Saturday, January 9, 2010

Muslims ARE Offended

This is actually some good news about Muslims being offended....seems that some actually are offended at the other Muslims who are trying to blow up airplanes.

"We want Muslims around the world who would dare to commit terrorism on our soil to know that we stand together with all Canadians and Americans," Soharwardy said. "We are asking Muslims here not only to condemn terrorism but to also see these events as attacks on themselves."

Read it here;

It is true that Muslims killing Muslims is the number one cause of violent deaths of Muslims.

As God told Ishmael's mother, "He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and every one's hand against him."

And who are the descendants of Ishmael?....mostly Arab Muslims.

Death Star

As if killer asteroids, killer blizzards, killer earthquakes and killer budgets weren't we have to contend with a killer star that could wipe out all of planet earth.

Now listen closely....I'm not saying we are going to be wiped out by a killer star....the Bible tells us clearly how time will end...and we will be safe in the arms of Jesus when it actually does...but the rest of the world is simply going to go nuts when they realize that they lack any control over basically anything.

A STAR primed to explode in a blast that could wipe out the Earth was revealed by astronomers yesterday.
It will self-destruct in an explosion called a supernova with the force of 20 billion billion billion megatons of TNT.

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Please pray that these disturbing headlines will wake people up and that they will repent and seek the Lord.

California Meltdown

Back in June we started talking about the state of California possibly being a foreshadowing of what could soon be coming for the rest of the country.

Yesterday we posted about an article by a New York official sounding the alarm that the states will soon need to be bailed out by the Federal Government.

Now, just hours ago, Governor Schwarzenegger released California's budget....and it has "draconian" cuts in it....and they are saying that they will need to be bailed out by the Federal Government.

I wonder where the Federal Government will get the money? I wonder who will bail out the Federal Government when they are soon forced to make "draconian" cuts?

Tom Tarabicos of Wells Fargo Financial Advisors said the plan was another reason to steer clear of California's debt. "You look at it and wonder how the heck they can remain investment grade," he said.

"I just have a real strong feeling that there will be something bad happening," he added. California has the lowest rated general obligation debt of any state, and debt markets did not react to the plan, the opening salvo in a long debate.

We also have talked about the chaos that will start to ensue if the welfare checks start to bounce in Los Angeles and other big inner cities where a majority of inhabitants rely on getting money and programs from the state governments.

Failure to get federal funds would trigger $4.6 billion in additional cuts, including the outright elimination of the state's main welfare program, its in-home health services and inmate rehabilitation services not mandated by courts, according the budget plan.

Read this very sobering article here;

This quote from the article is very haunting;
"I just have a real strong feeling that there will be something bad happening," he added

Please pray for this country.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fiscal Crisis of the States

We have talked largely about the U.S. fiscal crisis....but have not mentioned as much about the crisis facing most of our states.

Sadly, these soon coming fiascoes are going to affect us all...regardless of whether it happens in California, Arizona or New York.

Remember what we have said in the past...when the U.S government borrows money from China they have to pay it back with interest. Right now we are benefiting from a low interest rate because we have always had great credit. But very soon, China and others will demand more interest because our credit isn't as good as it once was. When this happens, it will immediately increase the present value of our outstanding debt...and if the interest rate goes high enough...we will be insolvent and no one will loan us any more money.

The exact same thing is happening with the states...and it will happen first. It may end up like a domino effect which ultimately leads to the U.S. becoming insolvent.

In today's Wall Street Journal we have an article written by the lieutenant governor of New York...and he is sounding the alarm. Ironically, this man happens to be a democrat.

It seems almost inevitable now that the states' fiscal problems will have further effects on capital markets, possibly as soon as next spring and summer. If more cracks appear in the capital markets that handle municipal bonds, the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve will be faced with an unattractive set of options: They can allow those markets to deteriorate or use federal tax dollars to shore them up and thereby increase the federal deficit.

Read full article here;

The Lord will continue to pull away our false god. This will be painful but the outcome will serve to purify many.

God is Not Allah

According to some Muslims in Malaysia the name "Allah" used by Muslims CAN NOT be used interchangeably by Christians when referring to the God of the Bible.

And rather than just expressing their concern over this discussion.....some violent Muslims chose the terror way....and firebombed three Christian churches to protest.

Three churches have been fire bombed in Malaysia just hours before Muslim groups held protests over the use of the word 'Allah' by non-Muslims.

Police are on alert after the attacks in Kuala Lumpur.

Muslim groups held peaceful demonstrations at mosques amid tight security. Organisers have condemned the attacks on churches that took place overnight.

Read short report here;

Persecution of Christians WILL grow.

Furthermore, as Islam continues to rise up and grow more violent in these Last Days, we can expect to see more killing of ANYONE who won't convert to Islam or is seen offending Islam in any way.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brit Hume Persecution

Brit Hume of Fox News said a no-no last weekend. He actually said a few no-no's.

First off he said the name of Jesus on the air. That in itself is enough to have half the country come at your throat.

But even worse than that.....he dared to suggest that Tiger Woods could only gain forgiveness by turning to Jesus....and would not find it in Buddhism. Now he's going to have half the country and half the Buddhists coming at his throat.

TAMPA, Fla. – When Fox News analyst Brit Hume suggested last weekend that Tiger Woods turn to Jesus to deal with his sins, critics argued that Hume showed little knowledge about Buddhism, the faith that has been a major influence in the golfer's life.

"I don't think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith," Hume said. "So my message to Tiger would be, "Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world."

Read it all here;

Jesus told us in this world we will have trouble...and that the world will hate us because they hated him first.

Brit Hume....welcome to persecution....even though it should prove minor.

Killer Asteroid is Coming

We all know we live in a violent universe. Space rocks are flying around everywhere crashing into things. Shoot....just look at the moon and you can see with the naked eye that it is covered with craters made by huge rocks crashing into it.

The last really huge rock that crashed into earth was in 1908 and it happened to collide in an uninhabited part of the planet in Siberia...which is in northern Russia. The rock was probably only 100 feet across but the explosion was so huge it flattened 1000 square miles of forest and destroyed 100,000,000 trees. They figure the impact produced an explosion 1000 times bigger than the nuke dropped on Hiroshima. The shock waves were detected in Europe and the explosion created a strange glow that spread all over Asia and Europe making it possible to read your paper at night in London.

And all that happened because a 100 foot rock it our planet.

Now imagine a 1000 foot rock coming for us. If it hit it could destroy a continent and billions of people.

According to this article in yesterday's Wall Street Journal an asteroid called Apothis is 1000 feet across and it is going to make a very close pass to planet the year 2029. It will pass so close that it will travel between our communications satellites.

What if they are wrong and it hits us?

A hit from Apothis, however, would be another story. It would be a "country buster," capable of creating fire storms, shock waves, and a rain of fiery debris that would destroy an area almost the size of France, or perhaps the entire Northeast of the U.S. The energy of the impact would be roughly 100,000 times that of the Hiroshima bomb. If it hits the Pacific Ocean, it could also generate a huge tidal wave, a gigantic wall of water that could swamp most coastal cities in the Americas and Asia. An impact from an Apothis-like asteroid is estimated to happen once in a thousand years. (The worst case scenario, however, would be an impact from a "planet buster" as little as six miles across, like the one that hit Mexico and probably wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.)

Read it here;

Remember, the Bible tells us that there will be lots of strange things in the sky in the Last days. Revelation also tells us that during the Tribulation a asteroid called Wormwood will hit the earth and cause all sorts of chaos for those left behind.

It's interesting that the Russians (currently one of the most Godless place on the planet) are the one's who are ramping up ideas on how to combat killer asteroids. Could they be the one's at Armegeddon who actually attempt to fight God with guns, tanks and missiles?

As for us...we're glad we can live with the peace of the Holy Spirit that tells us everyday to "fear not!"

We don't know what tomorrow will bring but as long as we know where we will spend eternity....all the silly worries of planet earth all just kind of fade into the background.

Kill All the Jews!

The AP is reporting that a man on a Northwest flight yelled that he wanted to kill all the Jews.

Of course, you can't do that on an he was removed and the flight was delayed.

MIAMI — US authorities arrested an unruly air passenger minutes before takeoff of an airplane bound from Miami to Detroit, after the man shouted that he wanted to "kill all the Jews," police said Thursday.

Mansor Mohammed Asad, 43, was removed from the Northwest Airlines flight late Wednesday at the Miami International Airport and charged with disorderly conduct and other offences, police said.
"He is in jail in Miami and facing several charges for threats, disorderly conduct and resisting his arrest without violence. He will be prosecuted," Miami-Dade police spokeswoman Veronica Ferguson told AFP.

Read it here;

Does it come as a surprise to anyone that this guys name had "Mohammed" in it? If you refer to our previous post from last week titled SEARCH THE WHITE will see that we recommended paying close attention to anyone boarding a plane who had the Mohammed or Abdullah.

I will expand that list to include anyone with the name "Asad" somewhere on their ID.

Once upon a time there was a man who witnessed a murder. The Star Tribune was the first one to have a reporter on scene talking to this witness. They asked him, "What did you see?"

The witness started to explain, "I saw a large black guy with a huge afro jump out of the alley and scream 'give me all your money!' at this well dressed white guy walking on the sidewalk. I guess the white guy must have taken too long to open his wallet cuz the black dude stabbed him and ran away with his wallet!"

The next day the Star Tribune ran a sentence about the murder.
"Yesterday a man who had money was accidentally killed by a man who needed money."

When you ignore obvious facts for the sake of political correctness....the majority of us will end up on the short end of a very dangerous stick.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Return of the Nephilim

For anyone who hasn't plugged in Chuck is your chance.

Chuck spent a large part of his career in the defense industry and truly has a rocket scientist's brain. But the Lord got a hold of him and tuned him into prophecy and for some years he has been an expert on prophetic issues.

One of the prophecy topics he has tied into is one that has also grabbed my attention....the Nephilim that are mentioned in Genesis, Deuteronomy and Numbers.

Many who have heard me talk or read my blog know that I believe the outbreak of UFO's and "alien" sightings and even "alien abductions" are not really about beings from other planets but really are demonic hosts who are currently doing Satan's bidding and are cooking a deception of Biblical proportions.

The clues are written all over the place and I believe it is becoming fairly obvious that these demonic creatures will play a large role in the Last Days events that are currently baring down on planet earth.


You can see the review and can order your own copy here;

By clicking around you will also be able to connect into his website.

Remember, if you believe in angels...which are a non-human species with intelligence....then by definition you are also saying you believe in "aliens".

The big question of our day is, "What happened to the 1/3 of the angelic host who fell with Satan? Where are they and what are they up to?"

I guarantee you that Chuck Missler will have some of those answers for you.

War With Syria

Remember about 3 1/2 years ago when Israel and Hezbollah slugged it out? The war took place in Lebanon and Hezbollah claimed victory simply because of the fact that they survived the onslaught of IDF forces. (Israeli Defense Force)

A new war between the IDF and Hezbollah has been brewing ever since the cease fire was signed in 2006....and the next one WILL prove to be much more catastrophic. Why??

Because Syria will not sit the next one out but has now publicly promised to fight with Hezbollah in the next war....which could happen in 2010.

If Israel were to attack Hizbullah in Lebanon, Syria would respond and not sit idly by, the Katari Al Watan newspaper quoted Syrian sources as saying in a report published Wednesday.
The sources reportedly added that Damascus considered any threat to Lebanon's security and stability as a threat to Syria's security.

The paper reported that Damascus was worriedly taking notice of "Israeli deployment and maneuvers along the northern border," and that Syrian leadership assessed Israel was planning a military operation in Lebanon in May.

Read it here;

Remember folks, we need to pay close attention whenever you see Damascus and Israel mentioned in the same article. Isaiah 17 has not been fulfilled and it could be very close to becoming a reality.

If you haven't read Isaiah 17 lately, I invite you to go and read it. The word of God never returns void.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Earth is Groaning

We haven't posted much about earthquakes and such in the recent past because they are happening so frequently....but the recent outburst of strange weather, quakes and volcanoes in the past week merits a blurb.

Beijing China has been interrupted by record snowfall;

Seoul is also reporting record snowfall;

Quake strikes Solomon Islands;

Big quake strikes South Sandwich Islands;

Record cold all across Europe;

And I don't need to remind us all sitting in Minnesota that the whole U.S. is sitting under a blanket of record cold and snow from here to Florida to Maine.

A quake in Tajikistan;

A volcano erupted in Congo;

And a volcano erupted in the Philippines;

Friends, this IS NOT business as usual for planet earth. What we are experiencing is birth pangs. The world is groaning under the weight of sin. It is longing for the day when Christ will remake it into the wonderful place it once was....before sin entered mankind. A time when the lion will lay down with the lamb. A time when the crops will come so fast that the harvester will literally follow the planter.

This day is closer than it has ever been.

Are we all ready to meet our Lord in the clouds? Are we all ready for that day when we hear the trumpets and the loud voice saying, "Come up here!"

If we aren't....then ask Jesus, the Lord of the harvest, to purify our hearts and transform our minds.

And by all means....let's stay busy doing the Lord's work in these last that He will find us busy and working when He returns for us.

Amen....come Lord Jesus!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Tower of Babel

Today the world's tallest building officially opened.

It's interesting that it happens to be in Dubai.

It's interesting that a few weeks ago the government of Dubai would have defaulted and gone bankrupt had a rich Arab not stepped in and propped the government up.

It's interesting that the building is now named after that rich Arab gentleman.

It's interesting that this building is in the heart of the land that is run by the descendants of Ishmael.

It's interesting that the Tower of Babel was built in the country now known as Iraq.

Read announcement here;

It's interesting to wonder about how long this building may stand.

U.S. Nears the Precipice

Whew!!! 2009 is in the past and now we can look forward to 2010. For those of us who are optimists, we may like to believe we can ignore the problems that were with us the last week of 2009 and simply turn the page and hit the "reset" button.

Truthfully, that only happens in movies and fairy tales.

The reality is that we do still have the problems of 2009....and we can expect them to get worse in 2010.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!, says Debbie Downer.

Remember, Jesus our savior says that we can expect the tribulations of the world to continue to increase as His return draws close....they will be like labor pains where the pain becomes more frequent and more sharp.

For the U.S., those labor pains are going to be contracting around our financial condition...and today's Wall Street Journal says we are near the precipice....and precipice means the very edge of a cliff.

Here is the headline;
Deficit, Budget Woes Need Solutions as U.S. Nears the Precipice

The Obama administration has a lot to wish for in 2010, including a new health-care system and a sustainable economic recovery. But even if those wishes come true, policy makers face an even bigger problem in the new year and beyond: convincing the world that the U.S. government can get its finances back in order.

Economists have long fretted about how an aging population and growing health-care costs will cause the U.S. budget deficit and public debt to balloon -- an outcome that could wreak financial havoc by undermining confidence in the U.S. dollar. But the latest recession and related stimulus efforts have made the problem more acute, a point four prominent economists made Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association.

"We've moved closer to the precipice, and the precipice has moved closer to us," Alan Auerbach, an economist at the University of California, Berkeley who has focused on U.S. government finances for about 15 years, said in an interview. The other three panelists at a session on the deficit -- Robert Barro and Martin Feldstein of Harvard University, and Tom Sargent of New York University -- agreed that the situation is dire. It "frightens all of us," said Mr. Sargent.

Did you catch those statements I put in bold above? Havoc could result if the world loses confidence in the U.S. dollar...and this "frightens" the best economists in the country.

Read it all here;

The Bible is very clear that in the Last Days men will faint with fear for what is coming upon them. I believe that passage more relates to the rising oceans, earthquakes and erupting volcanoes....but it may also apply to many men fainting when they realize that the labors of their entire lives has simply vanished along with the value of the paper money.