Saturday, November 24, 2012

Egypt's New Pharoah

Are you guys watching the news coming out of Egypt??

Surprise!!  The new democratically elected President, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, (a terrorist organization) has pulled a big power grab.  He wants to make himself immune from the law!  You gotta love that!

Now people are gathering again to protest.  Maybe another ARAB SPRING in Egypt?

I don't have much time to talk about it right now, but if you haven't been watching this, you might start watching closely.



We watch Egypt because they are named player in the LAST DAYS the Bible speaks of.

Also remember that they appear to be named in the Psalm 83 war that many think is drawing close.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Man Cooks Wife While We Cook Turkey

OK...I was going to skip the gory, 'bad news' headlines today in honor of Thanksgiving and was just going to say something like, "Have a blessed day!"

So I got up early today to make stuffing then stuff and roast a 23.8 pound turkey.  Everything went well and the bird fit in the roaster and is steaming away as I type.

Then I grabbed my coffee and turned on my laptop only to find this headline about what someone else was steaming in the kitchen.

Cross-dressing husband 'dismembered wife and cooked her body parts in pans on the stove after stuffing her severed head in the freezer'

  • Frederick Hengl, 68, faces first degree murder charges in his wife's grisly murder
  • Police found flesh and bones belonging to his wife, Anna Faris, simmering inside three pans
  • Work bench with bone saw and other cutting tools was set up in a bathroom
  • Officers found a bag filled with freshly cut bone pieces and a meat grinder 'in use' 
  • Neighbours reported hearing power tools and horrible smell pouring from house over last week and a half
  • Victim Anna Maria Faris described as frequently running around neighbourhood holding a knife and with her pants down

  • Here:

    Can you sense some Satanic perversion to the 10th degree going on here??  Why would the victim frequently run around holding a knife with her pants down?  Why do all these cannibalistic stories involve people pulling their pants down??  "They invent ways of doing evil....."

    "Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not be done."  Romans 1:28

    Dude!!  Dressing in ladies panties while you behead your wife and cook her on the stove OUGHT NOT BE DONE!!

    When a person turns from God and seeks evil over and over again...this scripture tells us that ultimately God will just say, "You really want Satanic evil and perversion?  Here you go.  I'll be waiting if you ever want to seek me again."

    Any-who, since there really isn't a good segue here....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  Enjoy your families, enjoy the plentiful food we have, the electricity, running water, natural gas, hot showers, big screen TV's for football, etc....  It is all a blessing from God.

    I wonder how many more Thanksgivings America will have?  I wonder how many Americans are worshipping the blessings today instead of worshipping Him who gave them?

    Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    Satanic Deception is "Evolving"

    As the End of the Age draws close, it SHOULD NOT SURPRISE US that Satan and his lies are growing bolder by the day.  Satan is the Father of All Lies and since he knows that we are in the Last Days he is tripping the trigger on all the traps he has been setting for the past few thousand years.

    I use TWITTER to post a link to my blog when I have a new blog entry.  As some of you know some people can 'follow' you and you can sign up to 'follow' other people and/or groups and organizations.

    A few months ago I noticed that I had a new follower so I followed them to see what types of things they were saying.  Here is just a sampling of how Satan works his lies.

    In many religions, a term God has been used but the meaning might be ambiguous. Sometimes it was used to mean an eternal existence without any personality, although there often appeared human-like Gods with personalities in a Myth or in a Bible. But the truth is this. God is an eternal existence who created the universe and all the livings, and traditionally called Gods with human-like personalities are the high spirits such as the top leaders in our planet. Jehovah, Jesus, Buddha, Moses, and various other spirits who have been considered as Gods are those leaders. Actually, we have ten great spirits who have been leading and guiding the civilization of our planet.

    We are given everything in ourselves, all the faculty as God, but in potential, even freedom of wills is given. So we have to evolve towards God by ourselves. We have to find the faculty of God sleeping deeply in us, and blush them up as our faculty by ourselves. That is the meaning of freedom.

    Yes....Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Jehovah and various other spirits have all been gods...and actually we have ten spirits leading our planet?

    Huh....who knew??

    So it is up to us to use our freedom to evolve towards God by ourselves?


    Can you see how God the Father, God the Spirit and God the Son (Trinity) came to bring us TRUTH?...and how Satan takes that truth and then twists it around with a gradual twist until folks that follow the twist are heading 180 degrees AWAY from Truth?

    Idonesians Protest Israeli Terrorism

    Why the heck would a bunch of Indonesians, thousands of miles away from Gaza, want to start protesting against Israel for killing a few dozen Arabs in a defensive war? 

    Why haven't they been protesting Syria for killing thousands of Arabs?

    Why haven't they protested America for killing hundreds of civilians in Afghanistan?

    Why?....because Indonesia is a Muslim nation...and you can't link yourself to the Satanic death cult of Islam for long before you start to feel the pull towards hating Israel and ultimately hating Jews.

    Indonesians protest Israel's Gaza offensive
    JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesian police have fired tear gas to push back nearly 200 protesters at the U.S. Embassy in the capital angry over Israel's offensive against Palestinian militants in Gaza.

    Members of the Islamic Student Association rallied Wednesday in front of the embassy in Jakarta, waving Palestinian flags and holding banners that read: "Save Palestine from Israel, the terrorist."

    Jakarta police spokesman Col. Rikwanto said protesters hurled rocks and eggs outside the embassy, forcing the anti-riot squad to fire tear gas to disperse the crowd. Twelve students were detained for questioning. No injuries were reported.

    The weeklong Israeli offensive against militants in Gaza has killed more than 130 Palestinians. Militant rocket fire into Israel has killed five Israelis.

    Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, is a strong supporter of the Palestinians.


    Gazans went to the voting booth and elected Hamas, which is a terror organization.  They wanted Hamas to shoot missiles into Israel...and the have shot thousands over the past few years.  When Israel can stand the attacks no longer...Israel retaliates with missiles right into the bedrooms of Hamas. 

    Why can't people understand how simple that story is? 

    Because the world is going TOTALLY blind.  They simply can't understand truth...and they certainly can't understand Truth.

    As we have been saying...when you see something that makes to logical sense, there must be a supernatural force behind it.

    In this case the supernatural force is Satan, who is the Prince of the Earth...and he is working his lies through Islam.

    "We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one." 1 John 5:19

    No wonder we are all so excited to see King Jesus!!

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    U.S. Troops Headed to Syria?

    As the WARS AND RUMORS OF WAR continue to build....we see some chatter about the U.S. military having to send troops into Syria in order to secure the chemical weapons...lest they should fall into even SCARIER MUSLIMS.

    WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has told the Obama administration that any military effort to seize Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons would require upward of 75,000 troops, amid increasing concern that the militant group Hezbollah has set up small training camps close to some of the chemical weapons depots, according to senior American officials.

    The estimated size of the potential effort, provided to the White House by the military’s Central Command and Joint Staff, called into question whether the United States would have the resources to act quickly if it detected the movement of chemical weapons and forced President Obama, as he said in August, to “change my calculus” about inserting American forces into Syria. So far Mr. Obama has avoided direct intervention into the most brutal civil conflict to emerge from the Arab Spring uprisings, and the Pentagon assessment was seen as likely to reinforce that reluctance.

    The discovery that Hezbollah has set up camps close to some of the depots, however, has renewed concern that as the chaos in Syria deepens, the country’s huge chemical weapons stockpiles could fall into the wrong hands. Hezbollah fighters have been training at “a limited number of these sites,” said one senior American official who has been briefed on the intelligence reports and spoke on the condition of anonymity. “But the fear these weapons could fall into the wrong hands is our greatest concern.”


    Yes!!....they could fall into the wrong hands!!  Holy surprise!!!!!

    Isn't that funny that the Arab world has become so nasty that Syrian president Assad is thought of as the "right hands" to hold those chemical weapons?

    We thought Mubarak of Egypt was a bad dude...until we found out later that the Egyptians wanted an even worse dude to run their affairs...and they voted in the Muslim Brotherhood.

    I have an idea that when Assad gets killed or arrested that Syrians will also elect someone who is filled with even more hatred of Jews and Israel than Assad is.

    And if those evil forces get their hands on tons of nerve gas and start trying to use it on Israel...the Isaiah 17 prophecy will be fulfilled faster than you can say, "nuclear bomb."

    Hat tip to Tom F.

    Terrorists Agree to Set Aside Differences

    Please remember that most Muslim terrorist groups hate each other.  In fact, more Muslims are killed by other Muslims than all other sources combined.

    So what is the ONE THING that can bring Jihad groups together and serve to focus their hatred?.....killing Jews and destroying Israel.

    Today we find this coming from an Iranian news source.

    Israeli Assault Leads to Reconciliation, Unification of Opposing Palestinian Groups

    TEHRAN (FNA)- The Palestinian groups, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah announced in Ramallah on Monday that they have put aside their differences and stand united against the Israeli regime.

    A prominent Fatah leader, Jibril al-Rajoub, addressing a protest rally in Ramallah said "We and other Palestinian groups' leaders announce an end to (our) differences."

    He said that the now unified Palestinian groups have already started activities and a national program to halt the Israeli aggressions on Gaza.

    Mahmoud al-Ramhi, a Palestinian parliamentarian and Hamas' representative, also announced his movement's agreement with the reconciliation among Palestinian groups.

    Thousands of Palestinians took part in a protest rally in Ramallah (a stronghold of Fatah) in the West Bank on Monday. They chanted slogans in support of Gazans and against the Israeli aggressions.

    Israel's fresh assaults on Gaza started on Wednesday and the Israeli military launched a series of new air and sea attacks against the Palestinians in the coastal territory.

    A least 90 Palestinians have been killed and more than 700 others injured in the new wave of the Zionist regime's attacks on Gaza.

    Here's the link;

    Please remember that Fatah was elected by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to rule the West Bank territory and also the Gaza territory.  However, Hamas was NOT HAPPY with the election results.  Hamas believes that Fatah is way too into talking and not shooting enough missiles into Israel, so they waged a war in Gaza about 4 years ago.  Hamas militants battled Fatah militants in the streets of Gaza.  Of course they brutalized each other and did unspeakable things to each other in Gaza...but Hamas prevailed and now has full control of Gaza.  And yes the people of Gaza have since given their voter approval to Hamas.

    Anyone with an ounce of discernment can clearly see the Satanic hatred that literally oozes out of these Muslim terror groups.  They hate ALL THINGS of the One True God and of course hate the Trinity.  Tragically they have been 100% deceived into believing that Allah is God...when in reality Allah is a Satanically inspired power that leads people to death, misery and hell.

    As difficult as it is...please remember to pray for these lost Muslims, especially the violent ones.  Only Jesus can change their hearts and only Jesus can change the direction of their souls.

    Hat tip to Tom F.

    Monday, November 19, 2012

    When Children Suffer and Die

    This morning I turned on the news and saw images of bombs exploding in Gaza and the Arabs their pulling little children out of the rubble...many of whom were dead while many more were injured.

    The reporter went to an Arab standing there and said, "Do you want Hamas to quit shooting missiles at Israel so Israel will stop bombing you so that this death and destruction might cease?"

    "No," said the Arab man, "I want all the Arab militants to increase their missile fire into Israel."

    Friends, when parents make bad mistakes many times it is the children who suffer and die.  Remember that the Arabs have had a supernatural hatred towards the Jews since the times of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael.  (Read Genesis)

    Last night I was watching the amazing Ken Burns documentary on PBS about The Depression and the Dust Bowl that took place in OK, CO, KS, NM, TX and other plains states.  Why did all the top soil blow away and form huge dust clouds 10,000 feet high and make dirt drifts as high as a barn?  Because in their greed and hunger for prosperity, the farmers plowed up millions of acres of grassland that was only meant to support grass, buffalo and cattle.  Once the grass was removed and a dry spell came...there was NOTHING to stop the incessant wind.  It turned out to be the largest natural disaster to EVER befall America.  It decimated millions and millions of acres.

    The dust was so bad, and so thick that the children had no way of NOT breathing it in.  Dozens and dozens of children got dirt in their lungs and died.  Was it the children's fault that dirt was in the air?  Of course not.  They suffered because of the choices and actions made by the adults.

    Of course this is not a new story.  It's ALWAYS been that way and it ALWAYS will be that way.

    Joshua 7:24-26

    24 Then Joshua, together with all Israel, took Achan son of Zerah, the silver, the robe, the gold bar, his sons and daughters, his cattle, donkeys and sheep, his tent and all that he had, to the Valley of Achor. 25 Joshua said, “Why have you brought this trouble on us? The Lord will bring trouble on you today.”
    Then all Israel stoned him, and after they had stoned the rest, they burned them. 26 Over Achan they heaped up a large pile of rocks, which remains to this day. Then the Lord turned from his fierce anger. Therefore that place has been called the Valley of Achor ever since.

    Achan had sinned and directly defied the clear orders from God...and his whole family, including his sons and daughters and all his animals ,paid the price for his sin...and God's anger dissipated.

    Of course I could give you many more examples in the Bible where God ordered the Israelites to kill everything in the city that they were taking over...including all the children.

    Kids pay the price.

    Now watch this short video clip about what the adults are teaching their children in Palestine and many other Arab countries.

    They are being taught to hate and kill Jews.  They are being taught that the ultimate goal in life is to die as a suicide bomber for Allah.  They see their grade school being named after a young boy who blew himself up trying to kill Jews.  They see mothers publicly saying that they dream of the day when their kids will blow themselves up.

    Is this a tragedy?  Of course.  Is Satan behind this?  Of course.  Are millions of Arab children being brought up to worship Satan and to dream of dying?  Of course.

    Will Arab children die by the thousands because of the mistakes of their parents?  Yes.

    When will this all stop?

    Only when Jesus returns to set up his kingdom will this stop.

    Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  This part of the world is so full of the Satanic lies of Islam that it is about to catch fire.

    Thank you Jesus that you saved us from Satan's traps and have given us eternal life.  I pray that the Lord of the Harvest will gather MANY in these last days before Satan consumes them.

    Sunday, November 18, 2012

    No End in Sight to Israel-Gaza Violence

    If you want to watch some video from the BBC about Gaza and Israel exchanging can see it here;

    Notice at the end of the video the reporter says, "There is no end in sight."

    Israel has been shelling Gaza for a fifth day, killing at least 21 people, as PM Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was ready to "significantly expand" its operation.

    Rockets from Gaza have again landed in Israel. One rocket caused damage and injuries in the city of Ashkelon.

    The BBC's Jon Donnison sent this report from Gaza City, where he said there was "no end in sight" as the violence continued.

    Of course this violence will soon have the world yelling at Israel to stop bombing Gaza...but where was that same world when militants from Gaza lobbed 8000 missiles into Israel?  Where were the calls for Gaza Arabs to make it stop?  Of course there weren't any.

    That is the double standard.

    If a grizzly bear is sleeping and you go and poke it with a fork until it wakes up and proceeds to rip your arm off...does anyone say, "Hey Mr. Bear!  You used unequal violence!!  You should have only poked him with a fork and given him what he gave you!!"

    Of course not.  When you provoke a bear, you will get hurt.

    In the same way, the Arabs need to understand that you can't provoke Israel with 8000 random missiles fired from Gaza and expect Israel to respond with 8000 missiles fired arbitrarily into Gaza.  No they will respond with laser guided missiles, attack helicopters, tanks and war planes...and they will will the arm off of Hamas....and anyone unfortunate enough to be ruled by Hamas will end up in harms way.

    Sadly, the people of Gaza VOTED HAMAS INTO POWER.

    Also if you want to talk about double standards, look at America waging a war in Afghanistan.  How many Afghan civilians have we killed in the past 10 years as we attempt to root the Taliban and Al Qiada out of the hills?  Hundreds.

    But as soon as Israel goes into Gaza to stop the Hamas and a few civilians get killed....the world has a HOLY COW.

    "I will make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples reeling."  Says God.  Zechariah 12:2

    Who are the surrounding peoples?   Look on a map and see who is surrounding the Jews of Israel.