Monday, March 24, 2008


In adult ed last fall, we talked about the Jewish model for weddings during Jesus' time. It helps us understand the basis for believing in a pre-tribulation rapture. Christ will come at an unexpected hour, but we will know the season for his return. Here is an article by Chuck Missler that explores this tradition in further depth.


This article my be considered politically incorrect, but the discussion needs to be had in every freedom-loving country. What are we willing to do to protect the freedoms that were granted to us by earlier generations? These freedoms were purchased by the blood of hundreds of thousands soldiers who died awful deaths so we can sit here today and do and say what we please. The author of this article is calling the current unrest a "war of civilizations", and I happen to agree with him. When a bomb goes off in Spain, or a journalist gets killed in Denmark, or the Towers come down in is all related and certainly all part of the same war. Radical people, fueled by religious beliefs, are trying to impose their worldview on the rest of us...and they are not using books, products or movies to do it. They are using suicide bombers, guns and bombs and are willing to use the most outrageous methods to achieve their goal.

Some might argue that it is only a small percentage of Islam that is engaged in this war. That may be true, but even if it's only 10% of Islam that is radical, that still equates to over 100,000,000 people and that is certainly a sufficient number to bring about a major global conflict.