Saturday, November 12, 2011

Iran Fitting Nuke to Missile Causes Explosion

Last Sunday night I heard speaker Jimmy DeYoung say that he talked to Netanyahu and was told that the day Israel has intelligence that Iran is putting a nuclear warhead on a missile....they will make a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

If this next article is true....we all better hold onto our hats and prepare for really strange times.

Iran loses its top missile expert in explosions sparked by failed bid to fit nuclear warhead on Shahab-3

Brig. Hassan Moghadam, head of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) missile development and sections of its nuclear program, was killed in one of the two consecutive explosions that hit two IRGC bases 46 kilometers west of Tehran Saturday, Nov. 12. The official fatality figure is 32. Fourteen hours after explosions blasts could still be heard and fires raged. debkafile's exclusive sources report the bases are located in Malard, a town in the Shahryar district. The Moadarres facility was the first to be hit, while the second and bigger blast occurred at Amir-al-Mo'menin.

Their force was such that the Iranian Red Crescent rushed 45 ambulances to the two facilities plus 23 buses converted to first-aid vehicles and a helicopter to evacuate the critically injured.

However, only six rescue workers were given access to the Moadarres base and none were permitted to enter to enter Amir-al-Mo'menin because of the facility's sensitivity.

Fourteen hours after the explosions, the blasts continued and fires raged. Surrounding streets were closed and reporters kept away from the scene.

Our sources report increasing evidence that the first explosion was caused by a failed effort to mount a nuclear warhead on a Shahab-3 intermediate-range missile.


So what caused the explosion that is being reported from Iran in the top healines today?  Was it sabotage?  Was Israel involved?  Was the God of Israel making sure that they didn't get the job done because it wasn't in His perfect timing yet?  Could we wake up to the news of Israeli jets pummeling Iran?  Could gasoline cost $6 gallon next week?  Could the hatred of Israel grow exponentially?

So many little time.

Any Action Against Iran Will Speed Israel's Collapse

As the rumors of war involving Iran and Israel continue to build, the rhetoric builds even faster.

Today we have this headline;

Any action against Iran will speed up Israel’s collapse: ambassador

TEHRAN, Nov. 13 (MNA) – Tehran’s Ambassador to Rome Seyyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini has said that any action against Iran by Tel Aviv not only will be met with a strong and immediate reaction, but will also speed up the Zionist regime's collapse.
Israel and the U.S. have threatened to use military strike against Iran for its nuclear program which is under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The ambassador said Israel is “weaker than ever” to be able to attack Iran. He added Israel’s allies are “not also in a better situation” and they are facing economic, domestic, regional, and international problems.

In regard to their failures in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan it is very unlikely that they would put themselves in a “quagmire” much more dangerous that that they have ever seen, the former Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

Someone should tell the ambassador to read Ezekiel 38...and maybe he wouldn't be quite so confident in what he believes is coming for his country.  At some point in the not distant future, the God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob will fight for Israel and will confuse the invading army of Iran...making them turn their guns on each other and on the other armies of Russia, Turkey and Libya.

When that chaos is complete, Israel will finally turn to back the one true God...and they will be burying the dead for 7 months and burning the weapons or war that these armies left on the field for 7 years. (Ezekiel 39)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Begging China and Russia for Money

What happens when Europe comes up with another "plan" to save itself...but then finds out they don't have the money to fund the "plan"?

Answer;  you go to China and Russia and beg for money to fund your "plan".

Last month Klaus Regling, the head of the European Financial Stability Facility, travelled to Beijing to try to persuade China's leaders to help.

Europe has been discussing establishing a special purpose investment vehicle to persuade China and other potential contributors, and is exploring the possibility of linking it to the IMF.

Lagarde visited Moscow before heading to China, and on Wednesday the Russian government said it was not prepared to invest directly in the EU rescue fund and would prefer to help the eurozone through the IMF.

Men Jing, chair of European Union-China relations at the Belgium-based College of Europe, said in a comment piece published in the official China Daily newspaper that Europe needs to behave in a "responsible way."

"It is ridiculous that rich European nations have their begging bowls out and want money out of the pocket of China, whose per capita income is only about $4,000," she said.

Begging for money from Russia and China is an act of desperation. Why would or should either country invest in European bonds other than Germany when Europe has not fixed its structural problems?


Of course we don't know when this whole financial system is going to collapse in Europe....but we know it will.  We also know that it will spread to the U.S.  It has to.  The current system needs to be swept away to make way for the new financial system that will ultimately be run by the Antichrist and his cohorts.

Is the Antichrist already on earth...just waiting for the final curtain of the rapture to drop so that he can sashay onto the stage and really mess up planet earth?

I'm betting he is here...

Eurozone Collapse....then Depression

We have been trying to figure out what exactly it may mean to the world if the Eurozone collapses.

This article from the Vancouver Sun spells out a pretty grim hypothesis.

The collapse of the eurozone would cause a crash that would instantly wipe out half of the value of Europe's economy, plunging the continent into a depression as deep as the 1930s slump, the president of the European Commission has warned.

Jose Manuel Barroso issued his chilling warning as France began diplomatic overtures to create a eurozone vanguard, potentially with fewer than the 17 existing members of the single currency.

Mr Barroso said that if the euro area of the 17 member states or the wider 27-country EU broke apart the estimated initial cost would be up to 50 per cent of European gross domestic product. "It would jeopardize the future prosperity of the next generation. That is the threat that hangs over us," he said.

The result of such an economic shock would be emergence of extremism and divisions within Europe, the former Portuguese prime minister told his German audience.

"Populism and sometimes even nationalism raises its head across our continent," he said. "This is ignoring the global realities as well as our common history that teaches us that this continent is simply too small and too inter-dependent for us to stand apart, to turn our backs to each other."

Read more:

Ouch!!  That sounds serious!! Depression and then nationalism....which usually leads to war on the European Continent.

There will be wars.....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Italy is Doomed and Euro Will Break

NYU's economist Roubini is coming out with some pretty strong words on the fate of Italy and the European Union.

With the European sovereign debt crisis escalating dramatically, after Italian bond yields hit record highs on Wednesday and France’s bond spread over German bunds continues to widen, the possibility that the EU will fail to find a solution and will be forced to break up is now very real.

Nouriel Roubini, the famed NYU economist dubbed Dr. Doom for his ultra-bearish predictions, argues that without the ECB engaging in QE (drop rates down to zero and massively purchase bonds) and a strong stimulus program from Germany, the European Union will not survive.

The only way to stop the upcoming disaster, according to Roubini, is quantitative easing. The ECB would have to drop interest rates to zero, effectively helping to depreciate the currency, and begin massively buying up Italian and peripheral debt. The euro would fall to parity with the dollar, Roubini says, and Germany and other “core” countries would have to implement fiscal stimulus plans to compensate for the fall in aggregate demand caused by austerity in peripheral nations.

It’s clear why they call him Dr. Doom.


See...the big problem when a country has paper money is CONFIDENCE!  Who is going to buy Italy's IOU's when there is a good chance you won't get your money back?  If you are going to be enticed to buy their paper you are going to demand a large interest rate...and Italy can't afford to pay higher rates.

So what happens to America when the spotlight inevitably focus on us and our $15 trillion of debt?  When our rates on this money goes to 7% and you do the math....we simply won't have the tax revenues to pay the interest.  Then what?

Hold on to The Rock of Jesus Christ....because this ride could get really bumpy.

Five Reasons Italy Should Scare You

Today at prophecy luncheon we talked about the collapse of the European Union.  How long will Italy pay for Greece, and how long will France pay for Italy, and how much longer will Germany pay for France?  And then the REALLY big question;  How much money does the USA have invested over in Europe that could take a serious haircut...and then how will we pay back the Chinese who we borrowed the money from to loan it to Europe when Europe can't pay us back?

Does anyone out there REALLY have any money....or is it just one giant Ponzi scheme of one country borrowing from another so they can loan it to another...meanwhile charging interest all the way around so it all looks like a good "investment"? 

Here are the five reasons that Non-Christians should be scared about Italy;

First, Italy is not too big to fail. What I mean by that is Italy is too big to be bailed out. When Greece got itself into trouble, the European Union and International Monetary Fund could easily muster up the resources to prevent default. But with Italy's debt load bigger than that of Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain combined, there isn't likely to be enough money to bail out the country.

Secondly, to fix that mess, Italy has to uproot some deep economic problems. As I've mentioned before, the reasons behind Italy's descent into the euro zone debt crisis are much different than those that have undermined other countries in Europe.

Third, we should doubt whether Italy's political system can produce that rapid-fire reform. The types of reform Italy needs will be highly unpopular with voters. They mean higher taxes, fewer government services, more competition and, if we really start gutting the economic system, likely longer working hours.

Fourth, Italy could spark even wider contagion. About a year ago, analysts were questioning if Italy even deserved to be counted among the PIIGS. Financial calculations told us Italy was at much less risk of insolvency than Greece, Ireland, Portugal or Spain. The fact that Italy has sunk to where it is today shows just how deeply the euro zone debt crisis has infected the core of the monetary union.

Fifth, Italy is probably the biggest threat to the global economy right now. Just look at the sort of chaos tiny Greece has caused for global markets. A destabilizing Italy, the world's 8th-largest economy, could send shockwaves around the world that would rival, even possibly exceed, the ones we saw extend from Wall Street in 2008.
Read more:

I know what this whole mess calls for...we need the Antichrist to come riding in on a white horse and fix this whole broken system by setting up a single global currency and then a global central bank to run it all.  And then because currency trading is so massively expensive to administer....he needs to just issue everyone on the financial grid a number and a they can use that mark to buy and sell everything they need!!  What a great idea!!

Anti-Semitism in Italy

It appears that Jew hatred is alive and well in Italy.

In October 2009 Italian Parliament voted to commission a study of anti-Semitism in the country.
Now the committee’s report has been released, and its findings are well worth attending to.

Another study recently published by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, a think-tank affiliated with Germany’s Social Democratic Party confirms the high levels of anti-Semitism in Italy.

Fully 22% of Italians between the ages of 18 and 29 are hostile to Jews, and the figure is even higher among males in northern Italy.

One-fourth of Italians surveyed agreed with the statement: “Considering Israel’s policy, I can understand why people do not like Jews”.

One-third of Italians regard Jews as “not very nice,” and one-fourth don’t consider them “fully Italian”.
Among Italians between the ages of 18 and 34, 22% are anti-Semitic, even though 71% of them “had never had any direct contact with Jews”.

In recent years, Italy witnessed a horrible wave of attacks on Israel and the Jews. The city of Turin hosted a “cultural festival” where the image of Shimon Peres was used as a shoe-throwing target. For one euro, the students had the chance to hit the face of Israel’s president, who was fitted with a Nazi-style Jewish nose.

Jewish politicians, journalists and jurists have been named on a hit-list as “slaves of the Jewish mafia” by a website, illustrated by pictures of handcuffs made in the shape of a Magen David. The author of this article is also listed in that black list.

In July 2011 a website called for the “blacklisting” of more than 160 Jewish professors who teach at Italian universities.

Violent attacks on the Jews are also on the rise. On the day of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s visit to Rome last June, an elderly Jewish man, Raffi Cohen, was found stabbed to death in the doorway of his home in Rome’s Nomentano quarter.

An Israeli student at the University of Genoa has been harassed and threatened with death by Muslim students shouting at him “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is great) and “Itbach el Yahud” (slaughter the Jews.) Another Israeli student at the University of Turin, Amit Peer, confessed that “the Jews here are hiding their own identity because they risk becoming a target”.

See it here;

Hey now...let's just ponder something for a it possible that Italy's government and financial markets and economic well being maybe are being pulled down because God is cursing this country?  Since God sees all things of the heart, He didn't need to wait for the results of the report and the publishing of this article to see that a large number of Italians hate Jews.

I guess we will need to watch and see.  "I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you."....that sure seems pretty clear to me.

Hat tip to Julie E.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

First EVER National Emergency Test

Today at 1PM there is going to be a National Emergency Test.  It will be the first time ever the entire system will be tested simultaneously.

— From the television blaring at a West Palm Beach sports bar to the island radio station in American Samoa, broadcast channels across the United States and its territories will take a 30-second break from programming at 2 p.m. Wednesday to run the first national test of the Emergency Alert System.

The broadcast system has been tested on the local and state level thousands of times, but never before have government agencies and broadcasters coordinated to see if there are any gaps in the system that could be used to warn the entire populace in a catastrophic event.

Federal officials envision the alert being employed for a large-scale regional disaster or for a national event, such as a nuclear disaster or attack, a pandemic or "something that's going to affect a lot of people pretty quickly," according to the Federal Communications Commission.


I wonder what we are being prepared for?...a nuclear missile from Iran?...a huge meteor heading for earth?....a huge pandemic or Ebola or swine flu? alien invasion?...a huge solar storm that would wipe out electric grids?

It is interesting to ponder why they decided that TODAY is going to be the day to test the nation-wide system for the FIRST TIME EVER.  Why didn't they do it 5 years ago?  Why not 20 years ago?  Why today??

Rare Storm Poised to Slam Alaska

There is nothing real prophetic about a storm.  What is prophetic is the number of RARE storms that seem to be happening with an increasing frequency and using phrases like, "epic magnitude rarely experienced."

Evacuations have begun in some Alaska coastal communities, including Nome (see below), ahead of a powerful storm that's moving across the Bering Sea toward the western Alaska coast. The storm, packing hurricane-force winds, has the potential for coastal flooding, extensive beach erosion and serious damage, according to the National Weather Service.

"This will be extremely dangerous and life threatening storm of an epic magnitude rarely experienced," the Weather Service said in a bulletin earlier today.

Read more:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sarkozy Calls Netanyahu a Liar

Obama and Sarkozy were visiting in front of what they thought was a turned off microphone at the G20.  Sarkozy told Obama that he thought Netanyahu was a liar.  Obama responded with something like, "You think you have it bad...I have to work with him everyday."

This is interesting and prophetic.  Here again is Israel right in the very front of the daily news....and here we have evidence of two world leaders revealing what their true feelings are about Israel's leader.

In the remarks Thursday in Cannes, Sarkozy said: "Netanyahu, I can't stand him. He's a liar."

Obama, whose remarks were heard via a French translation, was not heard objecting to Sarkozy's characterization of Netanyahu. According to the French interpreter, Obama responded, "You are sick of him, but I have to work with him every day."

Through the interpreter, Obama was heard asking Sarkozy to help persuade the Palestinians to stop their efforts to gain U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state.

The journalists heard only fragments of the leaders' conversation.

Eytan Gilboa, an expert on U.S.-Israel relations at Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv, said the overheard comments could do Israel harm.

"Israel has a problem with a lack of credibility," said Gilboa. "Israel needs the U.S., especially now when it has Iran."

That last sentence is it Israel who needs the USA or is it the USA who needs Israel?  God said He will bless those who bless Israel....not that He will bless those who bless the USA.

All eyes are on Israel....exactly as the prophets told us they would be.

Public Schools Get Muslim Holiday

We heard an Egyptian speaker on Sunday night who clearly told us that Allah is Satan and that he put together a book of lies and errors to lead people away from Christ and to create a religion that bows to him 5 times per day.  He told us that true Islam believes that one day they will rule the world and they will take over countries by the sword where they need to...and by rule of law where they can.

The United States is sound asleep as to what we are letting into our nation....and the Christians who should have been battling this spiritual invasion should have been praying against it....but because most "Christians" don't know their Bibles and/or don't believe them they have no idea how to use their spiritual armor and spiritual weapon.  I hate to say it, but I believe we may soon be overrun by Satanic forces because of our disobedience and unbelief.

Massachusetts School District Marks Muslim Holiday

Some Massachusetts public school students have a day off this week, but it has nothing to do with power outages or snow.

The Cambridge school system is believed to be the first in Massachusetts to give all students a day off for a Muslim holiday
Students are getting Tuesday off for Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, the Boston Globe reports.

"We’re ecstatic about this," Atif Harden, interim executive director of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, told the newspaper. "This is the first year that it’s going to occur. This sort of recognition of our existence and the population we have, we feel very good about."

The day off was approved by the school committee last year because of the district's sizable Muslim population.

Superintendent Jeffrey Young told the newspaper that honoring the holiday is in line with the district's values of "inclusion and respect."

Read more:

Holy tolerance!!  Talk about letting the wolf put his nose under the fence and into the pen that holds all the sheep!!  The day our nation starts shutting our schools down to appease a Satanic religion is the day that we fling open Pandora's box...and let all sorts of nasty stuff out.

Looks like that day is today.

Watch and pray.....

Hat tip to Julie E.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Largest Wealth Gap EVER Recorded

Want to have a discussion about class warfare?  What do the history books say about what happens when societies get to a point where they have lots of young men with no hope of supporting a wife and family because they can't make a living?

I'll tell you what they leads to unrest and war.  Either civil war where the Wall Street Protests turn to violence and millions of disaffected young people start burning things and throwing things....or the government of the society will choose to channel the energy of all these young men towards a war with foreign nations to deflect the attention away from their own governments mismanagement.

Today's article about the largest wealth gap ever between the older generation and the younger generation should set off some alarm bells about what may be coming unless something changes....and I don't see a lot of change on the horizon.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- One of the most basic tenets of the American Dream is being called into question by recent economic data. Can each new generation do better than the one before it?
So far, today's young people aren't off to an encouraging start.

According to analysis by the Pew Research Center released Monday, younger Americans have been left behind as the oldest generation has seen wealth surge since the mid-1980s.

While it's typical for older generations to hold more wealth than younger ones who've had less time to save, the gap between the two age groups has widened rapidly.

In 1984, households headed by people age 65 and older were worth just 10 times the median net worth of households headed by people 35 and older. But older Americans are now 47 times richer than the younger generation, marking the largest wealth gap ever recorded between the two age groups.

"We don't know how the story ends, but we know how the story is beginning," said Paul Taylor, executive vice president of the Pew Research Center. "At the beginning, today's young people are not doing better than yesterday's young adults."

See it here;

So let's say you just graduated from college and you have $60,000 in student loans with $800 month payments, you are living with your mom while you work part time at Menard's for $8.50 and hour and have some other part time job.  You have a communications major from a liberal arts school and are standing in line with thousands of other more qualified applicants who have actual work experience.  You get your paycheck and discover that they keep taking out 15% for Social Security benefits and you are pretty sure you are never going to see a penny of that.  How long are you going to be happy in this situation?

How long until millions of these recent grads start joining the Wall Street protesters?  How long until this group says, "No!" to funneling what little wealth they have into supporting their grandparents social programs?

Unrest is coming.

Iran and The Bomb

Last night I was priviledged enough to hear a prophecy speaker named Jimmy DeYoung who has lived in Israel for over 20 years and has a Christian broadcast ministry.

He told us that he heard it personally from Benjamin Netanyahu that when the Mossad (Israeli CIA) have conclusive evidence that Iran has a warhead in their possession that can be attached to a missile....then Netanyahu will send the bombers for a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

Today in the headlines we have this;

Iran will be able to build nuclear bomb within months, IAEA says

Iran has already acquired the knowledge, technology, and resources to create a nuclear bomb within months, according to Western experts who were briefed on the intelligence information due to be released in this week's report by the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency.  

Haaretz reported last week that other experts also estimated that Iran could assemble a nuclear bomb within months and carry out an underground nuclear experiment if it wishes to do so. The decision to assemble the weapon is effectively in the hands of Iranian leaders, with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei at the helm.  

New disclosures in the IAEA report provide details on an apparent secret research program that was more ambitious, more organized and more successful than commonly suspected, The Washington Post said.
The Post quoted David Albright, a former IAEA official who reviewed the agency's findings, as saying that based on the intelligence the UN agency has concluded that Iran "has sufficient information to design and produce a workable implosion nuclear device" using highly enriched uranium as its fissile core. 


So will we be surprised if one of these days we wake up to the news that Israel has launched a full scale attack on Iran?  Probably not.

An even better question though is;  will we be surprised if one of these days we wake up to the sound of a loud trumpet and a voice saying, "Come up here"....and we are transformed in the twinkling of an eye?                      

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Satan, Islam and UFO's

I have posted about this in the past, but when a reader sent me a recent article on it I felt it was worth another post.

We know that Satan is the father of all lies.  He desperately doesn't want us to know the throws out so many lies from so many different venues that only a few with discerning minds will be able to cut through it all.

CHICAGO — The Nation of Islam, long known for its promotion of black nationalism and self-reliance, now is calling attention to another core belief that perhaps isn't so well-known: the existence of UFOs.

When thousands of followers gather in suburban Chicago this weekend for the group's annual Saviours' Day convention, one of the main events will include a panel of scientists discussing worldwide UFO sightings, which they claim are on the rise.

The idea of seeking the divine in the skies is deeply rooted in the Chicago-based Nation of Islam, whose late leader Elijah Muhammad detailed in speeches and writings a massive hovering object loaded with weapons he called "The Mother Plane" – although religion experts, Nation of Islam leaders and believers offer very different interpretations of what exactly happens aboard the plane, its role or how it fits into religious teachings.

It's one of the group's more misunderstood – and ridiculed – beliefs, something organizers took into account when planning the convention, which starts Friday and ends Sunday with Minister Louis Farrakhan's keynote address.

"There's enough evidence that has been put before the world and public," Ishmael Muhammad, the religion's national assistant minister, told The Associated Press. "There have been enough accounts and sightings and enough movies (documentaries) made, I don't think you would find too many people that would call it crazy."

During last year's Saviours' Day speech, Farrakhan for the first time in years discussed in detail a vision he had in Mexico in 1985 involving an object he calls "the wheel." Using charts, photos and drawings, he spent almost four hours describing how he was invited aboard and heard Elijah Muhammad speak to him. Farrakhan says that experience led him to inklings about future events.


One thing they do have right....the world has been prepared, with countless Hollywood movies, to believe that there are aliens traveling the universe who are getting ready to visit us.  We know that these apparitions are nothing more than demons, but the vast majority of the world won't see it that way.

Satan is the prince of this earth and also the prince of the powers of the air....that seems pretty clear to me that the Bible is warning us to NOT fall for this deception...even if they have power to call down fire from the sky.

Hat tip to James L.

Glimmer of Good News From Tunisia

The Arab Spring started in Tunisia when it overthrew its leadership.  So what kind of Islamic leadership is going to take over?  The Muslim Brotherhood or some other "Sharia or death" Islamist group?

If this article is correct, it looks like the new leadership is going to lead the people TOWARD democracy and away from Sharia law....which those of us who are non-Muslims may count as good news.

Tunisia's Islamist-led government has decided to focus on leading the people into democracy, rather than concentrating on religion in its constitution.

The planned changes to the constitution will effectively leave sharia and other Islamic concepts out of the final text.

There had been fears the moderate Islamist party, that won 41.7 percent of Tunisia's first free election on Oct. 23, may have tried to impose sharia religious law on what has been a secular Muslim country.

But the only reference to religion will come in the first line of the constitution. It will read: Tunisia's language is Arabic and its religion is Islam.


Stoke Some More Tension

This is JUST what the Middle East needs right now.....some more tension stoked.  And it appears that Iran is going to get put under the pressure cooker for its nuclear program...a program that everyone but the most hopeful, diehard liberal, knows is meant to produce nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and the United States.,

IAEA report on Iran set to stoke Middle East tension

(Reuters) - The U.N. nuclear watchdog is expected this week to issue its most detailed report yet on research in Iran seen as geared to developing atomic bombs, heightening international suspicions of Iranian intentions and fuelling Middle East tension.

Western powers are likely to seize on the International Atomic Energy Agency document, which has been preceded by media speculation in Israel of military strikes against Iranian nuclear sites, to press for more sanctions on the oil producer.

But Russia and China fear the publication now of the IAEA's findings could hurt any chance of diplomacy resolving the long-running nuclear row and they have lobbied against it, signaling opposition to any new punitive U.N. measures against Iran.

Iran rejects allegations of atomic weapons ambitions, saying its nuclear program is aimed at producing electricity.

A senior U.S. military official said on Friday Iran had become the biggest threat to the United States and Israel's president said the military option to prevent Iran obtaining nuclear weapons was nearer.
Israel bombed an Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981 and launched a similar strike against Syria in 2007 -- precedents lending weight to its veiled threats to take similar action against Iran if foreign pressure fails to curb its atomic activities.

But many independent analysts see any such mission as too much for Israel to take on alone. Israel lacks long-range bombers that could deliver lasting damage to Iran's dispersed and fortified facilities.
Parsi said U.S. officials tended to view Israeli threats of military action as a pressure tactic to get Washington and Europe to adopt tougher sanctions against Iran.

But it he said would be dangerous to dismiss Israel's "saber-rattling" out of hand, he said.

"How much longer can this game of brinkmanship ... be pursued before it turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy?" Parsi wrote in an article posted on the website of CNN.


Poor little isolated Israel.  The world watches as the Persians attempt to gather the means to destroy the nation of Israel and lots of Jews along with it.  The professional analysts have all put their heads together and decided that Israel lacks the where-with-all to carry out any military incursion into Iran...and then they give us the reasons why this is so.  But what do most analysts lack when they arrive at this conclusion?  Answer:  a biblical worldview and a biblical understanding of the nation of Israel.

Israel has survived since 1948 because of a series of supernatural miracles.  Why?  Because the Bible tells us that once Israel is brought back to the Promised Land, she will NEVER be destroyed again.  So you can rest assured with 100% confidence that Iran WILL NOT destroy Israel.

In fact, it's Iran who is going to be destroyed.  In the Bible, Iran is referred to as Persia and also Elam.  It tells us that something big and bad is coming for Iran....and honestly, if I was a betting man, I would say it's going to come a lot sooner than most CNN analysts have any clue to.

Oklahoma Quakes

The top news on Google this Sunday morning is multiple earthquakes happening in Oklahoma...with one of them the largest quake EVER recorded in the state.

(CNN) -- Crews in central Oklahoma were out early Sunday morning assessing for damage from the largest quake to hit the state since record-keeping began.

The 5.6-magnitude quake struck 4 miles east of Sparks in Lincoln County at 11:53 p.m. ET Saturday.

No major injuries were reported, but the quake caused at least three sections of U.S. Route 62 to buckle, said Aaron Bennett of the Lincoln County 911 and emergency management.

By 8 a.m. Saturday, geologists had recorded more than 30 aftershocks from it.

The strongest quake previously reported was of magnitude 5.5 on April 9, 1952, according to the Oklahoma Geological Survey.


Pretty sure Jesus told us that we would hear of earthquakes in various places as one more sign that His return is close.