Friday, November 19, 2010

Hate in the Holy Land

We know the persecution is growing against Christians. Check out this video about what is happening to Christians in parts of Israel.

See it here;

Most are getting beat by Muslims but some are getting in trouble with fundamental Jews.

Hat tip to Dave G.

Quantative Easing Explained

Really....everyone must watch this cartoon video explaining EXACTLY what the Federal Reserve is up to with this latest round of money printing. What a great way to deliver the truth of what is happening...but in a way that makes you smile while you watch it.

See it here;

About 5 minutes into the video/cartoon there is a clever line, "Is this an episode of the Twilight Zone?"

About 6 minutes in, listen for them to talk about how Obama wants to blow up the entire world's financial system.

Let's face it....even some cartoon characters can here the footsteps of the Anti-Christ as one day he will take control of the entire global financial system.

Warning....the cartoon character uses a few profanities, so if you are easily offended by a few off color words, you should avoid this video.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pressure Increasing Every Day

We know that the U.S. is pressuring Israel to stop building houses in Jerusalem. Why? Because the Arabs have said they won't come back to the negotiating table unless Israel puts a moratorium on building any more houses.

Israeli government officials expressed optimism on Thursday regarding the possibility that the drafting of letter detailing understandings on the proposed 90-day building moratorium in the West Bank will be completed shortly.

The crucial document from the US is meant to persuade government hard-liners to renew a ban on settlement construction so that the stalled Mideast peace talks could resume.

An Israeli official said an agreement has been reached on most of the American incentives detailed in the document, including the delivery of 20 F-35 warplanes in 2015.

It remains unclear whether the Cabinet will convene Thursday to vote on the agreement, but a government official said, "It must be passed as soon as possible, because the pressure on Netanyahu is increasing every day."

See it here;,7340,L-3986589,00.html

We citizens of the U.S. need to hold onto our hats as our government continues pressuring Israel in regards to the Holy Land. Divine history shows us that it doesn't bode well for countries who meddle with God's land.

It makes one wonder....if we tell Israel not to build houses....could our own housing market continue to come crashing down?

"Devil Attack" at School

Sadly, I believe many (most?) modern day Christians have marginalized and even done away with the supernatural stories of the Bible. Stories of Christ casting out demons ("the people were suffering from epilepsy") and stories of talking donkeys, ("that donkey of Balaam's was simply a parable") to Jesus raising the dead, ("he was just sleeping or in a coma")....we want to use science to try and explain the unexplainable.

With that being said, teachers are reporting a massive Satanic attack at a school in Trinidad.

Panic broke out at the Moruga Composite School yesterday as 17 female students fell mysteriously ill and began rolling on the ground, hissing and blabbering in a strange tongue, after suffering bouts of nausea and headaches. Two of the students reportedly tried to throw themselves off a railing and had to be physically restrained, triggering fears of a possible demon attack. The drama started during the lunch hour in the Form One block and quickly spread to other areas. Form Five student Kern Mollineau, who attends the Lighthouse Tabernacle Church, said he got worried when the girls’ eyes began rolling up in their heads and they began beating up on the ground.

With the assistance of several other students and teachers, the pupils were taken to the multi-purpose hall where some of them fell into a semi-conscious state. Mollineau recalled: “One girl was blabbering as if in a strange language. I could not understand what she was saying. “It was sounding like ‘shebbaberbebeb shhhhee.’ The girls were unusually strong. We had to hold them down so that they will not hurt themselves. “The teachers were right there. I get a kick in my face when one of the girls started beating up on the floor. Many of them had bruises.” Mollineau claimed he actually communicated with the “devil which had possessed the girl. “I asked the Devil what he wanted with the girls and the voice said he wanted a life. He kept saying to send the girls in the toilet and to leave them alone,” Mollineau claimed.

Of course we weren't there to know what the heck was going on...but do we believe what the Bible says about demons, angels, fallen angels, floods, Nephilim, water from rocks, parting of seas, etc.... we only believe the parts that "aren't too far fetched"?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Four Horsemen Prepare to Ride

Last Sunday in adult education we talked about the potential financial collapse of the U.S. and/or the global economy. We also talked about the eyes of the world being on Israel. And finally we talked about how a haunted house is scary the first time you go through it....but by the second and third time you know in advance when the boys dressed in masks are going to jump out and scare you. You also realize that they are just boys in masks...and so the whole experience seems a lot less scary.

We concluded that that's why the Bible tells you these things in you can prepare your hearts and minds for what is it will be less scary.

Jesus said, "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed."

Jesus goes on to tell us in Luke about coming persecution; "But make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves."

Today I ran across this writing from prophecy writer, Mike Taylor. It offers confirmation that others are seeing and discussing the same things that we are.

The world is in economic upheaval. Never before has the world economy been as we see it today. Could it get even worse? Are you prepared for what is coming on the face of the earth? And the focus of the message, are the four horsemen of the Apocalypse preparing to ride?

“The National Inflation Association today announced the release of its report about NIA's projections of future U.S. food price increases due to the massive monetary inflation being created by the Federal Reserve's $600 billion quantitative easing. This report was written by NIA's President Gerard Adams, who believes food inflation will take over in 2011 as America's greatest crisis. According to Mr. Adams, making mortgage payments will soon be the last thing on the minds of all Americans. We currently have a currency crisis that could soon turn into hyperinflation and a complete societal collapse.”

Let’s look at history, which we are repeating. During the depression, there was also one going on in Europe. The currency collapsed and the money they used became worthless. It took a cart full of money to buy one loaf of bread.

Now are these predictions and their timetable set in stone? Do we know for a fact that 2011 will be as bad as they predict? Of course not. But a wise person makes plans in the face of mounting evidence that we are on the cusp of some very hard times. A wise person puts back staples, water, food and basic supplies to weather the start of this collapse, but no one can weather the flood of economic indicators that say it will be as bad or worse, then the Great Depression. If we, who have faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, are still here to see the start of this economic crash, we will must rely and have faith in the One who has sustained us and will continue to sustain us even in hard times.

See it here;

Sounds like scary times. Sounds like the god of Mammon (god of wealth and money) may be ripped out of every one's hands...and the harder you clutch her the more your fingers will bleed. That's probably why Jesus tells us to hold money and wealth VERY loosely.

Are we prepared for hard times? Have we made up our minds in advance to not deny Christ if persecution comes? Have we made up our minds beforehand of how (and if) we will share our food and warmth with our hungry, totally confused neighbors?

Have we set aside anything to share with our neighbors? Remember, if the Lord tears down Mammon and the USA turns into a very dark place....people will be coming towards the light of the Holy Spirit that indwells in believers. Will we be ready to offer them a little food, some comfort and source of our hope...which is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Will we be standing on a firm foundation when the storm rolls in and blows everyone else away?

Pray the the Lord of the Harvest will give us discernment to understand the times we are in. Pray that he will help to prepare our hearts and minds for what may be coming....which may be sooner than we think.

Even so....come Lord Jesus.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Unprecedented Crisis

The financial news just keeps on-a-comin'.....and sorry to report, but it's not looking good for Western Civilization.

The euro is facing an unprecedented crisis after another country indicated on Monday night that it was at a "high risk" of requiring an international bail-out.

Portugal became the latest European nation to admit it was on the brink of seeking help from Brussels after Ireland confirmed it had begun preliminary talks over its debt problems.

Greece also disclosed that its economic problems are even worse than previously thought.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, raised the spectre of the euro collapsing as she warned: "If the euro fails, then Europe fails."

Read more:

Holy collapsing currencies!! Could the Euro and the European Union really fail? As of late we have been so busy watching the U.S. dollar being devalued we haven't checked in on the Euro.

What does the Bible say is coming? A one world currency. Could we be on the cusp of the major currencies of the world becoming such a mess that the global economy needs to put together a new global currency? If that happens we would certainly need some form of global government to keep an eye on the global currency coursing through the veins of the global economy...right??

The world can almost hear the footsteps of the anti-Christ.

The Good News for those indwelt with the Holy Spirit is that the trumpet call of God will certainly precede the anti-Christ.

Should we, brothers and sisters, be surprised if we hear a loud command, the trumpet and the voice of the arch-angel sometime soon??

"But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief in the night." 1 Thessalonians 5:4

"Unusual" Quakes and Fog

It seems there have been a series of quakes happening in Israel. Of course the word, "unusual" is what catches the eye.

At the same time they also experience heavy fog...that is unusual.

Northern residents shook off seven mild earthquakes between Sunday and Tuesday while heavy fog shut down Ben Gurion airport, stranding thousands of travelers.

One earthquake in the Galilee before dawn Tuesday morning measured 3.6 on the Richter scale and did not cause any injuries or damage.

Mild tremors are not uncommon in Israel, which is situated over the sensitive Syrian-African fault, but it is unusual that’s so many are reported within the space of two days. The first tremor struck Sunday evening in the Upper Galilee, measuring 2.7 on Thursday Richter scale.

Unusually heavy fog closed down Ben Gurion Airport for several hours Monday night Tuesday morning, stranding thousands of travelers trying top leave while incoming passengers found themselves landing in Turkey, Jordan, Cyprus and Greece.

See it here;

I wonder if any of these unusual events have anything to do with peace negotiations that entail dividing The Land?

No doubt these quakes will continue building all over the world as the earth prepares one day for the largest earthquake to EVER shake planet earth. Of course that day will be when Jesus returns.

Even so...Come Lord Jesus!

Hindus Join Holiday Display

OK folks,... pour yourself some hot cocoa, put on your slippers and hit "play" on your Ipod once you have located, "Let There be Peace on Earth." Once you have done all that you can commence reading the Mission Viejo Dispatch (Southern California)...and this does promise to warm your heart even more than a good cup of cocoa!

Hindus Join Holiday Displays
by on November 15, 2010

The Indian Cultural Club is joining the other sponsors of religious holiday displays this year at Chrisanta and LaPaz. The Club’s application indicates its inaugural display will be the Om (or Aum) Symbol in conjunction with the Hindu Festival of Diwali which was celebrated Nov 5-9.

The other groups are regular participants at the ‘4 corners’:

*South Coast Community Church will present the birth of Christ with its Nativity Scene.
*The Spiritual Assembly Baháís will highlight children in a celebration of the birth of Baháu'lláh.
*Chabad Jewish Center of Mission Viejo will sponsor a Menorah.
*The Orange County Islamic Foundation will present a ten-foot lighted display.

Several years ago Mission Viejo City Manager Dan Joseph said the City would “get out of the religion business” in response to potential constitutional legal challenges alleging discrimination. The Council reversed course, opening the process to other groups, after a public outcry about the potential loss of the Christmas scene.

There have been some incidents of vandalism. The baby Jesus was taken on a couple occasions, and last year someone spray-painted the Islamic display.

One of the four corners was the location for Santa’s workshop for decades, but two years ago the Mission Viejo Activities Committee moved the workshop to Civic Center Plaza to improve safety and create more space. The 4 corners workshop was replaced with a large Santa sleigh.

The exhibits are scheduled to be available for viewing November 21 to January 7.

See it here;

I can't wait until the Satanists call the Mission Viejo council and ask to join in the festivities by placing an exhibit featuring a recreation of a demon possessed little girl whose head spins around and spews vomit as she utters blasphemes in a guttural voice.

I wonder how long the Creator of the Universe will let Emanuel (which, of course, is Himself) share the spotlight with Baha'u' llah?

I wonder how morally and spiritually insane this country will have to get before God says, "Enough!"

Oh well....not to worry....just pour yourself another cup of cocoa and be happy that everyone will be having lots of FUN as they view this wonderful Holiday display!

Hat tip to James L. for braving things out in Mission Viejo and being a Watchman on the Wall in the Land of Fruit and Nuts. After's a dirty job, but some body's gotta do it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Up is Down and Down is Up

In the upside down world of Iran they have it all backwards. Satan started turning them many centuries ago....and now they are a complete 180 degrees upside down.

We know that Iran uses Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and Syria as Iranian proxies to foment war and stoke the hatred fires for Israel.

But Iran sees the opposite.

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian military commander slammed the Israeli officials' recent war rhetoric against Iran, and said that the US and Britain are using the Zionist regime as a tool to trigger war in the region to achieve their illegitimate goals.

"We shouldn't expect the Zionist regime to make peaceful and conciliatory statements and condemn war," Iran's Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Hassan Firouzabadi told reporters on Monday.

"In fact, Israel is the leverage of the US, Britain and the Zionists … which is used for sparking war to break Muslims' power," the commander noted.

Now pay close attention to this sentence;

Firouzabadi further pointed out that Zionists are moving in the course of annihilation, and stated that they will continue their warmongering remarks until the day they are actually annihilated.

See it here;

There's all that annihilation talk again. Those Persians are certainly dreaming of the day when the Sons of Isaac are no longer successful as a race and a country. It is an embarrassment to them (and the god they worship) that the Sons of Ishmael have not overthrown them and cast them all into the sea.

This Satanic hatred is growing towards Israel on a daily basis. We know that at some point there is going to be a popping point....and something big is going to pop in the Middle East. Why do we know this? Because the Bible tells me so.

Hat tip to Tom.

Didn't We Cast Out Demons?

Yesterday in adult education we talked briefly about Jesus' words from Matthew 7;

21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

Today we have this headline coming out of the Catholic church;

Catholic Bishops: More Exorcists Needed

NEW YORK (AP) — Citing a shortage of priests who can perform the rite, the nation's Roman Catholic bishops are holding a conference on how to conduct exorcisms.

The two-day training, which ends Saturday in Baltimore, is to outline the scriptural basis of evil, instruct clergy on evaluating whether a person is truly possessed, and review the prayers and rituals that comprise an exorcism. Among the speakers will be Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, archbishop of Galveston-Houston, Texas, and a priest-assistant to New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan.

"Learning the liturgical rite is not difficult," DiNardo said in a phone interview before the conference, which is open to clergy only. "The problem is the discernment that the exorcist needs before he would ever attempt the rite."

No one knows why more people seem to be seeking the rite. Paprocki said one reason could be the growing interest among Americans in exploring general spirituality, as opposed to participating in organized religion, which has led more people to dabble in the occult.

See it here;

So,.... more Americans are interested in "exploring general spirituality".....and they will shop around like they would shop for a pair of tennis shoes. "Well, this one feels really good to me!" or "I don't like that church because they talk about sin and hell!" or "I really like that church because the services are so short and you can eat cinnamon rolls and coffee right in the sanctuary while the dude is preaching!"

Is it any wonder that Satan is having a field day in this generation of selfish, rebellious, wealthy brats?? Is it any wonder that more folks are dabbling in the occult? Is it any wonder that more folks are getting infected with demons?

Friends, I am 100% confident that there are millions of folks walking around planet earth who have a demon that needs to be exorcised....but I sure wonder if the Catholic church isn't going to be the ones that Jesus is referring to in Matthew 7? They seem to be the religion that trains folks to cast out demons.....yet I personally have met few Catholics who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Let's pray that Christ will cut through the perversions of man-made religions and make many to see clearly in these last days.

Hat tip to Barb F.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

World is Furious

It's interesting that Obama ran on a platform of promising to make the world like us again. The liberal view was that the world couldn't stand George Bush for all of his arrogance and failed policies.

And now, just a few years into Obama, the world is furious at us. Yeah, he promised "change", and we all believed he meant, "change for the better", not "change for the worse."

America is now isolated and the rest of the world is furious. The widespread use of capital controls and even a lurch into 1930s-style protectionism are both far more likely than just a few days ago.

The Federal Reserve's words may have been anodyne. "We will adjust the programme as needed to best foster maximum employment and price stability," said the US central bank's Open Market Committee. But by announcing another round of "quantitative easing", America is rightfully incurring the wrath not only of the emerging giants of the East, but the eurozone too.

The US had hoped China would use the forthcoming G20 summit in Seoul to accept America's proposal that net exporters should limit their current account surpluses to 4pc of GDP. Any prospect of that is now gone.

This crazy money-printing is going to be seen as the primary cause of Western inflation, food riots and a commodity price spike.

See it here;

Yes, all of us Americans have gotten used to our lifestyles consisting of cheap fuel, cheap food, cheap debt and cheap housing due to low interest rates. It's now very possible that all that could change....and change at a speed that will take every one's breath away.

If this does happen, do doubt the Lord will use this shock to draw people to the false god of Mammon is pulled away. As believers we need to be ready for the harvest, and we do that by being ready with with an explanation of what Christ is doing in the world.

Are you ready?