Saturday, January 24, 2009

Deception Growing

When I spoke at adult ed a few months ago I laid out the groundwork for what clues the bible may hold for "fallen angels" visiting the planet earth. Some prophecy watchers have hypothisized that the increase in sightings of UFO's and the reports of "alien abductions" could correlate to the Genesis 6 account of fallen angels messing with mankind.

Of course this treads the waters of extreme supernatural occurences...but if one believes in angels (which we can't see) then one also has to believe the bible's account of satan and 1/3 of the angelic creation falling away from God. So what are these fallen angels up to today? Where are they? Furthermore, why does the bible give satan the title "prince of the air"?

According to the attached article there is much discussion and headlines about a UFO that buzzed Obama's inauguration. You can read it and watch the video here;,2933,482427,00.html

Israel has no Friends

According to this article, Israel is becoming friendless in the world...and may soon lose the U.S. as it's last friend. This would make perfect sense according to biblical prophesies since the last days will be marked by God himself defending Israel. The bible is very specific that God won't use armies of men to defend the Jews/Israel, but will use supernatural works of His own hands.

Read Newseek article here;

But while the world pulls away, the Jews are drawing closer together as they realize that ultimately they will be standing alone.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gas Discovered in Israel

The fact the Israel has just discovered a huge natural gas well, is significant in a number of ways. First off let's remember that Ezekiel 38 says that the enemies of Israel will be enticed to invade Israel to take Israel's wealth. Read the passage and it says, " you come to plunder and take booty?" So obviously, Israel must have somthing that the world desires in the Last Days. We already know the Dead Sea minerals are worth $billions and if they discover gas and oil worth $billions more...the prophecy is further shaping up to be fulfilled.

Furthermore, a discovery like this can make Israel independent from importing energy. This is a big deal for any country but even more so for Israel since the hatred of the world seems to growing towards her.

Certainly something big is happening and Israel is right smack dab in the middle of it....just as the bible said she would be.

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Miracles in Israel

The recent war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, has done a few things. Number one, it has opened up and revealed a very large fracture in the Arab/Islamic world that if not fixed could collapse what little unity they have. Number two, it has unified Israel in a way that hasn't happened since the start of their modern history.

Fully 92% of the Israeli population were in favor of the Gaza invasion. That's incredible when you realize that they have all their political parties, some religious some secular, that are constantly in disagreement. Furthermore, a majority of the population are in agreement that they will remain unconcerned about what the outside world is saying about them. They are getting comfortable in their role that they will be the frontline of attacks by the evil in the world and are stepping up to take their God given role of being a light in the world. And finally, there are miracles happening as God seems to have directed their fighting in Gaza...just like He did when they were clearing out the Holy Land 3500 yrs ago.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hamas Must Be Delusional

Because of Hamas, Israel was forced to go into Gaza and blow up $1.5 billion worth of buildings, lay the city low and kill 1300 people during the 3 week campaign. So what does Hamas do the day after Israel stops shelling....the surviving leaders crawl out of hiding and declare a victory over Israel. Read some of these quotes from the leader of Hamas;

Meshal went on to say that the Gaza offensive was a "total defeat for Israel" because it failed to achieve its goal including the ouster of Hamas from Gaza. "Instead, Hamas emerged stronger with enhanced Arab, Islamic and world backing," he said. "The only success scored by Israel was the killing of more than 1300 and injury of about 6,000 people, half of them children and women."

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Is the world truly going to expect Israel to make peace with these literal crackpots?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Hope of the World

Not only is Obama expected to bring hope to the U.S., but the entire world. If this isn't a foreshadowing of how the anti-christ will come to power and build a one world government...I don't know what is.

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Arab Summit

The Arab Summit did not end well. It appears that the rift is growing. While on one side, we might think that is good because they usually don't have Israel in their best interests...but the flip side is not good if the Arab world breaks apart into anarchy, wars and civil wars. If those Arab states start to fail (as some predict) they could become a huge platform for Al Qaida and other terrorist organizations, to train and launch their program for global chaos. Also, lest we forget...a huge percentage of the world's oil comes from those states and if they erupt in chaos, it will be painful for us all.

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Insights from Jerusalem

The following comments are from a Jew in Jerusalem who runs a jewelry store I visited while in Israel a few years ago;

Moshe Kempinski

The history of a people can only be determined and written by individuals with passion and vision. The unfolding of a people's destiny is blocked and deterred by small people with petty desires. Small people like our leaders who are frightened by the world's opinions and whose actions are directed by the election polls that are being published every night. That is the reason it was expected that Olmert and his cadre of self centered politicians would replay the Lebanon cease fire model.

This is despite the fact that the U.N.-mandated disarmament of Hezbollah in Lebanon has turned into an international joke. Instead of disarming or blocking the further flow of armaments to the Hezbollah, the ceasefire has made it impossible for Israel to react against the continuation of the farce.The powers of the world has succeeded again to force the very willing Israeli leadership to re-enact the same arrangement in Gaza.

Does anybody really think the Egyptians would ensure that their Muslim brothers would not re-arm themselves? Can anyone assume that foreign troops would risk themselves attempting to arrest or eliminate the rocket launching terrorists? The only thing one can safely assume is that the Hamas will rearm. It will build stronger fortifications and it will bide its time.

President Obama flush with his self image as the new messiah will turn the screws on the only side of the conflict who is weak enough to comply, the Israelis. The European governments mindful of the growing and vocal Muslim electorate in their countries will try to impose their Pax Europa on the stubborn stiff necked Jews. The Muslim nations buoyed by their belief that the end days of Jihad have arrived will continue to use their two most powerful weapons, terror and the narrative of suffering.

The future looks bleak except that Israel is poised for a change. That change will reshuffle the cards that have been dealt. The powers that will ensure that change have already been released during this past conflict in the Gaza strip. The source of those powers is in the heavens but its actualization has already been unleashed in the hearts and souls of many in this eternal land.

Rather than looking towards G-d and crying out that the dangers are so large, we should be looking at the dangers and crying out that our G-d is so large.

Isn't it interesting that a lot of us Christians are seeing the "Messiah" syndrome in President Obama...and so it this traditional Jew?

Arab World in Crisis

I just finished watching the LORD OF THE RING'S movies a few weeks ago. If you haven't seen them, they are very well done and there are a lot of biblical motifs running through the story line which is an epic battle of good vs. evil.

One think I noticed in watching the films is that the bad guys would unite to try and overthrow the good guys, but whenever they were given any down time, they were so evil and so full of violence and hatred that they could turn on each other in a heartbeat and start fighting each other. That motif seems to be happening in the Arab world today.

The Arabs, (who share Islam as a religion) have been very united in their quest to rid the middle east of Israel. But when Israel started bombing Gaza three weeks ago, not all Arabs stood up and offered to go to war to defend their Arab cousins. And as such, it has exposed an ever widening rift in the Arab world...which may soon collapse into anarchy if the Islamist radicals have their way.

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