Friday, April 8, 2011

Israel's Next War

The world's opinion continues to sour on Israel and favor the "Palestinian" much so that the Arabs may declare themselves an independent state of Palestine very soon.  Let's remember folks that 60 years ago this state was offered to the Arabs and they refused because they said that the Jews can't have a postage stamp size of land...EVER!

War is brewing in the middle east and Israel will ultimately have to take part in it.

In all likelihood, the Palestinians are going to unilaterally declare statehood in Judea and Samaria within the coming year. This is not a ploy or a desperate attempt on their part but rather a clear, rational decision. By correctly gauging the stark contrast between the massive international support for their cause as opposed to the steadily increasing de-legitimization of Israel the “apartheid state,” the Palestinians have wisely decided to bypass direct negotiations since there is no point in paying for something when you can get if for free.

This brings us to today and the quickly approaching second war of independence. Unlike 60 years ago, this time around nearly the entire international community will be aligned with the Palestinians against Israel, making Israel the sole villain.

The war will not break out immediately, but rather, it will slowly escalate. First there will be calls for sanctions against Israel for failing to immediately remove its military and citizens from the new Arab state in Judea and Samaria. Then there will be the predictable eruption of terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria, making life hell for the Jews living there. The attacks will then spill over into the rest of Israel, bringing back memories of the horror of a decade ago. Next up will be rocket attacks from Hamas in the south and Hezbollah in the north. Thanks to a porous border with Egypt as well as other regional changes, Iran will have no problem constantly rearming its proxies.

As the attacks intensify, Israel will be routinely chastised for retaliating and not showing proper restraint, as such Arab attacks will be viewed as somewhat understandable in light of continued Israeli noncompliance. Moreover, Israeli reprisals will probably draw some neighboring countries into the fray as they all begin to sense Israel’s imminent downfall. 

See it here;,7340,L-4053319,00.html

Remember what we are watching for?....the fulfillment of Psalm 83 and also the fulfillment of Isaiah 17.  Could this article lay out a scenario as to how these prophecies will be fulfilled?

I guess we better keep watching.

Remember to continue praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Burning the Koran vs, Burning the Bible

Here is an interesting appears that the editor of TIME MAGAZINE believes that burning the Koran is MUCH worse than burning the Bible becuase the Koran was given to Muslims directly from God whereas the Bible was written by men.

Holy confusion!!  You simply can't make this stuff up!!

Time Magazine world editor Bobby Ghosh told host MSNBC host Chuck Todd on Friday that burning the Koran is worse than burning the Bible. According to Gnosh, the Koran is directly from God, while the Bible isn’t.

GHOSH: The thing to keep in mind that`s very important here is that the Koran to Muslims, it is not — it is not the same as the Bible to Christians.

The Bible is a book written by men. It is acknowledged by Christians that it is written by men. It`s the story of Jesus.

TODD: Yes.

GHOSH: But the Koran, if you are a believer, if you`re a Muslim, the Koran is directly the word of God, not written by man. It is transcribed, is directly the word of God.
That makes it sacred in a way that it`s hard to understand if you’re not Muslim. So the act of burning a Koran is much more — potentially much, much more inflammatory than –

TODD: Directly attacking — directly attacking God.

GHOSH: — than if you were to burn a — burn a Bible.

See it here;

I get it.

As the reader who sent me this article says, "Persecution is coming."

Hat tip to Becky M.

First the Bees, Now the Bats?

Bees pollinate an enormous amount of our food crops.  Albert Einstein said that if the bees were to disappear that mankind would die out in 4 years.  And we watch in amazement as the bees have vanished in alarming numbers.

But bats also play an important role in our food production.  Bats eat millions of pests that prey on our food.  Without bats, things would go terribly wrong.

And now we find out that the bats may be vanishing as well.

New York, April 1 (THAINDIAN NEWS) Scientists have put the value of the benefits of bats to the US farming industry at $22.9 billion every year.

Unfortunately the bats are now dying in hundreds of thousands of numbers and unless something is done quickly to stop the deaths, the entire bat colony in the United States could be wiped out. The culprit has been identified as the white-nose syndrome.

The scientists estimate that a single colony of bats which averagely consists of 130 bats could consume up to 1.3 million pest insects every year and that is quite significant for farmers. The researchers criticized the seemingly lack of interest of the government to address the disappearance of the bats.

The research team was led by Justin Boyles of the University of Pretoria in South Africa. They wrote that, “Bats are among the most overlooked, yet economically important, non-domesticated animals in North America, and their conservation is important for the integrity of ecosystems and in the best interest of both national and international economies.”

See it here;
Jesus tells us there will be famine in the Last Days.  It sure seems like it's setting up for a big one.
Hat tip to Karl J.

There Will Be Pestilence

Another sign that Jesus said to watch for was pestilence.   Webster defines pestilence as follows:  "Any virulent or fatal contagious or infectious disease especially one of epidemic proportions, as bubonic plague."

So we watch for news reporting potential fatal diseases.

Today we have a few headlines regarding coming potential pestilence.

A DEADLY superbug has been found in about a quarter of water samples taken from drinking supplies and puddles on the streets of New Delhi, according to a new study.

Experts say it's the latest proof that the new drug-resistant bacteria, known as NDM-1, named for New Delhi, is widely circulating in the environment - and could potentially spread to the rest of the world.

The superbug can only be treated with a couple of highly toxic and expensive antibiotics.
Since it was first identified in 2008, it has popped up in several countries, including the United States, Australia, Britain, Canada and Sweden.

Most of those infections were in people who had recently travelled to, or had medical procedures in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Read more:

And this one:

Antibiotic-resistant infections have reached unprecedented levels and now outstrip our ability to fight them with existing drugs, European health experts are warning.
Each year in the EU over 25,000 people die of bacterial infections that are able to outsmart even the newest antibiotics.
The World Health Organization says the situation has reached a critical point.
A united push to make new drugs is urgently needed, it says.
Without a concerted effort, people could be dealing with the "nightmare scenario" of a worldwide spread of untreatable infections, says the WHO.
Wow!  That sounds pretty serious when the experts use words like "nightmare scenario".
But the Bible is VERY clear about the coming Tribulation.  It will be period of torment and nightmares like the world has NEVER seen before.  Jesus goes on to say that if HE personally didn't come and put an end to the Tribulation that NO FLESH would survive.
Friends, there are over 7 billion people on planet earth.  That is an awful lot of flesh to perish.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jewish Rabbi Says Messiah Coming in 2012

We all know all the catastrophes that are predicted for 2012.  If you don't then use the search engine on this blog and you can read about many of them.

And today we found another one.

Apparently a Rabbi who is an expert in Bible codes claims that the code clearly says that the Jewish Messiah is coming around Passover of 2012.

Read article and see video here;

Of course we need to remember that this Rabbi has not accepted Jesus Christ as the Messiah.  And of course the Bible tells us that most Jews will accept the Antichrist as their messiah when he comes.  Otherwise why would they allow him into the Holy of Holies in the soon to be built 3rd Temple?

So could it be possible that this is one other Satanic deception that is coming for 2012?  Is it possible that he will come on scene in 2012 while the world waits expectantly for SOMETHING BIG to happen?

Of course it's possible.  But remember one VERY important thing.   If the Antichrist IS revealed in 2012 it means that the rapture of the church has ALREADY happened....because 2 Thessalonians tells us very clearly that he will not be revealed until the "restrainer" is removed which is holding evil back.

Who is "the restrainer"?  None other than the Holy Spirit which indwells in all born again Christians.

How is He removed?  When the last trumpet sounds and our savior yells in a loud voice to "COME UP HERE!"  There we will meet Jesus Christ in the clouds and be with Him forever and ever.

Watching for Cush

Those of us who have been watching for the player nations of Ezekiel 38 have been amazed at how fast Turkey went anti-Israel and gravitated toward Russia and Iran.  Now over the past few weeks, Put (Libya) has come out of obscurity and is front and center in the news.  And make no mistake about it....whatever Libya becomes they will be moving towards Russia, Iran and Turkey.

But what about Cush?  Ancient historians tell us that the Cushites inhabited the area that today is called Ethiopia and Sudan.

So we watch the news for developments concerning these two African nations.

And today we have this headline;

Sudan Accuses Israel in Deadly Airstrike

Sudan has accused Israel of carrying out a deadly airstrike Tuesday on a car on Sudan's eastern Red Sea coast.

Foreign Minister Ali Ahmad Karti said Wednesday that Sudan is, in his words, "absolutely sure" Israel launched the attack, which killed two people near the Port Sudan airport.

Officials have given different accounts of the airstrike - with police saying it was a missile attack and a state official describing it as a bombing carried out by a foreign aircra

So how about Ethiopia?  Any action on that front?  And a few days ago we see this headline;

State Department, UN Silent on Latest Anti-Christian Violence in Ethiopia

While the Obama administration cited human rights atrocities in Libya as part of the reason for U.S. and U.N. military intervention there, neither the State Department nor the United Nations have apparently condemned an outbreak of violence in western Ethiopia, led by Muslim radicals. Since early March two Christians have reportedly been killed, more than 3,000 displaced and at least 69 churches destroyed.
Also, leading human rights organizations including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Human Rights First appear not to have publicly condemned the attacks.
“Extremist Muslims killed two Christians, burnt 69 Christian churches, and destroyed 30 homes, leaving between 4,000 to 10,000 Christians displaced,” Jeremy Lim, International Christian Concern (ICC)’s regional manager for Southeast Asia, told ICC is a human rights group promoting religious freedom and assisting Christian victims of persecution.
Read more:

Remember how Satan works...he first comes after the Jews and then the Christians.  Any questions?

Sex With Aliens?

Many long time readers are familiar with our stance on the Nephilim mentioned in Genesis 6.  For those who are not, we suggest you read that chapter and understand that there was a time when fallen angels had sex with human women.  The result of this Satanically inspired union was offspring referred to as "Nephilim".

Further, we believe that Satan is currently cooking a grand deception that involves "aliens".  We believe that these "aliens" are really some type of demonic creature that are masquerading as "aliens"....and as the world continues to spot more UFO's on a daily basis, that it is possible that these "aliens" may soon be planning on making contact with the humans of planet earth....again!

With that being said, a reader sent me the lyrics from one of the top pop songs that is being listened to in America.  The song is sung by a singer named Katy Perry.  Understand that Katy Perry songs are memorized by millions of elementary through college age girls and young women.

The reader also commented that young women have already been introduced to the fantasy of having sex with vampires through the wildly popular TWILIGHT series of books and movies.

And now they may be getting introduced to the fantasy of having sex with "aliens".....just like women were introduced to it before Noah's flood.

E.T. Lyrics

Katy Perry
You're so hypnotising
could u be the devil, could you be an angel
your touch magnetizing
feels like going floating, leave my body glowing
They say be afraid
you're not like the others, futuristic lovers
different DNA, they don't understand u
You're from a whole other/another world
a different dimension
you open my eyes
and im ready to go, lead me into the light
Kiss me, k-k-kiss me
infect me with your love, and fill me with your poison
take me, t-t-take me
wanna be your victim, ready for abduction
boy, you're an alien, your touch so far away
its supernatural, extraterrestrial
You're so super sonic
Wanna feel your powers, stumb me with your lasers
your kiss is cosmic, every move is magic
There is this transcendental, on another level
boy, you're my lucky star
i wanna walk on your wave length
and be there when you vibrate
for you i risk it all
Boy, you're an alien, your touch so far away
its supernatural, extraterrestrial

What power do you think it might give to the "Prince of the Powers of the Air" to have millions of women singing this song in their heads and at the top of their lungs??

Something dark is heading this way people.  And the sad thing is that most inhabitants of earth won't even recognize it as dark....because they will most likely be disguised as angels of light...which the Bible clearly warns us that Satan can appear as.

Hat tip to Annie L.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Israel's looming crises

Now is the time to pray for the peace of Israel more than ever. With the walls closing in around her, things may get out of control quickly. The news seems to suggest that Israel is not quite sure what to do either. Those stories are toward the bottom. First, what May 15 may bring this year.

Of course, May 15th is celebrated as the declaration of Israel as a Jewish state. So, it leads to suggest that pro-Palestinians would choose that day to cause chaos and turmoil in the country.

Calls on Facebook for Palestinian Millions to Return to Their Homes in Israel on May 15, 2011

This link is a page of the various Facebook pages calling for millions of Palestinians to hold massive rallies and demonstrations in Israel. And they want to seem peaceful and non-threatening, so the rest of the world will think Israel is the one in the wrong. They want it to be huge.

On Sunday, May 15, after the noon prayers, "the holy advance will start and the Intifada will be ignited... On this day, all the returning [refugees] will set forth, and the Third Palestinian Intifada will commence, with the support of all the free people in the world." The page lists the destinations of the march: In the West Bank, participants will march on the checkpoints and settlements; in Gaza, on the checkpoints and border crossings; within "the 1948 territories," toward cities and villages destroyed in the 1948 war; in Lebanon, toward Palestine by land and by sea; in Jordan, toward three areas on the border; in Syria, towards the Golan border; in Egypt, toward the Rafah border and toward the coast of Palestine by ship. Ships will also set sail for Palestine from Turkey and Europe, and demonstrations will be held in front of Israeli embassies worldwide.[14]

You have to read the whole story. It will shock you.

So, who is going to join in the fun? It’s round two of the Freedom Flotilla, which promises to be twice as large this time.

Freedom Flotilla II will sail in May 2011

More determined than ever to break and end the blockade, the Coalition announced today that during the second half of May 2011 Freedom Flotilla II will sail. To this end there will be at least twice as many boats carrying many more volunteers and more aid. The expedition will sail in order to force Israel to respect international law and to mobilize civil societies’ support and solidarity with the Palestinian population of Gaza as well as bring attention to the wider issue of the host of human rights abuses carried out by the Israeli state against the entire population of Palestine.

Well, who will Israel turn to? Could Russia be their next friend? Could Russia offer Israel the peace it so desperately seeks? It wouldn’t seem to be the best choice. But here they are.

Israel holds secret talks with Russia in bid to thwart recognition of Palestinian state

A senior Israeli official told Haaretz that Taub and Molho used the visit “to present new Israeli ideas for re-launching the peace process with the Palestinians.”

Israel is also asking Russia to stop the sale of cruise missiles to Syria.

Israel urges Russia to reconsider Syrian arms deal,7340,L-4051524,00.html

In an interview with Russian news agency Interfax, Israeli Ambassador to Moscow Dorit Golender called on the Kremlin to revisit its intent to finalize a recent arms deal with Syria, which will see the latter get anti-ship cruise missiles.

Oh Lord, give us the words to speak truth into peoples’ lives at this late hour.

Egypt's Condition, Part 2

So, earlier today I posted news reports discussing the ever-evolving changes going on politically in Egypt. Turns out there’s more, and this one sounds the most ominous.

Report: ElBaradei Egypt to attack Israel if it strikes Gaza

Former International Atomic Energy Agency chief Mohamed ElBaradei, who had previously announced his intentions to run for the presidency of Egypt, said Monday that “if Israel attacked Gaza we would declare war against the Zionist regime."

These are strong words coming out of the Egyptian contender for president. Seems to me that the Egyptians may go for a president like this if he continues to promote supporting the Palestinians and the redistribution of wealth he is promising to implement.

In an interview with the Al-Watan newspaper he said: "In case of any future Israeli attack on Gaza - as the next president of Egypt – I will open the Rafah border crossing and will consider different ways to implement the joint Arab defense agreement."

One more quick story,

Egypt's army rulers to meet Palestinian president

Just to make up for lost time, Egyptian leaders are meeting with all of their potential friends in the area.

Reconciling the rival movements running Palestinian affairs is seen as vital to any prospect of Palestinian statehood based on peace with Israel.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The new condition of Egypt

We know that this wave of uprising started in Tunisia. But let us take a few moments to see how #2, Egypt, is doing these days. The world and our President were shouting ‘Democracy.’ So, do they have one?

Story #1-

Dennis alluded to it a while back; Iran and Egypt were getting back together. They split up 30 years ago because of Islamic differences. If you remember, Iran was cheering Egypt on during their uprising. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Friday said that soon the Middle East would be free of Zionist and American interference.

So, I wasn’t too shocked to see this headline today,

Egypt ready to re-establish Iran diplomatic ties

After more than 30 years, the countries are going to reestablish their diplomatic ties.

Talking to reporters in a press conference, Ahmadinejad said the developments in the region have provided the ground for the initiation of the relations between the two countries, adding that Iran has always been ready for the closer cooperation with all countries in the world except the Zionist regime of Israel.

They’re both looking forward to renewed trade cooperation between countries. Perhaps weapons will be a part of that trade deal? None of this is surprising, considering the fact that the Egyptian military allowed Iranian warships to pass through the Suez Canal.

And in other news that shouldn’t surprise readers of this blog, story #2:

Muslim Brotherhood advocates Egyptian modesty police

In a sign of what the article calls “growing Islamic self-confidence, the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for modesty police to combat the growing immoral behavior in Egypt.

You have to read this report. If I pulled out the important quotes I’d have the whole thing here. Suffice to say, Christians are mentioned here and it’s not good for them.

An Islamic leader is quoted as saying, "Despite the attacks against the salafi movement, it is constantly advancing – untouched by the attack," Abd Al-Azim told Al-Masry Al-Youm. "If the Christians want safety they should submit to the rule of God and be confident that the Islamic sharia [law] will protect them."

And a Coptic attorney said, "There are areas in Egypt where Christian girls can't walk outside after eight o'clock in the evening for fear of being kidnapped,"

I could keep going, but let’s stop at story #3:

Egypt’s foreign minister talks tough on Israel

Uh-oh. Seems that the foreign minister has some words for Israel. Among them,

In an interview Sunday on Egyptian television, Nabil al-Arabi said Egypt will demand that Israel pay the difference between the reduced prices it received and market value on the natural gas it purchased under deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

And, he no longer wants Israel to consider Egypt a treasure. They will play fair, but only if Israel does too. According to the minister, they are not. Israel will not let those Palestinians live in peace.

There must be some decisiveness in the issues Israel has not abided by, such as the clause that states that Israel must maintain peace with countries that want peace, which has not happened with Palestine, which has agreed to peace with Israel,” he said. ”The conflict between Palestine and Israel should be ended and not managed ... for the benefit of Israel, Palestine and the entire world.”

So, despite Hamas agents trying to get into Israel and the rocket launching, and the recent threats of kidnapping, Palestinians want peace, but Israel doesn’t. interesting.

I’m guessing that we’ll be reading more and more about this new ‘democracy’ in the coming days.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Light up the Night

I have to admit; I’m not really good at my UFO reporting skills. At least not like Dennis is. Still, I had to stop and reflect on them for a few minutes today.

While reading online news, I heard FOX news on the television in the background. They mentioned lights in the sky. So, while they continued to tease it, I looked online.

Turns out there’s a lot more out there then I assumed. Seems there are several UFO reports for Japan shortly before their catastrophic events. According to UFO followers, UFO sightings seem to pick up before disasters. I did a Google search for “UFO before disaster” and there was a lot of news there.

I’ve linked to the YouTube page where several Japan UFO sighting videos are posted.

Now, apparently there are UFO sightings all over Italy.

According to UFO websites,

“Italian UFO researchers are unsure of the reasons behind this recent and unrelenting UFO flap, however many are well aware that such activity often foretells of some cataclysmic natural disaster and might be ET's way of warning us of impending doom.”

The FOX news report was about Chicago IL sighting from just last night. You can’t see it in the video, but the witnesses say the light were flashing all together.

All compiled nicely on YouTube for you,

You, as everyone else, will have to make their own conclusions as to these videos. Still, a simple Google search tells us that sightings are picking up all over the globe.