Saturday, June 2, 2012

Seriously? Another Cannibal Murderer?

Just last night I told someone that I have been on a zombie-posting run these past few days...and that I hope to get back to posting about Israel, financial collapse, earthquakes, etc...

But I can't!!!!  It's another cannibal!!  This one cut off a dudes head and ate parts of him while having sex acts with the dead man....AND HE FILMED IT ALL!!

Did I mention he is a gay pornstar?

Here is the headline;


Luka Magnotta, 29, fled after his male partner - a missing Chinese student - was chopped up and eaten in Canada.

Today cops said Magnotta flew to Europe on Saturday and refused to rule out that he was not in England.

French cops have said they are actively hunting for him across the Channel.
Magnotta is believed to have written a chilling email to The Sun saying: “I’ll be back — and this time the victims won’t be animals.”

Last night the twisted gay porn star was being hunted across the world after a severed hand and a foot were mailed to the offices of two political parties in Canada.

"We have quite convincing proof of the crime he committed," Lafreniere said Friday, referring to the video that police have been trying to get removed from the internet. He said veteran officers said it was most the horrific scene they had ever seen on video.

"It's not a movie, it's not something that was made up, it's a real human getting decapitated in front of the camera," he said.


And Here;

No wonder all the zombie-proof condos have all been sold in Kansas....

Friday, June 1, 2012

Teacher of the Year Arrested for Sexting

I guess it is another SIGN OF THE TIMES.

Days after being named teacher of the year at Texas' Colleyville Middle School, band director John McDaniel was arrested on accusations that he sexted with a 15-year old-student.

McDaniel, 32, is charged with online solicitation of a minor, a third-degree felony, and improper relationship between educator and student, a second-degree felony.

When he was brought in for questioning, McDaniel, confessed to exchanging nude photos with a girl who was in his class last year, Grapevine police said.

"The information we have is that there was some sexting going on, by way of the cellphone and some explicit emails," Sgt. Robert Eberling said.


If you are thinking of homeschooling your kids during this wicked age in which we find ourselves....I, for one, would strongly recommend it.  This story is one that seems to be repeated over and over again on a daily basis.

This one seems to be particularly sad because the dude was just name TEACHER OF THE YEAR.  If you can't trust the district's best teacher with your kids...who can you trust?

Another Cannibal Report

The 21-year-old college student allegedly told detectives that he hadn't just killed the man who'd lived with his family for months, but had eaten his heart and portions of his brain. The victim's severed head and hands were found in the men's Harford County home; more remains were left in a trash container outside a church.

Harford authorities said the killing was among the most brutal — and bizarre — they'd seen. The case comes on the heels of grisly incidents in Miami — where a naked man believed to be high on synthetic drugs known as "bath salts" ate another man's face — and New Jersey, where a man disemboweled himself and reportedly threw his intestines at police officers.


With news like this continuing to come it any wonder that Zombie-Proof condos in Kansas have already been sold out?

Zombie-Proof Condos Sell Out In Kansas

The condos are located in Concordia, Kansas in an old missile silo.

The silo was built to withstand a nuclear explosion and to this day is considered to be "one of the strongest structures built by man". This structure used to be an Atlas "F" missile base. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built these missile bases in the 1960's and there were only 72 of them built.

It has since been converted into condos.

The silo includes all infrastructure support for between 36 and 70 people for more than 5 years completely "off-grid".

The concrete walls in the facility are between 2.5 feet and 9 feet thick.
There are two types of residential condos, a Full-Floor layout and a Half-Floor layout.

The Full-Floor layouts have approximately 1,820 sq. ft. of living space, while the Half-Floor layouts have approximately 900 sq. ft. of living space.

The Full-Floor layouts are designed for 6 to 10 people and the Half-Floor layouts are designed for 3 to 5 people.


No doubt things are getting wierd...and only the peace of God which passes all understanding can keep our hearts and minds focused on the REST OF THE STORY.

If we love this earth, love the systems of man and love our little comfortable lives in America...we are proabably going to continue to become more and more stressed as everything we have known starts to come apart.

However if we know God's plan for sinful earth and His promises to those who know him....anxiety can quickly be turned into excitement and anticipation.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zombie Behavior Caused by Bath Salts?

What's up?  Men eating other men's faces off, man throwing his intestines at police, woman eating her 3 month old baby.....

Now watch this story from ABC NIGHTLINE that aired last night and you will get a glimpse at ONE of Satan's methods he is using in these Last Days to rain evil on earth....and it probably is going to be tied to the outbreak of zombie-like behavior.

Remember this....these bath salts are causing voices, paranoia, super-human strength, and a level of terror so great that folks will kill themselves simply to escape it.

Also remember that even when they are off the drugs...many people continue to hear the voices and see the strange sights and shadows.


Remember too that this drug can be bought in your local retail mall by a kid riding a skateboard.
Sounds like Satan has hit a home run on this one.

Muslims in Paris Hints at U.S. Future

Why won't people stand up to Muslims?  Because they are scared of being labeled "Islamaphobes"....or worse, they are scared of having a fatwa issued which offers a reward to any Muslim who kills the offender of Islam.

Here in Minnesota, we had Muslim cab drivers refusing to pick up passengers who appeared to be drinking or carrying alcohol....because Islam forbids alcohol.  We figured out a way to appease them.

Next we had Muslims working as Target cashiers who started to refuse to handle sausage, bacon and other pork products in the check out line....because Islam forbids pork.  Target figured out a way to appease them.

Now we are hearing that the St Cloud, MN school district has built a Muslim prayer room because so many Muslims demanded a private place for their kids to pray during the school day.

Now watch what has happened in Paris....because the French are afraid of offending the poor Muslims...and so have taken on the idea to appease them.

Here is what we know....Islam is a false religion that leads people away from Christ, so it MUST be supernaturally empowered by Satan.  Of course if you say this to anyone else but a Bible believing follower of Christ, you will immediately be labeled an "intolerant" who believes that only followers of Christ can obtain salvation.

People don't want to be labeled as intolerant but prefer to be viewed as "inclusive" so they want desperately to work with the Muslims so they can receive the badge handed out by liberals that says, "I am tolerant and inclusive!"

People who don't read and believe their Bibles are now being severely blinded by the SPIRIT OF THIS AGE so that they simply can't see that Islam is planting a explosive charge that will decimate this nation.

It's already exploding in France.

Unrest is coming...and many Muslims are beginning to get the feeling that they will soon be sitting on top of the world as the 13th Caliphate rules all the infidels...which is everyone who refuses to submit to Islam.

Please pray against the coming darkness.

Hat tip to Bob K.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Man Throws His Intestines at Police

A few days ago we posted about a man who was shot dead while eating another man...kind of like a scene from a zombie movie.

Now today we have more zombie-like behavior making the news.

A New Jersey man allegedly cut out his entrails in front of police and then threw bits of his flesh and intestines at them.

The gruesome scene played out at a home in Hackensack, N.J., where 43-year-old Wayne Carter allegedly barricaded himself in on Sunday, NBC New York reported.

Carter allegedly ignored officers' orders to put down the knife, and instead began stabbing himself in the abdomen, neck and legs.

An attempt to pepper spray the bleeding man had no effect, the Associated Press reported.
That's when Carter -- disemboweled but responsive -- reportedly threw bits of his skin and intestines at the officers.

Heinemann said he believes that drugs or mental illness may have led to the horrific incident, but those details haven't been confirmed.


Well of course the media is going to say that drugs and/or mental illness is the cause of this zombie-like behavior....however, if Apostle Paul or Peter were writing this report, they most likely would be telling it like it is...."The men, overcome by Satan and his demons, did unspeakable things."

We believe this is simply more evidence of how close we are to the Great Tribulation...when people will turn on each other as the wrath of God is being poured out on sin-filled earth...and Satan and his demons make their last stand. 

When the restraining power of the Holy Spirit is withdrawn in the rapture of the church....evil will start to run unchecked...and I'm guessing that people eating other people will be a common happening as the world grows dark.

Mormon and Islam are Fastest Growing Religions

Galatians 1:8
But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let them be under God’s curse! did Muhammad claim that he was told all of his information to start his new religion...even though the Gospel of Jesus Christ had been preached for over 700 years before Islam was invented? are ANGEL told him how to start his new religion. did Joseph Smith claim that he received all of his information to start his new religion of Mormonism...even though the Gospel of Jesus Christ had been preached for over 1800 years? are ANGEL told him all this stuff about polygamy and golden tablets.

So Apostle Paul (Word of God) would say that these two religions should be under God's curse.

Is it any wonder that these two religions are the fastest growing religions in the USA?

Nationwide, the honor of the nation's fastest-growing religion, when compared to 2000 data, belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Both mainline Protestants and Catholics are increasingly losing ground to the increasing numbers of Mormons and Muslims.

According to the report, Mormons are the fastest-growing religious group in 26 states and have reported 2 million new adherents in 295 counties over the past decade. Muslims have gained 1 million new adherents in 197 counties -- up from 1 million in 2000 to 2.6 million in 2010.

Growth in the American Muslim population is due to a number of factors, according to researchers, including growth in suburban areas, an increased willingness by Muslims in the States to stand and be counted, and more mosques being built to serve more worshippers.


Also take note of the fact that Detroit has turned into one of the most impoverished, lowest value real estate cities in America....and you can now hear Islamic call to prayers while in many places in Detroit as the minarets from the top of Mosques blare out the call.

And now take note that Illinois has one of the worst financial conditions of any state in America...and notice this recent fact from the same article;

Meanwhile, Muslims have now become the state's fastest growing and third-largest group among 176 religious traditions, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Is there a connection between what happens in places where the Holy Spirit is driven out and replaced by adherents to "doctrines of demons"?  Maybe??

Of course, Utah is loaded with Mormons and they are a VERY civilized state with pretty high income and real estate we will need to watch and see what happens to the places that are over run by Muslims and Mormons....the Muslims seem to bring poverty and squalor when they show up...but the verdict is out on the Mormons.

"You are either for me or against me," said Jesus.  And of course NEITHER of these religions is helping to draw people close to the Jesus Christ that Paul and the disciples they are serving to scatter are working AGAINST Jesus.

Sure is interesting that these two religions were cited as the fastest growing...must be another "Sign of the times."

Men Crumble With Porn and Video Games

Satan has a pattern when he is leading us to destruction.  He offers us something that seems pretty harmless and gives the first time user just a tiny stimulation.  Once you start coming back for a little more stimulation...he draws you in as he lets you eat the bait.  And before we know it, he sets the hook and starts dragging us to a place that leads to destruction.

Think of video games.  I remember back in 1971 when my buddy got the first TV game called PONG.  It was two light paddles and a bouncing light ball that when back and forth between the light paddles going.  The longer that ball stayed in play, the faster it sped up.  I have to say it wasn't very addicting and seemed to be pretty mundane.  But of course this is the game that started it all.  And now the games are SO COMPLEX and SO REALISTIC that it has hooked MILLIONS of males...of all ages.  Many times, these "gamers" would rather sit in a dark basement playing CALL OF DUTY instead of being out doing something and interacting with real people, making real relationships and doing real things.

Think of being a 10 year old it easier to learn to play football on your Nintendo than it is to learn to play football in real life?  With the Nintendo version you can play football while drinking a Coke and eating a bag of chips.  (enter the next Satanic explosion....the obesity trap)

Now let's look at pornography.  Back about the same time my buddy got PONG, we found some dirty magazines in the woods behind our house.  They were from Europe so were pretty graphic.  I can still recall some of those images even though it was 40 years ago.  I heard one speaker say that porn images are particularly damaging to men because the images "sear" onto your brain and can stay there for life.  Of course, back in 1971 even if we 8 year old boys WANTED to get hold of some more porn, we had no way to make that possible.  It was a very isolated thing that I had heard ONLY existed on Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.

Now fast forward to today...with a laptop streaming porn and a television with Nintendo in EVERY American boy's (and man's) bedroom.

(CNN) -- Is the overuse of video games and pervasiveness of online porn causing the demise of guys?

Increasingly, researchers say yes, as young men become hooked on arousal, sacrificing their schoolwork and relationships in the pursuit of getting a tech-based buzz.

Every compulsive gambler, alcoholic or drug addict will tell you that they want increasingly more of a game or drink or drug in order to get the same quality of buzz.

Video game and porn addictions are different. They are "arousal addictions," where the attraction is in the novelty, the variety or the surprise factor of the content. Sameness is soon habituated; newness heightens excitement. In traditional drug arousal, conversely, addicts want more of the same cocaine or heroin or favorite food.

The consequences could be dramatic: The excessive use of video games and online porn in pursuit of the next thing is creating a generation of risk-averse guys who are unable (and unwilling) to navigate the complexities and risks inherent to real-life relationships, school and employment.

A recent study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that "regular porn users are more likely to report depression and poor physical health than nonusers are. ... The reason is that porn may start a cycle of isolation. ... Porn may become a substitute for healthy face-to-face interactions, social or sexual."

Similarly, video games also go wrong when the person playing them is desensitized to reality and real-life interactions with others.

Violence in video games is often synonymous with success. Children with more of a propensity for aggression are more attracted to violent video media, but violent media, in turn, can also make them more aggressive. This could be related to the fact that most video games reward players for violent acts, often permitting them to move to the next level in a game.

Less extreme cases of arousal addiction may go unnoticed or be diagnosed as an attention or mood disorder. But we are in a national, and perhaps global, Guy Disaster Mode that needs to be noticed and solutions advanced to fix a totally novel phenomenon, which will only increase in intensity and breadth without the concerted efforts of educators, gamemakers, parents, guys and gals.

It's time to press play and get started reversing these trends.

Yeah...right....let's reverse those trends!!  Of course the author has NO IDEA and NO ANSWERS on how to reverse those trends.  He just points out the problem and then offers no solution.

You know why??  Because there is no solution that man will come up with.  The genie is out of the bottle...Pandora is out of the box....there is simply no going back and returning to the days of PONG and soft core porn like PLAYBOY of the 1960's. 

Game makers know they HAVE to come up with more violent and more intense games to keep the fantasy buzz going.  Porn makers know they HAVE to come up with new content that is more extreme, more perverted, more interactive.

And they will because there is a lot of money to be had to those who come up with the next best thing.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind."

Yes...God said that so Satan wants it.  The battleground of mankind is in the mind...and it appears that Satan has successfully planted himself in the minds of MILLIONS of men who he is now systematically dragging to a place they really shouldn't go.

Only the Holy Spirit can help us now...and how many are calling on the Lord to save them from this downward spiral into fantasy land?  How long can a society last when the Godly men are few and far between?

I believe we are about to find out.

Hat tip to Lowell E.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nations Expel Syrian Diplomats

There was another massacre in Syria over the last few days.  This one was exceedingly nasty as it is being reported that Syrian soldiers walked into homes and shot women and children at very close range.  Of the hundred plus civilians killed it appears that half of them were children.

This appears to be the last straw for many Western Nations...and they are breaking ties with the Syrian government.  Of course Russia and China still can't figure out what the problem is with killing families who disagree with them...and Russia keeps shipping the Syrian army bullets and battle gear.

But for the civilized nations...this was the last straw.

PARIS (AP) — Governments around the world expelled Syrian ambassadors and diplomats Tuesday, an unusual, coordinated blow to Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime following a gruesome massacre that the United Nations said involved close-range shootings of scores of children and parents in their homes.

The United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands took action Tuesday against Syrian diplomats. Britain's foreign secretary said the countries involved in Tuesday's expulsions would also push for tougher sanctions against Syria.

A U.N. report Tuesday said 49 children and 34 women were among the 108 people who died, but it did not decisively say who carried out most of the killings.

"This is the most effective way we've got of sending a message of revulsion of what has happened in Syria," Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr said in Canberra. In a statement, he called the Houla killings a "hideous and brutal crime" and said Australia would not engage with the Syrian government unless it abides by a U.N. cease-fire plan.

"We have to continue our work with the Russians," British Foreign Secretary William Hague said. "We will continue to discuss this with Russia. Russia has particular leverage on the regime and therefore has a particular role in this crisis."

Hague said that the situation in Syria is more complicated than what international powers faced in Libya last year, when the United Nations approved intervention against dictator Moammar Gadhafi's regime.


Well of course Syria is more complicated than Libya.  Why?  Because Syria has 100,000 rockets that could be armed with chemical warheads and launched into Israel if it feels threatened.  

By now, President Assad has to know that if he goes down he will be brought on trial for war crimes.  Either that or his people will drag him out of his hiding spot and hang him or shoot him in the Saddam and Gaddafi.  He is now going to be fighting for his life and he knows that he has lost face in front of all the Western powers who will probably never deal with him again.

Can you see how this is shaping up for a major confrontation with Israel?  Can you see how Israel may destroy Damascus overnight when Damascus starts launching a barrage of missiles into Tel Aviv?  (Isaiah 17 about to be fulfilled?)

As we have said in the past, "Please stay seated with your seat belt fastened until the roller coaster comes to a complete stop."

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cannibal Attacks in Miami

You have to read this news report coming out of Miami.

MIAMI, May 28 (Reuters) - A Miami man on Monday described
how he watched in horror after spotting a naked man gnawing away

at the face and neck of another man in a ghoulish attack on a
highway ramp in downtown Miami.

"He was ripping into his face with his teeth," Larry Vega
said of the attacker.

"He was ripping his skin, his neck. He had him held down.
The guy couldn't move really, and he was just tearing into his
flesh," Vega told WSVN TV in Miami about Saturday's attack.

Vega flagged down a police officer, who shot and killed the
assailant after he failed to respond to repeated orders to stop
and back away.

"The guy just stood his head up like that, with a piece of
flesh in his mouth, and growled," Vega said.


Holy Zombie attack!!  As the days grow more evil, Satan will be getting hold of all sorts of people and planting inhuman thoughts into their minds. 

Honestly....have you EVER heard of such a thing??  The dude GROWLED at the police officer as he had a piece of human flesh hanging from his mouth.

Lord, deliver us from evil.

Major Insurer Preparing for Euro Collapse

If you had all your life savings in a Grecian bank and there was talk everywhere that the value of your money could plummet 60%....would you move it?  Of course.  So where would you move it?

If you had all your life savings in a Spanish bank and there was talk everywhere that there was going to be a run on Spanish banks and it could soon be very hard to recover all your money...would you move it?  Of course.  So where would you move it?

Of course I can keep asking this question over and over again for basically every country in the Euro Zone...except Germany.  So what happens if everyone starts pulling all their money from France, Spain, Italy, Greece and they all start putting it in German banks?

One thing for sure...the Euro Zone would collapse.

Could this take months or years?  No.  It already started in Greece and appears to be catching fire in Spain.  If the contagion spreads the whole deal could come down in days.

The chief executive of the multi-billion pound Lloyd's of London has publicly admitted that the world's leading insurance market is prepared for a collapse in the single currency and has reduced its exposure "as much as possible" to the crisis-ridden continent.

Lloyd's has de-risked its asset portfolio in recent years, with investments split equally into cash, corporate bonds and government bonds, mostly in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. "We have de-risked the asset portfolio as much as possible," he said.

The contingency planning comes as German politicians piled the pressure on Greece ahead of elections on June 17.

A conservative member of German chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet said today Germany would not "pour money into a bottomless pit".

On Sunday, Swiss central bank chief Thomas Jordan admitted his country is drawing up an action plan in the event of the euro's collapse.


If you were a German voter and you looked around at all these fun loving Greeks who demanded 8 weeks of paid vacation and then you looked over at the Spaniards who close down their businesses every afternoon to go eat, drink and be merry (siesta), and then you looked over to the Italians who borrowed money every year to take grand vacations...while you stayed at work and continued saving money....would you vote for any plan that put ALL YOUR SAVINGS at risk so that you could bail out all the rest of fun loving Europe?

Probably not.

And there goes the Euro.