Friday, June 6, 2008

Israel's patience

How can anyone fail to see that Israel is in the news every single day...just as the bible said it would be as the Day of the Lord approaches. There is no logic for the world to be so caught up in this tiny strip of land with 7 million people. Certainly there are MUCH bigger things for the world to be concerned about. Since there is no logical reason, we need to understand that it's a supernatural reason and the spiritual warfare in the heavenlies is heating up. This is the number one headline today on Fox News.,2933,363606,00.html

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Driest Ever

When I was in Sacremento last year, we drove through the Sacremento valley and my aunt told me that enough food is grown in that valley alone to feed the entire U.S. I have no idea if she is correct, but the point stands that California produces an ENORMOUS amount of food goods. So when you see their Gov. say words like this, "driest ever in our state's history" know that the situation must be worrisome. You can read about it here;

More Rumors of War

Rumors seem to be breaking out all over. Now Olmert is feeding the rumor that the U.S. will do "something" about the Iranian nuke problem before Bush leaves office. Read about it here;

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

50% more food needed

"There will be famines and earthquakes everywhere." said Jesus in his Olivet discourse. I think we have seen the earthquakes increase exponantially in the last hundred years...will the famines now start to be widespread? Riots are breaking out in various places as the rising food prices (caused by shortages) are forcing millions more to go hungry.

Don't preach in London

We have talked about muslim integration in Europe, and it's not going well. Europe brought in cheap labor from Africa and a lot of them brought their muslim religion and traditions. For various reasons they have not assimilated. Since muslim families are averaging 4-5 kids per family and non-muslims are averaging less than 2, it doesn't take a math whiz to see that muslims will soon have a majority in some European countries. When that happens they will be able to elect muslim officials who will then be able to pass laws (sharia laws?) that the freedom loving minority probably won't like. This article is pretty scary since it is happening in London. It seems that two preachers handing out Christain tracts were forced by police to leave since they were offensive to the muslim area they were in. Read on;'You+can't+preach+the+Bible+here,+this+is+a+Muslim+area':+What+police+told+Christian+preachers/

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Iran and Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda is made up primarily of Sunni Muslims and Iran's leaders are mostly shiite muslims and have been, in the past, less than helpful to each other's causes. So what do we make of these talks? Let's think about what they have as common goals. Would they both like to see Israel purged from the face of the earth?....yes. Would they both like America dealt a death blow by using WMD's for attacks within our borders?...yes. As the old saying goes, "My enemy's enemy is my friend."

Monday, June 2, 2008

More threats from Persia

I guess Ahmadinejad has been consulting with his spiritual advisor...the anti-Christ. He's definately under some supernatural spell because he has it all backwards if he believes Israel and the U.S. are pawns of Satan. He claims that he physically consults with some spirit of the 12th Imam. If this is true, we know who sent that spirit to talk with him...the father of all lies. Read on;

I will remind you of who the 12th Imam is. He is a nephew of Muhummad who disappeared during a funeral and the legend grew that he is being hidden by Allah and will reappear in the last days to kill all the jews, Christians, buddhists, etc... Basically he will kill everyone who won't surrender to Islam and then will rule the world under sharia law...which is the law written in the Koran. Truly the anti-christ is really hard at work to deceive those who won't accept The Truth. Some Islamic prophecy states that world chaos and mayhem will be the condition of the earth and it's inhabitants when the 12th Imam returns. What is SO scary about Ahmadinejad is that he believes it is HIS role on earth to hasten the chaos necessary to bring back the Imam. And this guy is cooking nuclear bombs in his basement as we write. I'm sure glad Obama is going to go talk to him as soon as he can. Maybe Mr Obama can finally tell him how the 12th Imam is really the spirit of the anti-christ that the Apostle Paul told us about. That ought to go over well.

CNN Talks about THE END

In the past we have talked about how even the secular media has started to wonder if strange things are happening. In this video clip from youtube, you can watch as CNN's Paula Zahn interviews Rev. Falwell and a Catholic priest about The End Times.

For the record, I concur with the series of events that Falwell lays out. I also believe it is notable that the catholic priest really doesn't believe that God is going to leave anyone behind. He seems more concerned about how people of the world are being divided and less concerned with what God's word is actually saying.

If you like that clip, here is another one from CNN regarding the end times. It starts off with VERY interesting news story about a physical book of Psalms that was plowed up someplace and was open to Psalms 83 which talks about the enemies gathering against Israel. It then progresses to Joel Rosenberg and Jerry Jenkins being interviewed.