Saturday, July 3, 2010

Glimpse of The Tribulation

Yesterday a fuel tanker-truck over turned in Congo. Folks came running from their homes with buckets to try and siphon off (steal) the gasoline leaking from the tank. Of course it exploded and killed 220+ people, injured hundreds of others and destroyed the mud and grass huts nearby.

We have posted about the Congo in the past and made the comments that Satan is alive and well there, as that region continues to butcher a million of its citizens and the world ignores it...just as Satan wants it.

Desire Yuma, a local Red Cross official in Bukavu, said Red Cross workers were still collecting charred bodies from the scene. The Red Cross put the toll slightly higher, at 221 dead and 214 injured, and said it was likely to rise.

Desperately poor people across Africa often descend quickly around damaged or disabled oil trucks leaking fuel on roads and highways, carting it away with plastic jugs, unaware of the danger of doing so.

The worst tragedies have occurred in the West African nation of Nigeria, where thousands have died as crowds siphoned fuel illegally from ruptured or pierced oil pipelines that subsequently exploded.

See it here;;_ylt=AtFW7j_uNdg8SQfD7_t3RCJv24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTNiYmV2ZmtiBGFzc2V0A2FwLzIwMTAwNzAzL2FmX2NvbmdvX29pbF9leHBsb3Npb24EY2NvZGUDbW9zdHBvcHVsYXIEY3BvcwMxBHBvcwMxBHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDY

The misery, fear and discomfort that most people live with on planet earth is so unimaginable for all of us who have grown up in the lap of luxury and wealth.

Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will bring supernatural hope to these lost countries where folks are living in Apocalyptic conditions....hopelessly overrun by demonic forces.

"The battle is not against flesh and blood......"

As Goes California.....

According to this article from Yahoo Finance, the state of California is attempting to impose minimum wages on more than 200,000 state workers. That means lowering their pay to $7.25 per hour.

I'm guessing that will make it dang near impossible for those 200,000+ workers to keep making payments on their houses, cars, etc...

If that happens, then you are going to have 200,000+ more houses in foreclosure AND 200,000+ more workers trying to attach themselves to the CA welfare system....which also is hopelessly broke.

It sure appears that CA may be starting into a downward spiral.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Some California state workers are preparing to tap into their savings while others already are cutting expenses as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's minimum wage order moved one step closer to reality.

On Friday, the Schwarzenegger administration won an appellate court ruling saying it has the authority to impose the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour on more than 200,000 state workers as California wrestles with its latest budget crisis. It was not immediately clear if the state controller, who cuts state paychecks on a decades-old payroll system, will comply. The office says its computers are unable to make the change until an upgrade is completed in two years.

The effect, however, was chilling for state government workers, many of whom say they have to prepare as if the pay cut will happen.

"I feel like we have a target on our backs," said Robert Blanche, a 20-year state worker in the disability division of the Employment Development Department. "My wife stays at home with the kids. This is our sole source of income. And people are going to lose their homes, lose their cars."

See it here;

California may be representative of what is coming for many, many states. They simply made way too many programs and spent way too much money when times were good.....never even entertaining the thoughts of how they would pay for them when times got bad.

Remember, CA has already gone to the Federal Government to ask for a bail out. (free money) And of course the answer from Team Obama will be, "California is simply too big to let it fail." So they will have no choice but to print some more money and pretend that the free paper money will somehow magically turn California around.

So what about New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Nevada? Will free paper be able to turn them all around when they come looking for a bailout?

How long can we pretend that the emperor has clothes....when we know full well that he doesn't?

How long can the Wizard of Oz keep pulling levers pretending that he controls all of Oz?

Friday, July 2, 2010

USA Like Roman Empire Before Its Fall

Rand Paul is running for the U.S. Senate and in a recent speech said the USA was looking similar to Rome before it fell.

We have also pointed out in the past the the Roman government attempted to placate it's citizens with coliseums and free handouts....very similar to the way our nation has gone on a stadium building frenzy....and our infatuation with pro sports.

Makes one wonder, that's for sure.

SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. -- Republican U.S. Senate nominee Rand Paul likened the United States to the Roman Empire in the days before it fell during a speech at a tea party rally on Thursday.

"In the latter days of Rome, the economy was crumbling, the emperor ... would placate the mob with bread and circus -- food and entertainment to placate them since the economy was in shambles and dwindling around them," Paul told several hundred people gathered for the rally in a Bullitt County park.

"Now in our country, as our economy is in shambles, they give us Cash for Clunkers and a stimulus check and they tell us to go to the mall and spend your money and everything will be OK ... That's not how you become prosperous as an individual or a country," he told the crowd of supporters.

See it here;

Many of the people I speak to believe it is impossible that the USA will ever be in a position where it is not the greatest planet on earth. When I ask them why they believe such a thing, the simple answer I usually get is, "Because we are America!"

I hope they are right....but the Bible has no mention of the USA anywhere in prophecy. I believe we will utterly collapse in the days following the rapture of the church. But the foreshadowing of our imminent decline seems to be evident in many places that one looks.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

More 12th Imam (Mahdi)

These YouTube links were sent by a faithful reader and give us evidence that many Muslims are looking forward to the Mahdi's soon return to earth. And many believe he is already here.

Remember, Iranian President Ahmadinejad believes the Mahdi is here but won't be revealed until global chaos ensues...and he wants a nuclear bomb. Hey?....I wonder if he wants to use it to cause global chaos? (insert sarcasm here)

Also remember that the Bible tells us that the Antichrist will be on earth while we Christians are here...but won't be revealed until after the rapture of the church...which will CAUSE global chaos.

See video here;

In this one, Ahmadinejad says Mahdi IS God! Remember the Bible tells us Antichrist will call himself God and demand worship.

In this one, you can hear evidence that Ahmadinejad believes that his personal mandate is to hasten the return of the Mahdi.

Again, as you ponder the starts to make sense. What the Muslims will believe to be the Mahdi sounds an awful lot like what the Bible describes as the Antichrist.

Thank you Jesus that those who have trusted in you won't be around to witness this confusing and terrifying time on earth.

Hat tip to Tom.

Iran Arms Syria With Radar

This is the headline on the front page of the Wall Street Journal today;

Iran Arms Syria With Radar
System Could Help Tehran Dodge Israeli Strike; a Blow to U.S. Strategy on Damascus

JERUSALEM—Iran has sent Syria a sophisticated radar system that could threaten Israel's ability to launch a surprise attack against Iran's nuclear facilities, say Israeli and U.S. officials, extending an alliance aimed at undermining Israel's military dominance in the region.

The radar could bolster Syria's defenses by providing early warning of Israeli air-force sorties. It could also benefit Hezbollah, the Iran-backed militant group based in Lebanon and widely believed to receive arms from Syria.

Any sharing of radar information by Syria could increase the accuracy of Hezbollah's own missiles and bolster its air defenses. That would boost Hezbollah defenses, which U.S. and Israeli officials say have been substantially upgraded since 2006, the last time Israel fought the southern Lebanon-based group.

Iran and Syria both denied that a radar transfer took place.

See it here;

Friends, did you see, "Jerusalem" and "Damascus" right there front and center in the lead story of the most read paper in America? This is quite simply amazing...and this news even further magnifies the fact that the attack window for Israel to damage Iran's nuclear ambitions....keeps sliding shut.

Also remember Isaiah 17. It sure seems like something may soon pop in Damascus.

Obama's Fiscal Road to Hell

Today's Wall Street Journal has an Opinion column by ex-Bush advisor, Karl Rove and the title is "Obama and the Fiscal 'Road to Hell'"

Why is the "Road to Hell" in quotes?....because those aren't Karl Rove's words but instead were uttered by the European Union President.

Great! we are being lectured to about fiscal restraint from the Europeans?

At last week's G-20 meeting, President Barack Obama achieved a two-fer. He suffered a significant international defeat, and he increased the chances his party will suffer a major domestic one this fall.
Mr. Obama's international defeat was self-inflicted. He went to Toronto to press other major nations to do as he has done: Expand government spending, or suffer, in the president's words, "renewed economic hardship and recession."

Canada, Germany, Great Britain and most other countries declined Mr. Obama's invitation. The German economic minister "urgently" prodded America to cut spending at a press conference on June 21, prior to the G-20 meeting. The president of the European central bank took direct aim at Mr. Obama's argument, telling the Italian newspaper La Repubblica on June 16 that "the idea that austerity measures could trigger stagnation is incorrect."

The European Union president, Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, tore into Mr. Obama's stimulus and other spending policies in a stunning address to the European Parliament in March 2009, calling them "the road to hell" and saying "the United States did not take the right path."

If it sounds strange to have European leaders lecturing the U.S. about fiscal restraint, it should. But that is where America finds itself after Mr. Obama's 17-month fiscal orgy.

See it here;

Did you catch that, "fiscal orgy" comment? Isn't that something? How many people do you know who when faced with bankruptcy caused by unsustainable spending and rapidly falling income, would go on a spending orgy and believe it would fix the problem?

Let's remember though friends that God sets up and tears down leaders and nations. It may have been U.S. voters who pulled the lever for Team Obama...but it was God who allowed him to ascend the throne of power.

And if God wants to have Team Obama on the throne when America is pulled down.....then, "Blessed be the name of the Lord!"

Continue praying for this nation and it's leaders....regardless of how you personally feel about them.

Scrap the Dollar

After the USA and it's allies won World War II, the world's economies and infrastructure were in shambles. But the USA had remained untouched by war bombs. Consequently the USA retained 50% of the world's manufacturing capability following the war and it's economy had been fully ramped up and was ready to go.

It was with that backdrop that the leaders of the crushed world met in the USA (at Breton Woods) and agreed that the U.S. dollar would serve as the world's reserve currency and that everyone else (who signed on at the meeting) would peg their currency to the U.S. dollar. It made sense at the time because we were about the only nation left to hand out loans allowing the world to be rebuilt.

Further it was agreed that the U.S. Treasury would only print $35 for every ounce of gold that they had in their vaults.....thereby actually tying the money to something of intrinsic value.

How times have changed.

Today the U.S. government is running a shortfall of about $5 billion dollars PER DAY! And it shows no signs of letting up. The Treasury has no choice but to print (or borrow) that money and put the zeroes in the Federal Government's checkbook.

Consequently our U.S. dollar has become very unstable over the past 30 years......and it is now becoming obvious to the rest of the world....and they are beginning to ask for a change to the system that has benefited the USA since the end of WWII.

(Reuters) - A new United Nations report released on Tuesday calls for abandoning the U.S. dollar as the main global reserve currency, saying it has been unable to safeguard value.

But several European officials attending a high-level meeting of the U.N. Economic and Social Council countered by saying that the market, not politicians, would determine what currencies countries would keep on hand for reserves.

"The dollar has proved not to be a stable store of value, which is a requisite for a stable reserve currency," the U.N. World Economic and Social Survey 2010 said.

The report says that developing countries have been hit by the U.S. dollar's loss of value in recent years.

See it here;

"But Dennis...this is all so boring....what does this have to do with me, my job and my family?"....some of you may ask.

Let me explain it very simply why it does matter to you and me. Under the current system, if the world wanted to buy anything or borrow anything they needed to come up with U.S. dollars....AND WE OWNED THE ONLY PRINTING PRESS THAT MADE U.S. DOLLARS! WE HAD A BUILT IN DEMAND BECAUSE EVERYONE WANTED SOMETHING THAT WE HAD THE KEY TO.

Imagine if one year from now, our Federal Government needs $5 billion per day to keep the doors open...AND WE HAVE TO BORROW THE MONEY FROM THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND OR THE CHINESE. WE DON'T OWN THE PRINTING PRESS ANYMORE AND WILL INSTANTLY BECOME SLAVES TO THE WORLD AS WE BEG THEM FOR ANOTHER keep our doors open for another day.

Yes, I know that we already owe the world $ Trillions....but we borrowed those $ Trillions in U.S. of course we have the luxury to simply print the money to pay back those dollars to the Chinese, Russians, Japanses, etc.....

"But Dennis, you are so dramatic...this could never happen in the USA. After all, we are the USA...the greatest country the world has ever seen!"....some may say.

To those who would say that, I would ask you to read your Bibles and see what has happened to the world's greatest civilizations mentioned there. Where are the countries today who once ruled the world? Where is Babylon, Rome, Greece, Turkey, Persia? What happens to all who would squander what God has given them? What happens to those who refuse to give thanks to their Creator for all He has done?

Doesn't it seem arrogant to believe the USA will be any different?

Doesn't the Bible tell us that, "Pride comes before the fall?"

Hat tip to Tom for the Reuter's article.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

G8 Believes Israel Will Attack Iran

When the G8 (8 largest economies in the world) met last weekend they discussed quite a few things. One of the discussions was the realization that Israel will attack Iran.

World leaders "believe absolutely" that Israel may decide to take military action against Iran to prevent the latter from acquiring nuclear weapons, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said Saturday.

“Iran is not guaranteeing a peaceful production of nuclear power [so] the members of the G-8 are worried and believe absolutely that Israel will probably react preemptively,” Berlusconi told reporters following talks with other Group of Eight leaders north of Toronto.

See it here;

No doubt the world is currently meeting the condition that Jesus said to watch for, "There will be wars and rumors of war." And of course we know that in the past 100 years on planet earth, more people have been killed in wars than all the centuries the birth pang on that front has no doubt been in full term delivery mode.

Prepare for "Monster" Money Printing

A very old and respected bank, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is telling it's clients to prepare for some "monster money printing" by the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Remember that dollars are, in reality, only pieces of paper backed solely by the confidence in the Government issuing it. Also understand that if they print twice as much money punishes savers because it can make the money they have already put into savings worth half as much.

Entitled "Deflation: Making Sure It Doesn’t Happen Here", it is a warfare manual for defeating economic slumps by use of extreme monetary stimulus once interest rates have dropped to zero, and implicitly once governments have spent themselves to near bankruptcy. (Hey...that sounds exactly like the USA!)

The speech is best known for its irreverent one-liner: "The US government has a technology, called a printing press, that allows it to produce as many US dollars as it wishes at essentially no cost."

Andrew Roberts, credit chief at RBS, is advising clients to read the Bernanke text very closely because the Fed is soon going to have to the pull the lever on "monster" quantitative easing (QE)". (Remember QE is bank-speak for "printing money")

"We cannot stress enough how strongly we believe that a cliff-edge may be around the corner, for the global banking system (particularly in Europe) and for the global economy. Think the unthinkable," he said in a note to investors.

See it here;

Wow!...that sounds like he's kinda serious about the global banking system being on the edge of a cliff.

It sure seems that mankind has about exhausted his capabilities to run things on planet earth. If mankind would repent and turn to their Creator....the coming wrath of God may be restrained. Sadly, we are about 99% sure that this scenario is not going to happen....because the Bible doesn't mention any period of time when most of mankind turns to God.

It is only when Christ returns with his heavenly armies that mankind will finally realize how ignorant, arrogant, selfish and proud we have been....and those left behind will weep when they recognize the one, true Messiah....and He will not be the suffering servant that he fulfilled during His first advent...but instead will be the wrath of God.

Hat tip to Mike S. for the article.

I Am Israel

This is a very well made short video that explains who the nation of Israel is today....but equally important gives a history of the enemies of Israel that have been contstantly trying to destroy her...first with guns and armies and next with lies and propaganda....and soon they will try again with guns, armies and missiles.

See it here;

Hat tip to Bob K.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Israel-USA in "Tectonic rift"

I was just feeling a little more optimistic about USA-Israel relations after hearing about the Senate vote to support Israel and then the G8 discussion which toned down it's pressure on Israel.

And now today we get this information from Israel's ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren.

A senior Israeli diplomat has warned that the Jewish state's relationship with the United States has suffered a "tectonic rift".

The sobering assessment comes a week before Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, meets President Barack Obama at the White House.

There had been hope the two could lay to rest a row that erupted between the two allies in March but the new comments have raised fears of long-term damage.

Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to Washington, told foreign ministry colleagues at a private briefing in Jerusalem that they were facing a long and potentially irrevocable estrangement.

Sources said Mr Oren told the meeting: "There is no crisis in Israel-US relations because in a crisis there are ups and downs. [Instead] relations are in a state of tectonic rift in which continents are drifting apart."

Mr Oren's privately-voiced pessimism stands in stark contrast to public declarations in both Jerusalem and Washington that differences between the two states amount to nothing more than "disagreements" between allies.

See it here;

I think back to that posting from last week where Obama had reportedly told an Egyptian diplomat that he would help the Arabs "handle" Israel after he had fixed some U.S. domestic issues. And then I reflect further on Obama's admission that he sat in church for years under Reverend Wright who is less a minister of the Gospel and more of an Anti-Semite and Black Power advocate....and then wonder if Obama isn't already planning on turning on the Jews and Israel in a rather large way.

God help the USA if that happens.

Pray that the USA will continue to stand with Israel until the Groom (Christ) comes for His Bride (all in-dwelt believers).

Ground Zero Mosque

Yes it is true. An Islamic Mosque is to be built in downtown New York within yards of Ground Zero.

Of course the Muslims got this pushed through the idiots who sit on the New York City Board by claiming it would be a center for tolerance and understanding....and that it would be something of a memorial for the 3000+ folks who died in those attacks. Can't you just picture the liberals on that board listening to the Muslim proposal saying, "Oh that sounds so tolerant, compassionate and inclusive...we simply LOVE the idea!!"

Notice that Islam has a long history of conquering cities and immediately building a Mosque directly on top of whatever/wherever the people of that city were worshiping. That's why there are two Mosques on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Since we know that Americans have been worshiping Mammon, which is the god of wealth and it possible that the Muslims want to continue this long history of placing a Mosque directly on top of the destroyed Twin Towers....which served as the symbol of Mammon worship and Wall Street excess?

Watch this video here and decide for yourselves if this guy isn't onto something by recognizing that the nation of Islam is up to no good;

Hat tip to Bob K.

"Aliens" Castigate Israel

It seems even the "aliens" claiming to be from outer space are getting very upset with Israel. I don't know if it's a coincidence, but these aliens seems to be singing the exact same story as the Arabs!

Let's see and think.....Hmmmm?.......The Arabs immersed in Islam have a hatred of Jews and Israel and would love to see it destroyed....and Islam is part of a Satanic plot... And these "aliens" (fallen angels pretending to be aliens) are announcing the exact same message as the Arab Muslims. Is it possible that Satan is cooking a huge deception for the entire world using the same message and announcing it from numerous fronts?

Check out what this so called prophet, Rael, is saying that YHWEH told him to say (Also note that Rael is claiming to be the awaited Messiah for the Jews);

I, Yahweh, through the mouth of my Prophet, RAEL, your awaited Messiah, am sending you this ultimate message on this day of Passover 5769, particularly special being also Birchat HaChama, reminding you of our creation of life on Earth. The first Messages that RAEL transmitted to you were a reminder that the time had come for you to return to the land of IsRael. But in no way did this signify that you were to steal the Palestinian’s land and houses and massacre them. You were supposed to have been Zionists AND Palestinians.

You have totally betrayed your spiritual mission, the only one that justified your return to the land of IsRael. Because, to be Zionist without being spiritual and religious, is pure racism and is totally unacceptable. You only have the right and the duty to be Zionist and Palestinian.

The monstrous and criminal state that you have created is condemned to disappear quickly and the Jews who will attempt to preserve it from the inside or out will forever be cursed and will lose their Jewishness, that is to say, they will exclude themselves from the chosen people. The State of IsRael has to disappear and be replaced by a Palestinian State where Jews and Palestinians can live in harmony, where the two peoples will mutually accept the Right of return of the Jews and the Palestinians of the two diasporas, in a sweeping effort of mutual forgiveness, which will be the most beautiful example of love and fraternity conceivable for all of Humanity.

Lastly, to speed up this process you all need to unite to prepare the construction of the Third Temple, Our Embassy and the glorious return of our beloved son, our last and ultimate messenger, the Messiah Rael, who will bring centuries of peace on Earth with our return. Every minute counts and remember that you cannot say we did not warn you. While some of our previous Messages sent by our Prophets of old gave you centuries to be accomplished, this one here only leaves you a few years, or even months. It is time once again to abandon the stiff neck and with humility become real chosen people once more, the people of love, truth and non-violence on the path that I, Yahweh, your Creator, have marked out for you. This path which leads to the Promised Land which is indeed an entire planet and not a piece of land delimited by borders.

See this very bizarre yet very smart website here and notice that it can be read in English, French and HEBREW!!

Did you catch the part about the Third Temple! Do you understand that Antichrist will set himself up in the Third Temple and declare himself to be God and demand the worship of the entire earth? It seems this "alien" prophet really wants that Temple built!

Did you notice the part about Israel having to disappear? Do you understand that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Bible tells us? The Bible says Israel will not disappear once it is brought back into being.

Sounds like the Father of Lies is up to something very serious for planet earth and that he is going to use the world's absolute ignorance of the Bible to delude billions. This, of course, would confirm what the Bible says is coming.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Did We Dodge a Bullet?

Yesterday's headline about the G8 discussing how they were going to put pressure on North Korea, Iran and Israel was very concerning.

The headlines today (even at Al Jazeera) have dropped Israel from the headline but left in North Korea and Iran.

G8 criticises N Korea and Iran

The leaders of the world's eight richest nations have concluded their summit in Canada with tough words for North Korea and Iran over their nuclear programmes.

The G8 focused on recovery from a global economic crisis in their two-day summit in the Canadian town of Huntsville but made note of other thorny issues in their final statement issued on Saturday.

In it, they singled out Israel's blockade on the Gaza Strip, Iran and North Korea for criticism.The leaders said that the Gaza blockade was "not sustainable" and "must be changed".

The G statement welcomed the Israeli government's recent plan to partially ease the blockade, and called for it to be put in place immediately.

The leaders urged the Israelis and Palestinians to create conditions conducive to direct peace talks.

"We urge full and effective implementation of this policy in order to address the needs of Gaza's population for humanitarian and commercial goods, civilian reconstruction and infrastructure, and legitimate economic activity," the final communique said.

See it here;

So the G8 ended up urging the Israeli's and Palestinians....blah, blah, blah.

Had that same G8 started "demanding" or boycotting Israel....we could have all been terribly concerned for what they could have meant for the G8. But it appears that this didn't happen let's call it good news!