Friday, August 4, 2017

Is A War With North Korea on the Horizon?

You can file this under WARS AND RUMORS OF WAR

It sounds very serious.

The top general of the U.S. Army said tough choices will have to be made in the near future regarding North Korea.

The statement came on the heels of Pentagon officials telling CBN News that North Korea was about to test another intercontinental ballistic missile in the near future. Then on Friday the communist regime did exactly that.

In a candid interview at the National Press Club, U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said North Korea is the biggest threat to America and we can no longer take a wait-and-see attitude.

"War in the Korean Peninsula would be terrible. However, a nuclear weapon detonating in Los Angeles would be terrible," Gen. Milley said.

He went on to say the North Korea threat is serious and it's not going in a good direction.

Military experts say the North is a country with a wide variety of missiles, a sizeable conventional force, along with chemical and nuclear weapons.

"A war in the Korean Peninsula would be highly deadly. It would be horrific," warned Gen. Milley. "The United States military along with the South Korean military would utterly destroy the North Korean military -- but that would be done at high cost."

"But we are at a point in time where tough choices will have to be made," he continued. "We are going to have to make conscious decisions that are going to have significant consequences and I will just stop there. It's not going to be a pretty picture -- I can tell you that. It's going to be very violent."

If we do end up attacking North Korea and thousands are killed, the leftists would go crazy....and they would point at Team Trump with hatred in their eyes.

If the military does NOTHING and North Korea ends up killing thousands of US citizens and/or destroying USA....the leftists would then stand around saying "Why didn't someone DO something to protect us?"....and they would point at Team Trump with hatred in their eyes.

New Pixar-Like Cartoon About Gay Boy

What can be more innocent and appealing to little kids than cartoons?  Cartoons are just plain fun!!

Recently, some Florida college students made a 4 minute cartoon about a boy who is so in love with another boy that his heart jumps out of his chest and starts chasing the other boy.

Of course, to the leftists who made the cartoon they want to send out the message that "the heart wants what the heart wants!" so just follow your heart to happiness!!

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our hearts and desires will continue to lead us into hell if we let them.

Get your tissues handy – you’re going to need them after watching In a Heartbeat. It’s a new animated short film that is absolutely breaking the Internet, and it’s so necessary in today’s climate of intolerance and hate.

In a Heartbeat was put together by Ringling College of Art and Design students Beth David and Esteban Bravo as their computer animation thesis, but it has now taken on much more of a life than just a school project. It deals with a young boy struggling to come to terms with his feelings for a handsome peer, a topic never previously explored by animated film, and features an adorable jumping heart that is just begging to be made into a new Pixar mascot. In just 4 minutes, it captures the experience of countless LGBTQ youth, and shows them that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

The Florida students managed to successfully crowdfund almost 5 times their original estimated costs to produce the film through Kickstarter, and their hard work is paying off. Since hitting YouTube, In a Heartbeat has racked up over 5 million views, and everyone watching it is begging for a sequel. Take in the touching short for yourself below, and find out what people are saying about it!


Jeremiah 17
The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?

So the Bible says that the heart is deceitful about ALL THINGS and beyond cure....but this cartoon clearly sends the message that if your heart wants must be good!!  "Just follow your heart!"

But what if my heart wants two wives?  Is that good?  What if my heart wants sex with prostitutes?  Is that good too!  How about if my heart wants sex with men and women?

What if my heart tells me that I'm actually a little girl trapped in an old man's body?

I think you get the picture.

It's just so sad to watch the indoctrination of our society and our kids.

But please remember, NONE OF THIS IS A SURPRISE TO GOD!  He knew where our society was heading before He formed the foundations of the world.

Hat tip to Guy B.

Trade War With Russia

History shows us how many wars actually start.  It begins with currency wars where they attempt to upset each other's financial system by adjusting the value of their currency to make their products appear cheaper.  Next they will apply tariffs to raise the price of the products coming in and to make their own products more competitive.  This can end up progressing into a full scale trade war.  That usually goes on for a while but can ultimately may lead to a shooting war.

In short, good relations with your neighbors is the best bet against your armies shooting and killing each other.

According to the news our relationship with Russia has deteriorated to a low point not seen since before 1991 when the Berlin Wall fell.

Now today we are reading that we have moved into a "full-scale trade war" with Russia.

New sanctions on Russia which US President Donald Trump has signed into law are tantamount to a "full-scale trade war," Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Wednesday.

Medvedev also said in a Facebook post that the sanctions showed the Trump administration was utterly powerless.

"The hope that our relations with the new American administration would improve is finished," he wrote.

I'm sure by now that most of my readers know to watch Russia because they are one of the named players in the Ezekiel 38 coalition which continues to gather strength.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trans-Age is a Thing Now

What if your driver's license says you are a 52 yr old man....but your mind tells you  that you are actually a 6 yr old girl trapped in an older man's body?

Well, you might actually be transgender AND trans-age.

Just when you thought the transgender movement couldn’t go any further, it does. Stefonkee (formerly Paul) Wolscht, a married 52-year-old father of seven, in a recent interview with the gay news site The Daily Xtra claims he is now a 6 year old girl.

“The Daily Xtra video, however, glosses over a tiny bit of important information about Wolscht: he thinks he is actually a six year-old girl—not just a woman, but a six year-old girl—stuck in the body of a 50-something man.

“At age 46, Wolscht deserted his wife and his seven children to live his ‘true’ life.

“’There’s days I forget my past,” Wolscht says. “I can actually go a week without even thinking about what was before.’

“’I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children,” Wolscht admits. “But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child. I don’t want to be an adult right now and I just live my life like I couldn’t when I was in school.’

“Wolscht is not speaking in an abstract sense. He actually wants to be a child.”

So how exactly does this work?

“He explains, “Well, I have a mummy and a daddy. [An] adopted mummy and daddy who are totally comfortable with me being a little girl. And their children, and their grandchildren, are totally supportive. In fact, her youngest granddaughter… When I was eight. A year ago, I was eight, and she was seven. And she said to me, ‘I want you to be the little sister, so I’ll be nine.’ I said, ‘Well, I don’t mind going to six.’ So I’ve been six ever since.’


And please remember, if you actually say (or even think) this man needs psychological help....then you are a hateful, spiteful, bigoted, sexist, transphobic person!  And you should be ashamed of yourself! Don't judge lest ye be judged!  Get on the right side of history and celebrate the movement of society! Humans now have the right to be any age, any sex or any race that they want to be!  So love it or leave!

(click on the link to watch the video of this confused man)

Come Lord Jesus!

hat tip to Guy B.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Billionaire Doomsday Maps

I saw this article today in Wealth Adviser.  It's talking about how the billionaires of the world are buying underground bunkers in hopes of riding out doomsday.

The world sure seems willing to talk openly about DOOMSDAY and ARMAGEDDON.

Remember, this article came from an online magazine which caters to wealthy people.

When I wrote my first article on billionaire bunkers years ago, I never would have imagined how quickly our world was changing.

Our lives are in a constant state of flux, the political situation aside, our earth is rapidly changing. Between the increase of bizarre weather patterns hitting the earth, and recent major volcanic activity, now more than ever our focus is on our planets future.

In the early 1980's, spiritual visionaries and futurists provided clues to our changing planet. Often dismissed as crazy prophets, their thoughts for a new world were quickly ignored and laughed at.
Gordon-Michael Scallion was a futurist, teacher of consciousness studies and metaphysics and a spiritual visionary. In the 80's he claims to have had a spiritual awakening that helped him create very detailed maps of future world, all stemming from a cataclysmic pole shift.  

The result, while not based on any science, nonetheless provides a vivid and compelling picture of an Earth ravaged by flooding.

Scallion believed that a pole shift would stem from global warming, nuclear activity, and the misuse of technology. Another theorist and psychic Edgar Cayce predicted a 16 to 20 degree shift, while Scallion predicted a 20-45 degree shift.

Cayce predicted that when both Mt. Etna volcano in Italy and Mt. Pelee in Martinique erupt together, there will be approximately 90 days to evacuate the west coast before the massive flood claims the coastline.

But the most compelling argument is that an asteroid or comet collision with earth could cause the entire planet to shift its axis of rotation.

According to a NASA report, “Many doomsday theorists have tried to take this natural geological occurrence and suggest it could lead to Earth's destruction. But would there be any dramatic effects? The answer, from the geologic and fossil records we have from hundreds of past magnetic polarity reversals, seems to be 'no.' There is nothing in the millions of years of geologic record to suggest that any of the doomsday scenarios connected to a pole reversal should be taken seriously.”

Billionaires such as John Malone (currently the largest landowner in America, owns 2,200,000 acres including Wyoming and Colorado), Ted Turner(2,000,000 acres in Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico and North Dakota), Philip Anschultz (434,000 acres in Wyoming), Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (400,000 acres in Texas) and Stan Kroenke (225,162 acres in Montana) all have amassed major land. Upon further research, many billionaires are preparing for future escape plans with “vacation homes” in remote locations. Many of them also have their private planes ready to depart at a moment’s notice.
Even a wealthy member of the Mormon church, David Hall reportedly has plans for 20,000 person self-sustained communities throughout the country, including the first in Vermont with a recent 900-acre farmland purchase. The communities will be called NewVistas.

Internationally, moguls in Australia and New Zealand have been snapping up farmland at record paces.

The interest in cattle, dairy and agricultural farms are all proving tempting for self-sustained survival. But more importantly the wealthy are preparing for safe escape havens, stockpiling real estate in dry areas and moving away from the old-school approach of storing food and water.

Money and precious metals will be useless, as self sustainable territory will become the new necessary luxury.

Many have installed helipads on their properties for easy access and many are buying up Silos and bunkers around the world.


So, to summarize....the rich people are buying underground bunkers/fancy caves in which they hope to ride out the end of the world in relative peace, safety and comfort.

Ummmm.....this sounds an awful lot like what the Bible says will be happening with the rich folks of planet earth before Jesus returns to rule and reign.

Revelation 6
15 Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. 16 They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us[f] from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of their[g] wrath has come, and who can withstand it?”

Ban on Cash Coming to America?

Saw this headline running across Google late last night.

Ban on Cash — Coming to America?

A firestorm of speculative commentary has been ignited by reports that JPMorgan Chase has ceased to accept cash for payments on credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, lines of credit and so on. Not to defend any bank actions, but it is not difficult to imagine the confused look of a teller when you show up with a bundle of cash and instructions on how to apply the cash toward a loan payment.

Of course it would beg the question, where did you get the cash? Did you steal it? Is it unreported income? Did you print it yourself? Or are you just trying to make a point? Point being: A ban on cash has begun.

It has long been argued that cash is a relic. It’s dangerous to carry large amounts; counterfeiting is still a threat; cash enables a myriad of illegal transactions especially when it comes to drugs and gang violence; and, to the extent one can earn cash and bypass tax laws — that hurts everyone. Besides, the digital alternative is so much more convenient and efficient. Scan your wallet over the Starbuck’s payment device or transfer money to your college kid with two clicks of a mouse.

These are the arguments in favor of eliminating cash. As you see, they are compelling. Nonetheless, the dollar bills in your pocket are supposed to be legal tender for all debts public and private. Instead, a shift in sentiment is relegating the role of cash to a tool used by criminals to somehow defraud the system.

How ironic, as it was cash that once replaced gold and silver coins under the auspices that cash was as good as gold, and in fact backed by gold and silver. This is how far we have come in the evolution of money. Ben Bernanke once responded to the question, “is gold money?” with the simple answer of “No.”

The reality is this: There is already so little cash in circulation as compared to the digital transactions taking place at every level of the economy and in the financial system that eliminating cash won’t matter one bit or byte. This will be illustrated further into this report. Nonetheless, it appears we are now near a time when cash won’t be money either. But why?

Indeed some point to practical reasons for its elimination as previously mentioned. Others claim an insidious plot by the banks to control all your money (for many reasons) and cash just gets in the way. Government is interested in making sure all taxes are collected and when it comes to actions that may threaten national security, monitoring the digital footprint of suspicious transactions is a priority. While still others point to an end-times scenario where you cannot buy or sell without using a numbered account. So go ahead, pick your reason and know the end of cash is coming. Now it’s your turn to get educated and see if there’s an opportunity that may change how you invest or protect your assets.

So last week the buzz was all about the company in Wisconsin putting micro chips in their employees hands so they could enter the building and buy anything from the vending machines.

Today we find more evidence about how the world is beginning to talk about the end of cash.

Should we be surprised if Jesus were to return for His bride sometime soon?

Luke 12

But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Battle Over Jerusalem Has Just Begun

Some of you may subscribe to Gatestone Institute, which is a conservative news site associated with John Bolton.  Gatestone is a secular website.

But it would appear that even the secular sites understand that for some strange reason....the world can't take it's eyes off of Jerusalem.

This article showed up today in my daily emails from them.

"The Battle over Jerusalem Has Just Begun"

The Palestinian "victory" celebrations that took place after Israel removed metal detectors and surveillance cameras from the entrances to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem bode badly for the future of stability and peace in the Middle East.

To the Palestinians and many Arabs and Muslims, the Israeli move is viewed as a sign of weakness. In their eyes, the removal of the security cameras and metal detectors is capitulation, pure and simple.

How do we know this? Easy: look at the Palestinian response. Rather than acknowledging the conciliatory nature of the Israeli government's decision, aimed at easing tensions and preventing bloodshed and violence, the Palestinians are demanding more.

As far as the Palestinians are concerned, the controversy over the Israeli security measures at the Temple Mount, which came after three terrorists murdered two Israeli police officers at the holy site on July 14, is part of a larger battle with Israel.

We have reached a new level in this discourse: Palestinian Authority (PA) officials are now openly admitting that it is not the metal detectors or security cameras that are at issue.

Instead, they admit, this is a battle over sovereignty on the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. For the Palestinians, the real battle is over who controls Jerusalem and its holy sites. The real battle, in their eyes, is over the Jews' right to live in their own state in the Middle East. Many Palestinians have still not come to terms with Israel's right to exist, and that is what this battle is really about.

The Palestinians, feeling triumphant now that Israel has complied with their demand to remove the metal detectors and security cameras, have been clarifying that it is only the first step in their fight to eradicate any Israeli presence in the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

No one explained this Palestinian position better than the PA foreign minister, Riad Malki, who announced on July 27 that the Palestinians consider the Israeli decision to dismantle the metal detectors and security cameras as surrender. He also confirmed what many Israeli and Palestinian political analysts have been saying for the past few weeks -- that the conflict over Israel's security measures was merely an excuse used by the Palestinians to force Israel to make political and territorial concessions.

In a speech before the Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo, Malki explained: "The issue is not metal detectors or cameras, but who is in charge and who has sovereignty over the Al-Aqsa Mosque." Malki went on to explain that the Palestinians do not see the recent conflict as a security issue, but rather as a purely political matter. "The battle over Jerusalem has just begun," he said, adding that the wave of Palestinian protests over the Israeli security measures had succeeded in "thwarting" Israel's "conspiracy" to change the historical and legal status quo at the Temple Mount.


Amazing!!  The Jews showed weakness in capitulating and agreeing to remove the metal detectors.  The Arabs now see this as a sign of weakness.

One day the Arab/Muslims are going to be in for a surprise when they discover that the God of Israel never slumbers and never sleeps.  Jerusalem is His forever and they have been squatting on His Holy Temple Mount for more than a few centuries now....and His name is NOT ALLAH.

Matthew 23
“Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.

Monday, July 31, 2017

US Army Teachers Soldiers How to Shower With Transgender People

So let's say you are a burly Green Beret who is stationed on a hilltop base in Afghanistan and when shower day comes around, a man steps into the shower room with you and he has big breast implants and very feminine features.  What do you do?

Or what if a woman stepped into the shower with you and has all her lady parts intact but insists her name is Steve.  She insists she is a man so feels most comfortable showering with other men.  Now what do you do?

Thankfully the Army has some sensitivity training tools to teach their soldiers how to shower with men who think they are women and women who think they are men.

They also address how to react if you should happen to find a 'pregnant man' in your company. (a pregnant man is really just a pregnant woman who believes she is a man)

Women soldiers were being trained to shower with biological men as part of the Army’s plans to accept transgender troops. Did this prompt the Trump order to ban Transgenders from service?

The bigger question is does sensitivity training ensure more readiness or is it a magnet for free sex-change operations for confused gender identity candidates? One thing for sure it had become part of the Pentagon’s new “transgender inclusion” agenda launched by Obama and gaining ground in the Armed Services.

Social conservatives mounted a counteroffensive to ditch the “trans” program altogether and with the election of Donald Trump and his – pardon the pun – “brass” balls – it looks like the experiment may be over. Although a tiny, tiny percentage of transgenders are serving in the military – the cost in time and money is in the billions. A welfare program – nothing less.

Some background:
Late in former President Barack Obama’s second term in office, then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter issued a “transgender inclusive” military policy set to be put into effect on July 1, 2017. It has only been ‘delayed’ by the Trump Administration for six months.

On June 30, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis postponed the opening of military enlistments to transgender people for an additional six months. The delay does not prevent currently serving soldiers from transitioning. It is intended to give the joint chiefs more time to review and mitigate the Obama-era rule’s impact on the readiness and lethality of our armed forces.

It is unclear what steps the Trump Administration will take once the six-month delay expires on the trans policy implementation.

The initiative, which bypassed Congress, also provides new training material for biologically female soldiers. They will now encounter “women with genitalia,” (men), in women’s bathrooms, barracks, and shower facilities.

In ‘considerations and responsibilities’ the Army instructs soldiers as follows:
1-Understand that you may encounter individuals in barracks, bathrooms, or shower facilities with physical characteristics of the opposite sex despite having the same gender marker in DEERS.
2-All Soldiers should be respectful of the privacy and modesty concerns of others. However, transgender Soldiers are not required or expected to modify or adjust their behavior based on the fact that they do not “match” other Soldiers.


If the US Military can exclude people who are color blind from should be a no-brainer that they should also be able to exclude people who are frustrated because they believe they are trapped in a body of the opposite sex.

Thank you President Trump for bringing an end to some of the insanity that has been flooding into our land....even if it turns out to only be a temporary still feels good.

"In the beginning God created them MALE and FEMALE.  MALE and FEMALE He created them."

As Christians we can truly feel sorry for the folks who believe they are the opposite sex.  And certainly we should pray for them that they would find Jesus and that He would save their souls and then allow the Holy Spirit to clean up their confused lives.

Remember, ALL HUMANS need this!  We are ALL BORN with confusion, sin and rebellion built right in!  And Jesus is the ONLY One who can eternally fix us.