Friday, August 29, 2008

Israel says NO to Nuclear Iran

This is a very serious article from the Jerusalem Post. Israel will not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons. So every day the centrifuges keep turning in Iran, they are one day closer to Israel doing something militarily to destroy their program. This WILL affect you and me when it happens. Certainly the problems of this earth will not be solvable by mankind. Read the full article here;

Worst Flooding

In the headlines today is one more story of "worst ever", or "most ever". It seems flooding is sweeping over parts of Japan and India. Here is one quote from the article below; "I've lived here for 70 years but never experienced anything like this before," a man told public broadcaster NHK."

Read the article below;

I wonder when the world will realize that what we are seeing is not business as usual.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

North Korea Backs Out many flashpoints and conflicts can the world take at one time? Especially when all the parties are throwing nuclear weapons into the mix. It seems that North Korea is mad that we didn't delist them from the "terrorist sponsor" list, so they are going to ramp up their nuclear program again. I wonder if they will return the $4 Billion in cash and the ship loads of grain that we paid them to quit cooking nukes? I think I know that answer to that. Read the JP article here and shake your head in wonder of how mankind will possibly solve all these complex and dangerous issues.

Britain Urges Russia to Avoid Cold War

It is simply amazing how quickly prophetic events can manifest themselves. As we have said, George Bush entertained Putin at his house and Russia was racing towards democracy. Their stock market was one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Then, like a flash, the Cold War is back on us again with Russia flexing it's muscles as it realizes it has lots of energy wealth and can use it like a club on a very unprepared Europe. Read more here;

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Iran Buys Wheat from U.S.

This article is hard to read without at least a little smile on your face. For the past few years, the President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, is saying that the destruction of the U.S. is near. He also has a habit of referring to us as the Great Satan. So how do you think it made him feel to have to call the U.S. and order ONE MILLION TONS of hard wheat directly from the U.S.?

I can almost here the phone call now, "Good afternoon, United State of Satan. This is Mr. Ahmadinejad and I would like to place an order so me and all my people won't starve this winter. You see, it goes like this; Allah loves us and gives us our daily bread...but he came up a tad short this year so we need to order our bread from you, Satan. When can you get it here? Tuesday? O.K. After I feed my nuclear scientists with your Satan-bread...we will commence working on a bomb to kill you all! Thanks and have a nice day!"

Read the WSJ article here;

Splitting Jerusalem?

The territory of Israel will be contested until 1) the anti-christ signs a temporary deal between Israel and it's neighbors and 2) the TRUE Prince of Peace (Jesus) returns to usher in the millenium. For me, it makes it easier to understand that there simply is no human sollution to this human problem that has super-natural roots. That being said, the prophet Jeremiah has some stern warnings to any nations that mess with the Promised Land. That's why it is concerning to see Secratary Rice in headlines calling for a division of Jerusalem. You can read it here;

Pakistan's Problems

Let's remember that Pakistan is the only muslim country that has nuclear weapons. It begs the question of who makes the decisions of who-when-why and where the nukes could be launched? And it seems the muslim extremists are exploiting the uncertainty in Pakistan by blowing up everything they can. This teapot of a world continues to steam...but with all the steam coming from so many spouts, it makes you wonder if it is soon going to boil over? Read the Pakistan article here;