Friday, March 24, 2017

Elite Pedophiles About to be Exposed?

I remember hearing some shocking stories during the Presidential election last year...stories about wealthy Hollywood elites flying famous politicians in private jets to private islands where they could have perverted sex-parties that included sex with children.

Really?  Is that even possible in today's day and age with camera's and surveillance video everywhere?  Can wealthy people REALLY buy privacy to commit such heinous deeds?

A related story now appears to be gaining attention and even made it to a national stage a few days ago when this "victim" appeared on Dr Phil.

UPDATE: 3/22/2017 | 2:30 PM PST: the video is being pulled and censored from multiple platforms. We found a new link but there is a good chance it will disappear again very soon. Watch while you still can.

The victim now goes by the name of “Kendall.”

She was interviewed today on Dr. Phil’s national broadcast to millions of viewers, the first appearance she has made on television after breaking out of her confinement and fleeing from sex traffickers.

What she describes is profoundly unsettling, and Dr. Phil confirms that he “100% believes” that she is telling the truth.

She says that she was sold by her very own parents at birth to an elite pedophile ring made up of police, politicians, and other powerful men and women.  Some of these pedophiles are extremely wealthy and have their own islands. One of them even owns a major sports team.

She says the politicians forced her to rape other children as young as five, broke her bones, sat on her, and even made her kill.

She also described “hunting parties” that the pedophile ring hosts. On their private lands, they make multiple children run and hide in fear. Then they begin literally hunting the children as if they were hunting animals. They find the children, rape them, and torture them for fun.

When asked about the first time she was raped by them, she said thatit happened when she was at a very young age. Indeed they began raping her before she could even speak, she replied. 

The audience was horrified to hear the details, but also supportive.

Kendall described how they put children in cages and suspend the cages from ceilings. The pedophiles trafficked her around the world to be raped by other elites. Dr. Phil says many of the elites are believed to be “pillars of their communities” but when they are behind closed doors with children, they are evil and sadistic.

The pedophile politicians took great care to hide what they were doing. They would dress her in nice clothes so that nobody ever knew she was a sex slave. They have been raping children for many years, she says, and it’s a reality that the politicians involved are completely hiding from voters.

Corrupt police are also said to be included among the many clients who are part of the elite pedophile network.

Watch the video from Dr Phil Show here;

And then you can see some other videos on the same topic that are also now seeing the light of day here;

Can you imagine if Senators, Congressmen, Presidential Candidates and famous Hollywood folks actually end up exposed, arrested and jailed?

Maybe the "wickedness in high places" is about to be exposed and literally SHOCK the world?

Maybe the election of Donald Trump isn't the only shocking upset God has planned for America and the world this year?

Psalm 10:15
Break the arm of the wicked man; call the evildoer to account for his wickedness that would not otherwise be found out.

Psalm 56:7
Because of their wickedness do not let them escape; in your anger, God, bring the nations down.

Isaiah 47:10
You have trusted in your wickedness and have said, ‘No one sees me.’ Your wisdom and knowledge mislead you when you say to yourself, ‘I am, and there is none besides me.’

Israel Threatens to Destroy Entire Syrian Air Defense System

You can watch the short video by clicking link below....but in it you will see;
Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Israel will take out Syria’s “aerial defense apparatus” if it tries again to interfere in Israeli strikes against convoys transporting weaponry to the terrorist group Hezbollah.

Isaiah 17 sure appears to be on the table....which very well could lead to Ezekiel 38.

“See, Damascus will no longer be a city
    but will become a heap of ruins.
2 The cities of Aroer will be deserted
    and left to flocks, which will lie down,
    with no one to make them afraid.
3 The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim,
    and royal power from Damascus;
the remnant of Aram will be
    like the glory of the Israelites,”
declares the Lord Almighty.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Next Financial Bubble?

Few of us seem to remember the last big financial bubble that popped in 2007-2008.  Americans are buying big trucks, big houses and spending borrowed money like there's no tomorrow.

So what could be the next big bubble pop that sends our finances careening down the hill?

How about student loans?  Could that do it?

In 1988, a bank called Guardian Savings and Loan made financial history by issuing the first ever “subprime” mortgage bond.

The idea was revolutionary.

The bank essentially took all the mortgages they had loaned to borrowers with bad credit, and pooled everything together into a giant bond that they could then sell to other banks and investors.

The idea caught on, and pretty soon, everyone was doing it.

As Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera describe in their excellent history of the financial crisis (All the Devils are Here), the first subprime bubble hit in the 1990s.

Early subprime lenders like First Alliance Mortgage Company (FAMCO) had spent years making aggressive loans to people with bad credit, and eventually the consequences caught up with them.

FAMCO declared bankruptcy in 2000, and many of its competitors went bust as well.

Wall Street claimed that it had learned its lesson, and the government gave them all a slap on the wrist.

But it didn’t take very long for the madness to start again.

By 2002, banks were already loaning money to high-risk borrowers. And by 2005, all conservative lending standards had been abandoned.

Borrowers with pitiful credit and no job could borrow vast sums of money to buy a house without putting down a single penny.

It was madness.

By 2007, the total value of these subprime loans hit a whopping $1.3 trillion. Remember that number.

And of course, we know what happened the next year: the entire financial system came crashing down.

Duh. It turned out that making $1.3 trillion worth of idiotic loans wasn’t such a good idea.

By 2009, 50% of those subprime mortgages were “underwater”, meaning that borrowers owed more money on the mortgage than the home was worth.

In fact, delinquency rates for ALL mortgages across the country peaked at 11.5% in 2010, which only extended the crisis.

But hey, at least that’s never going to happen again.

Except… I was looking at some data the other day in a slightly different market: student loans.

Over the last decade or so, there’s been an absolute explosion in student loans, growing from $260 billion in 2004 to $1.31 trillion last year.

So, the total value of student loans in America today is LARGER than the total value of subprime loans at the peak of the financial bubble.

And just like the subprime mortgages, many student loans are in default.

According to the Fed’s most recent Household Debt and Credit Report, the student loan default rate is 11.2%, almost the same as the peak mortgage default rate in 2010.

This is particularly interesting because student loans essentially have no collateral.

Lenders make loans to students… but it’s not like the students have to pony up their iPhones as security.

That’s what made the subprime debacle so dangerous.

Millions of homes were underwater, so when borrowers didn’t pay, lenders didn’t have sufficient collateral to cover their loan exposure.

With student loans, there is no collateral. Lenders have no security to recoup their loans.

So when students don’t pay, someone is going to take a hit.

That ‘someone’ will likely be you.

That’s because hundreds of billions of dollars of these student loans are either owned or guaranteed by the United States government.

So as borrowers stop making payments, it’s the taxpayer who will suffer yet another massive loss.


A few weeks ago we saw an article that said 1/3 of college students were using STUDENT LOANS to take spring break trips!  Why not??  If the government is stupid enough to give kids $1000 to go get drunk in Mexico....what 20 year old kid is going to say no?

Of course WE HOPE this obvious bubble doesn't pop and lead us into the next financial disaster....but we kind of all know in our hearts that one day it will.  It might be next week, next month or next year. It might pop and not be as damaging as we thought!  Who knows?!

But followers of Christ should start to understand that this current financial system is not going to go on forever.  We should all be able to look at the world and understand that we can ONLY LAY UP TREASURE IN HEAVEN while we are on earth!

Once we are in heaven...we can no longer lay up treasure in heaven.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Muslim Terrorist Attacks London

It's being reported that a Muslim in London launched a terrorist attack today.  It sounds like another LONE WOLF that are impossible to stop.

LONDON — Three people were killed and 20 others wounded Wednesday after a terrorist attack at Britain's Parliament sent crowds of tourists and lawmakers fleeing for safety.

The victims included a police officer stabbed at the House of Commons who died despite the efforts of doctors and a passing government minister to save him.

Two other victims were struck by a 4x4 vehicle that plowed into people walking on nearby Westminster Bridge. Some of the wounded pedestrians suffered "catastrophic" injuries, doctors said.
A woman was pulled alive from the River Thames below the bridge with serious injuries.

The assailant, thought to be acting alone, was brought to the ground by a gunshot and also died.

"We've declared this as a terrorist incident and the counter-terrorism command are carrying out a full-scale investigation into the events today," Mark Rowley, Britain's most senior counter-terrorism officer, told reporters.

Lawmakers were kept on lockdown inside the House of Commons while police secured the scene, and tourists were trapped on the nearby London Eye wheel.

Steve Voake, 55, a children's author who was visiting London for the day, told NBC News that he was walking over the bridge when he heard screaming.

"I thought it was a road accident. There was lots of panic and confusion. Then I saw a shoe on the ground. I one body on one side of the road and one body face down in the water with blood all around it."

Colleen Anderson, a junior doctor at nearby St. Thomas' Hospital, said: "There were some with minor injuries, some catastrophic. Some had injuries they could walk away from or who have life-changing injuries."


Hey wait!....I just re-read the article and it's NOT BEING REPORTED that the attack was carried out by a radical maybe it was a radical Lutheran?  Radical Boy Scout?  Radical Catholic?  Radical Mormon?  The MSM just can't be sure....because they remind us everyday how many "radicals" there are in every nook and cranny and NOT just in the Muslim faith.

I guess at this point, we can't be sure....but we are going to take the big risk on this blog and declare the attacker to be a RADICAL MUSLIM who worships Allah, listens to Imams, fasts at Ramadan, attends his local mosque and declares that Muhammad was the last prophet sent by God to correct the bogus message given by Jesus.

What continues to confound me is how many Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics and other folks who should know better, continue to insist that Muslims worship the same God as they do!

Really?  How is that even possible?

It's not possible....unless we start to understand that mankind has entered some type of grand delusion.

3/23 update....the terrorist's name was Khalid I guess that our guess proved to be correct.

15 yr Old Girl Gang-Raped on Facebook Live

Paul warned us that as the Last Days approached people would get more brutal, more violent and simply more out of control.

This next article describes an event that is so unbelievable that a person can't even imagine it happening just 20-30 years ago....yet today the stories of video rapes aren't all that uncommon.

CHICAGO (AP) -- The mother of a 15-year-old girl whose apparent sexual assault was streamed live on Facebook said Wednesday that her daughter has received online threats since the attack and that neighborhood kids have been joking about it and harassing her family.

The woman, who was reunited with her daughter on Tuesday after two days of searching for the girl, said her daughter is staying with a relative and is scared to come home. She said she shares her daughter's fear.
"This is just disturbing and to think the kids think it is funny," the mother, 32, told The Associated Press. The AP isn't naming her to protect the identity of her daughter.
She said that since the attack, people have threatened on Facebook that "they are going to get her" daughter and that neighborhood children have been laughing about the incident and ringing the family's doorbell looking for the girl. She said she's shocked by the callousness people have shown since the attack, which was viewed live by about 40 people on Facebook Live - none of whom reported it to the police.
"I can't stay here," she said of Lawndale, the West Side neighborhood where her family lives. "I have other kids, too. I let them walk to school and now I have to take them."
Police said Wednesday that they hadn't arrested anyone in the attack, which involved five or six men or boys. A police spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, said the girl knows at least one of her attackers and that investigators are making good progress identifying those involved.
Andrew Holmes, a local activist, said a friend of the girl's mother called him Monday asking if he could help find the video online and get it to the police, which he did. He said to him, the video showed that the girl was frightened and trying to get away.
"You could see where she was fearful. ... You could see the look of fear and where she is resisting, pushing back," he told the AP. "It looked like ... she was in total shock."
Holmes said in the video shows someone pulling the girl to a bed as she struggled to get away. He said he was struck by the indifference of the others who were there.
"Other individuals were there standing around and talking and someone says, 'Cut the lights off,'" he said, adding that the lights kept going on and off during the video, which was several minutes long.
The mother said her daughter was still terrified after police found her.
In what kind of fallen society do the kids watch a rape video of their neighbor girl and think it's 'funny'?
In what kind of fallen society do men stand around and watch the rape of a 15 yr old girl while holding up their phones to record the rape?
Only a generation ago many men would have risked their own lives to protect the honor of a young woman who was in trouble.
So what has changed?
2 Timothy 3
But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Yes! America Needs Legal Immigrants Because We Don't Have Babies Anymore

Not too long ago in this country a husband and wife could be expected to have 4-12 kids.  Birth control wasn't readily available, most Americans lived on farms and needed the farm labor provided by kids, the social security of parents was provided by their children and lots of Bible readers took the passage to heart, "Be fruitful and multiply!"

But not so much today.  Kids are expensive, hard to raise, we don't need them on farms anymore and 12 car seats simply don't fit in now we are having less than 2 kids per couple.  That means we aren't even having enough kids to replace ourselves!

Check out Japan and the death spiral they have put themselves in because they don't want to have kids anymore.

They will need to have "other people's babies" if they have any hope of their nation surviving.

Japan is an excellent place to test the proposition that countries do better with low levels of immigration. In a land of 127 million people, there are just over two million foreign residents, and only a third of them are here for the long term. The number of illegal immigrants, which peaked at a modest 300,000 in the early 1990s, is down by 80%.

As for refugees, in 2016, Tokyo entertained 10,000 requests for asylum. It accepted a grand total of 28. Steve Bannon would smile.

The result, say immigration restrictionists, is plain to see. Japan’s crime and drug-use rates are famously low. Life expectancy is famously high. Japanese students put their American peers to shame on international tests. The unemployment rate clocks in at 3.1%. All this is supposed to be a function of a homogenous society with a high degree of cultural cohesion—the antithesis of cacophonous, multiethnic America.

Just one problem: The Japanese have lost their appetite for reproduction. To steal a line from Steve King, the GOP congressman from Iowa, the only way they can save their civilization is with “somebody else’s babies.”

Japan’s population shrank by nearly a million between 2010 and 2015, the first absolute decline since census-taking began in the 1920s. On current trend the population will fall to 97 million by the middle of the century. Barely 10% of Japanese will be children. The rest of the population will divide almost evenly between working-age adults and the elderly.

Imagine yourself as a 35-year-old Japanese salary man. You can expect that an ever-larger share of your paycheck will go to the government to fund the pensions and health care of your parents—who, at 70, can reasonably expect to live another 10 or 15 years, and who aren’t likely to vote for politicians promising to strip their entitlements.

Being Japanese, you were raised to make financial sacrifices for your elders, even if it means not having children of your own. Besides, it’s hard to want children with the economy in such bad shape. As Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma has noted, lousy demographics mean a lousy economy: The average rate of GDP growth in countries with shrinking working-age populations is only 1.5%. In 2016, Japan’s growth rate was 1%—and that was a relatively good year by recent standards.

What if the government paid you to have babies? Alas, along with millions of your countrymen, you suffer from what the Japanese call “celibacy syndrome” and aren’t interested in sex, never mind procreation. You’re also unhappy: In 2016, Japan ranked 53rd on the U.N.’s World Happiness Report, a notch above Kazakhstan but below El Salvador and Uzbekistan.

So Japan is in trouble, and the government knows it. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has tinkered with formulas to bring in lower-skilled temporary workers for housecleaning and farm jobs, and he has promoted various tax breaks and subsidies to ease the burden of raising children and caring for aging parents.

But whatever their other benefits, “pro-family” policies won’t reverse the demographic trend. Only large-scale immigration can do that, and the Japanese won’t countenance it. The flip side of cohesion is exclusion. The consequence of exclusion is decline.

Which brings us back to Mr. King and the U.S. immigration debates. A decade ago, America’s fertility rate, at 2.12 children for every woman, was just above the replacement rate. That meant there could be modest population growth without immigration. But the fertility rate has since fallen: It’s now below replacement and at an all-time low.

Without immigration, our demographic destiny would become Japanese. But our culture wouldn’t, leaving us with the worst of both worlds: economic stagnation without social stability. Multiethnic America would tear itself to pieces fighting over redistribution rights to the shrinking national pie.

This doesn’t have to be our fate. Though it may be news to Mr. King, immigrants aren’t a threat to American civilization. They are our civilization—bearers of a forward-looking notion of identity based on what people wish to become, not who they once were. Among those immigrants are 30% of all American Nobel Prize winners and the founders of 90 of our Fortune 500 companies—a figure that more than doubles when you include companies founded by the children of immigrants. If immigration means change, it forces dynamism. America is literally unimaginable without it.

Every virtue has its defect and vice versa. The Japanese are in the process of discovering that the social values that once helped launch their development—loyalty, self-sacrifice, harmony—now inhibit it. Americans may need reminding that the culture of openness about which conservatives so often complain is our abiding strength. Openness to different ideas, foreign goods and new people. And their babies—who, whatever else Mr. King might think, are also made in God’s image.


I agree 100%!  We need the smart people from China, India, Russia, Iran and anywhere else they want to come from!  BUT....we need to make sure that the people coming in truly WANT to be Americans...which means they WANT to be governed by rules of law and they WANT to be governed by our constitution.

As followers of Christ we shouldn't be afraid of different religions coming into America because we KNOW that we have the power living within us to love them and lead them into faith with Christ.

The sad thing to ponder is how few "Christians" there are left in America who actually believe what Jesus said in Matthew 28....that we are to go and make disciples for Christ everywhere that Christ puts us!  Along with that is to ponder how few "Christians" are left in America who actually believe that Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life.  No man comes to the father except through me."

So we end up with a bunch of luke-warm denominations who tell their pew-sitters that "all roads" lead to God....and God can be anything you believe.  He might be called Allah, Buddha, Krishna, or Meyitrea,  So they end up believing that they never have to share their faith....because they are all the same and are all equal in value!

So what happens to all the Muslim refugees that many Americans want to bring into out land?  Will they reject their desire for Shariah law?  Or will thousands and thousands start living in cities together and end up making Muslim enclaves in the heart of our major cities....places where Christians are not allowed to go and proselytize?  What happens to the 4 or 5 kids that Muslims have that they raise as Muslims?  Could they end up being a dominate force that sweeps over all the luke-warm Christians who can't defend their faith out of a wet, paper bag?

Just so you know....Islam has a long history of doing just that.

I hope and pray that Jesus returns before we actually have to find out the answer.

Muslim Converts Breathe New Life Into Europe's Dead Churches

We have been blogging on this topic for the last 8 years...the fact that hundreds of thousands of Muslims are leaving Islam and rejecting the very tenants of that faith and choosing to accept Jesus as their God and Savior.

The MSM has been very slow to report on this....probably because they don't understand that Islam and Jesus are totally opposed to each other.

But today we find this headline on Fox News front page.

Muslim converts breathe new life into Europe’s struggling Christian churches

Christianity is making a comeback in Europe – and it’s mostly thanks to Muslims, say experts in Islam and faith leaders.

A soaring number of Muslims, many of them refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, are converting to Christianity, breathing new life into Europe’s once floundering Christian churches. The Muslims are flocking to various Christian denominations, experts said, including becoming Protestants, evangelical or Catholic.

As many parts of Europe are becoming more secular and houses of worship are seeing congregants leave in droves, it is Muslim converts who are reviving struggling Christian churches.

"European churches have struggled for decades to share the gospel with modern secular Europeans,” Matthew Kaemingk, a professor at the Fuller Theological Seminary in Seattle, told Fox News. “They have found Muslim immigrants to be much more open to the message of Christianity."

Kaemingk, who has done research focused on Christian responses to Muslim immigration in the Netherlands, and has written a book titled “Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear” that will be published this fall, said secular Europeans rarely sense a deep need for the type of healing and salvation the church offers.

“Europeans are wealthy, comfortable, healthy, and powerful,” Kaemingk said. “In short, they don't think they need God.”

But, he added, Muslim immigrants are quite the opposite – they are intensely spiritual. But they are leaving their own religion for a variety of reasons.

Some Muslim refugees settling in European counties may be converting on the assumption that their odds for obtaining political asylum will improve if they are Christian, according to the Guardian. Others may have had an earlier interest in converting but were unable to do so while they lived in the Middle East, where conversions are often prohibited and could make the family a target. Some jihadist groups, including ISIS, target Christians for murder in such countries as Syria and Iraq.

Others are turning to Christianity to assimilate in their new country.

“The average Muslim newcomer in Europe experiences a tremendous amount of societal pressure. They experience racism, poverty, exclusion, discrimination, language and cultural barriers, and a deep sense of displacement,” Kaemingk said. “Their sense of homelessness is not only geographical, it is spiritual. Churches who offer these Muslims real and meaningful hospitality are seeing some surprising results."

Germany received nearly 900,000 asylum seekers in 2016; the majority was from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, according to published reports. Churches in Berlin and Hamburg were faced with so many asylum seekers wanting to convert that they held baptisms in municipal swimming pools.


Wow!  How about this statement??
“Europeans are wealthy, comfortable, healthy, and powerful,” Kaemingk said. “In short, they don't think they need God.”

Of course!  The more rich and comfortable we become...the less we think we need God!

Jesus told us that even the gates of hell would not prevent the Truth of His Gospel message being taken into all the world!  And Islam has certainly proven itself to be a gate from hell....and yet Jesus is marching on!

Praise the Lord!

Keep praying for Muslims to reject their demonic faith and embrace Jesus!  Bullets and bombs won't stop Satan but prayers certainly will!

Ephesians 6
12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

18 And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.

North Korea Threatens to Nuke USA

Now HERE is the ultimate in Last Days threats!  This one is issued by the little fat man in the jump suit with the bad haircut who demands North Koreans worship him as a god.


“If A Single Bullet Is Fired We WILL Nuke The United States”

If even a single bullet is fired, says Un,  his country will immediately initiate a nuclear attack on the United States.

In a statement, North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said: “The Korean People’s Army will reduce the bases of aggression and provocation to ashes with its invincible Hwasong rockets tipped with nuclear warheads and reliably defend the security of the country and its people’s happiness in case the US and the South Korean puppet forces fire even a single bullet at the territory of the DPRK.”

In an earlier statement U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson pointedly told North Korea that the policies of previous U.S. administrations, which allowed the North Koreans to achieve the nuclear bomb, have ended and that the United States will be pursuing a new strategy to disarm its long time adversary.

Noting that no option is off the table, Tillerson demanded North Korea cease pursuit of all nuclear programs:

Let me be very clear… the policy of strategic patience has ended… we are exploring a new range of diplomatic, security and economic measures… all options are on the table… North Korea must understand that the only path to a secure, economic prosperous future is to abandon its development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and other weapons of mass destruction.

We have repeatedly warned that North Korea could be the trigger for war that could see a dozen or more countries in conflict should President Trump no longer pursue the failed policies of patient diplomacy taken by his predecessors George Bush and Barack Obama.

Statements from Tillerson, as well as the North Korean response threatening outright nuclear war, show that the situation in the region is escalating. 

And though most Americans have gotten used to the rhetoric and inaction of North Korea, the Trump administration’s approach could be a global game changer with severe consequences.

It is not that difficult to envision a scenario in which President Trump takes military action involving more than a single bullet in response to Kim Jong Un’s nuclear and missile tests.

In that scenario, Kim Jong Un may take things to the next level, which could see the launching of nuclear tipped ballistic missiles or even Super EMP weapons designed to disable the U.S. power grid in one fell swoop.

If you go to the link to read the full article, you will notice the article comes from a site called and of course it is a prepper site using the abbreviated letters for Sh..Hits The Fan Plan.

Their site is all about helping their readers get prepared to start eating squirrels, burying canned goods, building bunkers, stockpiling guns, etc...

Clearly, their site doesn't fit what Christ told us..."Fear not!"

We followers of Christ are supposed to be different than the rest of the world that has no hope.

Jesus clearly told us that conditions on earth before He comes for His bride will be like the conditions were on earth before Noah's flood came.  People were eating, drinking, planting, building, marrying and planning weddings THEN and they will be before the rapture too.

I think it's wise to have some basic food put in the pantry and maybe a back up source of heat in case we have a power outage for a few days....but I really don't have a plan in place to subsist on squirrels while I live in a bunker with plans of shooting anyone who comes on my property to steal my fried squirrel.

Syria Tells Russia to Defend Her from Israel

We have even more news today coming from the Jerusalem Post and mentioning Russia, Syria and Israel all in the same article.

Here is the line that REALLY caught my eye;

“Damascus counts on Russia to take a role in order to prevent Israel from attacking Syria in the future.”

Syrian President Bashar Assad warned Israel on Monday that his country has a right to defend its borders.

“Defending our borders is our right, and it’s our duty, not only our right,” he told Russian reporters in Damascus according Russian news site Sputnik.

Assad also told Russian parliament members, who paid an official visit to the capital on Monday, that he was counting on Moscow to prevent Israel from attacking his country in the future.

“We are counting on Russia to prevent a conflict with Israel,” Assad was quoted as saying by several Russian media outlets.

Interfax also quoted him as saying that “Damascus counts on Russia to take a role in order to prevent Israel from attacking Syria in the future.”

The Syrian president also told the officials that he was supportive of a Russian proposition to help reach an agreement in its country, that is still in the throes of its bloody civil war as it has been for the past six years.

Russian website LifeNews reported that Assad also said that the current support Syria has been receiving from Russia sufficed, but that he was confident that Damascus could easily receive additional support from Moscow if the need arose. 

By openly alluding to a future conflict with Israel, Assad has, for the first time, officially reacted to the recent escalation between Israel and Syria. 

He spoke after Syrian government forces fired an anti-aircraft missile at Israel Air Force jets during an air-strike last Friday to halt the flow of advanced weapons to Hezbollah near Palmyra. By openly referring to a conflict with Israel, Assad, for the first time, has officially reacted to his country’s recent escalation with Israel.

This was the most serious incident to take place between the two countries since the Syrian Civil War first started in 2011. 

On Friday, Israel’s Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Moscow to defend the air-strike. According to media reports, the strike occurred very close to Russian troops.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry on Monday denied a report in the Russian news agency Interfax that Koren had been summoned for the second time to speak with Russian officials.

On Sunday night, Syria envoy to the UN Bashar Jaafari spoke about the strike on Syrian TV. According to Ynet, he said Russia had sent Israel a clear message of displeasure and that it wanted Israeli to stop its air-strikes against Syrian rebel forces fearing it would cause an escalation of hostilities.

Israel and Russia have a mechanism in place so that any defensive Israeli air-strikes against Syria would not put Russian troops in harm’s way.

Syrian Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council Hussam Edin Aala condemned the IAF strike, and warned that with such actions Israel was supporting terrorism.

“The military aggression by Israel inside Syrian land on the 17th of March is proof of the support Israel provides to terrorist groups,” Aala said in Geneva on Monday. “This aggression for us is a violation of the charter of the United Nations, international law and UN Security Council resolutions. It is a great threat of international peace and security.”

Israel has said the air-strike was necessary to stop the flow of weapons to Hezbollah. It is concerned by the actions of both Hezbollah and Iran in Syria, particularly near the Golan Heights border.

“When we detect attempts to transfer advanced weapons to Hezbollah, and we have the intelligence and feasibility to carry out an operation, we will work to prevent it,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday.

At the UNHRC, however, Aala alleged that Israel was helping the rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra. The group is fighting the Syrian government forces, but also has ties to al-Qaida.

Separately, Aala also attacked Israel for treating wounded Syrians in its hospitals.

“It [Israel] wants to give a humanitarian face to the way it has treated terrorists from al-Nusra in Israeli hospitals,” he said.

He further called on Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights, which it recaptured from Syria in the Six Day War.

The UNHRC is expected to pass a resolution at the end of this week that echoes those calls. It does so at every session.

Israel annexed the Golan Heights in 1981, and during his trip to Washington last month, Netanyahu asked the Trump administration to recognize the Golan Heights as part of Israel, particularly in light of the Syrian civil war.

Russia and Israel WILL BE coming into conflict in the future.  You can take that to that bank.  And statements like we read in the above article simply HAVE to be foreshadowing that inevitability.

Another topic that Syria just can't let go...Assad is calling on Israel to give them back the Golan Heights!  Seriously!!

Ummmm....yeah....that's not gonna happen Syria.  You can quit wishing and hoping because Israel will NEVER give back the Golan Heights to you.  You lost that land fair in square in 1967 when you attacked Israel with plans of killing all the Jews and taking all their land from them....and once your butt was kicked all the way back beyond the Golan you now cry to the rest of the world about how badly you got beat up!

"Wahhh!!!  We want our land back!  Wahhhhh!!  United Nations, PLEASE make those Jews give us all the land back that they so viciously took from us!  Wahhhhh!!"

Monday, March 20, 2017

Russia Summons Israel to Explain Syria Strikes

When you see Russia, Syria and Israel mentioned in the same need to pay attention.

Russia summons Israeli ambassador to explain air raids in Syria

Russia summoned the Israeli ambassador to demand an explanation for Israel’s air raids in Syria last week, Moscow has confirmed, as an Israeli drone was blamed for the targeted killing of a senior pro-Assad fighter in a second reported incident.

The summons, made on Friday, was confirmed by Russia’s foreign ministry which said the Israeli ambassador to Moscow, Gary Koren, had been asked to explain an exchange of fire with Syrian government forces in which anti-aircraft missiles were fired at Israeli jets.

According to Israel’s Channel 2, the Israeli strike hit close to Russian troops.

Russia’s deputy foreign minister, Mikhail Bogdanov, said Russia had “expressed concern”. The diplomatic intervention marks the first apparent fracture in the secretive deconfliction arrangement between the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, over where, when and who Israeli jets can strike in Syria.

Israel had interpreted the arrangement as giving it a relatively free hand to attack warehouses and shipments of advanced weapons destined for Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed and pro-Bashar al-Assad Lebanese militant group. But Friday’s raid, reportedly by four Israeli jets which penetrated Syrian airspace, appears to have changed that dynamic after the interception of an SA-5 missile that flew into Israel forced it for the first time in the six-year Syrian civil war to acknowledge an attack.

Syria’s use of anti-aircraft missiles against the Israeli jets, however, suggested an increased confidence in the Assad regime, which has seen a number of similar air raids by Israel. Syria’s ambassador to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari, on Sunday insisted the Syrian response was “in line with Israel’s terrorist operation” and had “changed the rules of the game”.


Clearly, we are in very dangerous times when you have 7 different nations operating their military in the same nation.  One wrong missile or one wrong move could ignite some serious problems.

Ezekiel 38 is on the horizon.  We have no idea WHEN that will play out....but as we have said before it seems likely that it would play out AFTER the rapture.  Maybe in the time lapse AFTER the rapture but BEFORE the 70th Week of Daniel commences?

Remember, the rapture IS NOT the event that kicks off Daniel's 70th's the PEACE AGREEMENT that the Antichrist confirms with Israel that kicks it off.

Ignoring God's Warnings

It's amazing to me how many people in America, including those sitting in church pews, believe that God will always bless America and would NEVER do anything to knock us down from our high pedestal.

Some of you probably receive Pastor Greg Laurie's daily devotional...but for those who don't, here is his Devo from today;

Monday, March 20, 2017

Ignoring God's Warnings

"But you would not listen to me," says the Lord. "You made me furious by worshiping idols you made with your own hands, bringing on yourselves all the disasters you now suffer."

—Jeremiah 25:7

Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were Jewish teenagers who ended up as captives in ancient Babylon. Through the years, their people had a propensity to turn to false gods. So the Lord raised up prophets again and again to warn them, but they didn’t listen. God even raised up the prophet Jeremiah to tell them that if they didn’t stop their idol worship, He would judge them and allow another nation to defeat them in battle and take them captive. Not only did God tell them this would happen, but He also told them which nation would defeat them.

The Israelites persisted in ignoring God’s warnings, however, and just as He predicted, King Nebuchadnezzar overtook them and hauled them off to Babylon as captives.

Speaking through Jeremiah, God said to them, “Because you have not listened to me, I will gather together all the armies of the north under King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, whom I have appointed as my deputy. I will bring them all against this land and its people and against the surrounding nations. I will completely destroy you and make you an object of horror and contempt and a ruin forever” (25:8–9).

I can’t help but think that God has been giving warnings to our own nation as well. How long will people in the United States continue to thumb their noses at God? How long will they continue to mock Christians and mock the Word of God? Do they not think that God could allow another nation to defeat us? Do they not think that we could reap the inevitable consequences of our sin?

We could. I believe the Lord is warning our nation. And I think we have two options before us in the United States: judgment or revival. I hope it’s the latter.

World War 3 is Coming...

Well here's an ominous headline to start your Monday morning with.

World war 3 is coming...

The prospect of a global conflict – World War III if you like – appears somewhat unthinkable. Since the Second World War, there has been no major war between the great powers. The original post-war European project was based around peace, social justice and harmony. The unravelling of this project, accompanied by rising nationalism, is likely to exacerbate the dangers of war on a continent with a fraught history of bloody conflict.

In the 20th century, both world wars were unanticipated. Christopher Clark’s much acclaimed The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 – published in timely fashion for the centenary of First World War – charted Europe’s unexpected descent into war. First World War had been preceded by a prelude of serenity – the long 19th century of relative peace and stability. The great powers of Edwardian Europe had been engaged in diplomacy and trade prior to the onslaught of carnage.

During the 1930s, the major powers were keen to avert another war hence the policy of appeasement, the initial reluctance of the US to become involved and the Nazi-Soviet pact. Neville Chamberlain’s ill-fated announcement of “peace for our time” should be viewed in this context. Throughout the Cold War, the concept of a third world war was inextricably associated with nuclear war and the MAD doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction.

Yet it is possible that future conflict between the great powers may take the form of another cold war or even a conventional (as opposed to thermonuclear) hot war. In the 21st century, there are three key fronts emerging as the loci for future wars. The first is the Europe-Russia front with a new cold war triggered by the Ukrainian conflict. The second is the Middle East cauldron centred around Isis and the Syrian war. The third is the Asia-Pacific front with a face-off between the United States and China.

Time magazine – the original Cold War mouthpiece of the American establishment – trumpeted the start of Cold War II in 2014. Western powers have characterised Vladimir Putin’s incursions into Georgia in 2008 and lately Ukraine as aggressive expansionism. Evidently the irony of the US casting aspersions around violation of national sovereignty, in light of the folly of the Iraq war, seems to have been lost. The realist perspective – as articulated by John Mearsheimer in the pages of US foreign policy bible Foreign Affairs – is that the Ukrainian crisis was preceded by two decades of NATO expansionism up to the borders of Russia. This was in contravention of promises made to respect these boundaries at the end of the Cold War.

The Trump transition is likely to exacerbate US-China tensions. Trump has threatened a trade war with China. While his chief strategist Steve Bannon stated in March of last year that, “We’re going to war in the South China Sea in five to 10 years…. There’s no doubt about that.” If there is a coherent philosophy of Trumpism then it is represented by the ideology of Bannon. Bannon subscribes to the Huntingtonian idea of a coming clash of civilisations between west and east with the Orient bracketing both China and Islam.

Bannon views China and Islam as expansionist threats. He has also stated that the Judaeo-Christian west is, “at the beginning stages of a global war against Islamic fascism” and that, “We’re clearly going into, I think, a major shooting war in the Middle East again.” China will eventually overtake the US in economic terms but US supreme military dominance is unchallenged. This is a dangerous discrepancy as it means that the US will use this military power to guarantee its economic prerogative – particularly as a massive national security apparatus now seems to dictate US foreign policy. As Obama has put it, the US is exceptional because it acts.

This would be in keeping with the default operational mode of capitalism. One might even argue that capitalism often resolves systemic economic crises through war. After all, a war economy with militarisation, mobilisation, full employment and jingoism can be viewed as the ultimate solution to economic woes and social unrest. The transition of Western democracy to oligarchy and the descent into soft fascism is under way. Citizens will need to participate actively, rather than as passive consumers, to demand an end to this cycle of violence from governments and to defend the assault on democratic processes. We can only hope that British foreign secretary Sir Edward Grey’s refrain on the commencement of First World War – “The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time” – will not be repeated in ours. But the omens are not good. As the late Eric Hobsbawm put it, the old century has not ended well.

OUch!  There are some pretty serious statements in this this one from one of Trump's advisers;  “We’re going to war in the South China Sea in five to 10 years…. There’s no doubt about that.”

For anyone who thinks that mankind has figured out a way to "just get along", you better think again.

Planet earth just isn't set up for that.

When the "whole world is under the control of the evil one" (1 John 5) you can know for sure that wars, famines, rape, hatred, murder. child abuse, drug abuse and all sorts of other heinous problems will be the standard until the Lord returns to set it all straight and usher in his Millennial Kingdom on earth.  

"Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."