Friday, August 19, 2016

Wanted; Lesbian Farmers

This headline is funny enough we just had to blog on it.

'Bust up' conservatives: Feds thrust lesbians into farming

A new federal plan encouraging lesbians to become farmers has a hidden, strategic purpose, according to radio host Rush Limbaugh, who is blasting it as “the latest Democrat scam.”
The U.S. Department of Agriculture is holding a series of summits to push the role of lesbian farmers as a part of its “Rural Pride” campaign, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon.
“I guarantee you that most people reading the news would come across a story with the Washington Free Beacon headline ‘Feds Holding Summits for Lesbian Farmers,’ and they would probably ignore it or laugh at it but ultimately cast it aside,” Limbaugh said Wednesday. “But I, El Rushbo, am able to read the stitches on the fastball and clearly see what this is about.”
“It has a specific political objective,” he continued, “and the quick explanation is this is the left expanding their sphere of dominant influence.”
“They are trying to bust up one of the last geographically conservative regions in the country; that’s rural America. Rural America happens to be largely conservative. Rural America is made up of self-reliant, rugged individualist types. They happen to be big believers in the Second Amendment. So here comes the Obama Regime with a bunch of federal money, and they’re waving it around, and all you gotta do to get it is be a lesbian and want to be a farmer and they’ll set you up.”
The USDA is partnering with pop singer and LGBT activist Cyndi Lauper for a “day of conversation” about the struggles of homosexual and transgender individuals in rural sections of America.
Summits have already been held in Greensboro, North Carolina; Lost River, West Virginia; Wayne, Nebraska; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Dallas, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; and Seattle, Washington. The next summit is Thursday, Aug. 18, at Drake University in Iowa, with U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack serving as keynote speaker.
There can be no doubt that the liberals don't necessarily like folks who are into "God and guns" because our own President has made reference to that...and who is more into God and guns that folks who live in the country, hunt, fish, raise cattle and farm?
Friends, lesbians are sinners just like you and me.  They need a savior just like you and me.  But here's the deal, if things keep going the way they are adultery, bestiality and even sex with children will soon not be allowed to be called "sin".

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Worst Flooding in Louisiana History Tied to Cursing Israel?

Probably five years ago the ELCA was in Minneapolis and voted to ordain gay ministers.  On the very day of the vote a strange tornado came out of a single cloud and blew through downtown Minneapolis and bent the cross on the ELCA church next door to where the vote was taking place.

Today we are watching images of the worst flooding to EVER hit Louisiana due to rainfall.

After historic flooding devastated Louisiana this week, a Hebrew Roots radio station suggested that the statewide disaster could be understood as divine retribution for anti-Israel resolutions passed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) in New Orleans last weekend.

“I think you can connect the dots,” wrote a news editor for Hebrew Nation Radio in an article about the flooding. “There is a measure for measure principle here.”

The article then linked to reports on the recent resolutions condemning Israel which were approved by ELCA at a triennial assembly in New Orleans on Saturday.

The resolutions, which accused Israel of occupying Palestinian territories and committing human rights abuses against Palestinians, called for a number of anti-Israel measures, including a demand that the United States government halt all aid to the Jewish state if Israel continued building “settlements” in Judea and Samaria.

The Lutheran Church also demanded that the US recognize the “State of Palestine” and called for divestment from Israeli companies.

The measures were passed by an overwhelming majority of 751-162.

The ELCA churchwide assembly began last Monday and concluded on Saturday. On Thursday night, torrential rain began to pound Louisiana. By Friday, most of the state had received over a foot of rain, with some locations seeing over 30 inches, reported NBC News.

Thousands have had to flee their homes, with about 30,000 people needing to be rescued.

The disastrous flooding constitutes “the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Superstorm Sandy” in 2012, said the American Red Cross.

So far, 13 people have been killed and 8,400 displaced, and 40,000 homes have been damaged by the torrents of water still streaming through Louisiana. On Sunday, President Barack Obama declared the flooding a major disaster, with 20 parishes included in the federal disaster zone. Relief efforts are estimated to cost up to $30 million.

As for the divine connection between the two events, for some, the correlation is clear.

“The storm and deluge came out of nowhere without any warning,” pointed out the Hebrew Nation Radio article. “Folks are calling it ‘an act of God’. I wonder what got Him stirred up? Connect those dots!”

It would not be the first time a connection has been made between events affecting Israel and natural disasters in the US. Parallels have also been drawn between the American-backed withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and Hurricane Katrina, which hit the Gulf Coast eight days after Israel began dismantling Jewish communities in Gaza.

Of course some will say, "But Dennis, that's not possible!  God loves everyone and it's just too strange to believe that God would punish poor families across Louisiana simply because the Lutherans took a vote!"

Clearly, anyone who would say such a thing hasn't read their Bibles....or if they have they simply refuse to believe them.

Florida College Student Caught Chewing Off Victim's Face

We blogged about the drug FLAKKA before and how it is the worst drug to ever take over Florida.  It seems the people that take it have almost a direct run in with the demons.

This kid in Florida seemed to be a normal kid.  He seemed to be having dinner with his parents and then left the table, went out and murdered two people he didn't know and started chewing the face off a dead man.  When police showed up he growled like an animal and it took a police dog and three cops to get him off the dead man.

Deputies say they arrived at the scene of a fatal stabbing Monday in Florida to find a 19-year-old college student "grunting and growling" and biting off pieces of one of the victims' faces, the Miami New Times reports. Austin Harrouff, a student and fraternity member at Florida State University, was eating with his family at a sports bar in Tequesta when he got angry and left. He may have been upset at the slow service. While his friends and family looked for him, Harrouff allegedly confronted a couple who were sitting in their open garage, according to TCPalm. Deputies say Harrouff stabbed 59-year-old John Stevens and 53-year-old Michelle Mishcon to death. He didn't know them.

Authorities say the attack was unprovoked, CBS 12 reports. Harrouff also allegedly stabbed a neighbor who tried to help the victims. Deputies say they arrived to find Harrouff chewing on Stevens' face. It allegedly took stun guns, a police dog, and three deputies to get Harrouff—a former high school wrestler and football player—off the body. Deputies say they didn't shoot Harrouff because they were afraid of hitting Stevens. Harrouff continued to make animal noises as he was transported to the hospital. Sheriff William Snyder believes Harrouff was possibly on bath salts or flakka at the time of the attack. He says Harrouff is in poor condition and may not survive.

Do you think it's a coincidence that the top show on TV is about zombies?  Do you think its a coincidence that our youth have become lovers of zombie shows, zombie games, zombie movies and zombie toys?---OR----could it be a foreshadowing of some of the demonic activity that is going to come sweeping down on planet earth following the rapture....which I hope is really close?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

ELCA Lutherans Curse Israel

By now, I'm sure we are all familiar with the blessings and curses that the Bible spells out surrounding Israel.

Today we find that the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) is heading further down the slope towards cursing Israel.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America approved a resolution calling on the US government to end all aid to Israel if Israel does not stop building settlements and “enable an independent Palestinian state.”

Voting at its triennial assembly in New Orleans that ended Saturday, the church also sought a halt to all investment in companies that profit from Israel’s occupation and called on US President Barack Obama to recognize the State of Palestine.

The aid vote, which passed 751-162, urged church members to “call on their US Representatives, Senators and the Administration to take action requiring that to continue receiving US financial and military aid, Israel must comply with internationally recognized human rights standards as specified in existing US law, stop settlement building and the expansion of existing settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, end its occupation of Palestinian territory, and enable an independent Palestinian state.”

The resolution also called on Obama not to prevent the application of the State of Palestine for full membership in the United Nations and, in coordination with the United Nations Security Council, to “offer a new, comprehensive and time-bound agreement to the governments of Israel and Palestine, resulting in a negotiated final status agreement between Israel and Palestine leading to two viable and secure states with a shared Jerusalem.”

In the divestment resolution, which passed 821-92, the church adopted a human rights-based investment screen for its social responsibility funds, to ensure the church is not profiting from human rights abuses, and mentioned the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by name. It also called for the church to “increase positive investment in Palestine.”

The resolutions were spearheaded by a group within the church called Isaiah 58, which bills itself as “a group of Lutherans working for peace and justice in the Holy Land.”

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America claims about 4 million members in nearly 10,000 congregations.

This is the danger of REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY which the ELCA has embraced.  They believe that God is done with His client nation Israel.  How wrong they are!

The ELCA will find that history is not kind to those organizations that curse Israel.

Jews Break Glass at Wedding Because of Temple

Do you know why Jews stomp on the glass and break it at a Jewish wedding?

It's because of the Temple.  They smash the glass to remember the First and Second Temples that were destroyed in Jerusalem.

Watch this interesting video here;

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Moscow Calming Fears of Russia-Turkey-Iran Coalition

Ezekiel told us that in the VERY LAST DAYS we would see Israel re-made into a great and powerful nation.  He then prophesied that we would see a military coalition made up of Russia, Turkey, Iran and some other North African nations.

Today we find this headline that seems to point to the lateness of the day...because it names all three of the main players in the same headline!

Moscow Calming Israeli, American Fears of Russia-Turkey-Iran Coalition

Tuesday’s meeting in St. Petersburg between the two former feuding foes Russian President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan “drew considerable attention,” government-run news agency TASS reported, noting that the Russian-Turkish rapprochement is coming while Russia has been expanding its relations with Iran and Ankara and Tehran have also been bridging the gaps between them, born by almost four decades of a volatile Islamic Republic on Turkey’s border. In fact, right after the failed coup last month, Erdogan announced, “We are determined to cooperate with Iran and Russia to address regional problems side by side and to step up our efforts considerably to restore peace and stability to the region.”

Should Israel be concerned? Apparently, the Russian news organ is eager to spread a message of calm regarding the new developments in the northern part of the region. And so an unsigned article this week polled experts who were skeptical regarding a developing strategic triangle of those three powers. According to the TASS experts, the most that will come out of the current statements are tactical political interaction and an upturn in economic cooperation. But even if it were true, and Russia, Turkey and Iran were to forge a strategic alliance, TASS continues its calming message, it would be for the best, because “these three countries can play a positive role, for instance, in overcoming the Syrian crisis.”

“In Iran, with its 80-million population, Turks and Azerbaijanis, who are ethnically very close to Turkey, constitute an estimated 18 to 25 million,” Sazhin said. “Bilateral relations existed not only at the Tehran-Ankara level. There were very strong people-to-people bonds. Plus the long-standing economic ties. But in politics post-revolution Iran and NATO member Turkey have drifted apart, of course.”

As we have said numerous times, we believe that this attempt by Russia, Turkey and Iran to destroy Israel will come at a time AFTER the rapture of the church.

Do we know the day?


Do we know the hour?


Will we be surprised if the archangel blew his trumpet any day now and all followers of Jesus Christ are swooped into the clouds to meet Jesus in the air?


4 But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. 

Could we all die and never experience this snatching away?


Either way,...Soon and very soon, we are going to see the king!

If this is all true and this life is fading away fast and we only have a short amount of time left for Kingdom work....HOW THEN SHALL WE LIVE?

ISIS Terrorist Says He Has Brothers in Mexico

As we have said for some years wouldn't take too many Muslims armed with knives and a camera to start beheading random people in shopping malls while screaming ALLAH AKBAR and recording the murder on a cell phone...and America would shut down pretty fast.

Europe is seeing some of this happening already.  We wonder how many Muslim murders it may take to tip France into some type of major social unrest and/or civil war?

So it certainly would be a good idea for Immigration Services to figure out a VERY SERIOUS VETTING PROCEDURE before just randomly letting in any and all Muslims who want to enter this country.

But what if ISIS figured out a way to enter through our porous Mexican border?

Earlier this year a top ranking Homeland Security official acknowledged that Mexican drug cartels were helping ISIS sneak across the southern border to scope out targets for terrorist attacks.

ISIS operative Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir has reportedly been training militants near the US border near Ciudad Juarez for the past year.

Khabir actually brags in an Italian newspaper article published last week that the border region is so open that he “could get in with a handful of men, and kill thousands of people in Texas or in Arizona in the space of a few hours.”

Today Judicial Watch confirmed reports that ISIS is operating in Mexico.
Judicial Watch reported, via Free Republic:

An ISIS operative arrested and criminally charged in Ohio this month has confirmed that the terrorist group has cells in Mexico, according to federal authorities. Judicial Watch has reported this for years, documenting it in a series of articles as part of an ongoing investigation on the connection between drug cartels, corruption and terrorism on the southern border. In fact, last spring Judicial Watch broke a story about an ISIS camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

Though a number of high-level law enforcement, intelligence and military sources on both sides of the border have provided Judicial Watch with evidence that Islamic terrorist cells are operating in Mexico, the Obama administration has publicly denied it, both to Judicial Watch and in mainstream media outlets. Now we have a terrorism suspect in custody proudly affirming it. His name is Erick Jamal Hendricks and the U.S. has charged him with conspiring to provide ISIS and ISIL material support. Hendricks created a sleeper cell with at least ten members, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ), and claims that some of his jihadist “brothers” are just south of the U.S. border in Mexico. The 35-year-old lived for a short time in Charlotte, North Carolina and was arrested and charged in Ohio last week. Hendricks tried to “recruit people to train together and conduct terrorist attacks in the United States,” according to the government’s criminalcomplaint.

As we all know, 70% of USA's entire economy is based on people BORROWING MONEY to BUY MORE STUFF.  That's what makes our MAMMON-BASED economy function.

If thousands and thousands of illegals cross the Mexican border every year to enter America....what is going to stop ISIS from sending in thousands of fighters to attack our homeland?

It almost feels now as if God himself is holding back the chaos, carnage and collapse that seems like it should have already broken out across America.