Friday, June 29, 2012

Are Turkey and Syria Headed for War?

Turkey has moved a ton of battle tanks and big guns to the Syrian border.  Syria is now moving a ton of tanks to the Turkish border.  So could war be coming?

Let's remember that Muslims don't like other Muslims.  In fact more Muslims have been killed by other Muslims more than any other group.  Let's also remember that there are Shiites, Sunnis, Allawites, Wahabis and other sects as well...and the one group believe the others are all apostates.  The ONLY thing that binds them together is their hatred towards Israel...the descendants of Isaac.

Genesis tells us right up front that the descendants of Ishmael will be a wild ass bunch of folks and their hands will be raised against each other til the Lord returns.

Let's also remember that Syria is a named player in Psalm 83 war but that they are NOT named in the coalition of Ezekiel 38...which is made up of Russia, Turkey, Iran, Libya and some other North African countries.

So Turkey and Syria could most definately come to blows and this would NOT be a surprise to prophecy watchers.

Is it a coincidence that, on the same day Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Syria a "rogue state," he had his picture taken in the cockpit of a jet?

Conceivably. The photo-op was a presumably long-scheduled promotion for Turkish Aerospace Industries. Still, here in Instanbul the juxtaposition did not go unnoticed. The front page above--from the Daily News, the English-language counterpart to Hurriyet--was typical of Turkish newspapers today. And for the last several days Turkish columnists have been pondering whether, after Syria's downing of a Turkish jet near the Syrian-Turkish border, the chances of war between the two countries have grown appreciably.

It's an important question, because in the event of sustained hostilities Turkey would likely become the leading edge of an invasion of Syria backed by various Arab states and Western powers, including America. And this would make it hard for Russia, which has a valuable naval base in Syria, to stand idly by.

The closest thing to a consensus here seems to be that the answer is yes, Turkey is closer to war, but only marginally.

All told, the main result of the downing of the plane was to underscore the fact that Turkey and Syria had already moved some distance toward war. Erdogan's response seems to have been designed to keep them from moving any closer, except to the extent that is required of a leader who wants to reassure his people that he's no wimp.


So the above writer believes that this is all a lot of posturing and that they have NOT moved significantly closer to war.

For the Bible reader, this confrontation between these two nations simply falls into "wars and rumors of war" as the Last Days continue to unfold.  There is no prophecy about Turkey and Syria getting into a war.

However, let's remember that if Assad gets thrown over by Turkey and it's NATO allies, then Israel may be forced to go into Syria and blow all their chemical WMD's to kingdom come...and this certainly could move us closer to the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 and the destruction of Damascus.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorcing

Let's all issue a collective sigh....awwwww!

Tom and Katie are getting a divorce after 5 years of marriage.  It will be Tom's third divorce.

Wow...I guess Tom's religion of Scientology isn't helping him out with the whole idea of 'til death do us part'.

Israel Discovered a Bunch of Oil

It appears that Israel is going to not only be energy independent...but may soon be exporting oil and gas.  Of course this has their Arab neighbors furious.

Israel’s once hidden oil riches are now certain to be so large its treasures could make it the richest oil country in the world. And, its neighbors are not only noticing, they’re boiling mad.

It was just forty years ago when Golda Meir, the former prime minister of Israel once famously quipped, “Why did Moses lead us to the one place in the Middle East without oil?”

Well Prime Minister, Moses turned out to have a pretty good eye for what a promised land might look like.

Since oil was first discovered in the Middle East, Israel has been cut off from the world’s exploration resources because of its Arab neighbors. No major oil company would dare explore there in fear of an Arab backlash. Over time technologies in oil exploration have improved and international experts have noticed Israel’s potential.

In the past, oil-exploration adventurers would visit Israel, some of them reminiscent of Indiana Jones, arguing enthusiastically that there had to be legendary oil reserves in the promised land. The adventurers picked their drilling sites according to concealed hints in the Tanach, especially Yehezkel, but the drillings ended in disappointment. The legend of oil riches in Israel turned into a cruel joke. They simply didn’t know what they were looking for and didn’t have the proper technology to find it.

And then another find. It turns out that Israel has the second-biggest oil shale deposits in the world, outside the US:

"We estimate that there is the equivalent of 250 billion barrels of oil here. To put that in context, there are proven reserves of 260 billion barrels of oil in Saudi Arabia, says Dr. Harold Vinegar, the former chief scientist of Royal Dutch Shell."

Let’s do the math. That’s 250 billion in shale oil, 3.2 billion in conventional oil in estimated reserves, or enough oil to match that of Saudi-Arabia. Plus, that’s 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, giving it about 10% of the entire world’s gas reserves -- all while Israel’s exploration activities are just beginning.


Remember that Russia, Iran and Turkey form a coalition in Ezekiel 38 to come a destroy Israel...because they WANT the riches that Israel has.  God says he will put hooks in their jaws and draw them out to come against Israel so God can be glorified as he fights for Israel as He did in days of old.

It appears that the bait has just been discovered.

Hat tip to Jared F.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court Rules on Obama Care

Ouch!  The supreme court issued a 5-4 ruling today IN FAVOR of Obamacare...and the cringer was that the most conservative justice, John Roberts, was the swing vote.

This is definately going to give Obama some momentum heading towards November election.  Will it last....who knows.

Author, Joel Rosenberg, says that the ruling will put us one step closer to implosion.

(Washington, D.C., June 28, 2012) -- A disastrous, appalling decision was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court today. The Court upheld the individual mandate and socialized medicine, saying both are constitutional, despite the fact that a recent poll found 68% of Americans want all or part of the law repealed.

The federal government can now force us to buy what we don't want. Washington politicians and bureaucrats will become the final arbiter of our most personal medical decisions, rationing care for many and denying care to some who are not deemed worthy of receiving it, especially if the care is expensive. The "Affordable Care Act" (nicknamed "Obamacare") nationalizes 1/7th of our economy, imposes one of the largest tax increases in American history on an economy already struggling, massively increases government spending, and will increase the national debt by $1.15 trillion, according to a recent study.

This, despite the fact that we already have a crushing federal debt of more than $15 trillion, and another $65 trillion in unfunded liabilities related to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid coming at us with breakneck speed. Our ship of state is hurtling towards massive debt icebergs, yet rather than slow down or change direction, we are accelerating our deficit spending.

Bottom line: the implosion of the American economy has just become more likely.

Now let's see if we can use a little common sense to discuss this contentious issue of health care and health insurance.  Let's see if we can clear some fog out of all of our heads and think clearly for a bit.

If you own a home and decide not to pay for fire insurance and your house burns down...would you demand that everyone else pay to rebuild your house?  Of course not.  In fact, people would proabably talk behind your back and say, "I can't believe that Dennis never had homeowners insurance.  If he would have paid his $1000 per year, State Farm would be paying to rebuild his home...but he said he didn't want it because he never knew anyone whose house burned down so he thought it was a waste of money."

How about life insurance?  If you went to your local State Farm office and asked the agent to sell you $1,000,000 of life insurance, he would start by asking your height, weight, health history.  Next they would send a nurse to your house to take a urine sample, blood work and ask financial questions.  Provided you were a good risk they would offer you the policy and you would hand them $4000 per year in exchange for them giving your family $1,000,000 if you die in the next 30 years.

So let's say YOU owned a health insurance company...meaning it was up to YOU to decide you were going to have as clients.  One guy comes in and he is fit, trim, and works as an accountant in town.  He has no health history and hasn't been to the doctor because he has never been sick in the past 5 years.  You offer him a major medical policy for $100 per month and out the door he goes.  You feel good about that client.

The next customer comes in.  She is 48 year old, has a 48 inch waste, has a cigarette hanging from her mouth and has been to the doctor 12 times in the past year because her knees hurt, she can't poop, her feet hurt and her back she had a cough for 6 weeks that never seemed to go away...but continued smoking the whole time she was on meds.

Are you going to charge her more or less than you charged the accountant?  What if the Government showed up at your door and said, "You WILL WRITE THIS LADY for the same price as you wrote the accountant...and if you don't we are going to sue your butt for discrimination!"

I'm guessing you would not be in business very long.  You would go bankrupt because every person would go without insurance until they knew they had a big bunch of medical bills coming...and then they would go the health insurance company knowing they would be paying the same amount as the healthy accountant.

If the government is going to stick it's nose into health insurance...whey aren't they next going to stick it into life insurance, or homeowner's insurance and start DEMANDING that State Farm write the house that is already on fire....or the man who is going in for open heart surgery the next day who wants to buy $1 million of insurance the night before....but ONLY wants to pay what the healthy accountant is paying.

What is the answer?  First off, life isn't fair and the world isn't fair...that's the first answer.  The sooner you accept that fact the happier you will be.  Next in line for fixing health insurance is to let people die who get sick or need procedures and have chosen to do without health insurance.  "Why Dennis...that's un-godly!"  Really??  Why?

Let's say that a dude wiped out on his motorcycle, had no helmet, had no insurance and cracked his skull open.  The ambulance shows up on scene (yes, society would have to pay for that part) and takes him to the hospital.  They look at his head and realize that fixing him in is going to cost $300K...minimum.  He has no money to pay for it out of his pocket...his parents and brothers have no money to pay for they give him some morphine to make him comfortable and let the guy die from his injuries.

Now let's look at what would happen REALLY QUICKLY.  First off his brothers and parents would tell everyone they know that their brother died because he had no health insurance....they would tell everyone that their brother had a $500 per month Harley Davidson payment and chose NOT TO BUY health insurance and chose NOT TO WEAR a helmet.  Everyone who heard the story would say, "Holy crap!  If I don't have health insurance and no money set aside to pay for my care...they are gonna let me die!  I'm gonna go buy some insurance INSTEAD OF BUYING THAT NEW BASS BOAT, TRUCK and JET SKI.  In fact the VERY FIRST THING I'M GOING TO BUY is a major medical health plan that will cover me if I have some type of catastrophic injury."  And he would teach that to his kids, and so on, and so on.

The very next thing you would know is that 90% of all Americans would be buying health insurance and trying to get the premiums reduced by living healthy lives like giving up fat food, obesity and cigarettes...and the crushing cost of health care would now be spread evenly across all of society and the there would be no more HEALTH CARE CRISIS. 

Why do you think we don't have a life insurance crisis?  Why do you think we don't have a homeowners insurance crisis?  Because we have let the risks play out in the marketplace.  We need to do the same thing for health insurance. 

And that is the simple answer.

Face Eating Man WAS NOT on Bath Salts

About a month ago there was an outbreak of zombie-like behavior.  The most talked about case was that of a FL man who striped naked, went up to a homeless man and stripped him naked and then proceeded to eat the homeless man's face off.

When the police showed up, the zombie growled at police officers while having a piece of human flesh hanging from his mouth.  The police officers had to shoot him multiple times before he died.

Classic zombie movie stuff!

Anyway, the media was POSITIVE this behavior HAD TO BE the result of a strange, hallucinogenic drug that is being legally sold as "bath salts"....well it turns out that he wasn't on any drugs except a little now the media is simply amazed at what could possibly cause a man to eat another man?

Interesting tidbits to ponder about this case;  the zombie's girlfriend believes his behavior was caused by a Haitian voodoo curse, he was reportedly in a Bible study, and he was reportedly reading the Koran and had told friends he wanted to quit smoking pot.

It wasn't bath salts.

According to a full toxicology report released Wednesday afternoon by the Miami-Dade medical examiner, the only drug detected in the lifeless body of infamous Miami face-chewer Rudy Eugene was marijuana.

"The department's toxicology laboratory has identified the active components of marijuana," the medical examiner said in a statement, according to NBC Miami. "The laboratory has tested for but not detected any other street drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs...This includes cocaine, LSD, amphetamines (Extasy, Meth and others), phencyclidine (PCP or Angel Dust), heroin, oxycodone, Xanax, synthetic marijuana (Spice), and many other similar compounds."

Eugene, 31, was widely speculated to have been on some form of synthetic drugs or suffering a drug-induced psychosis the afternoon of May 26 when he stripped naked and brutally attacked homeless resident Ronald Poppo in broad daylight along Miami's busy MacArthur Causeway, chewing and ripping off roughly half of the older man's face.

A police officer responding to multiple 911 calls shot and killed Eugene as he crouched over Poppo, reportedly refusing to stop the gruesome assault by growling at the officer with Poppo's flesh in his mouth.

Records show Eugene had been arrested 8 times since the age of 16, including 4 instances involving marijuana. But though he was once accused of threatening to kill his mother, friends and family members alike say they never expected such violence from Eugene, who was participating in a Bible study, reading the Koran, and telling friends he wanted to stop smoking marijuana.


I can almost say with 100% certainty that something Satanic was going on in this dudes life...and of course since the media can't possibly believe in Satan, they will continue to scratch their heads and attempt to come up with scientific reasons for why a man would eat another man alive.

"But mark this: There will be terrible times in the Last Days. People will be....without self control, brutal, not lovers of the good...."  2 Timothy

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

British Forces in Syria?

President Assad has now openly said that Syria is at war.  This will be now be an open fight to the death between Assad and his loyal generals vs. the rebels...whoever the rebels are made up of.

Turkey is reportedly moving tanks to the border of Syria as a result of Syria shooting down a Turkish fighter jet.  On top of that President Erdogen of Turkey has said that he will help the Syrian rebels free themselves from a nasty dictator...meaning Assad.

These events certainly have all the makings of a full blown war....and the destruction of Damascus is still on the horizon as told in Isaiah 17.

According to a Russian news source, British commando troops have been seen in Syria...possibly trying to carve out a safe haven for the rebels.  If this is true, this thing could get REALLY interesting in a REALLY short amount of time.

She added that the shelling also appears to be coming from one of the presidential compounds of Bashar al-Assad, which contains the house where his father used to stay, though Bashar himself does not stay there. The area is usually known for its very high security.

Many ambulances have been reported to be rushing injured people to hospital.

The intensified clashes may indicate that a coordinated offensive may be taking place in Syria, reports Israel's Debkafile website. The attacks are apparently targeting the presidential palace and the compound of the presidential guard, the site reports.

The site says there are unconfirmed reports that British commando forces crossed from Turkey into Syria on Tuesday, according to Gulf military sources. The force may be involved in securing a safe heaven for rebel forces along the border.

There were similar reports in February about the alleged presence of British troops operating in Syria. At the time the British government denied carrying out a clandestine operation in the country.


While the article and news is interesting, please notice what someone wrote as a comment after reading the article;  "Long live Assad. We support Assad against Western-Zionist Imperialism. Its World War to the finish. The Prophecy is coming true."

So what is The Islamic Prophecy that involves world war to the finish?  Why would a guy named Farook, who is obviously Islamic, believe that the End of Days is upon us...and that a clash between Muslims and Western-Zionist imperialists must happen?

Here is an easy answer...because he believes the 12th Imam is soon coming to usher in the 13th Caliphate.  Farook obviously believes that Islam will rule the world and that chaos needs to happen on a global basis before the Imam appears.

The spiritual battle is at hand folks.  Keep looking up and keep listening for the trumpet. 

Jesus, please save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil. Amen.

Colorado; " Like Looking at the Worst Movie Set"

Over 30,000 people have been evacuated because of the fires raging in Colorado.  Entire neighborhoods are going up in huge flames.  100 degree temps and 65 mph winds are making the area look like a scene from Armageddon.

More than 32,000 residents have fled their homes in terror as a wildfire rages in the American state of Colorado.

The forest flames spread into the state’s second biggest city Colorado Springs, destroying whole neighbourhoods on the hilly outskirts.

Ravaging 10 square miles, the Waldo Canyon fire is the latest blaze to erupt amid record temperatures throughout the American West.

Police said there were no reports of injuries but wildfires elsewhere have killed one person and destroyed 257 homes.

Traffic and smoke choked the streets as people hurried to evacuate parts of Colorado Springs and the nearby US Air Force Academy.

State governor John Hickenlooper said after flying over the fire: “It was like looking at the worst movie set you could imagine.

“This is the worst fire season in the history of Colorado.”

As winds of up to 65mph sent the flames surging towards Colorado Springs, the blaze quickly became the top national emergency and more than 800 firefighters were tackling it.


As epic fires, epic floods, epci financial problems, epic zombie behavior, strange quakes and groanings and extreme sexual perversion are all happening at the same time in makes one wonder, is this nation getting judged?  Are we witnessing what happens when God simply gives a nation over to the god's we have insisted on worshipping?

Lord, please forgive us, for we know not what we do.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stockton, CA Declares Bankruptcy

Stockton, California is now the largest U.S. city to declare bankruptcy.  We have been saying for some time now the the state of California and its run away debt is a foreshadowing for what will be coming for the rest of us.

(CBS/AP) STOCKTON, Calif. - Officials in Stockton said Tuesday that mediation with creditors has failed, meaning the Central California city is set to become the largest American city ever to declare bankruptcy.

The river port city of 290,000 in Central California has seen its property taxes and other revenues decline, while expensive investments and generous retiree benefits drained city coffers.

In the past three years, officials in the city that was slammed by the collapse of the housing market dealt with $90 million in deficits through a series of drastic cuts.

They eliminated one-fourth of the city's police officers, one-third of the fire staff, and 40 percent of all other employees. They also cut wages and medical benefits.

"For me, bankruptcy might as well be a life sentence," said Gary Jones, a retiree who used to be a police officer in Stockton and said he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Other residents complained about plummeting property values, and recurring break-ins and robberies.

"The average citizen will not put up with this. Their home prices have plummeted, they have no jobs, a lot of people are getting fed up so that they have to resort to crime." said Gregory Pitsch, a 22-year-old unemployed resident who made an unsuccessful run for mayor. "I'm asking you to make the right decision, not destroy the property values in this city, which bankruptcy will do."

But city officials say Stockton has run out of options. In recent years, thousands of new homes mushroomed in Stockton, part of a suburban housing boom that attracted buyers from the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

When the economy crashed and the construction bubble burst, Stockton was battered by foreclosures and lost income from property taxes and other fees.


Yep...out of options...lay off the police officers...crime rises and property values collapse.

Sounds about right.

Bethlehem Names Street After Putin

This news sure seems strange...the city where Jesus was born has named a street after the dude who many believe may be Gog of Magog as mentioned in Ezekiel 38.

AMMAN (JORDAN): Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was surprised when told that a street in Bethlehem was named in his honour.
Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian National Authority, told Putin on Tuesday that the mayor of Bethlehem has decided to name a street in the city after Putin because it would show how much the Palestinians value the Russian president and the Russian people.

"Just as in this case and in others, I'm usually told in advance and for me this was completely unexpected," Putin said.


I guess all you can say is, "Hmmm..."

First Time in 150 Years

The evers and nevers just continue to come on almost a daily basis.  They were expecting the hottest day ever in Colorado today as they battle the biggest wildfires the state has ever seen.

Have you heard about the massive storm heading for Florida?  Remember folks, a massive storm to Florida could literally bankrupt the state because the state legislature came up with the stupid idea to create their own insurance company....and just like any government program...they have NO MONEY IN RESERVE to pay the claims.

So now this caught my eye today;

June 26, 2012EARTH - An unusually early spate of tropical storms has been keeping forecasters busy this year, and now Tropical Storm Debby, the fourth named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, has set a record – this season marks the first time in more than 150 years that so many storms have showed up so early. “This is first time we’ve had four tropical storms develop in the Atlantic basin before July 1,” said Dennis Feltgen, a meteorologist and spokesman for the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Fla. U.S. records for tropical storms and hurricanes stretch back to 1851, Feltgen told OurAmazingPlanet. And although Tropical Storm Debby has broken the century-and-a-half-long record, there is certainly a chance that four storms may have formed this early in the past, yet escaped notice simply because forecasters didn’t have the tools to see them. “We figure that back in the day there could have been several storms per season that could have been missed,” Feltgen said. “We didn’t have satellites.” Forecasters relied largely on ship reports and on firsthand observations when a storm hit land.


I heard on the news this morning that Debby could drop as much as 20 inches of rain.  That could sure do some serious damage to homes.  The state says that if they ever have to settle massive homeowner claims due to storm damage that they will simply sell bonds to pay for it....hmmmm.....who do you think is going to buy the bonds from a state that is on the brink of bankruptcy?

The folly of man is simply never ending.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Obama's Religion

Much discussion has gone into wondering if Obama is a Muslim or a Christian.  But even if he calls himself a Christian...what does that really mean anymore?

The excerpt below is from author Michael Youssef.

So much has been made of whether Mr. Obama is a Muslim or not. This question persists in spite of the fact that he repeatedly claims to be “Christian.”

This particular conclusion on the part of many has been drawn from his extraordinary sympathies to Islamists and apparent bias that has tipped the scales toward the Muslim world and against Israel. This is something new among U.S. Presidents.

Many point to the fact that he has flown over or near Israel on numerous occasions while on official visits to Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc., but never stopped in Israel.

What most people have failed to recognize is that Obama’s religion is the same religion of a vast growing number of contemporary church-going Americans.

I am one of those people who believe firmly that the very core of America’s greatness and uniqueness is due to the fact that the founding fathers built this country’s foundation solely on the rock of the Christian Scriptures. Anyone who denies this is denying the very nose on their face.

With that in mind, today we find ourselves as a culture being unhinged from that foundation and floating down the river of a new form of polytheism. Today’s modern polytheism is different only in kind from that of Rome in 1st century Christianity.

This is partly because we have a significant part of the population holding tight to that core foundation, they are tiresomely trying to keep the social structure from drifting down the stream of polytheism altogether.

Obama did not invent America’s modern drift to this unique mode of polytheism, he merely articulated it, legitimized it, and gave it his very bully pulpit, but it did not originate with him.

That drift originated in many liberal churches and seminaries and has been followed now by many evangelical mega church preachers.

What is that uniquely American polytheistic drift?

It is the claim by many of those preachers that Jesus is their Savior, but He is not the one and only Savior.

Remember that this was the very dilemma for 1st century Christians. Had they been clever enough, like their 21st century contemporaries, to compromise their faith that way...they would not have been thrown to hungry lions, or boiled in barrels of oil, or dipped in tar to light up Nero’s garden.


Isn't that amazing?  "Christians" have fallen so far in their beliefs that they now believe that Jesus is not the one and only savior.  So if they deny Christ...can they still be Christians? 

Did he say, "I am a way and one version of truth and for some people a pretty good light.  There are lots of ways to the Father and I am one of the ways that works...if you are so led."??

No...Jesus said that accepting him as savior was the ONLY way we were going to see the Father.

Of course Satan loves to see pastors preaching liberal theology...because if you can get a congregation to believe that Jesus is just ONE possible way to everlasting life...then there is no need for evangelism...and if a church isn't doing evangelism and snatching souls from the fire...then Satan is pleased because that church is no threat to him at all.

And even better for Satan are the churches who preach that Satan doesn't exist.  If there is no adversary...then there is no reason to put on helmets, breastplates and learn to use swords.

Yep, I agree with Mr Youssef...this nation was built on the foundation of CHRISTIAN SCRIPTURES...and as we pull those foundations away we are just one minor earthquake away from a total collapse.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Egypt's Leader Says They Will Take Jerusalem

Holy Jerusalem!  Have you ever seen a time when Jerusalem was in the news every single day?  The City of God seems to be in the cross hairs of Satan...he wants it and he is inciting his Satanic hordes to try and take it.

So get this...Egypt just elected a Muslim Brotherhood member to be their first elected president and he has said they are going to 'conquer Jerusalem'.  So much for the Muslims electing peaceful leaders....

Israel must brace itself for a deeply problematic period in its relations with Egypt, a former Israeli ambassador to Egypt said Sunday afternoon, responding grimly to the election of Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi as Egypt’s president.

While Israel’s political leadership issued no immediate response to the election result, and the Foreign Ministry also had no immediate comment, ex-envoy Zvi Mazel was unequivocal in expressing his concerns.

Incoming president Morsi seeks the destruction of Israel, charged Mazel, who was Israel’s ambassador to Cairo in the late 1990s. “He has said he wants to conquer Jerusalem.”

Mazel said that the US had placed Egypt’s military leadership in a very difficult position in recent weeks, and had seemed more interested in having the Brotherhood come to power than in heeding the concerns of the interim military leadership.

The Egyptian military’s move last week to deprive the presidency of some of its powers, notably the right to go to war, was a signal to the US and Israel of its fears about where Egypt might be heading — a signal, said Mazel, “that the US and Israel failed to read.”

But just remember people...President Bush insisted that Islam is a religion of peace even while the Twin Towers were smoldering.  And now President Obama has also promised that the "great religion" of Islam really is a peaceful of course the first chance that the Egyptians get at electing peaceful leaders....they go and elect a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who promises to destroy Israel and usher in Sharia law to all of Egypt.

Keep hold of your hats and your eyes on the Bible...because this whole thing looks like it may soon come apart. 

Also make sure you have plenty of oil in your lamps.  You don't want to be running to the store to get some when the bridegroom calls.