Saturday, May 9, 2009

It Wasn't All Bush's Fault

The Washington Post finally said what a lot of us have been thinking....How long can Obama blame the world's problems on Bush? When will he finally wake up and realize that evil regimes existed BEFORE Bush took office? Bush, in fact, didn't make North Korea or Iran evil...but of course Obama and his voters believed that to be the case because they felt it made those regimes turn bad when Bush publicly called them "evil".

And this quote below just makes me feel good to see it in print because it acknowledges what we have been saying all along....that we have been paying bribe money to North Korea.

When the inspectors were ousted in 2002, Democrats blamed Bush. Now Republicans blame Obama -- but North Korea's strategy hasn't changed in 15 years. It provokes a crisis, then demands bribes from the United States and South Korea in exchange for restoring the status quo. The Obama team now faces the same dilemma that bedeviled the past two administrations: It must judge whether to respond to the bad behavior by paying the bribe or by trying to squeeze the regime.

Here's another great observation that may finally dawn on "the messiah"- Obama....the Palestinian-Israeli problem was not caused by Bush.

A second cold shower rained down last week on George Mitchell, Obama's special envoy to the Middle East. For eight years Democrats insisted that the absence of progress toward peace between Israel and its neighbors was due to the Bush administration's failure at "engagement." Mitchell embodies the correction. But during last week's tour of the region he encountered a divided Palestinian movement seemingly incapable of agreeing on a stance toward Israel and a new Israeli government that doesn't accept the goal of Palestinian statehood. Neither appeared at all impressed by the new American intervention -- or willing to offer even token concessions.

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This really is a redemptive article to finally have someone in a major newspaper publicy say what most of us have known all along...."George Bush did not start the fire! It was already burning when he got there!"

Finally! He Says It!

A few weeks ago we posted a very informative article on the Golan Heights. This is land that Israel took in 1967 after driving the invading Syrian army back behind it's borders. As we said then, Israel was within the "rules of the world" to take and occupy this territory because Syria invaded them and also because Syria had been using the Golan for 20 years to pick off Jews with high-powered rifles as the Israeli farmers were tending their farms in the valley below.

So why doesn't some Israeli leader just come right out and say it....WE ARE NEVER GIVING BACK THE GOLAN! IT IS CRITICAL TO OUR DEFENSE AGAINST INVADING ARMIES! looks like today it finally happened. Here is the headline from Haaretz;
Netanyahu: Israel will never withdraw from Golan

Thank you Mr. Netanyahu for just telling the truth.

Now here is some prophetic news from the article that will impact every U.S. citizen;

A week-and-a-half out from Netanyahu's scheduled visit to Washington, the prime minister stressed that he is ready to stand up to U.S. President Barack Obama and that he would not give up on matters that in his opinion are critical to Israel's security.

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So while Mr. Obama has been preparing his administration for conflict with Netanyahu....Mr. Netanyahu has been preparing to stand his ground against Obama. This sounds like a clash that will lead the U.S. to end up on the short side of the stick.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bad News--Good News

This article has both bad news and good news. The bad news is that Obama's team is pressing ahead and trying to make nice with Iran....and the moderate Arab allies in the middle east think that is a really bad idea.

Middle East analysts say Washington's efforts to start a dialogue with Iran have sent ripples of alarm through the capitals of America's closest Arab allies, who are concerned Tehran is playing a destabilizing role in the region.

And those Arab allies would be correct on that assumption since we have already heard Ahmadinejad say he wants Iran to be the instigator of global chaos...which is necessary to bring back the 12th Imam and his army to kill the remaining Christians and Jews.

Now here is the good news from the same article;

In a rare confluence of interests with its Arab neighbors, Israel has also singled out Iran as the greatest threat to stability in the region.U.S. Senator John Kerry, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says there is a major shift in the geopolitics of the Middle East."So there is a new reality - moderate Arab countries and Israel alike are actually more worried together about Iran than they are about each other," said John Kerry. "As a result, they are now cooperating in ways that were unimaginable just a couple of years ago."

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From a prophetic point of view, this is very interesting as it may explain why some of the Arab countries aren't mentioned in the Magog coalition of Ezekiel 38. If they are more worried about Iran than Israel...they certainly aren't going to join the Ezekiel coalition with Iran to destroy Israel.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Magog Coalition Strengthens

The pieces of the puzzle seem to be coming together so fast that it's starting to be very obvious that the "birth pangs" are getting getting downright intense.

Jerusalem — A report issued by the Washington Institute says Turkey has moved steadily away from its NATO allies and toward Iran, Russia and Syria.

Turkey is definately one of the players who will join with Russia and Iran and make up the army that will march toward Israel....only to have God fight for Israel and lay the coalition low...without Israel firing a shot.

Only a few years ago, prophecy watchers were kind of puzzled by Turkey's movement towards joining the European Union...which was a movement away from prophetic fulfillment. But with amazing speed, Europe balked on the proposal of Turkey joining them...and Turkey appears to be running into the arms of Russia and Iran. Friends, this HAS to be a God thing.

The report says Turkey has developed friendlier relations with Russia and the Islamic world than with the West. Mr. Cagaptay cited Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Syria as examples of Turkey’s growing ties in the Islamic world.

May we remind you that the groups and countries we highligted in bold all have one thing in common....they deny the existence of Israel and seek it's destruction.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Russia - Israel Showdown

The article posted below has a few prophetic implications. The first is the headline;
Lieberman Gives Iran Three Months - Or Else

We have talked much in the past of how the middle east will ignite if missiles start flying between Israel and Iran. Many countries will be drawn into the mayhem that ensues. And of course since Iran (Persia) is a key player in the soon coming war of Ezekiel 38, we need to watch these developments closely.

The second prophetic piece in the article addresses Russia (Magog) which is listed as the major player in Ezekiel 38. Read what Israeli Foreign Minister Leiberman had to say;

Russia has invested heavily in the nuclear program in Iran, which is a close ally of the two terrorist organizations. Russian arms frequently have found their way to Hamas and Hizbullah via Syria and Iran, and the Israeli army was surprised in the Second Lebanon War three years ago by Hizbullah's use of advanced Russian-made anti-tank rockets that caused dozens of deaths.

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We know that Russia may be looking for a fight as it's tension with The West is hitting a recent peak as NATO does wargames in Georgia....the country Russia invaded last summer. Read that headline news here;

It appears that the battle horses of Russia must be getting groomed for some type of altercation with Israel. What could be the trigger that sets it off? Furthermore, if it does get set off...will it end up being Ezekiel's War of Chapter 38...or will it simply be another birth pang that further sets the stage for the real war...when God fights for Israel and destroys the Russian coalition?

If it is the later...that could prove really exciting for us Christ followers....because it means that we won't be on planet earth anymore...because the rapture of the church will have already happened.

Obama a No Show on Prayer

In fitting the pattern that our new leader seems to be setting, Obama is not planning on publicly participating in the National Day of Prayer. He claims he will be praying he does every day...he says.

Shirley Dobson had this to say about Obama;
Referencing a remark the president made at a recent press conference in Turkey that Americans "do not consider ourselves a Christian nation," she added: "That was projecting his own beliefs, but not reflecting what the majority of Americans feel. It's almost like Obama is trying to remake America into his own image. This is not a rejection of Shirley Dobson; it's a rejection of the concept that America is a spiritual nation and its foundation is Judeo-Christian."

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So I ask long can we as a nation publicly turn our back on the Creator of the Universe before he finally turns his back on us? How long can we continue flushing babies at abortion clinics and publicly endorsing perversion before God says, "ENOUGH!"

Genesis 19:12-13 The two angels said to Lot, "Do you have anyone else here--sons-in-law, sons or daughters, or anyone else in the city who belongs to you? Get them out of here, because we are going to destroy this place. The outcry to the Lord against its people is so great that he has sent us to destroy it."

Do we have anyone close to us that we need to warn before God's wrath is soon poured out?

What About Michelle?

We have posted much about President Obama in the past months. We believe he is a strong foreshadowing of how the anti-christ will woo the world with charisma and charm so that all will blindly follow him.

But what about Michelle? Afterall, she is almost as popular as her husband. Young women scream and faint in her presence and she was recently named one of the "World's 100 Most Influential People." And that honor also went to 99 others around the globe that inclued actors, politicians, thinkers and scientists.

The Today show had a blurb on the banquet held for these 100 people and of course the Hollywood-Obama-Supporting-Elite were there in full, red carpet form. When they interviewed some of the Hollywood people, they almost couldn't contain their excitement that they got to be in the same room with Mrs. Obama! They were almost breathless!

And here is one statement that Michelle told the global audience from the podium; "There has never been a time when the saying, 'We are all in this together,' has been more applicable."

So yes folks....the world is pulling together and soon the problems of global warming and carbon emissions and "that racist, war crime comitting country, Israel... will unite the countries and people of planet earth to come up with permanent solutions....and the anti-christ will be sitting over it all...just as the bible prophesied a few thousand years ago.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pressuring Israel

Here is yet one more huge prophetic headline right smack in the middle of Google News;

U.S. presses Israel on two-state solution, settlements

I don't think I need to beat the dead horse anymore on all know what this could mean as we "press" God around the subject his His Holy Land.

Read the full article here;

Curse You

I have brought this up enough over the past years that this article should set bells to ringing in all of our prophetic heads;

The head of a pro-Israel organization says he's worried that the Barack Obama administration could be the most hostile ever to the state of Israel.

Read it here;

The bible tells us that God said, "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you." I wonder if Obama is reading his bible?

I believe that as quickly as God made the U.S. great....if we start cursing Israel....He may tear us apart even quicker.

Serious Rumors of War

After reading this article, I guess it would be safe to assume that North Korea IS NOT going to give the blackmail money back that we paid them to cease their nuclear weapons program. "Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me."

They are now accusing the U.S. of plotting a war scheme against them;

SEOUL (AFP) — North Korea has vowed it would not give up its nuclear weapons programme and accused the United States of working on new plans to attack the communist country.
The Korean peninsula is "on the brink of war because of a new war scheme by US hostile forces," the North's ruling party newspaper Rodon Sinmun said in an editorial.
It reiterated a promise by Pyongyang to bolster its deterrent, arguing the United States has been working on a new "nuclear war scenario for aggression."
"We are compelled to bolster our nuclear deterrent"
as hostile forces have clarified their scheme to occupy North Korea by force, it added.

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So the North Koreans think we are planning on nuking them so they need to build a nuclear arsenal as a deterrent. Hmmmm.....sounds a lot like the cold war we had with Russia. The major difference being that Russia actually had a somewhat sane government. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, is a really insane little man, who still wears jump suits, white deck shoes and has a "just got out of bed" haircut....and this is the guy who has his finger on the potential destruction of the world? Are you even kidding me?

On that note, I truly hope that the U.S. military does have some sort of contingency plan (that may include tactical nukes) to deal with North Korea before they start powering up ICBM's with a nuclear warhead attached.

I really hope that we don't send President Obama over there to talk with Kim Jong, because chances are good that he may confess to Kim that our Pentagon has, in fact, made Korean war plans, he may apologize to Kim for all of the mistakes the U.S. made during the Korean war, and he may even promise to prosecute anyone in the Pentagon or military, going back to 1950, who made those mistakes. (insert extreme sarcasm here)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dangerous Times in Pakistan

As we have noted in the past, Pakistan is an incredibly important piece of the puzzle when it comes to global order vs. global chaos. If Pakistan descends into a failed state or if it's military (were the power truly lies) starts siding with muslim extremists....the world order could really start to deteriorate quickly.

The U.S. concern continues to build as the Pakistani military engages the Taliban who are trying to take over Pakistan.

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Faced with a surge of Islamic militant activity in Pakistan, the US government is increasingly concerned about the potential vulnerability of the country's nuclear arsenal, The New York Times reported.
Citing unnamed officials, the newspaper said the administration of President Barack Obama is worried about the potential for militants to snatch a weapon in transport or to insert sympathizers into laboratories or fuel-production facilities.

I hate to always ask this but,...did you catch that? The white house is concerned that muslim extremists might "snatch" one of Pakistan's nukes. We already know the Osama Bin Laden has made it Al Qaida's #1 mission is to get a nuke. And is there anyone who doubts that he would launch it in a heartbeat if he could? Where would his target be if he was able to program the launch codes? Israel? The U.S.?

Read article here;

It appears that mankind is soon coming to the end of it's ability to deal with itself. Even with all of it's technology, medical advancements, education, space exploration, disease control, modern farming methods, etc.... We simply can't make the world a better place. It's going to erupt in chaos.

People have said to me that it almost appears that I am eager for mankind to breakdown and chaos to ensue. "It's like the worse the article, the more excited you are to post it and talk about it...why is that?"

The bible tells us that the more focused we get on eternal things the less focused we will be on earthly things. So for me, I'm not excited for the earth to pass away....but I am excited that the bible is coming true and I am getting even more excited for the eternal things that are soon coming.

2 Peter 3:10, "But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare. Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people out you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives as you look forward to the day of God and speed it's coming." (empahsis mine)