Saturday, April 4, 2009

Insult to Israel

Today in the Star Tribune, there is an article by Clifford May that is most telling. He is writing about a political cartoon that was in hundreds of papers around the world. It shows a jack-booted Jewish warrior pushing a shark-tooth star of David about ready to devour a tiny lady carrying a baby whose name is Gaza. Obviously, the cartoon is incredibly anti-semitic and very inflammatory.

Read the article here;

Now ask yourselves an honest question; if this would have been directed at muslims instead of Jews...can you imagine the outcry and rioting that would be taking place around the world at this very moment? But because the slam is directed at Jews...the world will remain totally silent.

Like a Flood

Change is happening fast...and that's more than just an Obama slogan. The earth is groaning with birth pangs, just like Jesus said it would. The secular world is very concerned about these ominous signs in nature.

"The rapid retreat of glaciers there demonstrates once again the profound effects our planet is already experiencing -- more rapidly than previously known -- as a consequence of climate change," U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said in a statement.
"This continued and often significant glacier retreat is a wakeup call that change is happening ... and we need to be prepared," USGS glaciologist Jane Ferrigno, who led the Antarctica study, said in a statement.

Read the full article here about this vanishing ice shelf;

When you lay this information on top of the earthquakes, strange storms, tsunamis, hurricanes and becomes hard to ignore that all the birth pangs are increasing in intensity.

Tinder Box

Tensions are rising around Korea as the North prepares to launch a rocket, that many are claiming is a missile. Furthermore, North Korea has said that if anyone interferes with this launch (attempts to shoot it down or alter it's course), then it will be considered an act of war and the North says it will respond most vehemently.

As if this wasn't complicated enough, some are saying that North Korea has deployed it's nuclear weapons around the missile launch site.

"I received the information from the national intelligence agency of a certain country that they believe North Korea has deployed nuclear warheads at two underground facilities for Rodong missiles," Daniel Pinkston, senior analyst at the International Crisis Group, told The Daily Telegraph from Seoul.

Read full article here;

Let's all remember that North Korea posesses these weapons in full violation of signed international agreements and that they took lot's of U.S. bribe money but obviously lied to us to get it and had no intentions of dismantling their nuke program.

But hey...on to more important news....the stock market is up for the 4th week in a row!!! Michelle Obama has very nice arms and incredible fashion sense!!! Madonna may not be able to adopt because she is divorced!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rumors About Israel Attacking Iran

The rumors are coninuing to build. Will Israel be forced to go into Iran all by themselves and stop or stall Iran's nuclear ambitions? It's sure looking more and more like that's the case. The U.S. is too busy dealing with our money problems...we have no time to confront evil. Europe gave up fighting with guns and bombs long they want nothing to do with any confrontation of any kind. They would prefer angry letter writing over violence.

So the clock ticks. Said Robert Gates;

"I think we have more time than that. How much more time I don't know," Gates said of the end-of-2009 benchmark. "It is a year, two years, three years. It is somewhere in that window." (til Iran has a nuclear bomb)

His comments contrasted with those of Gen. David Petraeus, the top US army commander in the Middle East, who told Congress Wednesday that Israel "may ultimately see itself so threatened by the prospect of an Iranian nuclear weapon that it would take preemptive military action to derail or delay it."

Read the article here;

As we have said many times already...Israel is not going to sit still and simply HOPE that an Iranian nuke doesn't come out of the sky and kill 6 million Jews in one minute. They made a big mistake with Hitler when they didn't organize and fight him right away. With Hitler, the Jews refused to believe what was happening...until it was too late to fight back. They will not make that mistake with Iran...even if it means igniting the entire region in a fire-storm. Israel has a right to life...regardless of what the world believes.

We must remember though that if Israel goes into Iran, oil prices are going to spike and gasoline prices could double or triple overnight. If that happens soon, at a time when the G-20 believes we are pulling out of our economic malaise, and sends the markets and consumer confidence tumbling....look for those G-20 nations to turn on Israel in a heartbeat. Most are already upset at Israel for not giving the Palestinians and Arabs what they are asking for.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Korea Ignoring Agreements

We know that North Korea popped off a nuclear explosion a few years ago. We know that they have blackmailed the U.S. by telling us they want money to shut down the nuclear program. We know that they are going to launch a missile in the next few days...and the director of the CIA has said there is nothing the world can do about it.

Some liberals have said to us..."So what? If we can have weapons and missiles, why can't they." The answer to that is quite simple's because North Korea signed an Internationl Armistice Agreement at the end of The Korean War on July 27, 1953. And in that agreement, they agreed to;

(d) Cease the introduction into Korea of reinforcing combat aircraft, armored vehicles, weapons, and ammunition; provided however, that combat aircraft, armored vehicles, weapons, and ammunition which are destroyed, damaged, worn out, or used up during the period of the armistice may be replaced on the basis piece-for-piece of the same effectiveness and the same type. Such combat aircraft, armored vehicles, weapons, and ammunition shall be introduced into Korea only through the ports of entry enumerated in paragraph 43 hereof.

Read the full document here;

So does North Korea's development of a nuclear weapon break that agreement? Of course it does!!! Does developing new long range missiles break that agreement? Of course it does!!! So what is the world going to do about a rogue nation who thumbs it's nose at binding, international agreements???.....absolutely nothing....except pay them blackmail money.

I guarantee you that the rogue leaders around the world are paying attention to this blatant illegality and the absolute lack of consequences. It's just another sign of Western weakness.

Obama's "War Against Churches"

It appears the gloves are coming off between Newt Gingrich and Obama. Here's some of what Newt had to say;

I think there's a clear to desire to replace the church with a bureaucracy, and to replace people's right to worship together with a government-dominated system," he contends. The former House Speaker says the Obama administration is talking seriously about taking away the right of conscience in terms of performing abortions. "This is most aggressive, militant, secular program I can remember," Gingrich admits. "And I think you have to be really clearly aware that they want an America which is radically different than the country which was created by those pioneers who first landed back in 1607 at Cape Henry and erected a cross to thank God for having allowed them to cross the Atlantic Ocean."

Read the full article here;

This conversation has prophetic interest because it talks of a government dominated worship system. Remember that the anti-christ will demand worship by all people left on earth. Further, they will all have to take the mark of that anti-christ system or they won't be able to buy or sell and they will be targeted for death.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where's the Ammo?

A few days ago we did a post on gun shops and the chatter that is going on concerning the reasons Americans are buying guns and ammo at a record pace. Today there is a headline article that expands on this conversation.

"We're probably selling ammunition right now at a 200 percent increase over normal sales," said Richard Taylor, manager at the Firing Line in Aurora, Colo.
"We've probably got over 4,000 cases of ammunition on back order currently. But we just don't know when we're going to receive that," Taylor told KMGH. "Y2K was just like a little blip on the radar screen compared to this. I mean, it's just phenomenal."

Read full article here;

You gotta smile when you hear what this shop owner from Denver says;

Rich Wyatt, owner of a firearms shop and training facility outside of Denver, told Human Events' Kaminsky that even "old ladies and young people and liberals" have been buying ammunition from him.
Wyatt's position seems to be that the new president sparked the ammunition buying frenzy with careless words from the campaign trail, such as when he said small town folks in Pennsylvania "cling to guns or religion" during hard economic times.
"Barack Obama is right about one thing," Wyatt said. "We are clinging to God and our guns, and I defy him to try to take either one from us."

U.S. Weakening In Eyes of Iran

We need to remember that perception is reality all over the world. What does that mean?
-- It means when Iran takes U.S. embassy hostages in 1979 and holds them for over a year...and the U.S. does nothing. (Carter)

-- When Hezbollah kills hundreds of U.S. marines in Lebanon in 1983...and the U.S. withdraws. (Reagan)

--When Islamic militants shoot down a U.S. helicopter in Somalia in 1993 and drag our dead soldiers through the streets....and the U.S. withdraws. (Clinton)

--- When the U.S.S. Cole is blown up in Yemen in 2000, and navy soldiers are killed...and the U.S withdraws. (Bush)

-- When Al qaida crashes planes into the towers in 2001...and the Islamists around the world cheered.

Like it or not, action and in-action send a message. And the message that is being heard loud and clear around the Islamic world is, "USA is weak, financially bankrupt, lacks will and has grown fat and lazy." And because of this belief, we may have lost any bargaining chip that we may have had with Iran.

But financial pressure may be less effective these days because of a growing belief in Iran that America’s power is waning, its economy in ruins. In 2003, when America ignored Iran’s hints of a grand bargain, the ruling clerics sought America’s embrace because they feared its wrath. No longer. As the epicurean mullah said when urged to eat some wholesome jelly, “If it is so fortifying, why does it wobble so much?”

Read article here;

Iran no longer fears our wrath and we have nothing that they what does Obama plan to say to them? "Hi guys, could you pleeeeeaaaasseee quit making a nuclear bomb??? Pleeeeeeeease??" That will only make us appear more pitiful in their eyes than we have already become. Plus they will post that up on their terrorist recruitment website and say that Obama has come begging because he fears Islam..." you better join the jihad now and get on the winning you can tell your grandkids that you were part of defeating the "great satan".

Liberal Mind- Part II

In the last post we looked at VP Biden's gifts to charities to see if his money matched up with his mouth. Clearly it didn't. Now, let's see if his boss, President Obama, fares any better.

See Obama's giving link here;

As the summary shows, as the Obama's were making over $20,000 per month in income...they couldn't quite manage to give away a few hundred bucks per month. In other words, they were some of the best paid liberals in the country and they didn't deem food shelves, church, starving children, 9/11 disaster relief, disabled vets, or even the humane causes worthy of giving a few dollars per day to support.

Now, in fairness, you can see that in 2005 Mr. Obama had significantly more income as he evidently signed a book deal and receieved some sort of signing bonus...and he did ramp up his giving over the past few years...but the cynical side of me wonders if that's about the time he knew he would be running for President and his tax returns would be made public?

On the other hand, Obama's less than perfect predessessor, George Bush, seemed to back up his talk of being a "compassionate conservative" with his pocketbook.

President and Mrs. George W. Bush certainly did their part. According to their 2005 tax return the Bushes had taxable income of $618,694 and contributed $75,560 to charitable organizations that included the American Red Cross (Hurricane 2005 Relief), the Salvation Army (Hurricane 2005 Relief), the Salvation Army (Pakistan Earthquake Relief), Martha’s Table, the Archdiocese of New Orleans Catholic Charities, the Mississippi Food Network, and the Federal Government’s Combined Federal Campaign.

It kind of makes one wonder...who do you trust more??...someone who says one thing but does the opposite....or someone who says one thing and actually follows through with it.

The Liberal Mind

Many of us know from experience that the world view of a liberal versus a conservative can be miles apart. Also, there are many various areas and topics on which they differ. One area we want to touch on today is charitable giving. As a rule, the conservative sees a need and then opens up his wallet and his calendar and figures out how to do something about it.

The liberal, on the other hand, sees a need and then rallys other liberals to lobby their government (local, state, federal or all of the above) to get EVERYONE on board for the need they see. Then they get their funding from taxes raised. They don't have a problem paying $1 more in taxes as long as EVERYONE pays that dollar.

Now, let's take a look at one of the leading liberals in the country and see if this generalization may apply. Below is a link to VP Joe Biden's charitable giving for the past 10 years.

Access link here;

You can quickly see that even though VP Biden has made $200,000 to $300,000 per year for the past 10...he usually only gives a few hundred bucks to his favorite charities. We know kid's with part time jobs who give more to charitable causes than VP Biden does!

Conclusion; this generalization of the liberal mind holds some water.

Next we will try and see if this generalization holds up to the most famous liberal in the country.

Netanyahu Tells the Truth

Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, told the truth yesterday when he said that muslim extremists want to bring down his country from north to south. We know this is true because the extremists are telling us that's exactly what they want to do.

Netanyahu went on to say that Israel and Palestine both need to fight extremism. Palestine responded right away saying that Israel needs to quit occupying Palestine.

Read article here;

Doesn't sound like a good platform for don't hold your breath.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taliban Threat Credible

We now hear that the Taliban (Muslim extremists that we are fighting in Afghanistan) have issued a threat against Washington D.C. And analysts are saying we have to pay attention to it.

A Taliban leader recently said;

"Soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world."

Read article here;,2933,511873,00.html

Now, it may be possible that this Taliban leader has been eating too many poppy seeds...or it may be true that we could awaken someday soon to an event that will make 9/11 seem like a minor incident.

But one thing we know for sure...we better not talk about any of this within the churches of God...because it might offend someone who believes it to be "too political".

Kum-Ba-yah My Lord, Kum-Ba-Yah

It's amazing!!! Iran has gone from blowing up U.S. servicemen in Iraq, arming Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria, (which are sworn enemies of the U.S. and Israel) and cooking illicit nuclear bombs...and the very next day they are now our friends who are "promising" to help us with the drug war along the border of Afghanistan. Can we all join hands now and sing...Kum-ba-yah!!!

Afghanistan is where the U.S. and Iran may take some steps toward cooperation amid tensions over Iranian support for militant groups hostile to Israel and pursuit of uranium enrichment and other processes that might lead to a nuclear weapon.

Let me rephrase the above paragraph for you; Iran may use this ploy of cooperation to keep funding Hamas and other militant groups and buy time to keep cooking a bomb in hopes of destroying Israel and the U.S... SO they can then welcome the 12th Imam who will set up his Islamic-world-caliphate.

Read it here;

I certainly hope that Hilary and Obama remember that Iran invented the game of chess. They are masters at thinking many moves ahead...unlike most U.S. politicians who are thinking about the next 24-hour news cycle. Believe me, this is NOT a new move towards offering the olive branch of peace. I guarantee you the liberal-talking-heads and the Star Tribune will trumpet that it is about peace...and Ted Turner will repeat his claims that Iran should have the bomb afterall...and the next thing you know Obama will be offering to sell them Excel Energy and hand them the keys to New York City.

Have we all gone completely mad??

Betraying Israel

Hal Lindsey is echoing some of the same statements we made last Saturday regarding the world's disdain for Israel. It's amazing to me that the world simply can't remember that Palestine was offered it's own state in 1947 but all the Arabs refused. Now 60 years later, they are claiming that not only do they want the offer back but they also want all the land back that they lost in the 1967 war THEY waged to annihilate Israel.

Does anybody remember how Israel ended up "occupying" the land it "captured" in 1967? Israel captured it after beating back the combined forces of the Arab world that had launched a war of annihilation against Israel. And this wasn't the first pan-Arab war aimed at annihilating the Jews – it was the third.
Israel fought them off in 1948. And again in 1956. And then again in 1967. And once again in 1973. This strip of land, so coveted by the Arab world, amounts to less than one-sixth of one percent of the Muslim Middle East.

Read Lindsey article here;

As we have have said, and as we will keep repeating....the world's demands on tiny Israel are so void of logic that the pressure must be coming from a supernatural source. As Lindsey says, Israel only consists of 1/6 of 1% of the Muslim Middle East.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Math Doesn't Work

In a perfect world everyone could have whatever they want, whenever they want it and personal choices and/or mistakes wouldn't set anyone back from prosperity, equity and happiness. However, the world isn't perfect and as we've been saying all along...the math doesn't work to give everyone what they want. And Obama's math truly doesn't work.

Now, John McCain is publicly saying the same things;

McCain said that he does his math differently than the present resident of the Oval Office.
“Does anyone really believe that we can expand non-defense spending to a record share of GDP, reform the healthcare system that is one-sixth of the economy, reinvent the energy portfolio that powers our lives and drive next generation broadband to every home -- while cutting taxes for 95 percent of Americans? It doesn’t add up. It won’t add up and it won’t last,” he argued.

Read the full article here;

As the article says, it appears the post-election honeymoon between McCain and Obama is officially over.

Too Busy to Pray?

Here is another sign that the end must be near...there is a website where you can go and purchase an automated service to say your prayers for you. Yes it's true.

Information Age Prayer is a subscription service utilizing a computer with text-to-speech capability to incant your prayers each day. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your prayers will always be said even if you wake up late, or forget.

See the site for yourself here;

Oh yeah, the site warns us that if we are muslims, the prayer service won't count as a substitute for the 5-daily call to prayer...but tells us that it certainly can't hurt!

Finally, if you can believe it, there is a place to sign up for a "Free Prayer for Luck".

I'm sure this is just what our Saviour had in mind when he told us to, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind and all your strength."

Hat tip to Troy.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Can We Do?

As North Korea readies to launch a rocket, the U.S. is finding that it has no tools in the toolbox when it come to rogue nations...or leaders who want the end of the world, like Iran. We can offer them money, (which amounts to blackmail and only encourages other despots) but what do we have that they want?

Secratary of Defense, Robert Gates had this to say;

"I would say we're not prepared to do anything about it," he told Fox News Sunday.

Read article here;

One thing we probably could do is say, "Look, here's how it's going to work. If you launch that rocket we are going to rain so many missiles and tactical nukes down on your head that the deepest bunker in the world is not going to save you." But as a moral nation, we will probably never say or do such a thing since we would kill thousands of innocent people and leave the country with zero infrastructure which would lead to even more innocent deaths.

It begs the question; how is a moral country like the U.S. actually going to use our incredible military force to stop anything from happening since we have little stomach for blood and carnage? We may be left to try and act defensively....but when it only takes one nuke placed in New York or LA...or one electro-magentic-pulse bomb (EMP) to totally destroy us for good...we definately need a Savior.