Friday, May 19, 2017

Is Israel Going to Divide into 12 Tribes?

The book of Revelation says that during the Tribulation there will be 144,000 male, virgin evangelicals who will be running all around the world preaching that the the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is soon coming and to repent.  It goes on to say that 12,000 of them will come from each of the 12 tribes of Israel.

So how is that all going to work out?

Today we see this article and it makes us wonder....

“For this reason, the Sanhedrin initiated the Biblically mandated commandment of counting the Jubilee,” Rabbi Weiss said. “But when the situation changes and most of the Jews are in Israel, as the statistics seem to indicate will happen shortly, many more aspects of Judaism will change.

“Possibly the biggest change will be the redistribution of land and the return of Jewish tribal identity,”explained Rabbi Weiss.“When most of the Jews live in Israel we will be required to divide the land into tribal territories.”

He cited Ezekiel to illustrate that this is a necessary part of the prophesied redemption.

And it shall come to pass that ye shall divide it by lot for an inheritance unto you and to the strangers that sojourn among you Ezekiel 47:21-22

This may seem an impossible task since most Jews have lost the tradition of identifying them as part of a specific tribe. Rabbi Weiss explained that not only is this possible without divine help, but it will be a legal requirement incumbent upon the rabbis to assign tribal territories, as was done in the time of Joshua.

“We are required to have twelve tribes,” Rabbi Weiss said. “The land will be divided according to the Biblical territories. Every Jew living in that territory will receive an inheritance and be considered as if he is from that tribe.”


As you watch Israel and see them talking about 3rd Temples, training Priests from the tribe of Levi, making the desert bloom, building one of the world's most powerful militaries...and right on their border you can hear the heathens rage about destroying them when in fact their own nations are being destroyed from within by Civil War and Islamic have to read prophecy and be encouraged that Jesus will soon be on the throne.

How long is "SOON"?  We have no idea.  But we do know that the old song is true either way..."Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King...soon and very soon, we are going to see the King...."

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Conservatives Begin to Whisper; President Pence

Wouldn't this be the story of the decade?!?!

Conservatives begin to whisper: President Pence

Not since the release of the Access Hollywood tape, in which Donald Trump bragged about groping women by the genitals, have some conservatives thought so seriously, if a bit wistfully, about two words: President Pence.

The scandals clouding Trump’s presidency — including, most recently, his firing of FBI Director James Comey, his alleged leak of classified information to Russian officials, and reports that he urged Comey to drop an investigation into a top aide — have raised once more the possibility that Trump could be pushed aside and replaced by Vice President Mike Pence.

“If what the [New York Times] reported is true, Pence is probably rehearsing,” one House Republican who asked not to be named quipped Wednesday. “It’s just like Nixon. From the standpoint that it’s never the underlying issue, it is always the cover-up.”

The still far-fetched proposition of removing Trump from office has increasing appeal to Republicans who are growing weary of defending Trump and are alarmed by his conduct in office. But such whispers are cringe-worthy for Pence and his aides, who have made an art of not upstaging the mercurial president. Pence’s press secretary declined to comment for this article.

On the campaign trail, Pence would shut down any conversations about the possibility of his own future bid should Trump lose, telling donors who raised the prospect that he was entirely focused on the race at hand. Aides said that sentiment was sincere — even if they engaged in some thinking about what Pence’s future could entail after a likely loss.


If Trump was involved in some type of massive cover-up....then he very well could (and should) go down in Richard Nixon.

As Bible readers we can take all this breathless news in stride.  We don't have anything to fear because God is always on the throne.  There is NOTHING that EVER surprises God.

Let me propose one interesting hypothetical to ponder for a moment....

What if Trump was used as the ONLY way to keep Hillary out of office....but the main plan in the throne room of heaven was to ultimately see Mike Pence elevated to the status of MOST POWERFUL MAN ON EARTH, which comes with the title of POTUS.

I don't know much about Mike Pence but from what I read he is a God-fearing man who reads and understands his Bible.

Some Christians Move Closer to Islamic Faith

Just because Muslims claim a link to Abraham doesn't mean followers of Christ can embrace Islam.

That's just stupid,

But as the push for "COEXIST" keeps moving around the the Christians cave in the face of Islam.  Muslims will never come in and bow before the cross and/or pray to Jesus the Son of God.....but certainly the "Christians" will start praying to Allah and start denying that Jesus was ever intolerant of other religions.

Christian clergy helped a Muslim mosque open in a Pentecostal church.

"It's open faith; we're brothers," Ali Mohammad, an organizer of the mosque, tells North Carolina's News & Observer.  

The Muslims are stripping the church of its Christian roots, including removing any crosses and handing them over to pastors in the area.

When they opened on Saturday, Christian clergy, including Pastor Jim Melnyk of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, participated in the ceremony. Other pastors from Methodist and Baptist congregations were also present.

"I see it as an important statement of community, that we take each other's faiths seriously," Melnyk says. "I want to acknowledge how important it is to build bridges in the community when we're living in a time that is so anxiety ridden and there's so much mistrust going on in the world around us. It's important when we can find common ground and share our community." 

But Melnyk's participation is not just a gesture of neighborly compassion.

"Christians, Jews and Muslims are all people of the book, and we all claim what the Hebrew Scriptures call the Abrahamic faith," Melnyk tells WND. "We call it the Old Testament, and Muslims also claim the Bible." 

He says he personally worshipped "Allah" during the service.

"Obviously I'm a Christian, and I would not live comfortably within the full teachings of Islam, but I can recognize where we share teachings, and recognize the call to treat one another mercifully, and as the one God treats us mercifully, and that translates equally into Christianity as well as it does Islam," Melnyk says.


Wait!!  If the Muslim say they are brothers of Christians....then why do they insist on stripping the crosses out of every church they rent?

Jesus warned that in the Last Days there would be false teachers everywhere.  He also warned that people would want to hear things that sounded pleasant to their ears....even if it wasn't the truth.

Certainly we are there.

If you are a Lutheran pastor and telling your congregants that "We don't know for sure if Jesus ever said, "I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes to the Father but through me.".....then you might be a false teacher and the sheep under you are probably in danger.

If you are a Methodist pastor and invited an Islamic Imam into your church to teach adult ed in hopes that your congregants would embrace Islam and realize that "all paths lead to god" are a false teacher and your sheep are certainly in danger.

If you are a Lutheran professor of Theology at a Lutheran college and you told your students that they should disregard Galatians 1 because Apostle Paul was clearly having a bad day when he wrote probably are a false teacher and your students are most likely in danger.

If you are a professor at a Lutheran College and you told your students they couldn't reference the Bible for a term paper because, "The Bible isn't a credible source".....then you also are a false teacher and you should ponder Jesus' words and realize he isn't talking about little kids, but about immature believers...regardless of their age.

Mark 9
“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.

U.S. Household Debt Sets New Record

Remember back in 2006-2007 when everyone was buying Hummers, big houses, campers and extravagant vacations and putting it all on monthly payments because "the good times are here to stay!'?

Evidently, very few people remember that.....because it ended really poorly and now everyone is just repeating the same cycle.

But please note that even though this is a new record high in actual is NOT as high in relative terms as it was in 2008.

US Household Debt Surpasses 2008 High, Hits Record $12.7 Trillion

Total debt held by US household reached $12.73 trillion in the first quarter of 2017, finally surpassing its $12.68 trillion peak reached during the recession in 2008 according to the NY Fed's latest quarterly report on household debt. This marked a$479 billion increase from a year ago, and up $149 billion from Q4 2016 after 11 consecutive quarters of growth since the deleveraging period immediately following the Great Recession.

the quick and durty breakdown:

Total household indebtedness stood at $12.73 trillion as of March 31, 2017. This increase put overall household debt $50 billion above its previous peak set in the third quarter of 2008 and 14.1 percent above the trough set in the second quarter of 2013.

Mortgage balances, the largest component of household debt, reached $8.63 trillion as of March 31, a $147 billion uptick from the fourth quarter of 2016.

Balances on home equity lines of credit fell slightly in the first quarter, down $17 billion to $456 billion.

Non-housing debt saw mixed changes—an increase of $10 billion in auto loans and $34 billion in student loan balances, and a $15 billion drop in credit card balances.

Despite the new nominal all time high, on a relative basis, household debt remained below past levels in relation to the size of the overall U.S. economy, and in Q1 total debt was 66.9% of GDP, nearly 20% lower compared to 85.4% of GDP in Q3 of 2008.

Immediately following the 2008-2009 crisis, Americans reduced their debts to an unusual extent: a 12% decline from the peak in the third quarter of 2008 to the trough in the second quarter of 2013. New York Fed researchers, cited by the WSJ, described the drop as “an aberration from what had been a 63-year upward trend reflecting the depth, duration and aftermath of the Great Recession.”


"Yeah, but Dennis....this time it is different.  We can afford to make the payments on all that debt because everyone has really good jobs now and are making really good money....and back in 2007 that wasn't the case."

I remember that one phrase we are all supposed to watch out for while a bubble is building...."This time things are different."

Tell me if you have ever heard any of these in the last 20-30 years;

"Gold is always a great investment because it can't ever go down much in value."

"Put most of your money in real estate....because they aren't making land anymore!"

"Casino stocks are a for sure thing....because America's appetite for gambling is unquenchable!"

"You can't go wrong in a Dot.Com stock...because the Internet is doubling in size every 6 months and that's gonna continue forever!"

"Put most of your money in "Junk" bonds because you can't  go wrong on a 9% yield every year?"

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Did Donald Trump Really Do Something Illegal With the Russians?

The daily drumbeat by the media of the latest Donald Trump error, simply won't cease.

This morning the news was all breathless about Trump revealing classified info to the Russians in some meeting.  Trump spokesman says, "It never happened, I was there!"  And yet some reporters for large newspapers say that it definitely happened.

But what if Donald Trump really did break the law?  What if he actually did something treasonous? What if he actually ends up in jail because he did something really illegal?  What if Pence and Paul Ryan end up joining him in jail?

One of my leftist friends sent me this article today.  If the article is all made up with fabricated facts plucked from thin air....then it's worthless.  BUT....if there is any truth whatsoever in the article, then the call for Trump to step down will be, and should be, given the time of day.

Sources with links to the intelligence community say it is believed that Carter Page went to Moscow in early July carrying with him a pre-recorded tape of Donald Trump offering to change American policy if he were to be elected, to make it more favorable to Putin. In exchange, Page was authorized directly by Trump to request the help of the Russian government in hacking the election.

On November 7th I reported that the FBI had been granted a FISA warrant to investigate the activities of two Russian banks, Alfa Bank and Silicoln Valley Bank. I also reported that an earlier attempt to obtain a FISA warrant, in June, had failed in the court because it named Donald Trump himself and three of his associates. In an exclusive at Patribotics, I reported that these named associates were Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Boris Epshteyn.

Sources close to the intelligence community now report that this application was made because a recording exists of all three men discussing the possibility of Page taking the tape of Trump to Moscow as an earnest of good faith. (Update: Mr. Epshteyn has denied he is on any such recording, but I am not sure if he is denying the conversation took place and have asked his lawyers to clarify). There is a minor dispute over whether Trump himself is also on that tape, as well as the tape that was delivered to Moscow by Carter Page of Trump making this promise. A separate source with links to the intelligence community reported to me several months ago that Boris Epshteyn, alone of the four men named in the first FISA application, is an actual FSB agent (he has strenuously denied this). Paul Manafort is registering as an agent of a foreign power [update: he has yet to do so]; Carter Page has admitted, from public reporting, to have met with Russian intelligence agents.

See it here;

On the same blog we also read that Trump's presidency officially ended on May 9 and that Senator Orrin Hatch is now receiving the daily security briefings because Trump and Pence are both on their way out!!

Several sources familiar with the matter say that Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah is being given security briefings to prepare him for the Presidency.

Sources close to the legal community indicate that matters are proceeding rapidly in the forthcoming proceedings to remove Donald Trump from office, and to indict the co-conspirators around him.

Sources with links to the intelligence community described a sense of both inevitability and urgency over the unraveling of the Trump-Pence administration over their attempts to obstruct justice. “Trump’s presdidency ended May 9th,” said one source, referring to the overtly politicized dismissal of FBI Director James Comey.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence have both violated their oaths of office in plain sight over the unconstitutional dismissal of Director Comey, these sources say, and elements of the Judicial Branch are asserting the separation of powers described in the Constitution. This matter is separate from, and additional to, the substantive charges of collusion with the Russian state, and of money-laundering, sedition, violation of the Logan Act, and other crimes with which both Trump and Pence may be charged. As I exclusively reported earlier this week, Speaker Paul Ryan, normally third in the line of succession, will be excluded as the intelligence community has an intercept in which Ryan openly admits that he knew Sergei Kislyak was washing Russian money into the GOP. This will convict Ryan on RICO charges; as I have also exclusively reported this week, a RICO case exists against the GOP as a body. The raids earlier this week on a data and consulting firm close to Paul Manafort formed part of evidence gathering in this RICO case.

Some of the violations committed this week by Pence and Trump include, but are not limited to, lying that Director Comey told Mr. Trump he was not being investigated; explicitly connecting Trump’s firing of Comey to the investigation of his connections with Russian hacking; using White House spokesmen knowingly to lie to the public, for example, Sarah Sanders Huckabee claiming Comey “committed atrocities”; having the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, involve himself on a matter on which he was recused; explicitly stating that the White House wishes a new FBI Director to bring the Russia investigation to a conclusion; and witness tampering with threats to Director Comey.

As a result, sources say, steps are being taken by aspects of the Judicial Branch to preserve the constitutional Separation of Powers and these steps include ensuring a smooth transition of power. In order that Senator Hatch, the fourth in line, be ready to assume the duties of the office he will shortly be undertaking, several separate sources with links to the matter, report that the Senator is receiving copies of security briefings he will need upon becoming President.


Can you even imagine what would happen if Trump, Pence and Ryan all get thrown in the slammer and Senator Orrin Hatch takes over as President?!?!

It would be possible that the very foundations of our entire Republic would start to sway.

I have NO IDEA if this is true....but these are the headlines and news that people all over the country are reading.

We know that America doesn't seem to be anywhere in Last Days events mentioned in the Bible.  We hope she collapses when the rapture happens....but it could happen before that.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Ex-Muslims Get Censored by Facebook

Is it any wonder that Conservatives start to believe there is a vendetta against them by the liberals in media?

Today we read that some Ex-Muslims from Australia have had Facebook pages dedicated to helping other Muslims who want to leave the faith.  This would be no different than a Facebook page for ex-Scientologists or Ex-Christians or Ex-Atheists...BUT...when it comes to Islam the media is very sensitive to anything that appears critical of Islam.


The only reason we can come up with that it has to be a supernatural reason...and the Prince of this world doesn't want to cast ANY LIGHT on the false religion of Islam.

An anonymous group of ex-Muslims has slammed Facebook for its censorship of anti-Islamic content as several pages are shut down and banned for allegedly violating community rules.
The group - which is made up of former Muslim-Australians - claims Facebook pulled the plug on pages with thousands of followers after users flagged them as 'disrespecting' the Islam religion, reports The Australian.

'Restrictions to these platforms would be overwhelmingly damaging for ex-Muslims who are too afraid to go public with their views due to the taboo of leaving and criticising a religion,' a spokeswoman for the group said. 

Pioneers of the ex-Muslim groups have condemned the social media giant for censoring content and filtering the type of information available to users.
The pages exist for ex-Muslims to denounce their former religion and band together with other previous adherents of Islam. 

Anti-Islamic pages ripped from cyberspace include the Ex-Muslims of North America page - which soon resurfaced - and a page called Mufti News which parodied Muslim news.


Trump Hoping to Jump Start Peace Process

Almost every day now, you can turn on the news and see something about PEACE for Israel.

We believe that this could be one more sign of the CONVERGENCE taking place in so many prophetic areas.

Trump Hoping to Jump-start Peace Process Next Week

U.S. National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said at a weekend briefing with journalists that during his upcoming trip to the Middle East, President Donald Trump intends to express his hopes to “leaders and peoples alike, across the entire trip” for a “just and lasting peace” between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

“With President [Reuven] Rivlin and Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu]” McMaster said President Trump will “reaffirm America’s unshakable bond with the Jewish State”, and with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, the president will “express his desire for the dignity and self-determination for the Palestinians.”

President Trump arrives for a two-day visit to Israel next week, May 22-23, with the second day of the visit coinciding with Jerusalem Reunification Day.


As we have said numerous times....the Bible points to the fact that one day the Antichrist will CONFIRM a covenant with Israel...which means there must be some type of covenant already on the books for him to confirm.

The fact that Trump has jumped head first into Middle East peace may be a sign of just how close we are to some type of covenant being drafted.

The Collapse of America is Sealed

When you have 15 minutes...this is a pretty interesting video that just hit YouTube a few days ago.

In it you will see:

--Donald Trump in a cameo appearance in a 1980's sitcom complaining that "everyone always blames me for everything."

--If the collapse happens, Trump will get blamed even though he really has nothing to do with it.

--Senator Ron Paul explaining how $20 trillion in debt with NO PLANS on cutting spending EVER...will ultimately lead to our collapse.

--Ex-President Reagan economist, David Stockman saying that an epic collapse is coming in the fall of 2017 with the stock market falling by 40% or more.

--When US Gov't runs out of cash later this summer, there will have to be a massive fight in Congress about raising the debt ceiling.

--"Panic in the financial markets will result, because the market is not expecting this and it is not priced into the market."

--"Red Ponzi in China is about to explode."

--"Insiders are selling their stocks like there is no tomorrow.  Record inside selling is happening now."

--"This is the greatest 'suckers rally' we have ever seen as retail investors just keep buying stocks without a care in the world."

--In 2017 the interest on US Gov't debt will exceed $1/2 Trillion dollars for the first time ever.

--When this happens in America, the pain it will cause people will literally be off the charts.


We have NO IDEA if this is going to happen in 2017.  We know it's going to happen in America....but we have NO IDEA when....but we will not be surprised if it happens sometime soon because the Wall Street Journal just published an article showing investor's concern about financial markets is the lowest it's been in 25 years.

Typically when people think there is only clear sailing as far as the eye can see....that's exactly when the bottom drops out.