Saturday, February 9, 2008

Anti Semitism grows

The archibishop has definately started a firestorm over his suggestion that Islamic law (sharia) have some useful place in the UK. It sure appears that the world is starting to turn on the Jews and are increasingly taking the side of the Palestinians. Here's a perspective from Jerusalem Post.

The bible is pretty clear that once Israel has been re-gathered (Ezekiel 37) to the Holy Land, that they will not be destroyed again. Furthermore God promises that when all the Arab nations, with Russian help, are gathered to destroy Israel, that He will supernaturally save the Jewish people. (Ezekiel 38) It will be such an event that the whole world will understand that "something incredible" just saved Israel. It is interesting to watch all the players named in Ezekiel 38 start coming together for the first time in human history. This is definately a big "thing" to watch.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Where are the women?

I find it interesting that the women's movements in the US who fought so hard for equal rights, voting rights, equal pay, etc... for themselves, are sitting by silently as many of the muslim women of the world are mistreated. Why are they silent when a women gets jailed for drinking coffee? Or why aren't they trying to overturn sharia law in countries that kill women for wrongful sex?

Does anybody have the answer to that one?

Sharia law

It appears that the Archbishop of Canterbury is very suprised at the turmoil over his statements in favor of implementing some parts of sharia law in the UK. You can read the attached BBC article here;

Sharia law is the law as it is laid out in the Koran. Currently Iran and Saudi Arabia are examples of states that operate by Sharia law. That's why they kill homosexuals and hang drunkards and stone adulterers in those countries...because the Koran prescribes the punishment for those crimes.
This is also another reason that those countries do not look kindly on democracies, since they believe that there is no law except that given by Allah. Since democracies are governed by laws written by men, that makes them an affront to a fundamentalist muslim. Since we are the greatest country in the world and are ruled by laws of men...that's why we are referred to as the "Great Satan". Since Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle east, they are referred to as "Little Satan". Radical Islam is a force that the Western world will have to deal with in a very serious way. Sadly, simply appeasing them and giving them what they want is a sign of weakness is their minds and increases the certainty that they will ask for more.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I believe it is very interesting to read and listen to what the Jews in Israel are observing. They seem to know (sense) that something very large is going on in the the form of a spiritual battle. They know that the enemy is bearing down on them and that something is going to "pop" sometime in the not too distant future. I had the opportunity to visit with the author of the article below when I was in Jerusalem in 2006.

It is also interesting to me how conservative voters in the US seem to be disallusioned with Bush, as of late, at the same time that the Isrealites are becoming concerned about Bush. Not sure what that means, but I do know that for the first time in 2000 yrs, the Jews of Israel are realizing that Evangelical Christians are about the best friends they have in the world.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Last Best Hope

I was listening to the radio and an ex-muslim (Dr. Michael Yousef) was explaining the danger that Western civilization is facing from radical Islam. He told of how Christians are coming under attack in Iraq and went on to say how he believed they were the canaries in the mineshift. For those unfamilar with what that means, miners used to bring a canary down into the mine with them. If the bird stopped singing and died, they knew that poison gas was all around them and they didn't have long to escape. So when the Christians in Iraq are dying from radical Islam, we can know that the poison gas has built up and will soon overcome other "workers in the mine". Linked below is a great article that addresses this topic.

As always, continue to pray for our muslim brothers that they can find the love, peace and truth of Jesus Christ.

Monday, February 4, 2008


I am still digesting in my mind all I heard on Saturday night while attending a talk given by a local St Thomas professor. I knew early on in his talk that we were not going to be in agreement on most of what he said. First off he claimed (because the pope said so) that Muslims are praying to the same God that we are. I further pressed him on explaining why Islam isn't a cult. And he couldn't defend that posistion. When someone else in the crowd brought up Mormons and how they were a cult and asked how Islam was any different...he had no answer except to say that he thought Joseph Smith's revelations seemed "crazy" to him. Wow!! So it is now up to this professor to decide for himself who in the world is a false teacher based on his own feelings??.... Furthermore, we pressed him on reconciling the words of Christ, "I am the way the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father excepth through the Son." He told us that he would be fired the very next day if he was ever found tellling his students that Jesus is the only name that saves. He was (in his own words) very impressed with Islam and sees no reason why Christians should be trying to evangelize this religion. He I know that the Great Apstasy that Christ talks about is already among us, it was just eye opening to realize how close it truly is.
II Timothy 2:5 tells us that in the last days, "they will hold to the outward form of our religion, but reject it's real power." It seems this St Thomas prof is well on the road to fufilling that one.