Saturday, September 6, 2008

Disaster for Pakistan

The news is breaking today that a new leader has been voted in in Pakistan. He is the widower of Bhutto who was assasinated last December. All the reading I have done on this guy show that he is corrupt in a BIG way. There simply are no good leaders to choose from in the fractured country and al qaeda and Taliban forces are blowing up all they can to try and create chaos in this unstable country. As we know, chaos and anarchy are the situations that al qaeda and muslim extremists can thrive in.

Read the CNN article here;

Iran Warned Again

As the rumors of war continue to build between Iran and Israel, this Washington Post article is very telling. French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Iran was "taking a major risk in continuing the process to obtain a military nuclear capacity." He added: "One day ... we could find one morning that Israel has struck."

The response from Iran to this Sarkozy observation was almost a little chilling. "These threats are because of weakness ... and it reflects the reality and the war-seeking nature of the Zionist regime."
Elham added: "This regime is not big enough and does not have the capacity to want to think about a war with Iran."

So what does this rhetoric tell us? That the Persians believe Israel is weak and incapable of attacking them. These statements have laid the groundwork of rhetoric for a war. Iran keeps threatening Israel, spinning centrifuges for a nuclear bomb, starts installation of a Russian anti-aircraft defense and tells the world to prepare for the evaporation of Israel from planet earth.

Israel will soon have to act against Persia (Iran) if they have any hope of knocking back the Iranian nuclear timetable. Read the WP article here;

Gaddafi Bizarre Interview

This is a very telling interview by Al Jazeera of the Libyan leader. It gives you some insight into what the world is going to have to deal with as the U.S. sends our diplomats to meet with some of these leaders. First off, Gadafi's own son is saying that the Libyan leader is a satanist. And after reading this interview, it makes you wonder if that isn't a possibility.

Read the interview here;

The interesting news is the the leader seems to be in love with Condaleeza Rice, who is there today. So pray for her while she is meeting him in his tent. Evidently, he prefers meetings in tents rather than buildings.

The other interesting news is that he seems to be forsaking his arab relations. He predicts the demise of Israel simply from a demographic view as he realizes that soon there will be half a billion arabs and the Jewish nation will simply drown in a sea of arabs.

This is curious as it relates to the Ezekiel 38 prophecy that mentions Libya and an arab horde being led by Russia, bringing an army to destroy Israel. If Gaddafi is telling the arabs to stay away from him, watch for the Russians and/or Iran (persians) to entice him into a jew-exterminating plan.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Rice in Libya

Secratary Rice is currently in Libya visiting the old, bizarre, leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Why is that in a prophecy blog? Because a few short years ago, a headline like this was beyond the realm of even being a possibility. This guy was the king pin of training terroists and we refused to talk to him for 30 yrs. Now he is being courted by Russia, Iran and the US as all parties seek to bring him in under their influence.

Ezekiel 38:5 says, "Men from Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya are with him, and all have shields and helmets." This verse says "him" and that refers to Russia. So it will be interesting to watch, that's for sure.

Read the article here;

US Warship in Georgia Port

As the the old, cold war with Russia seems to be growing appears the US isn't going to ignore Russia's bullying posture. Where will this all lead? Where will it all end? No one knows...except for what prophecy tells us. From Ezekiel we know that Russia will lead an arab and muslim coalition to the doorstep of Israel and God will supernaturally rout that army before it can destroy Israel. As we watch Russia regrow it's fangs and claws and sign agreements with muslim close can we be from seeing this prophecy fufilled? And many watchers believe we won't see if fufilled on earth, but will be watching it's fufillment from a skybox in heaven, with our Groom, Jesus Christ.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sunday Morning, Staying Home

This is an interesting article that I saw in the Wall Street Journal reviewing a book by a woman who was attempting to explain why people aren't coming to church. I will post the reviewer's last paragraph and invite you to read the rest of the article.

"According to Ms. Duin, churches dedicated to making disciples will "do well in this era of dumbed-down, purpose-driven, seeker-friendly Christianity." But is that really true? From a theological perspective, there is no guarantee that churches will prosper as they attempt to make disciples--if we judge prosperity by church membership alone. A church might conscientiously carry out its biblical tasks and yet, by measures of popularity, do poorly in this world. Such a church would not be doing right if it adjusted its mission for the sake of higher attendance records. Note that by the end of his ministry the number of disciples with Jesus was down to 12. Now there was a decent church, one might say, if a small one."

He makes a great point in that churchs are NOT popularity contests on this earth. We may be doing our biblical duty of preaching truth and helping people to repent...but Christ's word guarantees that the message will be repulsive to the world. Should we be happier with 100 people who are true Christ followers or with 5000 who attend church just so they can feel good?

Read the full article here;

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Muslims Know Temple Mount is Jewish

This is pretty a much a huge piece of news. There is proof that the Muslim's who control the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (Waqf) have known all along that Solomon's temple was on the mount in the beginning. Somewhere AFTER 1925, they decided to fabricate a lie that the Jews were never there. And as we all know, if the Father of Lies keeps repeating a lie long enough, eventually it will be understood as truth to somebody. In this case, it is now the majority of muslims who believe that the Jews have no claim to the mount and that it has always been a muslim holy site.

You can view the article here which has images of the 1925 pamphlet printed by the Waqf;

It will be interesting to see if ANYONE on the mainstream media makes mention of this news. Afterall, it might offend some muslims if they find out that what they have believed for their entire lives has all been a lie. And the MSM seems only willing to offend Christians these days...but NEVER wants to risk offending the muslims. Afterall, they might riot or hurt someone if they are offended.

Turkey and NATO

Turkey is a country that a lot of prophecy watchers pay attention to. Why? Because they are one of the players mentioned in Ezekiel 38...not by the name Turkey, but by other names that the people of that region were known by when Ezekiel was writing. That being said, it will be interesting to watch what happens as Turkey is being made to choose between it's Western alliances (including NATO) and it's Russian ties. Turkey and Russia are huge trading partners and neighbors, so if Turkey (as part of NATO) starts to push Russia to withdraw from Georgia it will be big news. However, if Turkey doesn't back NATO and starts to draw closer to Russia in this conflict....then the alliance that Ezekiel spoke of will have taken one giant step closer to fufillment. Read the WSJ article here;

Russia and the New Axis of Evil

We have been watching Russia very close as they are heating up their old cold-war rhetoric and initiative. The WSJ has a very good opinion article about what to do about this growing threat of Russia, Iran and Venezuelan strong-man, Hugo Chavez. You can read the whole article here;

It just seems to me as if the world is getting ready for a big shift and all the powers of the world are jockeying for position. They want to be ready to grab what the can when they can.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Can Anybody Count the 6.0's?

O.K...this is getting out of hand. Another earthquake struck China and it was greater than a 6.0 on the Richter scales. Just to remind everyone, for all of recorded history, the entire earth usually experienced 5-10 quakes per year at that magnitude. In the past three years, the number has skyrocketed to 50-60 per year! Again I ask...isn't that something we are supposed to be watching for? Didn't Jesus mention earthquakes as one of the signs that ushers in the last days? It sure seems like a major birth pang to me. You can read it here;

Iran Says WWIII

I realize that just like bullies on the playground, trash talk and harsh words can sometimes be a lot of talk and not much action. But when the rhetoric builds to the level that it is building between Iran, Israel and the US, it sure makes you wonder if something is going to pop. If the missiles start to fly into Iran, it really could make all the steaming kettles boil over. Here is an article from Jerusalem that quotes an Iranian general;