Saturday, November 10, 2012

Massive Sinkhole In Louisiana

Are you guys familiar with this sinkhole story that has been transpiring in Louisiana over the past months?  It's called the Bayou Corne Sinkhole and it's pretty freaky.

They have evacuated hundreds of homes as the sinkhole continues to grow.  They aren't sure what is causing it but methane gas is coming out of residents faucets that you can light with a match.

The sinkhole is said to be over 100 feet deep and keeps expanding.

A few days ago an earthquake rattled nearby and made the hole bigger.  And yes, this sinkhole is near the New Madrid fault which is the most dangerous fault in all of North America.


A failed cavern is believed to be responsible for the sinkhole in Assumption Parish.
"Our fears and suspicions have been confirmed," Martin Triche, president of the Assumption Parish Police Jury. "The cavern had failed."
Those words came on the heels of a statement released by Texas Brine acknowledging a faulty cavern below the Bayou Corne sinkhole, but state officials were even more direct with regards to the company's claim that seismic activity was responsible for the cavern's failure.
"The USGS told us the cavern collapse caused seismic activity, not the other way around," said Stephen Chustz, secretary of the Department of Natural Resources.
More than 75 members of the community listened as representatives from state and local agencies explained a plan of action for cleanup around the sinkhole and cavern. That plan will include an additional three wells that will vent and flare natural gas in the area over the next few weeks.
The exact cause of the sinkhole will be determined as well, as more tests are conducted on the material within the cavern.
Here is video from YouTube talking about the 100 foot trees that have been swallowed;
Some folks are saying that the methane being released in this area could be ignited.  Some are saying that if that methane ever ignited it could cause an explosion bigger than a nuclear bomb.
Wow!  That would sure get every one's attention.

Friday, November 9, 2012

100 UFO's on China-India Border

Jesus told us there will be strange signs in the sky...I wonder if this qualifies?

Over 100 UFOs seen along China border

NEW DELHI: The Army troops deployed along the China border from Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in northeast have reported more than 100 sightings of "Unidentified Flying Objects" (UFOs) in the last three months.

The 14 Corps, which looks after military deployment along Kargil-Leh and looks after the frontiers with China, has sent reports to the Army Headquarters about the sightings of UFOs by an ITBP unit in Thakung near the Pangong Tso Lake, Army officials said here.

Reports suggested that these yellowish spheres appear to lift off from the horizon on the Chinese side and slowly traverse the sky for three to five hours before disappearing.

The officials confirmed that these UFOs were not Chinese drones or satellites.


Interesting....I wonder if the Serpent god that the Mayans and other Indian tribes spoke of is going to come back to earth in a flying saucer of some sort?

I wonder if all these thousands of UFO sightings in the past 60 years are all just one big coincidence....and that actually every single one of them didn't see anything but was really just making stuff up for attention...even the astronauts, the U.S. military, the police officers and pilots who have all seen something they describe as 'not of this world'?

I can tell you one thing for sure...with all these hurricanes, power outages, droughts and the headlines screaming "First time EVER!" would really put the world on edge to have some fallen angels manifest themselves as aliens and introduce themselves to humans for the FIRST TIME EVER!

Just imagine if Heraldo gets an exclusive interview?

I really wonder what the Prince of the Powers of the Air is up to?  I guarantee you it is something really heinous and really deceptive.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Israel Will Not Capitulate Before Obama

Israel was hoping for a Romney win.  Now that they know the "community organizer of the century" is going to lead the Free World for another 4 years....I'm guessing they know now for certain they can rely on no one.

TEL AVIV — The state of Israel will not capitulate before President Obama, whose “naive” leadership has hurt the U.S., stated Danny Danon, deputy speaker of Israel’s Knesset.

Danon, a Knesset member from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party, was reacting to the reelection of Obama.

Danon told KleinOnline: “Obama’s victory demonstrates that the state of Israel must take care of its own interests. We cannot rely on anyone but ourselves. Obama has hurt the United States by his naïve leadership in foreign policy, which prefers the Arab world over the Western world, along with Israel. The state of Israel will not capitulate before Obama. ”


It would certainly appear that Bible prophecy continues to be set up for Israel to be all alone while the forces of Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya and other North African Islamic states get ready to destroy them...only to be rescued by God that the whole world will KNOW that God is the Protector of Israel.

"And I will make myself known in the sight of many nations.  Then they will know that I am the Lord."  Ezekiel 38:23

Hat tip to Lisa H.

"Milestone Year" For Gay Advocates

The front page of the MN Star Tribune today announced that the push for gay marriage is gathering steam here in MN...why here?  Because the voters voted DOWN a marriage amendment that was on our ballot to define marriage in our constitution as "One man and one woman".

Now I turn on Google News and am confronted with this headline;

As Victories Pile Up, Gay Rights Advocates Cheer ‘Milestone Year’

Gay rights advocates savored multiple victories on Wednesday, with the first election victories for same-sex marriage in Maine, Maryland and Minnesota, the election in Wisconsin of the nation’s first openly gay senator and the re-election of President Obama, who had taken a risk by endorsing same-sex marriage.

“It truly was a milestone year,” said Chad Griffin, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, which raised millions of dollars for this year’s campaigns. “We had success across the board and across the country.”

In what some called a clear sign that public opinion was shifting, voters in Maine and Maryland endorsed same-sex marriage, the first time that such rights have been approved at the ballot box. In Washington State, where ballots on a similar measure were still trickling in by mail, approval maintained a small lead. Supporters declared victory, saying they were confident that the margin would hold or increase.

Advocates of same-sex marriage had a threefold advantage in fund-raising nationwide, and they unveiled advertising campaigns of their own in which straight supporters said that their gay and lesbian friends deserved the same chance to marry that others enjoyed.


Friends, we have said it before and we will say it again...the perversion is going to come like a flood.  There will be no stopping it unless the Holy Spirit decides to come and directly stop the flood himself.  And when you realize the Holy Spirit is dwelling in "believers' and then realize that those 'believers' voted for Obama by the really can't hold out too much hope for the flood to cease.

We believe that the next process to occur on God's calendar will be that we will get what we deserve and that God will 'give us over' to our sinful desires.

In essence He will say, 'You want perversion in your land...then can have it!"

Lord have mercy on us...we know not what we are doing.

As Greg Laurie says in his devotional today, (I'm paraphrasing), "The house is on fire and people are inside and will die unless you awaken them and tell them to 'get out'. 

We need to have that same urgency to warn people that time is short...the fires of hell have been kindled and will soon be demanding the souls of billions.  Are we busy warning our friends and family?

Are Locusts and Pestilence Next?

As many of you know, hurricane Sandy was incredibly devastating to the New Jersey and New York coast and there are still a million people without electricity and thousands are without homes.

And if that wasn't bad enough, a new storm came barreling down on the same area packing winds of 60 mph, heavy rain and SNOW.

In response to this latest blast from "Mother Nature"...Governor Chris Christie had this to say, ""I am waiting for the locusts and pestilence next."


It is truly interesting how many times we have seen biblical references being pulled out in so many places....words like Apocalypse, Armageddon and mention of plagues and pestilence.

I remember seeing one woman surveying the damage from hurricane Sandy and saying, "It looks like the apocalypse."

The really sad thing is that many of those folks have NO IDEA of how bad it really will be when God rains down his wrath on unrepentant man.

Thank you Jesus that there is no condemnation for those who have trusted in you.

Hat tip to Guy B.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Netanyahu Facing Payback From Obama?

I'm quite sure that Obama knows he is the most unpopular U.S. President EVER amongst Israelis.  It's also no secret that Netanyahu was hoping for a Romney victory.  So is the Netanayahu-Obama relationship about to get even rockier?

It was hard to imagine champagne corks popping in the Israeli prime minister's Jerusalem residence as Barack Obama took to the stage to make his victory speech. Much more likely was a mood of sombre resignation, possibly spiked with trepidation, as Binyamin Netanyahu reflected on his heavy bet on the wrong horse.

Judging by the swiftly delivered official response, there is no problem: Netanyahu and Obama will continue their close, warm and strategically aligned partnership.

No one who has observed the deepening chill and distance between the two leaders over the past four years is likely to buy that. But, assuming Netanyahu is still prime minister after Israel's general election on 22 January, the day after Obama's re-inauguration, both men will be forced to recalibrate their difficult relationship.

In this, Obama has the moral advantage after the Israeli leader was widely perceived to have openly backed a Romney victory. Obama is unlikely to make the same mistake in the Israeli election, however much he may privately hope for Netanyahu's demise.


Deepening chill and distance  between the leaders of Israel and America??  Does anyone see a problem with that?  Does anybody who reads their Bible believe that a sour relationship with Israel will be good for America?

It's funny how many people believe Israel NEEDS America...when in reality it is us that need them.  So Mr. Obama, please make nice with Mr. Netanyahu...for all of our sakes.

Holy Election Day!!

Wow!  Did we Conservatives ever take a whoopin' yesterday....that was most 'Not-fun'.

So let's look at some of the election results;

WI elected its first female Senator...and she is openly gay!
CO and WA voters voted to make pot smoking legal! 
Maryland, Maine and WA voted to legalize gay marriage!
MN voted NO on it's attempt to put Man+Woman=marriage in its constitution.
Obama elected for 4 more years...and he really doesn't like Israel.

I hate to say it...but this bad news is going to keep coming at us like a flood.

Before we comment anymore on the news that concerns us, here are some good Bible verses sent by a reader that should serve to quiet our souls.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea.
Psalms 46:1-2

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5-7
Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever.
Psalms 125 1
The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.
Nahum 1:7

Of course our first instinct is to look at the news and wish there was someplace we could go to escape all the liberal-atheists who are literally provoking the Creator...but scripture is clear that we are supposed to OCCUPY until Christ returns.  I guess we will all need to meditate on what that means for us.

My home state of MN seems to really be heading towards the liberal abyss.  I wonder if we should look at selling out and sliding West into SD or ND where God, guns, and personal responsibility still are king...and the killing of unborn babies is severely restricted?  I tell you what, if we could get them to paste, "We love, honor and bless Israel" into their state constitution...a guy would have to think long and hard about that.....

Well, we certainly knew a Romney victory wasn't going to save us...but we had hoped to see a little bit of hope for those of us who want to continue to see evil restrained.

Let's turn now to 2 Timothy 3 and take comfort that God knows EXACTLY what is going on.  Let's remember what we have always known....MAN WILL NEVER SAVE US....BUT CHRIST ALREADY HAS!

3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

12 In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted, 13 while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

Let's be excited folks!!  Jesus is coming!!  Stay focused on scripture and continue doing the work which the Lord prepared for us to do!  The finish line is in sight, so let's not all run with our arms flailing and looking like we haven't a clue where we are going!  Let's cross the finish line excited to meet the Lord who is waiting there to greet us!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lesser of Two Evils

We all know we need to vote.  But what do you do as a Born-Again-Christian when your presidential choice is for a Mormon or a closet Muslim? 

One prophecy writer suggests choosing the lesser of two evils. 

Seems like that's pretty much what we have been doing all along.

With the election literally right around the corner, that seems to be all that’s on people’s minds, at least my mind and those around me. Even though I believe Romney will win Tuesday, I don’t believe it will do much more than buy us some time. Unlike so many Democrats who see Obama as the Messiah and the Savior of mankind, I believe a Romney Presidency will merely delay the inevitable. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it’s just a lesser of two evils.

There are a few Christians who have a problem voting for a Mormon, but for me, I’d rather have a Mormon in the White House as a Muslim. But they just have a problem with Romney not being a Christian, but what they need to realize is, with the possible exception of Reagan, we haven’t had an honest born-again Christian as President in the last fifty years, and quite possibly much longer than that. And with Reagan, with information I’ve read over the years about him, I’m not sure what to conclude, but I’m uncertain he was truly born-again. I pray that he was. But regardless, Romney, if elected, won’t overturn Roe vs. Wade and will probably not do much, if anything, to stem the growth of the homosexual movement. Think about it, all Republican candidates run on a pro-life platform, some more strongly than others, but once in office, they barely mention it if at all. They all know how crucial the evangelical vote is for them, so they have to have the appearance of being pro-life. Abortion is still readily available and I don’t believe it’s going anywhere. The most we can hope for with a Republican President is that the growth and funding of abortion mills like Planned Parenthood decreases to some degree during their term. But overturning Roe vs. Wade is not going to happen.

Do I believe that the election is important Tuesday? Yes, absolutely. But, I don’t believe that if Romney is elected that he will turn this country around and all will be Unicorns and Leprechauns. I think at best, as I said above, he will just delay the financial collapse of this country. I believe we’ve already mostly had the moral collapse, but the financial will just complete it. But I do believe that we could have enough stability (financial and otherwise) that we may have another four or eight years ahead. Maybe. But if Obama gets re-elected, I will be very surprised if we are still around for another Presidential election. Or if we will even have Presidential elections any longer. The evil we see today in society and in the world of politics is perfectly described in 2 Timothy 3:13 , “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.”

I honestly don’t know how much our votes count. But I do believe we have a responsibility to try to elect the lesser of two evils. It may not be perfect, but it may buy us more time to reach family, friends, and strangers with the Good News of Jesus Christ before it’s too late. Let’s do what we can to try to get that extra time.


Epic Election Day

Will our lives be different tomorrow here in America once we learn the results of the election?

The answer is; Maybe.

If Obama wins by an easy margin, we will all just continue preparing for the worst as America turns toward socialism and pulls away from personal responsibility.  As one writer said, "The moral collapse has already happened for America...we are just waiting for the financial collapse to truly remove us from the world stage."  I tend to agree.

If Romney wins by a wide margin, there may be a boost of enthusiasm in the financial markets as we all hope for more fiscal sanity to come from Washington.  However, Romney can't save us from the financial mess we have created.  Only repentance and Jesus can save this nation.

I believe the worst scenario involves a tie, like happened between Bush and Gore, and the supreme court has to come in and rule about certain ballots and ultimately declare a winner.  Remember the whole 'hanging chads' discussion coming from FL?

Now just imagine if they declare Romney the winner by a thin margin?  Do you think the chants will start in LA, Atlanta, Oakland and St Paul, "Racist Whites Stole Election!!" or "Racists Never Prosper!"  Do you think these chants could lead to riots and unrest on the streets?

Please be in prayer throughout the day.  Ask the Lord to be with us as this historic day unfolds.

Here is some great election advice from best selling author Joel Rosenberg.

(Washington, D.C., November 6, 2012) -- How are you deciding whom to vote for today? Personality, or principle? I realize that we live in an imperfect world, and in a democracy we have to choose between imperfect alternatives. That said, here are the 7 principles I use to choose whom I will vote for a candidate for national office (President, House and Senate):

1. LIFE: Does this candidate believe in the sanctity of innocent human life -- from conception to natural death -- and is this candidate truly committed to protecting life?

2. MARRIAGE: Does this candidate believe in traditional, Biblical marriage -- that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman -- and is this candidate truly committed to protecting marriage?

3. NATIONAL DEFENSE: Does this candidate believe that one of the most important missions of government is to protect the American people from all threats -- foreign and domestic -- and is this candidate truly committed to creating and sustaining a modern military and intelligence system capable of defending the American people, our sovereignty, our homeland, our borders, our coastlines, our airspace, our technology and our financial infrastructure? What's more, does the candidate see the serious threats forming against the U.S. and our allies and have the wisdom and courage to deal with those threats decisively?

4. FISCAL SANITY: Does this candidate believe that a $16 trillion in national debt -- and $1 trillion+ annual deficits - are immoral and unsustainable and threatens us with implosion, and is this candidate truly committed to ending the runaway over-spending, getting us to a balanced budget, and getting us on the road to being out of debt before it's too late?

5. GROWTH: Does this candidate understand that we need to get our economy growing again at 4% or more per year and that only through pro-growth policies -- not massive tax increases, debt, over-spending and over-regulation -- will we be able to create enough good jobs for our citizens and be able to care for the elderly and needy and be able to pay for the national defense we need?

6. ISRAEL: Does this candidate understand the Biblical principle found in Genesis 12:1-3 that God promises to bless those that bless Israel, and to curse those who curse Israel? Does this candidate, therefore, understand the importance of maintaining a strong, healthy friendship and strategic alliance with the State of Israel, even while being a friend to the Palestinian people and being a force for freedom and democracy in the Middle East?

7. HONESTY & MORAL INTEGRITY: Does this candidate have the moral and ethical character to be trusted in good times as well as in times of crisis?

The Hebrew prophet Daniel once wrote, "Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, for wisdom and might are His….He removes kings and raises up kings." (Daniel 2:20-21) In the end, we can and should trust in God's sovereignty. He ultimately decides who will lead a country, and who will be removed from leadership. Sometimes He allows evil leaders to rise up to allow pain and suffering and help the people turn their hearts to the Lord and depend on Him, rather on worldly leaders. Other times, the Lord allows godly leaders to emerge to allow people to live in times of quiet and peace or to deal with trouble in a Biblical way. God has His reasons, and we must pray that His will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

Fortunately, we live in a time of history when we are allowed to vote for our national leaders. May God bless you, therefore, as you pray about your decisions and then vote today. We are not slaves of an empire. By God's grace, we are free people and citizens of the greatest democratic republic in the history of mankind. Very few people in history have had a say in who got elected in their countries and what values and policies those leaders would defend and advance, but we have that very privilege. How dare we ignore and squander it? We should take this right seriously. As Jesus said, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be required" (Luke 12:48).

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pakistani Parents Kill Daughter by Acid

I don't believe many of us here in America have ANY CLUE what we are dealing with in the religion of Islam.

A Pakistani couple accused of killing their 15-year-old daughter by pouring acid on her carried out the attack because she sullied the family's honor by looking at a boy, the couple said in an interview broadcast Monday by the BBC.

The girl's death underlines the problem of so-called "honor killings" in Pakistan where women are often killed for marrying or having relationships not approved by their families or because they are perceived to have somehow dishonored their family.

The girl's parents, Mohammad Zafar and his wife Zaheen, recounted the Oct. 29 incident from jail. The father said the girl had turned to look at a boy who drove by on a motorcycle, and he told her it was wrong.

"She said 'I didn't do it on purpose. I won't look again.' By then I had already thrown the acid. It was her destiny to die this way," the girl's mother told the British broadcaster.

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, at least 943 women were killed in the name of honor last year. Only 20 of the women were reported to have been given medical care before they died, the report said. The real toll is believed to be higher because many of the crimes go unreported.


So do you remember how last week we posted about 15 Christian leaders who co-signed a letter to Congress asking them to reconsider support for Israel because of HUMAN RIGHTS concerns??

I wonder if those same Christian leaders (who wrote from the ELCA and other mainline denominations) will send a letter to Congress asking us to withdraw any funding from Pakistan because of the complicit accpetance of these human rights abuses!  Well over 1000 girls got murdered by their parents last year!!

No, I'm sure you will only hear crickets chirping over at the ELCA office because they KNOW that ISLAM is a GREAT RELIGION OF PEACE!

Friends, Satan is alive and well in the religion of Islam.  He is using the largely illiterate Muslims to believe all things told to them by their local Imams.  We need to pray like never before for our enemies.  These folks are lost in the worst way, just like we were before Christ found us. 

Any parent that could throw acid on his daughter is certainly under the control of the EVIL ONE.

Lord, in these Last Days, please help us keep it straight that we are to love our enemies and only hate their sin.  It is so easy for us to look at these lost people and feel animosity or even hatred towards parents who throw acid on their kids, but we realize that this is NOT God honoring and only allows the power of the Evil One to grow.  Forgive us and have mercy on us.

What's Wrong With This Country?

I was watching Good Morning America last Friday morning and they had a reporter asking questions of those folks sitting in their cars waiting for gasoline in NYC.

Reporter:  How's it going?

Woman:  How's it going?  I have no power in my house and have now been sitting in line for two hours just waiting to buy gasoline!!  What's wrong with this country??

The strongest storm surge ever recorded in NY and NJ had just washed through, subway tunnels still full of water, FEMA still digging dead people out of their homes on Staten Island...and this woman simply can't believe that she has no power and no gasoline for OVER 48 HOURS!!!!

Can you begin to understand how people will turn on each other when times REALLY get difficult?

Can you begin to understand how the major cities will become 'death zones' as the food, gasoline and emergency responders grow scarce?

Can you begin to understand how we folks in the modern world have been lulled into believing that SOME GOVERNMENT AGENCY will ALWAYS be there to bring us food, water and a blanket when our emergency comes?

Now just imagine if the disasters of epic proportions start coming in twos or threes...and it swamps the EMERGENCY NETWORK?....then throw in some contagious, airborne disease so that the EMERGENCY RESPONDERS feel they need to stay home to take care of their own families?

Can you see how the collapse would happen?

As we have said many times....WE HOPE IT NEVER HAPPENS TO US...but the Bible is very clear that it is GOING TO HAPPEN.

Are we ready if it does?  Do we have sufficient oil in our lamps?

Sunday, November 4, 2012

9 Scenarios....All Bad

Come on now!!  What's up with these financial markets??  Can't we breathe some life into Mammon and get back to the good ol' days when Cancun vacations were a dime a dozen, 2nd homes in FL were the norm and 5000 sq foot homes went up like popcorn??  What the heck??

This dude is bringing me down.....

"Is the U.S. condemned by history to slow growth", asks Bloomberg?  Yes. But for traders and investors, it’s far worse than just bearish slow growth. Plan for no growth or zero growth.

Why? Wall Street, America and the world economy are in the early stages of a long era of “de-growth,” a reversal of economic growth and reduction in market growth as population growth adds new stresses on commodities resources, creates unrest, disasters and wars. Big problems ahead.

Please listen; earnings growth is in a slowdown in all of the following nine scenarios.  Economy down. Earnings down. Stocks down. Trading down. Focus on the long term, on history, look past the noise about elections and fiscal cliffs.

Why? This is an economic “perfect storm.” All nine scenarios end in bad news for all markets, spell danger for your future income, your family’s security. Start planning now.

Yes, whether you like it or not, America is already edging toward a newer, bigger, costlier war: No lessons learned after two exhausting wars the past 11 years, 2.3 million boots in Iraq and Afghanistan, at an estimated cost of $29.7 trillion new debt. Are Americans addicted to war? Bigger budgets? More debt? Austerity? Yes, all scenarios are growth killers. And yet like an addict, we won’t stop this insanity, without a disaster.

Warning to all you investors, the stage is set. The economic growth trajectory of the last 300 years is ending. You must take action, protect your family. A collapse can happen sooner than you think, spread fast, wide ... these nine scenarios are now a perfect storm.

See it here;

Start planning now??  For what?...unrest, disasters and war??  What is this guy...a Bible reader or a columnist for Market Watch?

Isn't he just supposed to tell us that everything is going to get better after the election?

If I can't have any hope in Mammon by laying aside all my treasure here on earth so that I can relax and take it easy during my golden years...what the heck is the purpose of this whole existence?

Didn't this dude go to college??