Saturday, February 15, 2014

Serious Talk on EMP

I will post this entire article on Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) because it is quite shocking to realize how possible it is for America to be utterly destroyed.

As though the United States did not have enough problems, it is becoming increasingly evident that she now faces what could be her greatest “clear and present” danger: the threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack from enemy nations or terrorist groups.

Such an attack could easily knock the American electrical grid out of commission, disrupting supplies of energy, food, communication, fuel, water and more for a long period. 

The consequences would include starvation, dehydration, lack of medicine, exposure to the elements, violence and social unrest, paralysis of transportation, crippled banking and communication channels, medical complications from injury, disease and damaged sanitation systems, and vulnerability to invasion from the inevitable war that would be triggered off in self defense and retaliation. 

Not to mention the long-term catastrophic consequences for U.S. society and its way of life…just ask the residents of Hiroshima, Japan.

In short: utter chaos the magnitude of which most Americans have never witnessed outside the comfortable setting of a movie theater. 

According to, Iran has recently announced that it will position its warships off the coast of the United States, from where they could launch a nuclear warhead to explode at high altitude to create an electromagnetic pulse. Iran’s decision to place its warships off the U.S. East Coast was prompted by the U.S. decision to place warships of the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet at Bahrain, not far from Iran. And there are U.S. carrier task forces constantly patrolling through the Strait of Hormuz, which skirts Iranian territory.

Perhaps of greatest concern is that, U.S. experts seem to agree that there would be no warning and that the U.S. missile defense system would not be able to respond in time to prevent the high altitude nuclear explosion. They also believe that the ideal missile launch vessel would not be from an Iranian warship but from a commercial vessel sailing along the East Coast or in the Gulf of Mexico. This would apparently maximize the element of surprise and the overall effectiveness of the attack.

The coastal deployment plan comes as the United States and its allies are due to meet again on February 18th with Iranian officials in Vienna to come to a comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

Former Ambassador Henry Cooper, who heads High Frontier and was the Strategic Defense Initiative Director under former President George H.W. Bush, is more concerned about a nuclear attack from the south, either from North Korea or Iran – and would like to see U.S. Navy strategy aligned to effectively manage this threat.

And it’s not just Iran that the U.S nightmare would be all about: China is waiting in the wings, also preparing to strike with the same EMP strategy. However their focus is on attacking Taiwan, which would also inevitably entail an attack on U.S. warships that could defend the island. further report that this revelation comes in an article by Lou Xaoqing who says the People’s Liberation Army sees an EMP weapon as the primary means of incapacitating Taiwan and disabling American defenders nearby. Given that such a strategy was made public in an article entitled “Electromagnetic pulse bombs are Chinese ace,” it is seen as reflecting the official Chinese government position.

According to Xaoqing, the EMP strategy would involve exploding at an altitude of 18 miles to avoid damaging civilian and military equipment on the Chinese mainland. “China is attracted to the fight against the U.S. military after the effective range, using them as a means of surprise attack or an intimidation factor,” Xaoqing said. “The United States will abandon the use of aircraft carrier battle groups to defend Taiwan.” 

According to, China is giving priority to developing EMP weapons that could be used against U.S. aircraft carriers, which increasingly are arriving in the South and East China Seas as part of the new U.S. “pivot” policy toward Asia. 

This approach would allow China to do what Xaoqing refers to as a “one-two punch”: In the first punch the Chinese military would disable non-hardened electronics and command and control centers, and the second punch would create certain health effects from exposure to an EMP. 

He said that based on Chinese research in 2005 that assessed the effects of an EMP on heart cells, it would make peoples’ hearts unable to function as well as they should, with possible death or serious damage of the heart leading to death. Other health complications would include long term disabilities particularly to the elderly, young and unborn.

Not to be outdone is North Korea. reported early 2013 that according to the Washington Times, North Korea is now said to own an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of delivering a nuclear weapon to the United States, as demonstrated by their successful launch and orbiting of a satellite back in December 2012, the Washington Times reports. “North Korea is a mortal nuclear threat to the United States – right now.” 

And that’s not all: the real concern is that North Korea now has miniaturized nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery and armed missiles with nuclear warheads that could destroy the U.S. in a single blow - with an EMP attack that would send the U.S. back to 19th century technology.

No doubt an EMP attack “poses the biggest threat to U.S. national and economic security in our lifetime.”

How many Americans know this? Another report by in June of 2013 records the result of a poll by Zogby Analytics in May. The poll results show that whether it is the threat of terrorism, an electro-magnetic pulse attack, a flood, a tornado or fire, most Americans apparently believe they are immune:

· Only one American in four (25 percent) is concerned that a disaster of some kind will affect his or her community.

· Just 36 percent, the survey said, have an established emergency response plan in place.

· In case of a national emergency, Americans are most trusting in local law enforcement in case of a shooting (58 percent), the FBI in case of a terrorist attack (53 percent), the Centers for Disease Control in case of a pandemic (49 percent), and the Federal Emergency Relief Administration in case of a natural disaster (45 percent).

However the poll shows Americans still are concerned about privacy and not always supportive of “security” measures. The poll by State University of New York Institute of Technology and Zogby was conducted online May 8th-9th, 2013 and reached out to 1,000 adults nationwide. It has a sample error rate of 3.2 percentage points.

In the event of an EMP attack, reported in its October 29, 2013 edition that over 50% of the population of the US would die in the first year, according to the Congressional EMP Commission. And it could be many, many more. 

On the global stage, any one successful EMP attack against the U.S. would certainly create a new balance of power globally in favor of Russia, China, North Korea, and Arab nations led by Iran. Once the U.S. is mortally wounded, this nuclear powered axis would feel empowered to attack and destroy Israel. 

The stage is being set.

1 in 4 Americans

Yep...1 in 4 Americans don't know that planet earth orbits the sun!  That is sad.  Are those folks still allowed to vote?

Dear Science Communication Professionals: We have a problem.
Earlier this month, the Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham creationism “debate” received a disproportionate amount of press coverage. Considering that there really is no debate to be had when it comes to the science of evolution, for bad or for worse, Nye faced a hostile audience at the Creationist Museum in Kentucky. He hoped to score some scientific points against Ham’s literal translation of the Bible and his absurd assertion that the world was created in 6 days and that the universe is 6,000 years old.
In my opinion, (an opinion shared by other science communicators), the Nye vs. Ham debate did little for science outreach. It was all about who sounded more convincing and only gave creationists some free advertising.
Sorry, I couldn't make that link live so u will have to cut and paste to read it, but notice that
he said there was no debate about evolution and that the science of it was solved!  What?  They 
have nothing showing reptiles evolving into dogs and cats!  Nothing!

Ice, Snow and Earthquake

I'm out of town the next few days and blogging from my I I will be brief.

The Southeast has been hit by yet another crazy storm complete with snow, ice and power outages....but now they got hit with a rare earthquake that really has shook people up.

The Deep South has been shaken up this winter in more ways than one: First, there was the unusual ice and snow and the ensuing power outages. And now, an earthquake.
The late-night 4.1 temblor, with an epicenter about 150 miles northwest of Charleston, was not strong enough to do any damage, but it did rattle folks in both South Carolina and Georgia.
According to the U.S. Geological Survey says the quake struck at 10:23 p.m. ET Friday night.
Jim Burress, a reporter with NPR member station WABE in Atlanta, says that "while small ... the 4.1-magnitude is notable for the South." He says there have been no reports of major damage or injuries.
"It's a large quake for that area," USGS geophysicist Dale Grant tells The Associated Press. "It was felt all over the place."
"Authorities across South Carolina said their 911 centers were inundated with calls of people reporting what they thought were explosions or plane crashes as the quake's low rumble spread across the state."

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is The Earth and Universe Really Only 6000 Years Old?

Did some of you watch the debate last week between Ken Ham, of the Creation Museum, and Bill Nye, the Science Guy?

I did.

First off there is NO DOUBT that God created everything.  It is simply so illogical for folks to pretend that the complexities of the universe all the way down to the hummingbird simply came into existence out of nothing.

Of course that's exactly what most of the liberal intelligentsia want to shove down our kid's all started with a big bang, and then an single amoeba and then a frog, lizard, monkey and man.

Of course once the liberals have "proved" we are just animals made from chance, matter and energy...then we are free to do whatever our hearts desire because we are responsible to NO CREATOR.  Sadly, this nation is pretty much there already...every man and woman are doing whatever they desire.

Anyway, I am unsatisfied with Ken Ham's claim that the flood happened 4000 years ago and that the universe is only 6000 years old.  If the earth was covered in water that killed all living things just 4000 years ago and 1000 species (in their kind) emerged from the possibly could they have morphed into the 16,000,000 organisms that are cataloged on earth today?  That would mean that dozens of new creatures would have been created every day since the waters receded...not to mention how they quickly got all the unique animals in Australia and New Zealand.
So what if the Bible's story about God creating it all in 6-24 hour days were true....and that period of time also equated to 15,000,000,000 years that some scientists are claiming is the age our our universe? What if they are both EXACTLY TRUE??

When you have a few minutes check out this video of an Israeli Doctor who has so many degrees I can't even pronounce them.  He is super smart and has a great explanation as to how God's time zone is NOT within our time zone.  In fact Albert Einstein proved this with his theory of relativity, E=MC squared.  He gives his mathematical reasons of how BOTH ARE TRUE.

Check out the video here;

As the Bible continues to come under attack I just wonder if we should be willing to die on the hill of insisting the earth is 6000 years old and the flood happened 4000 years ago?

If some of the Bible was written over 3000 years ago and we have numerous writings from many civilizations that are also that old, don't you think we would have heard lots of chatter about all the new animals, insects and birds that were morphing at the rate of dozens every day??....this would be necessary to go from 1000 kinds into 16,000,000 varieties.

What do you think?

Again, whether the earth is 15 billion or 6000 doesn't change the salvation story of Jesus Christ and it certainly doesn't change my unshakable belief that God created it all.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Camels Are Latest Attack on Bible

The folks who are desperate to disprove the Bible are at it again!  This time using camels as a weapon.

Of course with all the serious problems facing the world, one would think the main stream media wouldn't even bother picking up a story like this...but such is not the case.  Now even the New York Times couldn't help but pick up the story to help all of us idiots realize once and for all that the Bible is full of errors and is not a historical book.

There are too many camels in the Bible, out of time and out of place.

Camels probably had little or no role in the lives of such early Jewish patriarchs as Abraham, Jacob and Joseph, who lived in the first half of the second millennium B.C., and yet stories about them mention these domesticated pack animals more than 20 times. Genesis 24, for example, tells of Abraham’s servant going by camel on a mission to find a wife for Isaac.

These anachronisms are telling evidence that the Bible was written or edited long after the events it narrates and is not always reliable as verifiable history. These camel stories “do not encapsulate memories from the second millennium,” said Noam Mizrahi, an Israeli biblical scholar, “but should be viewed as back-projections from a much later period.”

Dr. Mizrahi likened the practice to a historical account of medieval events that veers off to a description of “how people in the Middle Ages used semitrailers in order to transport goods from one European kingdom to another.”

For two archaeologists at Tel Aviv University, the anachronisms were motivation to dig for camel bones at an ancient copper smelting camp in the Aravah Valley in Israel and in Wadi Finan in Jordan. They sought evidence of when domesticated camels were first introduced into the land of Israel and the surrounding region.

“One should be careful not to rush to the conclusion that the new archaeological findings automatically deny any historical value from the biblical stories,” Dr. Mizrahi said in an email. “Rather, they established that these traditions were indeed reformulated in relatively late periods after camels had been integrated into the Near Eastern economic system. But this does not mean that these very traditions cannot capture other details that have an older historical background.”


I can just hear your child's college professor right now...."You see students, this information that is PROVEN by these researchers is just one other error that the Bible has.  God, if there is a God, isn't in the business of telling people how to live.  If he wanted to do that he would just come down and tell us himself...rather than entrust his story to a silly book written by dozens of men centuries after the fact.  So any of you who grew up with nice Sunday school stories should just leave them at that...nice stories!! different that Hansel and Gretel, or Aesop's Fables.  But the real enemy to all of us is the deluded people who CLING to the Bible as truth...and then try to shove it down every one else's throats!  In reality they are no different than the Taliban or Al Qaeda!"

And then your child comes home from 4 yrs of college after listening to numerous atheist professors who are CLEARLY MORE INTELLIGENT than their fuddy-duddy parents....and you have just one other reason why the Church in America is dying a very quick somewhere around 70-80% of our children want NOTHING to do with church and/or religion.

And even more sad....MOST parents of these kids have VERY LITTLE IDEA as to what the Bible even says...because they have never read it! how can they possibly stand firm and defend it?

I have said it before, but I'll say it again...please read Pastor Erwin Lutzer's book titled WHEN A NATION FORGETS GOD.  It will help to possibly prepare us for what is to come...if the Lord tarries.

Virginia Church Worships in the Nude

Does anyone else find it IRONIC that this church in Virginia holds services in the nude...and the name of the church is WHITE TAIL CHAPEL??  If you go to the article you will see the big, white pastor standing behind the pulpit and you can just imagine that he has a rather large white rump.

Now THAT, my friends, is funny.

About an hour's drive south of Richmond, there's a small congregation that doesn't care about "material" things. They worship the same way we were all brought into this world, naked.

Even in February, when temperatures can average in the 20s, members show up in various forms: some fully clothed, others topless, many still completely nude.

Pastor Allen Parker says it's not about the clothes, or lack thereof. He says it's about baring his soul to Christ and leading his flock down that path of righteousness, no matter what they're wearing.

Every Sunday in the front few rows of White Tail Chapel, you'll find Katie and Robert Church. Katie wasn't a nudist when they first met, but quickly fell in love with both Robert and the resort. They married at White Tail Chapel and say the church has given them a sense of Christian community with none of the pretense of a traditional church.

"Once we were married, and we were here, this whole place became our family," said Katie Church. "I feel like I can turn to anyone in this church, or even in this park, and they will be there to help me."

"People are more open as far as hearing the word of God, and speaking the word of God," agreed Robert Church.

If you think anyone here finds church attendance titillating, you'd be wrong. They're here to find inner peace and Pastor Parker believes that starts with accepting themselves.

"There's not a feeling that you have to be better than one another, physically," Pastor Parker said. "We're humans, we have scars, we have what we have…it's learning to love and accept that."


I'm just gonna take a wild guess here and say that most of the folks you might see at WHITE TAIL CHAPEL, are folks who you really wouldn't want to see naked in the first place?

"Thelma!  Would you please put your clothes on!!  You're scaring my kids and making it so they don't want to come to your Sunday School no more!"

How Not To Be a Terrorist

Sorry...I realize that we shouldn't laugh at Muslim suicide bombers accidentally blowing themselves up...but are we allowed to at least smile about it??

Today we have news that some king-suicide bomber was teaching a bunch of young suicide bombers how to put the explosives belt on...and it went off and killed him along with 21 future bombers!!

Not only that but the explosion was so big it alerted Iraqi officials to the site and they arrested another few dozen terrorists learning to blow themselves up.

It’s the kind of thing that could show up as a headline on The Onion: Suicide Bomb Trainer in Iraq Accidentally Blows Up His Class. It is a gift to Jon Stewart of the Daily Show. It has enlivened the usually grim litany of death and destruction that make up most Twitter feeds focused on Syria and Iraq. But even as the tale of a car-bomb demonstration gone awry invites chortles over the idea of preemptive payback, the circumstances should strike a note of sobriety. Twenty-one suicide bombers and bomb-makers recruited by the Islamic State of Iraq and greater Syria [ISIS], an al-Qaeda breakaway group, were killed in the explosion. Iraqi authorities, alerted to the camp’s location by the massive blast, captured another 23.

The training camp where the explosion took place was located in an orchard not far from the city of Samarra. According to the New York Times, who first reported the story, and the Associated Press, authorities searching the area in the wake of the blast also discovered heavy weapons, suicide bomb belts and at least 10 vehicles packed with explosives and ready to detonate. It’s not clear how long the camp had been in use, but it is likely that several waves of recruits had already passed through. And that is a worrying sign.

“The fact that the ISIS is able to recruit such a large number of suicide bombers and then train them all in one place should be of great concern,” writes terrorism analyst Bill Roggio for the Long War Journal. “How many more ISIS suicide camps are out there? Given the steady stream of suicide attacks the ISIS carries out in Iraq and Syria, the answer is likely enough that today’s work accident won’t make much of a dent in ISIS operations.”

As if to underscore his point, a bomb exploded near a café in Baghdad later that night, killing three and wounding 11. Though they have not yet claimed responsibility, ISIS has been behind similar attacks in the past. Even with one major explosives training cell incapacitated, those bombings are not likely to end anytime soon.


"Ok now, listen very closely my young jihadists!!  Today we learn how to blow ourselves up for the glory of Allah and so that we can all get to heaven and start drinking wine and having copious amounts of sex with young virgins.  But before all that we must learn how to blow ourselves up!!  Allah Akbar!!!  So the first thing you should know when putting on the explosives belt is to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER touch this button!"

"Which button, Master Jihad?"

"This little white button right...." (BOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!)

Here is another link to the same story with a funny cartoon;

Giraffe Gets Killed...Global Outrage Follows

The liberal mind is a foolish thing to behold.

A zoo in Denmark had a young giraffe that didn't fit into it's breeding program and they needed meat to feed the they killed the giraffe and fed it to the lions.

Makes perfect sense....why kill cows and feed them to lions when you have some giraffe meat readily available?  After a recent study 7 out of 10 lions preferred giraffe meat over any other kind of meat! : )

But the liberal lunatics are having nothing of it!!

Giraffe Killing at Copenhagen Zoo Sparks Global Outrage

On Sunday morning, shortly after a last meal of his favorite rye bread, an otherwise healthy 18-month-old male giraffe named Marius was killed with a slaughterhouse bolt gun at the Copenhagen Zoo.

Afterward, zoo officials performed a three-hour-long demonstration of how to butcher a giraffe before a large crowd of visitors, including many children. The meat was then fed to the zoo's lions.

"When breeding success increases it is sometimes necessary to euthanize," Bengt Holst, the zoo's scientific director, said in a statement on the giraffe's death. "We see this as a positive sign and as insurance that we in the future will have a healthy giraffe population in European zoos."

Marius's death and very public dismemberment sparked outrage on social media, prompted death threats against staff at the zoo, and was seen by some animal lovers as provocative response to a campaign to spare the giraffe's life in the days and hours leading up to his death.

An online petition asking the Copenhagen Zoo to hold off on killing its unwanted giraffe until an alternate home could be found for him received over 27,000 signatures from around the world but was ignored by the zoo. So were offers by wildlife parks in Britain, Sweden, and the Netherlands to take Marius off their hands rather than see him killed.


If you want to get a further idea of how lost this world truly is, read the comments following this article.  People are appalled that the public was invited to watch how a giraffe is butchered.

Ummm....we butcher thousands of cattle, pigs and sheep every single day.  Isn't it a GOOD THING to have a flipping clue about WHERE our meat comes from??  Shouldn't we be educating our kids on where hamburgers come from??  "Hey!  We believe it is GOOD for our kids to watch Miley Cyrus humping her fingers on TV but we draw the line at them seeing where the chicken McNugget comes from!!  That's simply OVER THE TOP!!"

Do these morons think that the lions should be fed with Walmart meat...because they believe that no animals were harmed while making Walmart meat??

No here is what takes the truly-amazing-cake....MOST of these liberal, outraged people have NO PROBLEM WITH KILLING BABIES via legal abortions.  You see in their foolish minds, a giraffe that they can see is worth WAY MORE than 50,000,000 babies that they can't see.

In the same way, a giraffe that they can see is worth way more than millions of cattle, pigs and sheep that they can't see.

The liberal mind....a terrible thing to waste.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kerry's Peace Plan Has Collapsed

Wow!  This is pretty interesting!  It is being reported (by this article anyway) that Obama wouldn't allow Kerry to impose peace terms on Israel.

Secretary of State John Kerry sought but failed to get backing from President Barack Obama to confront Israel over its objections to his peace proposals, and therefore his bid to try impose terms for peace on Israel and the Palestinians has “pretty much collapsed,” an Israeli TV report claimed on Sunday night

Citing unnamed sources close to the negotiations, Channel 10 news said that Kerry, who had hoped to impose a binding “framework” agreement on the two sides, covering all the key core issues for a peace agreement, sought Obama’s “political backing for confrontation primarily with Israel,” but got the presidential cold-shoulder. It was deemed that now was “not the time for such moves” for the president, the report said.

Here; Obama told Kerry to lay off applying pressure on Israel??

When did this happen??  On Sunday??

What day did the clouds open up and release trillions of gallons of water on drought parched California??  On Sunday??

Of course that could be a huge leap to connect those dots...but I do know that lots of churches (including ours) were praying for wisdom to be granted to maybe some sort of prayer was answered...and Team Obama is going to quit pressuring Israel...for now?

Polygamy Thrives

I don't know about you, but I have been seeing more and more mainstream articles about polygamy...and why not??  Polygamy will be the next battlefield for what will be allowed to be called "marriage".

Salt Lake City (United States) (AFP) - With 17 of their 25 children still living at home, breakfast is a military operation for the Dargers.

As organized chaos unfolds at the family home in the Utah countryside outside Salt Lake City, the parents come to help out.

Alina is the first, followed by her "sister wives" Vicki and Valerie, and finally their husband Joe.

The Dargers are members of a polygamous marriage, a lifestyle they say is endorsed by their fundamentalist Mormon beliefs.

Joe married cousins Alina and Vicki in 1990. Ten years later, Vicki's twin sister Valerie joined them, after her first plural marriage broke down. She brought five children with her from that relationship.

The family has lived openly for several years now, even publishing a 2011 book entitled "Love Times Three". 

But for a long time, Joe Darger says he worried that he might be arrested under the anti-polygamy laws in effect in the western US state.

"The fear when I went public four years ago, that fear was very real," he told AFP.

"This is a third degree felony... this is serious prison time. My grandfathers were imprisoned, so that was a real impact that we felt."

That fear has lifted for now, following a December ruling by a federal judge that struck down a key part of the state's anti-polygamy law as unconstitutional. 

Alina Darger, who herself works as a lawyer on cases involving polygamy, says the ruling was a relief.

"That's been one of the great things about the ruling -- the decriminalization, and the judge saying basically that the state needs to stay out of people’s bedrooms," she said.

"As long as it's adults freely choosing what they want, then I don't feel it would be my place to tell somebody else you can't choose to love who you love."

Did you see that??  A federal judge said that parts of polygamy laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!

Did you see that??  You can't choose to love you you love....

Isn't that exactly how the gay-marriage legalization agenda got started??  Finding one federal judge someplace to strike down some part of it as unconstitutional??  And just a few years later gay marriage is now allowed in 17 states.


"Hey!  I can't help it that I'm attracted to these three women.  I love them all!!  I am simply not made to be with one woman til death do us part.  Who ever thought of that stupid idea of two people together til death?  Clearly some nut case woman who was terrified of her husband cheating on her.  You can't choose to lover who you love...and the government has NO RIGHT to tell me and my wives what to do!!"

And of course if you raise your hand and say, "But what could this mean for society if the marriage breaks up and now these 25 kids are left with no father....because he has fallen in love with three other YOUNGER women??"

No doubt you will be shouted down and called an "Intolerant polyphobic bigot!"

Church is Experiencing "Epic" Failure

Last night my congregation had its quarterly meeting to update us on finances, staff, building and grounds, etc...

At this meeting we were reminded that massive amounts of our kids are walking away from church and NEVER coming back.  Not just our local church but in local churches across the country.


How about because massive amounts of our parents are TOTALLY CLUELESS on what the Bible says and what they believe or are totally hypocritical on HOW they are living their lives...and the kids are simply not satisfied with what they are hearing and/or what they are seeing?

It used to be that FAITH WAS HANDED DOWN AT HOME...from one father to his sons.

Jesus was VERY CLEAR when he told us in Matthew 28 that we are supposed to GO and MAKE disciples.

"But Dennis, that's why I go to church and put $20 in the offering plate so I can HIRE someone else to go out and make disciples and to make my kids into Christians.  I don't know my Bible well enough to give any sort of explanation of what I believe....forget about leading others to Jesus.  In fact I'm not even sure I am a disciple myself!"

Really??  Is that what you are prepared to tell Jesus tomorrow if today is your last day on earth?

Today, author Joel Rosenberg asks us some very pointed questions on this topic.

Who is investing in you? Whom are you investing in? Every Christian needs to be able to answer these two simple questions.

As we head deeper into the new year, how are you investing your life?

According to the Scriptures, every Christian needs to be able to answer two simple questions: 

1) Who is investing in you? and 

2) In whom are you investing?

In the Great Commission found in Matthew 28:18-20, our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to go and “make disciples of all nations." 

Jesus made disciples. Then He told His disciples to go make disciples. 

The Apostle Paul then followed Christ's model.

Are we obeying the Great Commission? Are we, like Paul, following Christ's model?

We each need an "Apostle Paul," an older, wiser believer to invests in us, teaches us, encourages us, corrects us, and helps us truly grow to maturity in our faith in Jesus Christ. We also need a "Timothy," a younger believer in whom we can invest, someone we can teach, encourage, correct and help to truly grow in the faith.

Sadly, the American Church is experiencing an epic failure of discipleship. Most older believers are not spiritually investing in the lives of younger believers. We are failing to model and transmit Biblical truth and Christ-like character and a passion for evangelism and discipleship to the next generations. Thus the American Church is weak and failing and in desperate need of revival. 

The good news is that the Lord is stirring the hearts of many around the country to rediscover the centrality of the Great Commission, and to begin engaging in making disciples here in our nation, and making disciples of all nations.

How about you? Are you living the invested life?

Sad.  The American Church is experiencing an epic failure of discipleship.  So how about you and me??  Are we part of the solution...or are we part of the problem?  Are we prepared to stand in front of Jesus and say, "This is what I did with all that you gave me!"  

Have we invested the talents that he gave us so that they may be multiplied....or have we buried them and done nothing while the Master has been away?

"But Jesus!  I was too busy working, staying current on FaceBook, playing golf, hunting, watching football on TV and running my kids to all of their events!  I just never found the time to read what you wrote to us."

Honestly, are we REALLY surprised that our kids are walking away from that kind of faith?

What will the Master say when he returns and looks at us Christians in America?

Major Rainfall Comes to California

Some places in California saw up to 12 inches of rain over the weekend!

At one ski resort they interviewed a skier who was elated that snow had finally come and his comment was, "Thank you Mother Nature!"

Of course I realize that's probably what most folks would say when a TV camera is pointed at them, but really, the entire nation should be thanking God for the rains that he just sent in that it may very well serve to help FEED US ALL over the coming year.

This rain is a good start but the drought is FAR FROM OVER as this single event won't fill their reservoirs, but this is a welcome change of things as California suffers through it's worst drought since it became a state in 1850.

The storms expected to finally bring Northern California a desperately needed deepdrenching this weekend after the driest year in state history aren't just random showers.

They are the result of a developing situation that scientists call "an atmospheric river," and recent research has shown that they have played a significant role in breaking droughts in the past.

Sometimes known as "the Pineapple Express," these rivers of rain are long, narrow bands of highly-concentrated moisture that are formed in the Pacific Ocean and barrel eastward until they hit land, bringing downpours and flooding.

When they hit California, they pack an amazing punch. Just one can carry 15 times as much water as the Mississippi River.

This weekend's storms will offer a reminder of what winter looks like after California suffered in 2013 through the driest year since it became a state in 1850, with reservoirs at record-low levels, farmers fallowing fields and fire danger high.

"Most likely we'll get ponding on the roadways, and urban and small stream flooding," said Larry Smith, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Monterey. "You could see some minor mud slides. It's definitely going to be a messy weekend."

The rain will provide residents a chance to put out empty garbage cans or other large containers to catch rainwater to use later on plants. It also should begin to fill depleted reservoirs.


No doubt the mericful Lord sends His rain on the wicked and the just.

We will continue to watch California as we believe what happens there can be a significant sign of what may be coming for the rest of us.