Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Moscow Calming Fears of Russia-Turkey-Iran Coalition

Ezekiel told us that in the VERY LAST DAYS we would see Israel re-made into a great and powerful nation.  He then prophesied that we would see a military coalition made up of Russia, Turkey, Iran and some other North African nations.

Today we find this headline that seems to point to the lateness of the day...because it names all three of the main players in the same headline!

Moscow Calming Israeli, American Fears of Russia-Turkey-Iran Coalition

Tuesday’s meeting in St. Petersburg between the two former feuding foes Russian President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan “drew considerable attention,” government-run news agency TASS reported, noting that the Russian-Turkish rapprochement is coming while Russia has been expanding its relations with Iran and Ankara and Tehran have also been bridging the gaps between them, born by almost four decades of a volatile Islamic Republic on Turkey’s border. In fact, right after the failed coup last month, Erdogan announced, “We are determined to cooperate with Iran and Russia to address regional problems side by side and to step up our efforts considerably to restore peace and stability to the region.”

Should Israel be concerned? Apparently, the Russian news organ is eager to spread a message of calm regarding the new developments in the northern part of the region. And so an unsigned article this week polled experts who were skeptical regarding a developing strategic triangle of those three powers. According to the TASS experts, the most that will come out of the current statements are tactical political interaction and an upturn in economic cooperation. But even if it were true, and Russia, Turkey and Iran were to forge a strategic alliance, TASS continues its calming message, it would be for the best, because “these three countries can play a positive role, for instance, in overcoming the Syrian crisis.”

“In Iran, with its 80-million population, Turks and Azerbaijanis, who are ethnically very close to Turkey, constitute an estimated 18 to 25 million,” Sazhin said. “Bilateral relations existed not only at the Tehran-Ankara level. There were very strong people-to-people bonds. Plus the long-standing economic ties. But in politics post-revolution Iran and NATO member Turkey have drifted apart, of course.”


As we have said numerous times, we believe that this attempt by Russia, Turkey and Iran to destroy Israel will come at a time AFTER the rapture of the church.

Do we know the day?


Do we know the hour?


Will we be surprised if the archangel blew his trumpet any day now and all followers of Jesus Christ are swooped into the clouds to meet Jesus in the air?


4 But you, brothers and sisters, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief. 

Could we all die and never experience this snatching away?


Either way,...Soon and very soon, we are going to see the king!

If this is all true and this life is fading away fast and we only have a short amount of time left for Kingdom work....HOW THEN SHALL WE LIVE?


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