Friday, April 15, 2011

Contact is Imminent

A few weeks ago, we posted about Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.  Be VERY clear here....Nation of Islam is NOT Islam.  Nation of Islam has about 50,000 followers who believe that UFO's and aliens are a big part of earth's history...and they are a black power group that believe that blacks are superior to whites.

This article recently appeared on AOL the discussion surrounding UFO's and "aliens" continues to go mainstream.

Now pay attention to what he says about the Jerusalem UFO that was videotaped coming down on the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount a few months ago;

"The most significant way that sighting can be interpreted is that the Dome of the Rock represents the third holiest site for Muslims, and Jerusalem is a holy place for Christians and Jews," said Ishmael Muhammad. "The fact that the wheel appeared over that sacred temple points to the fact that there's about to be a change on our planet and all of the religions are about to be brought into one universal religion."

So, at the very least, it appears the NOI (Nation of Islam) is hoping that UFOs will unite the planet in a devout way.

"I believe that the recent release of UFO documents by the British government is very significant, along with other countries that have released their own," Ishmael Muhammad added.

"There's just too much overwhelming evidence, and they can't continue to tell the people that what they are seeing are weather balloons, and they have been monitoring the activity of these wheels for decades.

"I think it says that they know that contact is imminent."

See it here;

Isn't it interesting that many of the religions, that are Satanic in nature, are preparing their followers for some type of ONE WORLD RELIGION?  Of course our Bible speaks of a ONE WORLD RELIGION....but we are warned that it will NOT be a good thing because the Bible tells us that the Antichrist will be at the heart of it.

Can you see how the world is being prepared for the Antichrist?  Can you see how it will come to pass that many people will gladly ask for the Mark of the Beast...not having any idea that they have sealed themselves with Satan's mark?  Can you see how it may come to pass that many people will welcome "visitors" from other worlds because they will be confident that those visitors are here to help us?

Hat tip to Tom F.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flotilla Update

The ships are still planning on sailing to Gaza and provoking Israel.  That's the latest update.

According to the article below, Israel called Turkey and asked for their help in stopping the flotilla....but Turkey has refused.

Turkish rebuttal comes after Israel officially requested that Ankara thwart a planned attempt to launch a 15-ship flotilla, one year after an IDF takeover of a similar endeavor ended with the killing of 9 Turkish activists.

Turkey said on Thursday it had received a request from Israel to help stop activists sailing to Gaza on the first anniversary of an Israeli raid on a Turkish ship, but it said the flotilla plan was not Ankara's concern.

Turkey, a Muslim former ally of the Jewish state, has scaled back ties, demanding Israel apologize and pay damages for last year's raid, which caused an international outcry.

Israel's ambassador to Turkey, Gaby Levy, asked the Turkish government this week to help stop the activists, saying sending humanitarian aide to Gaza outside legal channels was a "provocation," an Israeli diplomatic official told Reuters.

Asked about the request, a Turkish foreign ministry official told Reuters: "We listened to the message given by the Israeli side and told them this is an initiative by civil society."

See it here;

When you place this article alongside all the other pressure that is building on the Jewish can start to see how the leaders in Israel have to asking themselves, "What in the world is going on?"

The world is currently in turmoil....and according to the Bible, it's going to get  A LOT worse...before the Prince of Peace returns to put an end to it all.

BRICS Demand New Global Monetary System

BRICS is the acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.  They are considered by many in the world to be the up and far as nations with economic potential go.

So what was one of the things they talked about at their recent conference?

SANYA, China (Reuters) - The BRICS group of emerging-market powers kept up the pressure on Thursday for a revamped global monetary system that relies less on the dollar and for a louder voice in international financial institutions.

The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa also called for stronger regulation of commodity derivatives to dampen excessive volatility in food and energy prices, which they said posed new risks for the recovery of the world economy.

Meeting on the southern Chinese island of Hainan, they said the recent financial crisis had exposed the inadequacies of the current monetary order, which has the dollar as its linchpin.

What was needed, they said in a statement, was "a broad-based international reserve currency system providing stability and certainty" -- thinly veiled criticism of what the BRICS see as Washington's neglect of its global monetary responsibilities.

See it here;

Let me translate that all for you....much of the rest of the world is pretty upset at the fact that the United States has blown it's responsibility and privilege of having the world's ONLY reserve currency since the end of WWII.  They have watched the most wealthy nation not be satisfied with the wealth it was blesses with and instead ring up a level of borrowing that most are now realizing we will never repay.  So they want a new currency to anchor their savings they won't lose all their savings if (when?) the dollar goes bust.

Can you see how the Antichrist will get the world all on board a single global currency?  This currency will not need to be forced on anyone.  To the contrary....nations will be begging for it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It Ends in Jerusalem

I was just watching NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.  He had reporter Richard Engle with him who is just back from Libya.  Brian asked Richard, "Where does all this Arab unrest end?"

Richard told Brian that the Arab street is terribly anti-Israel and if the popular uprisings in all the Arab lands are successful that he is very worried that in the next 3-4 years it will end with a major war against Israel.

He finished his statements by telling Brian, "I think this whole thing ends in Jerusalem."

Wow!  I wonder if Brian or Richard has ANY idea what the Bible says about how the nations of the world will all be gathering against Israel in the very Last Days?

Even the Women Use Porn

In just one more "sign of the times"...this article was a top headline today in the sidebar on Google news.

Why more and more women are using pornography

Increasing numbers of women admit to being hooked on internet porn. Why is this happening, and where are they finding help?

Caroline is not alone. While it's accepted that women are watching – and enjoying – porn more and more, it's less recognised that some are also finding it hard to stop. At Quit Porn Addiction, the UK's main porn counselling service, almost one in three clients are women struggling with their own porn use, says founder and counsellor Jason Dean. Two years ago, there were none.While more than six out of 10 women say they view web porn, one study in 2006 by the Internet Filter Review found that 17% of women describe themselves as "addicted".

Dean says: "I remember getting my first woman contacts about two years ago and thinking that was fairly unusual. Now I'm hearing from about 70 women a year who are coming for their own reasons, not because their male partners have a problem."
There is little difference in the way the genders become hooked, says Jason. There is the same pattern of exposure, addiction, and desensitisation to increasingly hardcore images. The main contrast between male and female porn addicts is how much more guilty women feel. "Porn addiction is seen as a man's problem – and therefore not acceptable for women," says Dean. "There's a real sense among women that it's bad, dirty, wrong and they're often unable to get beyond that."

See it here;

It's like Paul tells us in Roman 2:26 when describing a perverse generation near the end..."Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones."

The idea of millions of women forgoing their God given roles in society so that they can stay home and masturbate in front of a computer....should give us another idea of how close we are to the wrath of God being poured out in full measure.

Thank you Jesus that you came to bring us peace with God and were willing to die for us even as we were your enemies.  Thank you Jesus that you will call your bride (Holy Spirit filled believers) home to be with you forever BEFORE this wrath is poured out on this perverted generation.

Germany's Hyper Inflation

Many have heard me mention how post WWI Germany endured a bout of hyper inflation from 1919-1923.  You have heard me talk about women using wheelbarrows to enable them to carry enough required cash to the bakery to buy a loaf of bread.

Of course we have all heard the saying, "Those who don't know their history are bound to repeat it, " with that being said, it may be valuable for us all to understand what caused one of the greatest, most technological nations on earth (Germany) to have their savings and currency reduced to nothing.

I will post a few paragraphs below to give you a flavor, but I strongly encourage you to go to the link and spend 10 minutes reading the entire article...which was written in 1981.

Before World War I Germany was a prosperous country, with a gold-backed currency, expanding industry, and world leadership in optics, chemicals, and machinery. The German Mark, the British shilling, the French franc, and the Italian lira all had about equal value, and all were exchanged four or five to the dollar. That was in 1914. In 1923, at the most fevered moment of the German hyperinflation, the exchange rate between the dollar and the Mark was one trillion Marks to one dollar, and a wheelbarrow full of money would not even buy a newspaper. Most Germans were taken by surprise by the financial tornado.

Why did the German government not act to halt the inflation? It was a shaky, fragile government, especially after the assassination. The vengeful French sent their army into the Ruhr to enforce their demands for reparations, and the Germans were powerless to resist. More than inflation, the Germans feared unemployment. In 1919 Communists had tried to take over, and severe unemployment might give the Communists another chance. The great German industrial combines -- Krupp, Thyssen, Farben, Stinnes -- condoned the inflation and survived it well. A cheaper Mark, they reasoned, would make German goods cheap and easy to export, and they needed the export earnings to buy raw materials abroad. Inflation kept everyone working.

So the printing presses ran, and once they began to run, they were hard to stop. The price increases began to be dizzying. Menus in cafes could not be revised quickly enough. A student at Freiburg University ordered a cup of coffee at a cafe. The price on the menu was 5,000 Marks. He had two cups. When the bill came, it was for 14,000 Marks. "If you want to save money," he was told, "and you want two cups of coffee, you should order them both at the same time."

With the currency went many of the lifetime plans of average citizens. It was the custom for the bride to bring some money to a marriage; many marriages were called off. Widows dependent on insurance found themselves destitute. People who had worked a lifetime found that their pensions would not buy one cup of coffee.

See it here;

Please remember one thing....paper money ONLY has value because everyone who exchanges it chooses to believe it has value.  It's all based on faith.

Now pay attention to this paragraph also from the article;

All money is a matter of belief. Credit derives from Latin, credere, "to believe." Belief was there, the factories functioned, the farmers delivered their produce. The Central Bank kept the belief alive when it would not let even the government borrow further.

Friends, do you think there is a divine purpose to the fact that Jesus told us all to have faith in nothing but God and God alone?  Could it be because God knew how prone we would be to worshipping Mammon once we started having faith in Mammon's currency?

As you read the article above, can you see some similarities between America today and the conditions that existed in Germany before inflation broke out?

So the printing presses ran, and once they began to run, they were hard to stop.

If the civilized Germans were so changed by this financial meltdown that they soon would embrace Adolf Hitler as their savior....can you see how the people of America may end up embracing the Antichrist when our financial system ultimately collapses?

5 Things That Will Happen to You

Over the years, we have written frequently about the USA going bankrupt.  Of course the bankruptcies in Iceland, Greece, Portugal and soon to be Spain and exactly what is coming for us.  We just don't know EXACTLY when.

Some say, "So what, Dennis!  That means nothing to me if the US Government goes bankrupt.  They deserve to go bankrupt because of all their mismanagement!"

Really?  You think it won't affect you??

Today a reader sent me this article that highlights some of the things that may happen to all of us when the USA goes broke.

1) Your life savings could be reduced to nothing almost overnight. Inflation is a fact of life. As Thomas Sowell has noted, "As of 1998, a $100 bill would not buy as much as a $20 bill would buy in the 1960's." That's under normal circumstances.

2) Your taxes will skyrocket. We've been conned into thinking that we can fund a massive government on the backs of the rich. This is simply not so. It's not working today and it's not going to happen in the future.

3) Your life could be in danger. If the government goes bankrupt, you'll have an extremely angry, confused, and frustrated populace that has little faith in its leaders -- combined with a horrific economy and a reduced ability of the government to keep order. Under those circumstances, widespread rioting and violent crime seem entirely plausible.

4) Your payments from the government will dramatically decrease or stop altogether. Contrary to what some people believe, Medicare and Social Security are paid out of the same fund that pays for everything else. In other words, if the government goes bankrupt, there is no money set aside to pay for these programs. So, if you're receiving Social Security, Medicare, welfare, food stamps, or any other similar programs, those checks could stop or be slashed down to nothing.

5) You will have a dramatically reduced standard of living. If taxes and inflation escalate dramatically, both of which are very likely if we go bankrupt, economic activity will slow to a crawl and we'll go into a depression. We're not talking about a "This is the worst economy since the Depression" situation that we hear every time there's a mild downturn in the economy; we're talking about a REAL depression.

See it all here;

Ouch!!  If that stuff all goes down....our lives that we are living today would just be a fond memory!!

But wait a second....God loves us, doesn't He??  Why would he subject us to such an awful future??  Isn't it His job to give us every creature comfort that we want, all the food we want, all the house we have ever dreamed of...and when this life of luxury is over, simply blow the trumpet and usher us into our heavenly mansions??


Ask yourselves what happened to the the Jews and Israel over the centuries when they turned from God and refused to listen.
Why should America be treated any differently?  Why shouldn't God destroy a nation that has been worshipping the false god of Mammon?  Why shouldn't he destroy us for producing, distributing and exporting more pornography than any other nation?  Why shouldn't he destroy us for destroying 50,000,000 little babies that He wonderfully knit into their mother's wombs?

Remember that God deals with nations and He deals with individuals.  Any of us who have accepted the blood of the Lamb have peace with God....but that is no guarantee that we will not be purified from our disobedience of worshipping Mammon.

Psalm 49:20
People who have wealth but lack understanding are like the beasts that perish.

Psalm 73:27
Those who are far from you will perish; you destroy all who are unfaithful to you.

It's time to ask ourselves again....have we built our foundations on the Rock of Jesus Christ?...or have we built our hope on the shifting sands of the American dream?

If that American dream were to be destroyed....would we still love Jesus for all he has done to secure our eternal salvation?  Or would our faith wash away in the storm?

Hat tip to Kevin W.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Israel Worried by "Weakening" U.S.

We believe that the USA was made great for a few of which was to provide the world's most powerful military so that we could single handed incubate Israel's rebirth.  The other was to provide enough wealth and religious freedom so that we could send and support Gospel missionaries all over the world.

We also can read the Bible and know that in the very last days God will take care of Israel himself and will not be choosing to use the U.S. military and wealth to do it.  This is another reason why I don't believe you can find America anywhere in Last Days prophecy...because America will become a non-player.

With that as a backdrop, I found this article interesting.

A top Israeli official has said the Tel Aviv regime is troubled by the perception that the United States is an "empire of the past" and wants a resurgent America to lead a decisive role in the world.

In an interview published in the Tuesday edition of The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Intelligence and Atomic Energy in the Israeli Cabinet, Dan Meridor, said, "America is tested at a pivotal moment in the history of the Middle East. The Arab world is watching the US closely. They look to America. If America does not seem to be able to contain the Iranian nuclear program, will they go with Iran?"
Meridor also expressed surprise over the Obama administration's treatment of US longstanding ally, ousted Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak.
"Was it necessary to immediately empower the demonstrators against him and let [Hosni] Mubarak go? It's seen by all the allies of America in the Arab world. I don't know where the tide of history will go and I'm not sure they know," he said.
The senior member of the Likud party added, "The perception, that I hope is wrong, that America is weakening is not good, but I hope that America will find a way, and I believe they can, to restore itself as the leading country and not allow those impressions spread by the Iraq war that America is an empire of the past. All this is here on the table.”

See it here;

Are we indeed an "empire of the past"?  Do we have the fortitude, character and morality to pull ourselves back from the abyss?  Will Israel ultimately be standing all alone as the world gathers to destroy her?

My answers are: "I think so," "I doubt it", and "Yep".

Sudan May Retaliate Against Israel

Remember last week when Sudan had some of it's militants blown up in a car and blamed it on Israel?

Remember that Sudan and Ethiopia are some of the players that Ezekiel mentions in Chapter 38 who will form the coalition to invade Israel.

Today I stumbled on this article;

Sudan says it may respond to what it denounces as a recent Israeli airstrike, which killed two people in the northeast of the country.

Foreign Minister Ali Karti said “Sudan reserves its right to react” to the 'Israeli attack' near Port Sudan, the country's main port city, Reuters reported on Wednesday.
The missile attack reportedly destroyed a car, killing both its occupants. Israeli Foreign Ministry's spokesman Yigal Palmor, however, has declined to comment on the matter.
Karti said Israel had carried out the attack on the false claim to prevent transfer of weapons to the Gaza Strip, reaffirming Khartoum's denial of arms transfer to the coastal sliver.
Tel Aviv has been imposing a total siege on the Gaza since mid-June 2007, claiming it seeks to block shipment of weapons into the impoverished enclave.
The restrictions have been depriving Gaza's 1.5 million Palestinians of food, fuel, medicine and other necessities. They even prevent the entry of construction materials into the region -- largely in ruins from Israeli attacks.
The Tuesday attack served to remind a January 2009 strike by an unidentified aircraft on a convoy in Sudan, which killed a total of 119 people.

See it here;

If you go to this link, make sure you read some of the comments following the article.  It becomes terribly obvious in a hurry how much hatred the world is harboring for little Israel.  Millions upon millions of Arabs are living in squalor in a state of ignorance....and all they can think to do is blame a few million Jews on a tiny piece of land for all their problems.

When something lacks all sense of logic....there probably is a supernatural cause behind it.

FBI Investigation of UFO's?

The world seems to be more infatuated and interested in "aliens" and UFO's than ever before.  And as the world's governments continue to release more information on their UFO files, the discussions about the realities of "aliens" will continue to grow.

A reader sent me this video clip from a Fox News report yesterday.  Late in the clip I found it interesting that the researchers said that it was apparent to her that other intelligent life forms have been visiting earth not only today, but in fact have been visiting earth for centuries.

Yep!  That pretty much lines up with what we believe.  This planet is ruled by Satan, after all, and Satan is a VERY powerful force who has been lying and deceiving people AWAY FROM THE TRUTH....ever since Adam and Eve were created on earth.

See video clip here;

For any new readers, please understand that we believe these "aliens" are not intelligent life from far away planets.  They are simply Satanic demons in disguise...trying to delude a lost and dying world.

Hat tip to Karl J. and Mick L.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Flotilla Coming Soon

Of course we all remember last year when Turkey sent a ship bound for Gaza.  The IDF boarded the ship to make sure there were no weapons heading for Gaza, violence broke out when the people on board attacked the IDF soldiers and ultimately the soldiers fired on the ship's passengers and 8 or 9 people ended up dead. 

Of course the lies and propaganda around this incident served the Arabs well and further turned the world opinion against Israel.

Now the anti-Israel forces are at it again and planning another flotilla around the middle of May.  This time it won't just be Turkey.  They are planning on having many nations involved.

Everyone needs to watch this 2 minute video so they can understand how the forces of this dark and fallen world are continuing to plan the demise of God's Holy people.

See video clip here;

Hat tip to Tom F.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Most Puzzling Cosmic Blasts Ever

This headline is just one more in a long list of "ever", "never", "worst", "biggest", reports that seem to be coming our way on a daily the birth pangs continue.

NASA is studying a surprising cosmic burst at the centre of a distant galaxy that has burned for more than a week, longer than astronomers have ever seen before.
Calling it "one of the most puzzling cosmic blasts ever observed", the US space agency said it had mobilised the Hubble Space Telescope along with its Swift satellite and Chandra X-ray Observatory to study the phenomenon.
"More than a week later, high-energy radiation continues to brighten and fade from its location," NASA said in a statement. "Astronomers say they have never seen such a bright, variable, high-energy, long-lasting burst before. Usually, gamma ray bursts mark the destruction of a massive star, and flaring emissions from these events never last more than a few hours."
Jesus said one of the signs of the end of the age will be strange signs in the sky.  Could this be a foreshadowing?
When will mankind finally humble ourselves to the Creator of the Universe and realize that we control absolutely NOTHING in His vast creation?
When will we turn to Him?

US Corn Reserves Fall

First it was Russia's worst drought in decades, then it was Pakistan that had their crops decimated by historic floods, next up was Australia's "biblical" flood that messed up their harvest, now floods in Brazil that may impact their crop production, then last week it was announced that Texas and Oklahoma are the driest since the dust-bowl conditions of the 1930' it should come as no surprise when we see this headline come out yesterday;

US corn reserves expected to fall to 15-year low

ST. LOUIS – Rising demand for corn from ethanol producers is pushing U.S. reserves to the lowest point in 15 years, a trend that could lead to higher grain and food prices this year.
The Agriculture Department on Friday left its estimate for corn reserves unchanged from the previous month. The reserves are projected to fall to 675 million bushels in late August, when the harvest begins, or roughly 5 percent of all corn consumed in the United States. That would be the lowest surplus level since 1996
We already know that food prices are increasing at rates we haven't seen in decades because corn, corn starch and corn sweeteners are used in virtually everything we eat and drink...and it looks like the increases are set to continue based on this article.
I talked to a farmer yesterday who heard that farmers are contracting $7 per bushel for delivery this fall.
So what are are we smart people doing in America with all of our corn crop?  Using 40% of it to make ethanol to burn in our cars.
The limited supply is chiefly because of increasing demand from ethanol makers, which rose 1 percent to 5 billion bushels. That's about 40 percent of the total crop.
Wow!  We may be the first civilized society who put ourselves into a self-induced famine because we burned all of our make burn in our cars and trucks!
And if that isn't crazy enough....our Federal Government is paying $billions to the ethanol producers in the form of that they had to borrow from China, Japan and other foreign governments.

No Fly Zone Over Gaza?

Here's how it goes so far with the Arab League....first they ask the United Nations to put a no fly zone over Libya to protect Libya's citizens from Gadaffi's forces.  And the UN complied with the request.

Now they are asking the UN to put a no fly over Gaza supposedly to protect the Arabs living there are in danger from the Israeli military.

The Arab League on Sunday announced during a special meeting in Cairo that it plans to press the UN to impose a no-fly zone over Gaza amid an escalation in violence in the area, AFP reported. 

Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa said he plans to present the proposal to the UN Security Council, the report said. 

The group's spokesman in the Gaza Strip, Sami Abu Zuhri, on said that "The Palestinian factions are not interested in escalation." He added, "if the Israeli aggression stopped, it would be natural for calm to be restored."

See it here;

Can you see now how the world's opinion and potentially the world's military forces in the UN may soon be coming into direct contact and turning on Israel....just as the Bible says they will?