Saturday, January 22, 2011

More I.O.U.'s Coming

California is in serious financial crisis. Last year they didn't have the money to give income tax instead taxpayers received I.O.U.'s from the Golden State.

That may soon be happening again.

State Treasurer Bill Lockyer warned Saturday that California could face the unwelcome prospect of issuing IOUs in April or May if legislators and Gov. Jerry Brown do not act quickly to solve the state's fiscal problems.

The severity of California’s yawning budget gap, estimated at $25.4 billion, is widely known. But Lockyer’s comments, at a conference at UC Berkeley, were the first to suggest that the state government is staring at a more immediate cash crisis that could require IOUs.

The state last issued billions of dollars in the worthless scrip in 2009, causing a cascade of headlines around the world about the California’s fiscal dysfunction.

Lockyer, a Democrat, offered a clear prescription to avoid repeating that fiscal calamity: "Get a budget adopted that's honest, and make the cuts as soon as possible."

Brown, who took office less than three weeks ago, has called on the Legislature to enact by March 1 an austere spending plan that includes deep cutbacks to welfare, healthcare for the poor and the state's universities, among other programs.

"Get it done, the sooner the better," Lockyer said Saturday during his appearance at a conference sponsored by the Institute of Governmental Studies. If not, he said, "We will run out of money to pay the bills."

See it here;

Get ready Mr. Obama...I have a feeling that California, New York, New Jersey and maybe Nevada, will soon be asking for the Federal Government to give them some newly printed money. Or they may ask you to see if the U.S. Treasury can sell some more bonds to some more foreign you can then give the money to the bankrupt states.

If that happens then ALL of us can be on the hook for the states who were the most irresponsible....and who came up with the most unsustainable programs.

Remember, if California was its own country it would have the 7th largest economy in the it will be no small deal if they come crashing down.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Inflation Coming

One of the sites we regularly follow is the National Inflation Association. We aren't saying that everything they print is true...but we are saying that some of articles appear to be loaded with common sense. Of course their mission is to prepare Americans so that they can survive the hyper-inflation that they are 100% certain is coming.

Now, with that being said, a few days ago we did a post on WHAT IF CHINA DUMPS OUR DEBT. The article asked a simple question of what would America do if China just walked away from their U.S. Treasuries and started cashing them in and refused to loan us any more cash?

Today I was reading an article at NIA and ran across this paragraph;

If the Federal Reserve continues down the path it is currently on, not only will China allow the yuan to rise to a free market determined level, which will send China's food inflation crisis back to the U.S., but China is likely to dump their U.S. treasury holdings that they are currently hoarding. China's foreign exchange reserves rose by $199 billion last quarter (its largest quarterly gain in 15 years and 78% higher than analyst estimates of $112 billion) to a record $2.85 trillion for total growth in 2010 of 18.7%. Most likely, about 2/3 of these reserves are in U.S. dollars. Americans have been deceived by the U.S. government and the mainstream media into believing the U.S. economy is recovering, because the U.S. has been enjoying the benefits of inflation without the consequences of rising prices. When the U.S. bond bubble begins to burst and these trillions of dollars being hoarded come home to roost, inflation will become the primary concern of all Americans.

See it here;

So what does this mean in layman's terms? Right now there are trillions of dollars sitting all over the world...because our currency has been more stable than most ever since WWII. If that changes, because of a loss of faith and confidence...those trillions of dollars will come back to America to be cashed in and exchanged for something deemed more secure. When that could see massive inflation.

Will it happen? Who knows. Could it happen? Yes it could.

I look at it as just one more trigger that could shoot over the first dominoe and start the whole thing falling.

State Bankruptcies

As one reader commented, "It's funny how quickly we went from saying that states would NEVER file for bankruptcy, to today, where now we are talking about HOW it could be done."

Policy makers are working behind the scenes to come up with a way to let states declare bankruptcy and get out from under crushing debts, including the pensions they have promised to retired public workers.

Unlike cities, the states are barred from seeking protection in federal bankruptcy court. Any effort to change that status would have to clear high constitutional hurdles because the states are considered sovereign.

But proponents say some states are so burdened that the only feasible way out may be bankruptcy, giving Illinois, for example, the opportunity to do what General Motors did with the federal government’s aid.

See it here;

Think about it; borrowing money for the states could start to become really expensive (as it probably should...then maybe they wouldn't keep doing it?) if Mississippi and Alabama are considered more likely to default than Minnesota or North Dakota....they might have to pay 2-3 times the interest than highly rated states pay.

I don't really see how that is any different than people with poor credit ratings paying higher costs than those with good credit ratings.

This discussion appears to be simply more evidence of how the dominoes may fall once something, or someone, pushes the first one over and sets the whole thing in motion.

Hat tip to Mike S.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2 Suns by 2012

As we all know, lots of strange things seem to be targeting the year 2012. Today we find that scientists say we may temporarily have two suns in the sky if a huge star explodes....and they think it could 2012.

Earth could be getting a second sun, at least temporarily.

Dr. Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland, outlined the scenario to Betelgeuse, one of the night sky's brightest stars, is losing mass, indicating it is collapsing. It could run out of fuel and go super-nova at any time.

When that happens, for at least a few weeks, we'd see a second sun, Carter says. There may also be no night during that timeframe.

The Star Wars-esque scenario could happen by 2012, Carter says... or it could take longer.

See it here;

I have no idea what this might mean, and certainly have no insight on IF it might happen. I just posted it as another strange thing that may come and alarm people in 2012.

200 Dead Cows

Yesterday on a post concerning Time News, I mentioned 200 dead cows reportedly found in WI. We will have to watch for more details, but here is some news that just came out a few hours ago.

In another shocking mass animal death, more than 200 cows were found dead at a Wisconsin farm.

Officials say the Portage County farm was hard hit by a cattle disease over the weekend.

The cause of the mysterious deaths appears to be from a form of pneumonia. The owner of the farm said the cows were unvaccinated.

Semi-trucks had to be called in to remove the dead bovines.

Read more:

This seems a little strange to me if all the cattle died at the same time by pneumonia. That should have been something that happened over weeks...not happened in hours or a few days.

Remember how the government official came forward in Louisiana and said the dead birds had all hit a power line at the same time....and that was the best explanation??

This explanation for the dead cows might be true....but it seems a little lame.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's About Time!

One of the top headlines today is that a doctor is being charged with murder for killing babies in late-term abortions.

(CNN) -- A Philadelphia physician, Kermit Barron Gosnell, was charged Wednesday with murder and other offenses for allegedly causing the death of one of his female patients and killing seven viable babies in illegal, late-term abortions, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said.

The babies were born alive in the sixth, seventh and eighth months of pregnancy, but their spinal cords were allegedly severed with scissors, Williams said in a statement.

Nine other people who worked in the west Philadelphia medical office, including Gosnell's wife and sister-in-law, also were charged, Williams said. The practice, called the Women's Medical Society, served mostly low-income minority women for years, he said.

Williams' statement provided a grisly scenario of the shuttered abortion clinic: A search of the office last year by authorities found bags and bottles holding aborted fetuses scattered throughout the building. Jars containing the severed feet of babies lined a shelf. Furniture and equipment was blood-stained, dusty and broken.

See it here;

How much longer will God wait to judge a society that has allowed and even encouraged the wholesale slaughter of innocent babies? The blood of 50,000,000 of them must be crying out to their Creator for justice!

FEMA and New Madrid

Took a minute today to look and see what FEMA had to say about New Madrid fault.

Sounds like they understand that a major quake along that fault is long overdue.

Here was a really interesting statement in the article;

According to the study, areas within the NMSZ (New Madrid Seismic Zone) would experience widespread and catastrophic physical damage, negative social impacts, and economic losses. Three different earthquake events were considered, one for each segment of the New Madrid Fault - northeast, central and southwest. For example, an earthquake event that occurs in the southwestern part of the seismic zone would cause significant damage in northeast Arkansas, northwest Mississippi, western Tennessee and portions of western Kentucky, and is likely to cause damage to the greatest number of homes and affect the largest number of people. The study notes that the total economic impact of a series of NMSZ earthquakes is likely to constitute the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States.

See it here;

Wow! The biggest economic disaster to EVER hit the U.S. is long overdue. I wonder what that would do to our economy?

I wonder if we continue pushing for the split of Israel...if God may use this fault to split America?

Also take note that the last time the fault broke open was 1811-1812....exactly 200 years ago.

What if China Dumps our Debt?

We have been asking the question for a few years now.....what would USA do if China gets upset with us over Taiwan or North Korea or Japan....and says, "Screw you! We aren't loaning you one more red cent! we demand early payment for the $1 trillion you already owe us!! PAY US NOW!!"

It's always good to have a Plan B.

Please understand how many U.S. businesses went bankrupt over the past 3 years SIMPLY because banks shut down their credit lines and they couldn't make payroll. Could this all be a foreshadowing for what may happen to the U.S. if it's creditors shut down this country's line of credit?

Today, Reuter's News is asking the same questions....What is our Plan B?

Analysis: What is Plan B if China dumps its U.S. debt?

With Chinese President Hu Jintao due to arrive in Washington on Tuesday, it is worth asking about U.S. officials' Plan B just in case one day relations take a surprise turn for the worse and Beijing dumps its holdings of U.S. treasuries.

China is officially the United States' biggest foreign creditor, with roughly $900 billion in Treasury holdings -- or over $1 trillion with Hong Kong's holdings included.

That means it could do severe damage to U.S. debt markets if it suddenly started selling large amounts.

But Beijing could also justify pulling back sharply from U.S. Treasuries if the dollar were to plunge, perhaps because of Washington's failure to curb its budget deficit and debt.

"I worry that we could be at a tipping point," said Eswar Prasad, a Brookings Institution economist and former International Monetary Fund official with responsibility for China.

"If the Chinese say 'We're not buying any more Treasuries,' this could act as a trigger around which nervous market sentiment coalesces," he said. "People could start wondering how the U.S. is going to finance its deficit."

See it here;

Good point! People WOULD start to wonder how the U.S. is going to finance $14-15 trillion in outstanding addition to the $1.5 trillion per year we continue to addition to the $50 trillion of Social Security and Medicare promises we have made.

They may actually begin to LOSE FAITH in the U.S. government's ability to manage it's financial affairs.

So what happens to our financial system when it is 100%, "Backed by the full faith and confidence of the U.S. Government."?

Jesus said, "Have faith ONLY in God."

How many Americans have more faith in the U.S. government than they do in Jesus Christ?

Answer: Most of them.

How long will God let this sick society worship at the altar of Mammon?

Time Magazine and Biblical Prophecy

I turned on my computer to Google News just a few minutes ago. Right on the front page, I was greeted with this headline:

Does the Death of 200 Cows in Wisconsin Confirm Biblical Prophecy?

The article won't let me cut and paste anything on to this blog, so you will have to look at it for yourselves.

Please note the last paragraph: "But don't expect the 2nd coming of Christ anytime soon." He adds that, "for that to happen we still need seven years of tribulation and the rise of the antichrist."

Yes are correct...BUT...first comes the rapture. And if you are hanging out waiting to see if the Tribulation actually comes BEFORE you claim Christ as your better come up with a different plan.

Read more:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Planet Alert

Don't know if you guys are all aware of this....but earth recently entered a new age. Yes it's true. According to astrologers we are now in the AGE OF AQUARIUS.

Happy New Year everyone and may this be the best year ever. We are now in the year 2011. What will happen in this wonderful New Year? Will we continue to think with our hearts and glow with the light of God? I sure hope so because it is time for us to manifest a new reality of magic and miracles. When we feel joy or bliss in our hearts everything will start to open for us. We have a blank screen in front of us ready for our creations.

We finished a 26,000 year cycle on Dec 21, 2010 and have now moved into an entirely new reality. The solstice and lunar eclipse in December signaled the end of the Kali Yuga Vedic Astrology cycle, and the end of a 26,000 year cycle of Capricorn. Capricorn rules materialism, controllers, big business, governments and structures and is ruled by the planet Saturn which has been considered the karmic planet. This means our karma is over, and we have moved into the Golden Age of Aquarius which will bring us joy and happiness.

Now pay attention here...because not only to they go off on the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, but they also touch on UFO's and the needless lives lost in governments trying to cover this up. BUT THE BIG THING TO NOTICE is that they are going to give one more reason for MOTHER EARTH to continue purging people from the planet. This clearly could be one other explanation being prepared by Satan to explain where raptured Christians went.

We are still in the transition phase and Mother Earth will continue to cleanse herself by natural disasters like storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fires, snow, rain, and floods. We have sure seen a lot of storms and flooding in the past year. This has been from all of the Pisces energy from Uranus and Jupiter both being in that water sign. Now the planets are beginning to move. Jupiter goes into a fire sign on January 22, 2011. This will cause more fire events like fires and volcanic eruptions. Then when Uranus goes into Aries there will be fire energy for seven years.

Gotta love that!! energy for 7 years!

See it here;

PLO Raises Flag Over Washington

Not sure if this is "super-serious" for the health of the USA or just "serious".

Can we all please remember that there is NO SUCH THING as Palestinian people. They are simply Arabs living in Israel. There is no special language of this people group, no capital that history can point to, no kings that they can point to, no currency, no history whatsoever regarding a "Palestinian" people.

The fact that the world is now talking openly about the "Palestinian people" is simply more evidence that if you repeat a lie often enough and long enough....eventually all the people who remember the truth are dead...and soon folks tire of challenging the it creeps it's way into becoming "truth".

The PLO flag flew in Washington, DC for the first time Tuesday, with PLO officials hoisting their banner over their United States mission.

Chief of Mission Maen Areikat praised U.S. officials for allowing the flag to go up. “I think it indicates the willingness of the American administration to deal with the realities on the ground,” he said.

“It's about time that this flag that symbolizes the struggle of the Palestinian people for self-determination and statehood be raised in the United States,” Areikat stated.

The Obama administration's willingness to allow the flag to go up was met with criticism from Republican representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. “Raising this flag in DC is part of the Palestinian leadership’s scheme to manipulate international acceptance and diplomatic recognition of a yet-to-be-created Palestinian state while refusing to directly negotiate with Israel or accept the existence of Israel as a democratic, Jewish state,” she said.

And wouldn't you know if on cue...the Russian government stepped forward to say they will support the idea of a Palestinian state....for the "Palestinian people".

JERICHO, January 18 (Itar-Tass) -- Russia supports the Palestinians’ inalienable right to establish their own independent state with the capital in East Jerusalem, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Tuesday after the talks with head of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas.

“Russia’s stand remains unchanged: we have supported and support the inalienable right of the Palestinian people to set up their own viable, territorially united and undivided state with the capital in East Jerusalem,” he said.

“Everyone stands to gain from the establishment of the Palestinian state – the Palestinians, the Israelis, and the entire region; it is necessary to strive for this,” said the head of the Russian state.

See it here;

Wow people! It's like the game pieces on this big game of THE LAST DAYS are moving into final positions at a pretty quick pace.

Remember that Ezekiel 38 tells us that Russia will lead a coalition in the Last Days to take out Israel and steal something of value that she has. The reasons for conflict between Russia and Israel continue to build on a weekly basis.

Also keep in mind that America seems to be eerily absent from any biblical Last Days we may be gone and/or incapable of coming to Israel's aid when this coalition gathers.

I wonder if allowing a PLO flag to fly over our nation's capital may be one more straw on the camel's back? more reason to have curses called down on us from heaven?

Sun Rise Came Two Days Early

In our continuing attempt to bring you headlines about events that are the "biggest ever", "wettest ever", "never before seen".....we bring you this strange one which is "puzzling" scientists.

Novelist Ernest Hemingway wrote "The Sun Also Rises," and like everywhere on Earth, it also rose in the tiny fishing town of Ilulissat, Greenland on January 11, 2011.

Except the sun wasn't supposed to rise there until January 13th; it appeared in the sky a full two days early.

Astronomers agree that the sun should have ended its six week absence on January 13th. Yet as astounded residents of the tiny Greenland village watched, the sun crept up over the horizon at about 1 p.m. on the 11th. As far as anyone can determine, the sun has never risen this early.

See it here;

Now, of course, the puzzled scientists have rolled out an answer for why the sun appeared two days early (they better...because they have all sorts of astounded residents standing around saying, "What??")....the best explanation is that it has something to do with melting ice on the polar caps.

What?? Are they seriously going to make this a "global warming" issue too?

I have a better explanation;

"Therefore once more I will astound these people with wonder upon wonder; the wisdom of the wise will perish, the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish.", says God. Isaiah 29:14

Maybe it's just me but the smart people seem to be coming up with stupider (is that even a word?) explanations as to what we are observing.

My favorite one was when 500 birds fell out of the sky in Lousiana and were scattered all over a road...and they rolled out a Government Smart Man (commonly called an "Official") and he said,
"We think they all struck a power line." When I heard that I said to myself, "Dude...seriously? Is that REALLY your final answer? That is SOOO dumb!"

Hat tip to Julie E.

$2 Trillion Pension Shortfall

In my previous posting about the superstorm...we ended with a simple explanation about how the financial house could unravel.

Now, let's not forget to throw in a few more financial-superstorms that are already nearing a boil...

First off remember the student loan debacle that could be a $1 trillion disaster.

Also take note of the state pensions which are now being revealed as hopelessly broke.

US public pensions face a shortfall of $2,500 billion (that's $2.5 trillion) that will force state and local governments to sell assets and make deep cuts to services, according to the former chairman of New Jersey’s pension fund.

The severe US economic recession has cast a spotlight on years of fiscal mismanagement, including chronic underfunding of retirement promises.

“States face cost pressure, most prominently from retirement benefits and Medicaid [the health programme for the poor],” Orin Kramer told the Financial Times.

“One consequence is that asset sales and privatisation will pick up. The very unfortunate consequence is that various safety nets for the most vulnerable citizens will be cut back.”

Now pay close attention to this paragraph;

Concerns about the financial health of local governments have sparked warnings of a rise in defaults for cities and towns and a sell-off in the $3,000 billion (that's $3 trillion) municipal bond market where they raise money.

See it here;

"But are forgetting that the U.S. Treasury has the power to print we will just create-out-of-thin-air the money necessary to pay all these obligations."

Sure....that ought to work...

In fact...while we are at it, why don't we just keep printing and give everyone over the age of 18 $1 million dollars? That way we could all pay off our student loans, pay off our car loans, pay off our mortgages, take a much needed vacation to Arizona, buy a new pickup truck, re-model our houses, etc... It would be GREAT!!

Friends...that's just dumb. If printing money on paper really worked....every nation in the world would be rich beyond compare!

Please remember to pray for our leaders. As we all know, a new Congress has just convened with new leadership. Pray that God will give them the wisdom necessary to turn this sinking ship around.

And if it is NOT in God's will to rescue this sinking ship....please pray that God would make our backs strong so that we can carry the hardship that will be coming for us.

California Superstorm Predicted

More than a few readers saw this headline on Yahoo and quickly forwarded me the headline;

Scientists warn California could be struck by winter ‘superstorm

A group of more than 100 scientists and experts say in a new report that California faces the risk of a massive "superstorm" that could flood a quarter of the state's homes and cause $300 billion to $400 billion in damage. Researchers point out that the potential scale of destruction in this storm scenario is four or five times the amount of damage that could be wrought by a major earthquake.

It sounds like the plot of an apocalyptic action movie, but scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey warned federal and state emergency officials that California's geological history shows such "superstorms" have happened in the past, and should be added to the long list of natural disasters to worry about in the Golden State.

Now notice the interesting number they decided to use when describing how long it could rain;

The scientists built a model that showed a storm could last for more than 40 days and dump 10 feet of water on the state. The storm would be goaded on by an "atmospheric river" that would move water "at the same rate as 50 Mississippis discharging water into the Gulf of Mexico," according to the AP. Winds could reach 125 miles per hour, and landslides could compound the damage, the report notes.

See it here;

40 days of rain!....come on!....has not one of those scientists read the story about Noah's ark?

Holy mayhem! That type of event would sure put California in a pickle! And who would pay for the $billions in damages? Would anyone buy the CA state bonds that they would surely need to issue to pay for such a catastrophic storm or earthquake? The answer is starting to become clear to more than a few folks.

Some will say, "Well, Obama would just have to declare it a Federal they would be eligible for Federal help." And how long is China, and other nations, going to continue loaning the U.S. Federal government that they can loan it to the states?

The entire system is getting very ripe for a massive default when all of these I.O.U.'s come due across the financial globe. Let me explain this VERY simply.....China says to USA, "Give us our money back. We don't want to extend this loan any more!" USA calls all the state governors and says, "Give us the money we loaned you to bail out your state budget. We need it now!" The governors call the municipalities (cities and towns)....and the municipalities call their citizens....who reach into their pockets and pull them inside out and show their city leaders that they don't have any money either.

A-Bomb Promised to Hezbollah

Recently we posted that Pakistan has promised a few of it's nukes to Saudi Arabia.

Today we have Iran promising a few nukes to Hezbollah terrorists who are currently turning Lebanon upside down.

Iran will produce three small nuclear weapons in 2013, according to a senior Revolutionary Guards officer quoted Sunday by the Kuwaiti dailyAl-Siyasa.

One of them has been designated for transfer to Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon, while the other two will be used as a deterrent against Gulf states, especially those with foreign troops.

See it here;

Let's think about this for a minute.....nukes in Shiite terrorists hands in Iran and Lebanon....and nukes in Sunni extremists hands in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan....and the only thing they agree on is a hatred of Israel.

What could possibly go wrong?

Monday, January 17, 2011

All Out in the Open

If you search “China” in Dennis’ blog pages, you will find many stories about the financial situation between the US and China. Therefore, I won’t attempt to reiterate anything that has already been written. But this headline today was cause for concern and alarm.


Mr. Hu, President of China and head of China’s ruling Communist Party, answered some questions posed to him from The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

In his written answers, ‘ he called the present U.S. dollar-dominated currency system a "product of the past" and highlighted moves to turn the yuan into a global currency.’

The article also states, ‘The comment is the latest sign that the dollar's future continues to concern the most senior levels of the Chinese government. Beijing fears not only that loose U.S. monetary policy is fueling inflation, but that it will erode the value of China's holdings of dollars within its vast foreign-exchange reserves, which reached $2.85 trillion at the end of 2010.’

Read it all here;

The reports also indicate that China has begun to use their currency in international capacities.

…'Hu noted that China has launched pilot programs using the yuan, or renminbi, in settlements of international trade and investment transactions’

Read it here;

With all of the dollars China is holding, we can’t really protest too loudly, can we?

The "Decade of Destiny"

Rick Warren, pastor of the mega-church Saddlebrook Church in California has officially kicked off their Decade of Destiny this past weekend. As described by Rick, it is “to help individuals succeed and be who God designed them to be in every aspect in life."

One of their first initiatives is The Daniel Plan. It is to be a year-long health program for the church to lose weight and to improve their health.
That so far may arouse suspicion in some, or maybe not at all. But what is incredibly suspicious is who pastor Rick has enlisted to be his health experts and help guide the participants in The Daniel Plan through these health programs.

Advising The Daniel Plan is Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman. All three are involved in New Age Spiritualism.

Dr. Oz ‘found inspiration for his family life and medical practice through the ideas of the Swedish scientist, philosopher, theologian, and Christian mystic Emanuel Swedenborg.’ Dr. Oz also is a fan of Reiki; which is a New Age practice that focuses on energy healing based on chakras.

Read about that here;

Dr. Amen is a supporter of eastern meditation, including tantric practices. ‘On page 238 of Amenʼs Making a Good Brain Great, he states: “I recommend an active form of yoga meditation called Kriya Kirtan. It is based on the five primal sounds saa, taa, naa, maa, aa.” He tells readers to repeat these sounds for 12 minutes straight.’ In addition, he supports kundalini (or serpent power)yoga.

Dr. Hyman is more of the same. He is an advocate of mystical meditation. From his book, The Ultramind Solution, “The Silva UltraMind ESP System is a modern method of Dynamic Meditation, to help you feel better, healthier and with peace of mind. And it is also a proven way to develop your God given senses to improve conditions, project solutions, experience abundance in every area of your life, take the right decisions and enjoy a happier life.”

The articles I read about this all seemed to praise pastor Rick, calling him perhaps one of the most well-known evangelical pastor in the world. How many people will start on The Daniel Plan, not realizing what’s behind this?

“But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them--bringing swift destruction on themselves.” 2 Peter 2:1