Perry (who famously has a relationship with my old pal John Hagee Perhaps America’s most powerful Rapture/End Times preacher) have dabbled seriously in Left Behind belief systems, under which the righteous will be whisked away to heaven just before God comes down to earth to kick ass and dispense justice to unbelievers via End-of-World troubles like wars and natural disasters.

All of this helps explain why Republican rhetoric in this election season often coincides with eerie frequency with End-Times preachery. If you want to see what either of the two apocalypse-merchant wings of the Republican Party will be squawking about tomorrow, all you have to do is check to see what End Times fanatics are freaking out about today.

One of my favorite sites for this sort of thing is the news page of It’s all there: hurricanes, earthquakes, bailouts, concerns about disorder in the Middle East, global warming denial, etc.

Funny....I go to Rapture Ready on a regular basis to rub heads with other like minded people who believe that God will give us signs so that we can be watching for Christ to return and call us into the clouds before His Father pours out wrath (once again) on this wicked world....and these guys at Rolling Stone are making fun of anyone who believes that.  

Can you see how wide the divide has become?  On the one side you have a large group of voters believing that people are our only hope to solving the world's problems...and everyone just needs a little more cooperation so we can all sing the same song in love and we all drift down different rivers all leading to the same sea.

And on the other side you have a group of Bible believing (some strong, some moderate and some weak) voters who understand that the ONLY way to heal this country is if we humble ourselves and pray.  They believe that our help WILL NOT come from other fallen ideas given by man, but from submission to Jesus Christ who has paid for our sin.  Furthermore many of these same folks believe that Jesus will come and call us to meet him in the clouds...because 1 Thessalonians clearly says that is EXACTLY what will happen.

Now let's elect a democrat to the Senate who believes the former and a Republican who believes the later and put them in the same room and tell them not to come out til they have a solution for "fixing" the country.  Friends, they will be sitting there an awfully long matter how long the people outside keep yelling, "Just compromise and get this thing done to save our country!"  How can that be compromised when one group believes that running to God is the ONLY way we will be saved while the other group believes running from god is the ONLY way we can save this country?

Interesting dilemma.

GOP Dragging America Into Civil War

Anyone who has been around for 40 or 50 years can safely say that they can never remember a time when the people of America were so divided.  Many of us can testify that there are now numerous conversations that you simply can't have with family, neighbors or friends...for risk that you discover you are on different sides of the fence and the friendship never feels the same again.

I found this article today just sitting on Google News.  Of course it is written by a liberal journalist, but the fact that he is asking this question raises the division between Republicans and Democrats (and those who support them) to a whole new level.

Apocalyptic GOP Is Dragging Us Into a Civil War

Had a friend send me this article by former Republican staffer Mike Lofgren under the subject line, "Informative reading for tonight's Republican showcase." I'm probably late in seeing it, but Lofgren's piece raises fascinating and terrifying questions about the future of our political system and the increasing possibility that we are headed toward something like a civil war, or a constitutional crisis.

Lofgren, in describing the reasons for his defection from the Republican party, describes a Republican camp that increasingly acts not like a traditional peacetime political organization, but more like an apocalyptic cult or one of the authoritarian movements from early 20th century European history.

In particular, the insane decision to turn the once-routine procedure of raising the debt ceiling (Lofgren notes it was done 87 times since WWII) into a political crisis revealed that the GOP party mainstream had sunk to the level of terrorism – holding our economic system hostage in exchange for political concessions. 

See it here;

The divide is getting deep and wide between those with a lean towards Socialism and those with a lean toward personal responsibility.  But even more telling, the divide is growing deep and wide between those who have a biblical world view and those who believe we descended from apes and have to answer to no one for our choices.

Make no mistake, civil war is coming for America.  The only thing to stop it would be if both sides humbles themselves and prayed to the God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob.  What do you think are the odds of that happening? said the same thing that I did...."slim and none".

U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem?

Don't know how many folks know this, but back in 1995 a law was passed in Congress that would require the U.S. embassy to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  This of course would be a powerful message to the the world that USA supports the state of Israel.  But the fine print in the law also gave the power to the standing President of the USA to postpone the implementation of the law for various reasons.

Well that bill has been resurected and is being talked about again...primarily some member in the House want to take away the Presidents right to postpone it any longer.

A bill circulating in the US House of Representatives that would strip the president of his power to waive a law requiring him to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem is gaining traction and bipartisan support amid a groundswell of Christian support for the measure.

The proposal, which comes as the Palestinians prepare to unilaterally seek recognition of an independent state at the United Nations next week, serves to highlight the fruition of faith-based diplomacy at a time of increasing Israeli isolation in the diplomatic arena.

Successive US administrations including presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have repeatedly used the presidential waiver to delay moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in accordance with a 1995 law which authorized the embassy’s relocation but which gave the president the power to postpone its implementation every six months in the interests of national security.

The new legislation, which has 42 co-sponsors in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, including nine Democrats, faces a possible Senate defeat and a certain presidential veto even if it gets to a vote in the House in the coming months as its proponents hope.

But the combination of unprecedented grass-roots Christian support and an election year give the symbolic legislation – which is meant to show Congress’s unequivocal support for the State of Israel – its “best chance ever” of passage in the House, legislators said

See it here;
Did you catch "best chance ever" of passing?  Man!...that would make the Muslims so mad if we started building an embassy in Jerusalem!  Bur really, who cares how mad it would make them?  They already call us the "great Satan" how much worse can it get?

Hat tip to Tom F.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Israel Reels

The cup of Jerusalem is trembling, there can be no denying that.

Today's headlines are asking the question of how much further Israel could be isolated by the international community and also wondering if Turkey and Egypt could bury their differences to agree on one thing...that Israel needs to be taken down.

TEL AVIV—Israeli leaders are struggling to navigate a Middle East in which its strategic pillar of the last few decades—a three-way axis with U.S.-allied Muslim powers—has crumbled, a day after rescuing its embassy staff from a mob in Cairo.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed on Sunday to reopen its Egyptian embassy after the staff retreated in the face of violent demonstrations Saturday morning. But the troubles in a second diplomatic mission in a week following a fallout in relations with Turkey underscores Israel's precarious position as ties with its two key regional allies are recast.

Against the backdrop of tense relations with the White House, the shift heightens the stakes for Israel as it braces for a diplomatic onslaught at the United Nations next week. That is when Palestinians plan to mount a statehood bid, raising the possibility of an outbreak of mass protests on Israel's borders.

Some Israeli experts suggested that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, who is set to visit Cairo on Monday, and Egypt's military rulers could overcome their historic rivalry and cooperate to on further isolating Israel.

See it here;

Did you catch those key words like "isolating Israel" and "mass protests on Israel's borders"?  The people groups that are mentioned in Psalm 83 happen to be the people groups that are currently on Israel's borders.

We can make a pretty educated guess that if the enemies of Israel try and open up a war with her on 4 or 5 different fronts that Israel will not tolerate that.  We would guess that they would decimate the enemy overnight on a 2 or 3 of the fronts and then deal with a full on assault on 1 or 2 fronts.

It really does make one wonder if Isaiah 17 may be close...because if Assad knows his days are numbered in ruling Syria from Damascus...and we know that every major terrorist organization has a headquarters in begins to make the words of Isaiah 17 a real possibility. 

We can tell you something for sure...if we wake up one morning soon and turn on the TV and see that Israel had dropped a tactical nuke on Damascus and made the place a smoldering pot...all of our lives could change very fast.

Israeli Embassy Gets Sacked in Egypt

I'm not going to lie...this is pretty big news.

Protesters have broken into the building housing Israel's embassy in Egypt's capital, Cairo, entering consular offices, officials said.

Security forces fired tear gas at the protesters who threw stones and petrol bombs at police vehicles. Israel's ambassador has flown out of Egypt.

US President Barack Obama urged Egypt to protect the embassy after Israel asked Washington for help.

Hundreds of protesters remain near the embassy, burning tyres in the street.

Live gun shots have been heard, as riot police try to disperse the demonstrators, says the BBC's Bethany Bell, in Cairo.

The air is still thick with tear gas, our correspondent says.

There have been protests outside the embassy for weeks amid a downturn in Egypt-Israel relations.

An Israeli official in Jerusalem said the attack was a "serious blow to the fabric of peace between Egypt and Israel".

See it here;

Israel continues to grow increasingly isolated and totally surrounded by angry Muslim hordes and militias who desperately want the State of Israel wiped off the map.

Make no mistake...when the middle east erupts this time it's going to be a really big deal.  Could we be weeks away from the start of the war mentioned in Psalm 83?  The Lord is close.

It's All About Confidence

Remember that when you are dealing with paper money (also referred to as fiat currency) it's all about the confidence.  As long as the world all agrees that the U.S. dollar will buy a bottle of Coca Cola....then it continues to work.  But what happens if the confidence starts to erode or vanish in the governments that are printing the paper money?  Then what we have been saving in our savings accounts for months or years can also erode or vanish.

Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, warned that the global economy is entering a "dangerous new phase" on Friday, ahead of the G7 summit in Marseilles, France.

She warned that both advanced and emerging economies faced key economic challenges, and that governments must "act now" to stop further contagion.

"Policymakers should stand ready, as needed, to take more action to support the recovery, including through unconventional measures," Lagarde said.

"The world is collectively suffering from a crisis of confidence, in the face of a deteriorating economic outlook and rising concerns about the health of sovereigns and banks."

Uh oh.  A crisis of confidence all over the world?  That doesn't sound good for a paper money system that is all backed by dozens of bankrupt countries who simply swap IOU's by the trillions.

Let's remember that as the world shakes, the only thing that will remain are those things that are built on a firm foundation.