Saturday, August 10, 2013

Monogamy is Dying, Polygamy is Rising

Of course God's plan is for one man to be joined to one woman until death do them part.

So of course, Satan is constantly doing all he can to pervert that plan.  If God said it...then Satan wants the opposite.

Witness gay marriage.  We already know that has exploded and simply will NOT be done away with ever again.  The genie is out of the bottle on that one.

So now that the definition of marriage has been permanently changed....why not throw out this whole stupid idea of ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN?  Who says we can't love more than ONE WOMAN or ONE MAN?

And just watch now, as the whole idea of POLYGAMY and POLYAMOROUS go main stream and gather acceptance.  A day is soon coming when a person will be called intolerant and unloving if they dare to disagree with the 'logic' of polygamy.

A wonderful sex and love therapist once told me that there is a spectrum of monogamy to polyamory, from the most fidelity driven two-person couples to the individuals so dedicated to multiple partners that their personal lives ring of debauchery. Then there are those of us who fall somewhere in the middle, dedicated and committed yes, but also driven to love more than one.

In what I’d call the middle, somewhere between newly married lovebirds with eyes only for each other and swingers at an orgy, is the idea of ethical non-monogamy or, polyamory. The idea that the human heart is capable of love and devotion to more than one partner. There is not one soulmate who fulfills you so completely that your emotional, physical and all other relationship needs are met, but that meeting all these needs could take more than one person — and that’s OK. In fact, it’s down right beautiful. The cornerstone of this kind of love is communication. Open, honest, and by all means frequent communication, but first, you need to get there.

I was raised in a nuclear family that consisted of my parents, my sister, myself and God. My father liked to post scripture on the fridge and lecture my sister and I about settling down with a good Christian man who could provide for us.  From my teenage days one of my main interest was chasing boys.  I liked men, I still like men. The look of them, the smell of them, the way their shirts button on the opposite side and when they sit down they always look so damn comfortable. Despite my desire to surround myself with the male of the species, my parents’ tutelage stuck in my head: Find a nice man. Settle down.


Our sex life took a turn for betterment I couldn’t have imagined. Not only did we start to explore more areas of our desires, but finding passion and confidence with other partners brought us closer together so our time spent intimately doubled from what it used to be.  I felt more drawn to my husband, and our relationship is better than it has been in years. Either of us would tell you so.

I am a mother, then a wife, and then a girlfriend. The kids’ needs come before my husband’s and boyfriend’s, and we all are sensitive to how time is spent with them.  I do not give up time with them to spend time with my boyfriend, and my husband and I make sure to spend plenty of time as a family.

Yes, my kids know my boyfriend, adore him actually. This arrangement isn’t confusing for them because they know him as a family friend (he was before we ever dated). The kids are currently kept completely unaware of any other dating that goes on.

If eventually, my husband would like to introduce a partner to our children, it would have to be serious enough (as in dating for awhile) to warrant the children knowing. Perhaps, when they get older they will find out that “uncle Jim” is actually their mother’s partner. And then we plan to explain that love is not bound to two people, and we all may love and live as we choose.

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Ohhh...won't that just be wonderful for the kids to learn that their mom humps multiple men...because she loves it so?

Can you see how society will soon be in an absolute free fall? 

Can you see how disaster will come when MANKIND starts ignoring God's rules and begins inventing their own?

Can you see how this is all more evidence that we are living in the very last hours of the very LAST DAYS?

Are you getting excited to meet Jesus?  Are you growing more tired of this life on earth with daily news coming of wars, violence, greed, perversion and gluttony?

Are you getting eager to see justice roll out like a mighty river....the justice of Jesus Christ?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Central Banks Are a Great Delusion

We have asked for years now how it is possible that the masses of otherwise intelligent people can possibly believe that central banks can print money in any amount and yet have nothing to back it up

How long will they continue to believe that $trillions of zeros, created out of thin air, will always be valuable?

We don't know...but when it does come crashing will be a massive crash.

The current world-wide fixation and veneration of central banking is one of the greatest delusions and manias of all time. Their actions are becoming increasingly desperate and are causing growing tremors and dislocations. (See EVR issues of February, April and June 2013 for additional perspectives.) It is a sad spectacle.
Central bankers are now popularly considered to be the most powerful people in the world. They are seen as the magi of prosperity…the magical healers of all economic and financial problems…the monetary priests that can apparently issue indulgences for all past economic sins. Their actions are catalysts for major wealth transfers within societies. And, amazingly, they are not even elected officials. Yet, these individuals can bring national and global economies to complete ruin. Just why is so much trust put into these officials?
It is certainly not because of their successful track records. Far from it. All the same, it is not surprising that economists have attracted the faith and hopes of the masses. Mankind has been only too willing to be deluded and to accept great lies many times before. There are countless examples of this being the case. Thousands of years ago, the Bible had already noted that those who promote themselves as wise and knowing apart from God are fools that invariably lead people and societies astray.
In this Creation, the majority is rarely right. Just because the majority may believe in evolution or in the big bang theory has no bearing whatsoever on the truth. “For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it” (Matthew 7:13). Moreover, “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God's sight” (1 Corinthians 3:19).
The actions of the world’s major central banks have gone past the point of no return. You must understand this. The recent reactions to the “tapering” comments illustrate this reality in spades. In the space of less than two months, the entire banking system in the U.S. has lost all its unrealized gains on its holdings of government bonds. You can imagine how offside will be the balance sheets of the major central banks which are now incredibly leveraged, operating on a very small sliver of equity. It really amounts to a giant confidence scheme.
Yep!  What he refers to as a 'giant confidence scheme'...has another common name...a Ponzi scheme.
We saw what happened to Bernie Madoff's investors.  They lost it all!
We know that our whole financial system has to collapse in order to bring in a new ONE WORLD that the Antichrist will ultimately take control of.
So for now, all we can do is continue to lay up our treasure in heaven and be busy about the Lord's work....because one day, just about every body's savings are going to go up in smoke.

Dolphins Are Dying

Hi all!  Sorry for the lack of blogging activity...but we are now back from Yellowstone safely so I should be able to get back on track.

First we had the bees dying off, then we had the massive fish kills, then we had the thousands of black birds falling from the we have the dolphins dying.

(Reuters) - Federal scientists investigating an unusually high number of dead bottlenose dolphins washing up on the East Coast said on Thursday the carcasses are showing up at a rate that is seven times higher than usual.

More than 120 dead animals have been discovered since June from New Jersey to Virginia, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Fisheries Service said.

Federal scientists have declared it an "unusual mortality event" and are investigating the cause, said Maggie Mooney-Seus of NOAA Fisheries.

A number of things can cause dolphins to strand, including harmful algal blooms, infectious viruses, injuries due to ship strikes, pollutants and human-made runoff, NOAA said.


For now we can't say that the death rate is the highest EVER...but 'seven times higher than usual' sounds pretty significant.

So today we will file this one under the category of....all creation groans.