Saturday, January 5, 2013

Three Days and Three Nights

Here is some data to arm yourselves with the next time you get into a discussion with a Bible sceptic.

The problem as laid out by sceptics;  "Jesus said that just like Jonah was in the belly of the fish for 3 days and 3 nights, so shall Jesus be in the ground.  If he was crucified on Friday before the Sabbath on Saturday and rose again on Sunday...that's only Friday night and Saturday night in the where is the 3 nights, as I only count 2 nights?"

Good question.

Please remember that lots of our Christian traditions have been blended and changed through the years.  For instance, why do we have Christmas trees?  Why do even good Christian hide Easter eggs and give chocolate rabbits to their children?  In the same way why do we call it Good Friday when clearly that only counts for two nights?


In the same way, some Christians along the way at some point mistakenly assumed that the Sabbath spoken of in the Crucifixion story, was a they wrongfully conclude that Jesus must have died on Friday.

In reality Jesus died on Thursday (which was Passover) and the Sabbath day of Feast of Unleavened Bread was Friday, the weekly Sabbath was Saturday and Jesus rose sometime on Sunday Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night is three nights in the tomb.

See the entire explanation here;

If anybody else has a great explanation, please comment and I will post your comment.

A Rampant and Growing Madness

Have you noticed the world around us seems to be going insane? 

I just got done reading an article in the Mpls-St. Paul newspaper about a severely disabled woman (mental capacity of a 4-5 yr old) whose guardian would drop her off at a hotel where men would line up to screw her!  She got pregnant and of course had no idea how, why or who.  It appears the guardian of the woman was getting paid somehow, by some dude named Muhammad, who was collecting the money from the men standing in line.

Can you imagine? 

Stories like this are happening every day...and they seem to be growing in frequency and severity.

Of course things like this have happened since men populated the earth.  But friends, this is America.  This is supposed to be the shining light on the hill...a place where Christian values are the norm and stories like the one I just read repulse that they seldom happen here.

Not any more.  Biblical beliefs have exited this wisdom and common sense have followed....and they are being replaced with violence, perversion and debauchery.  Our society seems to be going blind.

What’s going on? There is a creeping irrationality that’s becoming a new norm. It is seen in politics, education, religion and a society gone wild in commercialized frenzy. Remember the last “Black Friday,” with legions of crazed zealots charging their local shopping malls in search of cheap possessions? Christians often comment that the old stability – commonly known as “common sense” – has all but disappeared.

One is reminded of the poet Robert Frost who, many years ago, commented upon the societies of the World War I and II era. He said, “A civilized society is one which tolerates eccentricity to the point of doubtful sanity.” Truly, we have become civilized, in the secular sense of that word.

A first-grade boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; grade-schoolers expelled for bringing aspirin for headaches, or mouthwash to use after lunch. Yet in middle-school, there have been cases in which pregnant teenagers were denied the right to notify their parents, when counseled to have an abortion.

At every level of society, lying, prevarication, deception and mendacity have become acceptable behavior. Politicians do it routinely. The new rule: It’s okay to lie. Today, even the “good guys” lie. Of course, politicians have lied for decades – for centuries. But there’s something a little different now. They actually think they’re telling the truth. And they really seem to believe that spending trillions of dollars will somehow put more money into the public coffers! Insane!

Intelligence and intellectual discipline has been distilled into a never-ending barrage of new electronics: Tablets, phones, gaming and texting are the new measure of culture. True education is no longer needed – you can look it up. In his hot hand, a third-grader has as many electronic facts at his fingertips as a college professor, and he knows it.

Respect for social discipline has almost disappeared. Worst of all, society is breaking down into tribal territories and well-guarded boundaries.

The result: Gang warfare, drug wars and a hard-rock mentality have permeated the new generations, producing social instability … or worse. Drive-by shooting or mass murders by crazed gunmen are now almost a common phenomenon. Society has become crazed … ragingly insane.

Public life has, itself, become a parade of insanity. Think of the last few elections. Both nationally and locally, they increasingly seem to be dominated by money and demagoguery – emotional speech without a thread of logic. Think back; have you recently heard a public figure make a statement that you found simply insane? Where is the voice of logic and rational ideas? To argue from fact is to be found lacking in compassion.

Raging criticism among political factions has reached an uncivilized level. Radical Islam is promoted as a “religion of peace,” even as it assaults Judaism and Christianity at every level. It rejects the stability demonstrated in the constitutional democracy that brought Western civilization to the highest levels of achievement in history.

Increasingly, the godless ones scheme to save the world through the application of various social programs that will reshape society through a global bureaucracy. To apply more of the strategies that caused the initial problem is simply insane. And almost two thousand years ago, Paul accurately predicted it.

I would strongly recommend you go and read the entire article here;

My mind goes to the parable of the 10 virgins that Jesus told.  As the women were waiting for the bridegroom (Jesus) to come....some of the women ran out of oil.  When the call went out (shout from Heaven from the archangel at the rapture?) the woman weren't ready.  They had fallen asleep.

Friends, we all need to make a concerted effort to stay awake at this time....or we will end up being overrun by these insane stories of political malfeasance, perversion, violence, and mayhem.

If ever there was a time to commit to daily Bible reading and to meditate on the word of is that time.  Let's all encourage each other to keep the oil in our lamps burning brightly until the Master returns....and not let our lights be extinguished by the flood that is coming.

Friday, January 4, 2013

USA on Edge of Spiritual Cliff

All the talk over the past few weeks has been the "fiscal cliff".  How are we going to stop from going off it?  Did we go off it?  Are we going to go off it again in a few months?...etc....

Many of us who are Bible readers know that the fiscal cliff isn't the real danger.  In fact, compared to the SPIRITUAL CLIFF that nation is about to go over, the fiscal cliff is child's play.

Now Franklin Graham is telling it like it is.

He was banned from a Pentagon prayer service because of Muslim complaints about his beliefs, and he later charged that Barack Obama has “shaken his fist” at God by endorsing same-sex marriage, so no one would expect mild platitudes from the strong-willed Franklin Graham.

But to liken America’s current situation to the status of the Old Testament tribe of Judah under Manasseh, the “wickedest king to rule?”

That's the message that can be taken from a recent public letter posted on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association website.

There, Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s oldest son, warns that the nation’s fiscal cliff is nothing to worry about compared to the spiritual cliff he sees.

“Since the recent election, we’ve seen same-sex couples lining up at courthouses in several states to receive their marriage licenses, and hundreds of people gathering in public places to light up marijuana cigarettes in the states where it has just been decriminalized,” Graham wrote.

“This is only the tip of the iceberg. The moral decline we see on television programs – blatant immorality, senseless violence, media-friendly gay and lesbian behavior – is just a reflection of the moral corruption that has infected our entire nation. These are indeed dark days … but there is hope.
“The Bible says, ‘If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?’ (Psalm 11:3, ESV).

No question our country’s foundations are being destroyed, but I am reminded of an era in the Old Testament where the Lord moved in a dramatic way to bring godly change to a spiritually dark and depraved nation like Judah, whose moral foundations had been seriously eroded.”

“For far too long, as a nation we have neglected – and even rejected – the Word of God and His commands. Yet the Scriptures are mighty, able to penetrate even the most hardened and darkened hearts with convicting, life-giving power,” Graham wrote.

“This is the only cure for a sin-sickened country that is about to slip into a moral abyss, and it is why we must proclaim the Good News,” he wrote.


Amen Franklin!  Preach it!

Of course the world will hate his message, exactly like the world hated Jesus.

Meanwhile the folks in Washington D.C. will continue to figure out how they can 'fix' the $17 trillion debt, the violence, the drugs, the porn addictions, the perversion, the abortion solution, the health care, the pension collapse, Social Security bankruptcy, etc, etc.....  all the while making sure they scrub the 10 commandments off every public setting and drive God away from every public venue.

They will believe they are running towards safety but are actually running right into the jaws of a deadly steel trap...and when the trap snaps shut on this will NOT be a pretty sight.

So let's keep up our Kingdom Work will we still have the daylight in which to work.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

Israel Builds Massive Fence on Egyptian Border

So guess what is on the FRONT PAGE of the Wall Street Journal today?  Yep!...a picture of a section of the fence that Israel just built for $416 million on the Egyptian border to wall the whole thing off.

Why would those Jews do something so intolerant and unwelcoming?? (sarcasm)

"Officials say the barrier is necessary to insulate the country from regional turmoil and an influx of illegal immigrants."...says the caption under the photo.

JERUSALEM — Two years after construction began, Israel has finished the bulk of the work on a fence along its border with Egypt.

Closing off the rambling, 140-mile-long stretch of desert border will prevent the "unfettered flow of illegal infiltrators, the smuggling of drugs and weapons," said a statement from the Defense Ministry, which oversaw the $400-million engineering project.

Speaking at a ceremony marking the completion of the main section, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the effort to curb the illegal entry of migrants from Africa, reduced from more than 2,000 a month in January 2012 to fewer than 40 in December.

Stopping the migrants is one aim of the fence, which stands about 15 to 20 feet high and includes multiple layers of barbed wire, communications equipment, a patrol road and asphalt track. It is similar to portions of the barrier that seals off the occupied West Bank from Israel, although that fence includes sections of concrete wall.

Early last year, Netanyahu said Israel would build a similar fence along the desert border with Jordan.

The government says all African migrants entering Israel illegally in recent months have been placed in detention facilities before reaching Israeli cities, where an estimated 60,000 migrants and asylum seekers — widely called "infiltrators" — already live.

"Just as we have stopped infiltration into Israeli cities, so too we shall succeed in the next mission, repatriating the tens of thousands of infiltrators to their countries of origin," Netanyahu said.


So now Israel has a fence to keep the Palestinians out, the Egyptians out, the Lebanese out, the Syrians out and soon they will put up a fence along the Jordanian border.  Yep...that should just about cover the entire border!

Dang!...those Jews are smart!  They want to KNOW WHO IS COMING AND GOING from their country....who is there legally vs. illegally and also want to make sure they know if any terrorists, criminals, weapons and drugs are coming in.

Such common sense!!  Of course here in America we have MILLIONS of illegals that come and go across the Mexican border...and instead of deporting them and building our own wall...we sign them up for food stamps, give them an apartment, deliver their babies in the hospital and then give those babies a U.S. citizenship and enroll them in public school!!  Awesome!!  We are so smart...and more importantly...SO TOLERANT!!

Of course this makes us think of the passage in Ezekiel 38:11 that speaks of Israel in the Last Days, "You (Antichrist?) will say, "I will invade a land (Israel) of unwalled villages: I will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people--all of them living without walls and without gates and bars."

So what's up?  If we are clearly in the Last Days and the Antichrist is most likely already on earth and getting ready to assume is it that Israel is building walls instead of tearing them down so that this prophecy can be fulfilled?

Good question.

We believe that after the rapture of the church, events will transpire VERY quickly for those who are left behind.  Remember that the Antichrist himself will sign a 7 year peace agreement with Israel AFTER the rapture.  This agreement, in fact, is the signal that starts the clock ticking on the final 7 years before Christ returns.   This will be the first major event that gets Israel to start letting it's guard down...making them "unsuspecting"...and maybe even leading to the point where they relax the borders with the Arab neighbors.

We also believe that the Antichrist may be the 12th Imam...the dude that millions of Muslims believe is coming in the Last Days.  When this 12th Imam receives supernatural powers from Satan and starts calling down fire from heaven and doing all sorts of supernatural miracles...the Jews may begin to believe that he is the Messiah...which would explain why they let the Antichrist into the 3rd Temple 3 1/2 years into the peace agreement....which in turn begins the TIME OF JACOBS TROUBLE aka THE GREAT TRIBULATION.

So give that some thought.  It's VERY possible that Ezekiel 38 and 39 are telling the story of The Tribulation and also the battle of Armageddon. 

If you want a book that discusses these things VERY WELL, I would suggest MIDEAST BEAST by Joel Richardson.

Also, please remember to NOT GET ALL HUNG up in the timing of all these things.  Just be joyous that the Lord is coming and continue to snatch people from the fire as God puts them in your midst.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Alien Space Cathedral" Revealed in New Mexico

Remember, new readers, the articles we post about are not always factual.  Many times they are simply headlines that we have come across that are interesting in light of the times we are in.

For instance, we don't KNOW that Bigfoot is real....but we may still post an article about a scientist who is convinced that Bigfoot is real.

Today we have this ALIEN headline and it's interesting because Scientology has been in the news a lot as of late with Tom Cruise being one of its big devotees.  The other reason it is interesting is because it is talking about 'aliens' coming back to earth.

We believe that if  'aliens' do come back, they aren't aliens at all...but really fallen angels and/or strange flesh that was first spoken of in Genesis 6.

Today we are at a point on planet earth where millions of folks have NO PROBLEM believing in Aliens traveling from light years away to rescue us...but they have a BIG PROBLEM believing in God who created all things for a purpose.

Funny how that works.

Scientology 'Alien Space Cathedral' Reportedly Revealed In New Mexico

In the New Mexico desert lies an allegedly secret Scientology installation that includes a huge message for extraterrestrials -- a crop circle-type design that can only easily be seen from high above the ground.

That's among the allegations set forth by BBC Panorama reporter John Sweeney in a new book, "Church of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology," reports the New York Daily News.

The controversial Church of Scientology -- which boasts celebrity members Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and Juliette Lewis -- was founded in 1952 by writer L. Ron Hubbard, and promotes the concept that humans are immortal beings with reincarnated souls.

In his book, excerpted in The Sun, Sweeney writes that the two huge interlocking circles -- each of which has a large diamond shape inside -- were created as markers to guide special Scientologists "returning from space to find Mr. Hubbard's works after a nuclear Armageddon wipes out humanity."


If you haven't plugged in yet to the crop circle may want to check out some of the photos that are at the bottom of the linked article.  We believe those crop writings/designs are also part of the BIG LIE that is coming for planet earth...cooked up by the Prince of the Powers of the Air (aka Satan)

"Fiscal Cliff" Averted...for Now.

Yeah!!  Happy days are here again!  Everything is fixed!  Everything is fine!  Housing markets are coming back, as of 11 AM CST the DOW was up 225 points, job numbers are looking better than expected, interest rates are at an all time low so borrowing is go borrow some money, buy a big house, a big car and borrow the money for that $200,000 college education at the Liberal Arts Christian college that your children deserve!  You CAN HAVE IT ALL!!

Sorry friends....I'm not buying it.  Mammon is simply making a few last gasps for breath...and those who have worshipped him for so long are seeing those gasps and saying, "See!  I told you he is alive!!  I knew he could never die!!  He is soon going to take deeper and deeper breaths and then he is going to stand up and start running for another 1000 years!!  Thank you Mammon!!!"

Some have asked me, "Dennis, what would have to happen in this country for you to start giving everything an enthusiastic thumbs up?"

Before I answer that, let's look at some other headlines from today.

-Christian man beheaded in Syria by the very rebels that USA is supporting.
-Gay marriage now legal in Maryland. Gays line up for weddings.
-Pot smoking clubs now open in Colorado
-Egypt now officially run by Muslim extremists
-United Nations spends 90% of its time issuing decrees AGAINST Israel
-Majority of Christians have NEVER read their Bibles.
-Kanye West impregnated Kim Kardashian even though she is still married to someone else
-70% of all black babies born in America to unwed mothers
-USA has reached debt limit ceiling again.  Debate to raise it will follow
-Entitlement culture reaches a new high among US teens
-Comedian Kathy Griffith attempts to kiss Anderson Coopers crotch on New Year's Eve TV Show
-50% of Americans report using anti depressant drugs at some point
-College loan defaults may be next huge banking crisis
-U.S. Government borrowed ALL the money necessary to run Fed Gov't and Military in 2012
-1 in 10 young people claim they cannot COPE with daily life
-Largest group of Internet porn viewers are children between ages of 12-17
-almost 1/4 of earth's population will go to bed hungry tonight
-infrastructure in America is crumbling and will require $trillions to replace it
-1 in 4 American adults have an incurable sexually transmitted disease

Of course those are just a few of the headline lead me to believe that things are NOT GOING BACK TO 'NORMAL'....because most people don't even understand what 'normal' even means anymore.
What would 'normal' look like?  People running around buying huge houses, SUV's and lake homes and putting it all on a credit card?  Is that 'normal?

When I see solid evidence of our nation's leaders humbling themselves and acknowledging that this country was blessed by God because we blessed Israel and also because the majority of our citizens were GOD FEARING PEOPLE....then I will give an enthusiastic thumbs up!

But I am not going to hold my breath. 

"While people are saying 'peace and safety' destruction will come upon them suddenly."

Sorry...I am not going to drink the Kool Aid coming out of Washington D.C.  This Nation HAS GONE passed the financial cliff and it HAS GONE passed the moral cliff...ONLY JESUS can help us now. 

If you love this nation and have no hope for an eternal life with are going to become VERY unjoyful as you witness its demise.

If, on the other hand, you are excited about your relationship with Jesus Christ and are spending your days figuring out how you can be involved in Kingdom Work until the Lord returns for you....we can expect that you will be exceedingly joyful as we all wait upon The Lord.

If you care to read about the surging stock markets happening today because we AVOIDED THE FISCAL can read about it here;


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

North Korea's Leader Says He Wants Peace

Turn on your cassette deck and resurrect your WE ARE THE WORLD song featuring Michael Jackson and a whole host of other Hollywood musicians..."All we are saying is give peace a chance."

It would appear that North Korea's leader has been listening to that cassette over the New Year celebration....because today he is saying he wants peace!

That's awesome!  We love peace!!

SEOUL — In a domestically televised New Year’s Day speech, North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Eun said he wants to “remove confrontation” on this divided peninsula and called on “anti-reunification forces” in South Korea to end their hostility toward the North.

The lengthy address, which laid out the national goals for 2013, marked Kim’s first formal remarks since the election two weeks ago of Park Geun-hye as South Korea’s next president.

The North Korean leader asked for a detente — but with prerequisites that the conservative Park is likely to be reluctant to accept. Both sides, Kim said, must implement joint agreements signed years ago by the North and liberal, pro-engagement presidents in Seoul. Those agreements call for, among other things, economic cooperation, high-level government dialogue and the creation of a special “cooperation” zone in the Yellow Sea, where the North and South spar over a maritime border.

Park, who takes office next month, has said she will resume humanitarian exchanges and small-scale economic projects with the North — efforts that were shuttered under outgoing hard-liner Lee Myung-bak. But Park has pledged to hold off on major economic cooperation unless the North disassembles its nuclear weapons program, something Pyongyang says it will never do.

Kim also portrayed a successful satellite launch last month as an event that would inspire citizens to work harder to boost the economy. Washington and its allies say the launch was a de facto intercontinental ballistic missile test that defied U.N. security resolutions.


Of course we are just guessing that North Korea is so short on food that the dude is just saying nice things to get some more barges ofrice shipped in from The West...but hey....we could be dead wrong.  Maybe he really does want peace!

Maybe then we could bring home the 38000 U.S. soldiers who have been stationed on the Korean Peninsula for the past 60 years?  Come to think of it....I wonder why the liberals haven't been upset about those soldiers being there for so long?  They sure were miffed about U.S. soldiers being in Iraq and Afghanistan....

3rd Intifada Has Begun

When the United Nations took steps last year to recognize Palestine as a nation....they most certainly empowered the Muslim horde.  Now it looks like another uprising to destroy Israel and throw the Jews into the sea may be coming....the 3rd Intifada.

Hebron group: 3rd intifada has begun
Video posted by newly-established group headed by members of Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad and PFLP says it will fight to recover 'all of Palestine - from sea to the river'

Palestinians in the West Bank city of Hebron have distributed a video declaring the establishment of the "National Union Battalions," which according to them will be jointly headed by members of Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front or the Liberation of Palestine as a means of consolidating the struggle against Israel.

In its announcement, the group stressed that while it supports the UN's recognition of Palestine as a non-member observer state, it will fight to recover "all of Palestine – from the sea to the river."

The video message, which the Palestinians claim was taped on Friday, the group's members say "This is the beginning of a third Palestinian intifada, which is erupting from the heart of Hebron and will spread to all of Palestine."

In the clip, the group's representatives directly threaten Israel, saying that if it continues to arrest Palestinians in the West Bank, they will kidnap soldiers.

The group said its goals and demands include: The removal of all IDF checkpoints in the West Bank; the release of all Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails; an Israeli withdrawal from "all Palestinian lands"; an end to the Israeli "assault" against the residents of Hebron; the transfer of all tax revenues Israel has been withholding from the Palestinian Authority since the UN vote on upgrading the Palestinians' status; opening all border crossings and supplying electricity and water to the Gaza Strip.


Well I can tell you with 100% certainty that all these things the Arabs desire WILL NOT happen without a full on war with Israel.  I can also tell you with 100% certainty that a war between the Arabs and the Jews WILL NOT go well for the Arabs.

God has begun a great thing in the Promised Land by bringing the Jews back after being scattered for 2000 years. This return WILL CONTINUE because the Bible clearly says it will.  The Jews need more houses and more apartments for their expanding population...and every house they build makes the Arabs even more mad than they already are.

There seems to be little chance that any man can step into this situation and come up with any ideas for lasting peace....unless that man happens to be the Antichrist.

"He (the Antichrist) will confirm a covenant with many for one seven (7 years).  In the middle of the seven (3 1/2 years into it) he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. (Jewish temple will be doing animal sacrifices and Antichrist will stop this)  And on a wing of the temple (3rd Temple that needs to be built in Jerusalem), he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, (declare himself to be God?) until the end that is decreed is poured out on him." (Jesus returns to earth and destroys him)
Daniel 8:27

Cool!  You can almost hear the footsteps of Messiah!

Hat tip to Julie E.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Why All the Talk of Impending Doom?

Today IS the last day of 2012.  We have been blogging now for over 4 1/2 years on all sorts of topics that relate to what the Bible tells us to "Watch!" for. 

Over this time many have asked me, "Dennis, why do you have to write about all the gloom and doom going on in the world?  Why not focus on all the good stuff going on?"

Good question.

Let's start with the some facts.  Jesus, Paul, Peter AND the OT prophets all pointed to the Last Days as being a time of intense violence, war, famine, plagues, pestilence and natural calamities.  Gloom and doom things, no doubt.

Had they instead said something like, "In the Last Days before the Messiah returns, people will be lovers of each other, governments will be ruling with their citizen's best interests at hand, food will be plentiful, wars will be a thing of the past, and all the world's main religions will be worshipping the one true Christ....then Jesus will come back and set up His earthly kingdom".....then CERTAINLY WE WOULD BE BLOGGING ON DIFFERENT EVENTS.

Paul tells us in Philippians 3:

18 For, as I have often told you before and now tell you again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ. 19 Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things. 20 But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, 21 who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body.

Wow!  Yes folks, it's true!  This world is NOT OUR HOME!  We are citizens of another place!

Why are all these bad things happening?  Because Satan is the Prince of this Earth and God, in his mercy, is clearly showing everyone that this  Satan-led-earth is clearly coming apart!  He wants everyone to see that the folly of men will lead to disaster, as it ALWAYS DOES!

Some folks, especially in America, are totally in love with this place.  We have so much wealth and luxury that we aren't so sure that this place isn't really our home.  We love being citizens of the USA...A place where we can buy anything we have ever needed or ever wanted by going into one of the thousands of malls that are scattered all over the country.

So just MAYBE, God is going to tear it all down and expose this place for what it truly is....a worship center of Mammon, the god of wealth and materialism.

If Americans were forced to live like the billions of other folks on planet earth, scrounging for food, a clean place to sleep, in fear for our safety, in poor health, persecuted for our faith....might MILLIONS of us actually start turning to The Lord for our joy and salvation?  Might millions of us actually start meaning it when we say, "Come Lord Jesus!"

So yes, I admit that it actually excites me a little bit to read the numerous articles about all the catastrophes, disasters and fiscal cliffs that seem to come our way on an almost daily basis.  Because I know that with every new disaster, we are one step closer to our blessed hope of hearing our Lord say, "Come up here!"

And after that shout, in the twinkling of an eye, we will be transformed into our glorious new bodies and will finally get to see the Country that we are citizens of.


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Has America Passed the Point of No Return?

Ron Paul said on Friday that he believes this nation has passed the point of no return....where Dems and Repubs just argue about whose fault it is, but in reality just want the Fed to keep printing money with no real plans to get the fiscal house in order.

Even if Congress manages to come up with a solution to avert the “fiscal cliff,” a combination of year-end tax increases and spending cuts, it won’t be worth anything because it’ll probably only deal with tax rates and ignore the problem of runaway government spending, or so say Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

“I think we have passed that point of no return where we can actually get our house in order,” Rep. Paul said Friday on CNBC. “I believe there is too much bipartisanship on the spending. Nobody is talking about cutting any spending.”

“Republicans and Democrats,” he continued, “they pretend they’re fighting up there, but they really aren’t. They’re arguing over power, spin, and who looks good, and who looks bad, but they’re all trying to preserve this system where they can spend what they want, take care of their friends, and let the Fed print money when they need it.”

However, that’s not to say Rep. Paul doesn’t believe U.S. lawmakers will come up with temporary solutions to things like the “cliff.”

“[It’ll be] sort of like — how many times have they had a ‘solution’ for the Greece crisis? About ten or 15 times?” the congressman asked, referring to the eurozone’s most unstable and financially broken member.

“There’s no admission that they [U.S. lawmakers] have a crisis. They have no admission that the country is bankrupt. There’s no admission that our government is spending way too much and it’s way beyond our means and there’s not a single bit of effort to cut anything,” the congressman continued.

“They are so they so far removed from admitting the seriousness of this crisis and if they don’t admit it, they can’t solve the problem. They’re like a bunch of drug addicts that just want another fix. That’s what they are looking for,” he concluded.


Well, tomorrow is the last day of 2012.  What will 2013 bring?  War?  Economic chaos here in America like is breaking out in Greece?  Drought?  More Epic storms?  More gay marriage?  More perversion?  More gun bans?  More mass shootings?  Persecution to those of us who believe the Word of God? 

Could the Lord come like a thief in the night to 90% of unsuspecting Americans...many of which have been sitting in the church pews for 30 years but have no clue what the Bible even says?