Friday, October 7, 2011

Meltdown in 2-3 Weeks

Not sure what "meltdown" actually means....but when an IMF official says it, I'm guessing it's not a good thing.

"If they can not address [the financial crisis] in a credible way I believe within perhaps 2 to 3 weeks we will have a meltdown in sovereign debt which will produce a meltdown across the European banking system.
We are not just talking about a relatively small Belgian bank, we are talking about the largest banks in the world, the largest banks in Germany, the largest banks in France, that will spread to the United Kingdom, it will spread everywhere because the global financial system is so interconnected. All those banks are counterparties to every significant bank in the United States, and in Britain, and in Japan, and around the world.
This would be a crisis that would be in my view more serious than the crisis in 2008.... What we don't know the state of credit default swaps held by banks against sovereign debt and against European banks, nor do we know the state of CDS held by British banks, nor are we certain of how certain the exposure of British banks is to the Ireland sovereign debt problems."

And Shapiro is not just some random guy living with his girlfirend.

Aside from being an advisor to the IMF, Shapiro is the co-founder and chairman of Sonecon, LLC, and was formerly the U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce. He has a Ph.D. from Harvard, among other degrees, oversaw the Census Bureau, and has been a Fellow at Harvard, Brookings, and the National Bureau of Economic Research.

See it here;

According to these last couple paragraphs, Shapiro isn't just some dork from Buffalo who reads Time Magazine....he has quite a resume...and these are the things he is saying.

Would we all live our lives any differently if we knew that the rapture of the church was coming in 2-3 weeks?  Would we maybe have a lot more urgency to tell folks about Jesus before the night actually comes?

Iran Gives Recipe for One World Government

If you have any doubts about what Iran's Ahmadinejad really shouldn't, because he is telling the world what his plan and ideas actually are.

President Ahmadinejad added, “No Muslim can be indifferent about the future of the world, because Islam, as a perfect religion, is not limited to any geographical border.”

Pointing out that Islam can only be fully implemented at global scale, Ahmadinejad added, “The human beings are created equals around the globe and the human societies around the globe influence each other, and these are two major reasons for the global nature of the human beings.”

The IRI President added that the unadulterated teachings of Islam, too, have global capacity, emphasizing, “The status quo of the world order toady is based on an oppressive mentality, which is on the verge of collapse, which is why planning for an alternative world order and presenting it to the world is necessary today.”

Ahmadinejad reiterated, “Preparing the scheme of global governance and presenting it to the world (nations) must be regarded as our most important responsibility and mission."

See it here;

Now imagine a guy like this getting control of a nuclear missile and believing he can use it as a tool to advance the mission of Allah. 

Is anybody listening!!  Or has a spirit of blindness infected most all people in The West?

Hat tip to Tom F.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hidden Imam Persecutes Christians

Here is a very prophetic article that mentions the Hidden Imam (aka 12th Imam...aka Mahdi) and the persecution of Christians.

Iranians who fled their country after converting to Christianity have received death threats in their new homes overseas, according to the religious rights group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW).

At least eleven Iranian Christians reported receiving emails in September calling on them to “repent and ask forgiveness from the presence of the Hidden Imam,” and warning that if they failed to do so, “according to the Fatwa given by Mehdi… they must be killed.”

The email was sent by a group calling itself “the unknown soldiers of the hidden Imam.”

Christian leaders in Iran told CSW that they are taking the threat seriously. There is reason to believe the threats sent to Iranians overseas may be coming from a group linked to Iran’s security forces, they said said.

More than 130 Christ ians have been arrested by Iranian forces in less than a year, they reported, and a pastor in the country has been
sentenced to death for objecting to the teaching of Islam to Christians.

See it here;

If you haven't plugged into who the 12th Imam actually should.  Because many followers of Islam actually believe that he has arrived on earth and is getting ready to reveal himself and usher in a world wide Muslim Caliphate...which means he will rule the world with Shariah law.

Sounds like the dude has a lot in common with who the Bible refers to as the Antichrist.

The Ultimate Crime

Have you ever been to a militant Islamic website?  If you have, then you realize that the only chance we have to reform these folks is the power of the Holy Spirit.  Remember that if we battle flesh and blood....we may win the battle but will lose the war, because Ephesians tells us the battle is really a spiritual battle waged against Satan and his minions.

With that being said, check out what the Islamic website says about "shirk". 

Amongst mankind there are those that commit the most horrendous crimes and sins. Oppressing and doing transgression against themselves, others and/or society. But one crime that is overlooked by many, even though it is the worst crime that anyone can commit, is the crime of shirk. Shirk is to associate or redirect what belongs to Allah towards others, such as worship, obedience and submission. The severity of this crime can be understood if we put it into the perspective of who the crime or injustice is against. This is because even though crimes such as adultery, rape and murder are evil crimes they violate rights of others, whereas shirk is a crime against our creator, Allah. It is for this reason that shirk is the worst crime that anybody can commit as it directly infringes on the rights of Allah and challenges what Allah has set as our purpose of life, as mentioned;
“And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone). “ [EMQ 51:56]

Can you understand why it is such a serious offense to many Muslims that Christians speak of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?  To the Muslims following the website comments above...this is worse than raping a woman and then killing her.  No wonder these folks are so deluded.

With all this warning against the evil crime of shirk, still we see it has become an established reality of our societies; with the majority turning to other than Allah in worship, following and obedience; with the leaders of the world, whether in the Muslim or non-Muslim lands, establishing the rule of man rather than the rule of Allah, leading to oppression and tyranny being widespread and worst of all the punishment of Allah waiting in the hereafter. And unfortunately, many of the Muslims have been manipulated into accepting these ideas of shirk. And Allah (swt) speaks about those that claim to be believers:
“And most of them believe not in Allah without committing shirk.” [EMQ 12:106]

Uh oh!  Looks like we won't have much luck ushering in a democracy with these particular Muslims...since they don't believe in any laws except those that come from the Koran.

Check it all out here;

Satan has these folks all bound up...that's for sure.  The only way to unbind (loose) a stronghold is prayer.  So why don't we all include a little prayer against the suicide bombers who are strapping on explosives somewhere in the world this very hour.  Why don't we all pray that Jesus will continue to work through dreams and visions into these folks that they also can be snatched from the fire....JUST LIKE WE WERE!

Thank you Jesus for all you have done and all you are doing.

Hat tip to Tom F.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Day Another Church Burned

Any hopes that Egypt's overthrow of the government would lead to peace, joy and love for all....seem to be yet another Christian church is burned.

Hundreds of Christian Copts protested outside the state television building on Tuesday after a church was burned in the southern Aswan district and demanded that the governor be sacked, the channel reported.

A church was burned down on Friday in Merinab village after Aswan provincial governor Mustafa al-Seyyed was reported as saying Copts had built it without the required planning permission, the television reported.

Sectarian clashes are frequent in Egypt where Copts, who make up 10 percent of the 80-million-strong population, have been the target of attacks and have repeatedly accused the authorities of systematic discrimination.

See it here;

80 million people in Egypt and only 10% are Christians.....Hmmmmm....I wonder if the other 72 million are Muslims who are intolerant of anyone who won't bow to Allah?  Just wondering??

Everyone Should Go Home!

The Mad-Man-From-Tehran is at it again with his comments regarding Israel and Jerusalem.

"The conflict between Israel and Palestine could be resolved if the Zionist occupiers of Palestine would return to their countries of origin, thus allowing Palestinian refugees to return to theirs," Ahmadinejad said on the sidelines of 5th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada in Tehran on Sunday.

The Iranian president said "the simplified version of the Leader's view about Palestine is that everyone should go home".

If "the backers of the Zionist regime want to solve the issue... the solution is simple ... e
veryone should go home."

See it here;

What is so comical/sad is that Iran and all the Arab states chased out hundred of thousands of Jews from their countries and made them refugees during the 1940's as Israeli statehood was approaching.  Would they let these Jews come back home to their countries??...OF COURSE NOT!!!  The Palestinian leadership has already said that if they are given a state there will be NO JEWS ALOUD!...but yet they will demand that Arabs be allowed into the Jewish state.  In fact they want to swamp the Jewish state with that the state of Israel will be remembered no more.

Also notice what he says about Jerusalem...and remember that Jerusalem is mentioned over 800 times in the Bible and NEVER MENTIONED EVEN ONCE in the Koran...yet Muslims have a supernatural desire to claim Jerusalem as their own.  Why?  Look no further than what God says, "-for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye-"  Zechariah 2:8  Also, "The Lord will inherit Judah as his portion in the holy land and will again choose Jerusalem."  Zechariah 2:12

So it is appears rather obvious that the Lord has put his stamp on Israel and it any wonder that Satanically-influenced Islam simply can't resist the desire to possess it?

Hat tip to Tom F.

Syria Warns It Will Set the World on Fire

Remember Isaiah 17 (Oracle against Damascus) as you read this next article.  Also understand the reason NATO couldn't attack Assad in Damascus the same way it attacked Gadaffi in Libya.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Davutoglu threatened the western countries that if Syria comes under a NATO attack, it would set fire on the Middle-East, specially Israel.
If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than 6 hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv," Assad said after Davutoglu conveyed the United States' warning message to him.

He also reiterated that Damascus will also call on Hezbollah in Lebanon to launch such an intensive rocket and missile attack on Israel that the Israeli spy agencies could never imagine.

"All these events will happen in three hours, but in the second three hours, Iran will attack the US warships in the Persian Gulf and the US and European interests will be targeted simultaneously," Assad said.
Holy war threat!
Someone should call Mr. Assad and read him Isaiah 17....because it sure appears he has set a course and is headed straight for it!
"See, Damascus will no longer be a city, but will become a heap of ruins." Verse 1
"In the evening, sudden terror!  Before the morning, they are gone!" Verse 14
Sounds like Damascus is heading for a whooping because of their hatred of God's holy people and their contempt for the God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob.
Hat tip to Tom F.

Global Hatred For Israel

The tough language against Israel and the West keeps coming out of Iran.  Again, we ask;  how long can such harsh words and threats of action keep coming before they turn to harsh actions and war?

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said the high turnout of the world officials and figures in the Tehran conference on the Palestinian Intifada shows a growing global awareness of the true nature of the Israeli regime and the world nations' increasing hatred for Zionists.
"Presence of delegations from different world countries (in the conference) indicates that the world public opinion is following the Palestinian developments with sensitivity, and that the inhumane nature of the Zionist regime has been revealed to the world more than before," Larijani said in a meeting with former Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mahmoud al- Mashhadani in Tehran on Monday.
The 5th International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada kicked off work in Tehran on Saturday and was attended by over 50 parliamentary delegations, political figures, dignitaries, elites and intellectuals as well as a large number of state officials from Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

According to the secretary of the conference, parliamentary delegations from Qatar, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Indonesia, Kuwait, Paraguay, Zimbabwe, Zanzibar, Comoros, Malawi, Egypt, Oman, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Malaysia, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Sudan, Bolivia, Caucasus, Hungary, Colombia, Tanzania, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan took part in the meeting which ended work last night.

Boycott of Israeli goods and stop of gas exports to Israel were among the most notable ratification of the conference mentioned in its final statement.
How many countries of the world can turn on Israel at the same time?  If they all start boycotting Israel and pressuring them into an even smaller spot of land than they already long until Israel lashes out like a cornered raccoon?  As you look at the list of countries above that took part in this hate Israel festival....see if you can count the countries that are also mentioned in Psalm 83...those countries that are currently very close to Israel's current borders. (hint; we put them in bold)
Also notice that the take away from the meeting was to boycott Israel and mess with GAS EXPORTS TO ISRAEL.  By the looks of today's headlines Egypt really took this one to heart.  The meeting ended last night and they rushed home and put this one to work right away.
Egypt to substantially raise price of gas to Israel: report
Egypt: Egypt will substantially raise the price of its gas exports to Israel, which have stopped after militants blew up a Sinai desert pipeline, an Egyptian newspaper reported on Tuesday.
Oil minister Abdullah Ghurab said there would be "a large increase in the price" after the revision which would be announced soon, the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper reported.

The sale of gas to Israel, which signed a peace treaty with Egypt in 1979, has always been controversial in the most populous Arab country.

Former president Hosni Mubarak, on trial for allegedly ordering the shootings of protesters during a revolt that ousted him in February, also
faces charges of exporting the gas at cheap prices.

supplies 43 percent of Israel's natural gas, which generates 40 percent of Israel's electricity. can you look at all this focus on Israel and the growing pressure on them and come to any other conclusion than this:  War is coming.


Are Aliens Part of God's Plan Too?

This next article claims that if aliens do come to earth and make contact with us.....that Christianity would have a really hard time explaining what the role of Jesus would be for them.

ORLANDO, Fla. — The discovery of intelligent aliens would be mind-blowing in many respects, but it could present a special dilemma for the world's religions, theologians pondering interstellar travel concepts said Saturday (Oct. 1).

Christians, in particular, might take the news hardest, because the Christian belief system does not easily allow for other intelligent beings in the universe, Christian thinkers said at the 100 Year Starship Symposium, a meeting sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to discuss issues surrounding traveling to other stars.

In other words, "Did Jesus die for Klingons too?" as philosophy professor Christian Weidemannof Germany's Ruhr-University Bochum titled his talk at a panel on the philosophical and religious considerations of visiting other worlds.

"According to Christianity, an historic event some 2,000 years ago was supposed to save the whole of creation," Weidemann said. "You can grasp the conflict."

Here's how the debate goes: If the whole of creation includes 125 billion galaxies with hundreds of billions of stars in each, as astronomers think, then what if some of these stars have planets with advanced civilizations, too? Why would Jesus Christ have come to Earth, of all the inhabited planets in the universe, to save Earthlings and abandon the rest of God's creatures?

See it here;

Holy Star Trek!  Can you see how they are singling out Christians as the people with the fewest answers to explain the universe's really tough questions?  I'm guessing that when the rapture happens and the "powerful delusion" comes, there will be many people who say, "well, it's good they are gone...they were such backward, close minded and intolerant people....claiming they had the ONLY answer of Truth..."

2 Thessalonians tells us that immediately following the rapture we get this interesting passage, "For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie".  2:11

What is "the lie"....could it be a lie that demons disguised as aliens actually bring to earth?

Who will believe the lie?....  The people who are perishing.

Who is perishing?....  Those people who heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ yet refused it.

If I was at the symposium I would have asked the group, "Do you guys believe in angels?  Do they fit the definition of "alien intelligent life"?  Do you believe that Satan is an angel?  How about the 1/3 of angels that fell into sin with him?  Do these fallen angels believe in Jesus Christ?  Did Jesus also die on the cross to forgive these fallen angels?  In the same way then, did Jesus Christ die for the sins of these aliens you so desperately believe in?  Isn't it possible that these aliens are actually just fallen angels set out to deceive all of us ignorant yet proud humans?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Turkish Warships Harass Israeli Freighters

It seems wars always start with words, then escalate to posturing, which escalates to pushing and shoving...and then someone fires the first bullet from someplace and the whole thing descends into chaos and war.

Turkey seems to have started the war of words and now it appears that both nations are posturing and poking at each other.  This could get serious really fast.

Turkish warships have been coming close to Israeli freighters in the waters off Cyprus and ordering them to change course, says a report in Israeli military analysis website citing military sources.

Since September 29th, the warships approach the freighters so closely they can establish wireless communication and warn them that they are in contravention of international law. Israeli F15 planes are circling near the sites of the incidents and observing, says the report.

There is also a Turkish corvette in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) that is escorting Turkish seismic research ship K. Piri Reis. The ship is blatantly defying the government’s sovereign right to oil-and-gas exploration in its EEZ because it does not have permission from the Republic of Cyprus, the only internationally-recognised government on the island.

Analysts say that escalating tensions in the region have significantly increased the possibility of a major military incident.

Holy WWIII!!  We have Israel being surrounded on all sides!  The Muslims, for some Satanic reason, believe that Israel is weak and that her time of destruction must be about at they are pushing her around like a fat kid on the playground before all the anti-bullying legislation was passed.

Seriously, don't be surprised if this pushing and shoving continues right up until the rapture of the church happens.  We may see the Psalm 83 war but I am growing more convinced that we will not be on planet earth to see Ezekiel 38...and Turkey is a main player in that chapter of prophetic significance.

Seriously Lord...I know it will be in Your perfect timing....but how much longer??  Are we almost there??

A Hand From Above

Check out what this Israeli Deputy Chief had to say about the events that currently roiling the middle east.

The events currently shaking the Arab world "were ordained from above" by a guiding hand, Israel Defense Forces Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Naveh said on Sunday. Naveh added that the Israeli army needed faith in God now more than its supply of planes and tanks.
Naveh made the statements while accompanying Israel's two chief rabbis, Rabbi Yona Metzger and Rabbi Shlomo Amar, on their visit to the chief military rabbi's office at the Tzrifin base.

In remarks during the visit captured by the pro-settler news outlet Arutz 7, Naveh called Israel an island of calm in the storm of the Middle East, turmoil that had not been foreseen by intelligence officials despite their good work.
"But it was ordained from above," he said, "and we don't know where it will lead, but it's clear to us that there is a hand from above."

 See it here; 

Pretty interesting that a deputy chief in Israel can make a statement like that....seeing that it's a very secular nation....however, we know that soon they will be turning to God when they see the miraculous things that He has planned for the nation of Israel in the Last Days...and maybe some high ranking officials are starting to get clued in that something BIG is getting ready to go down.

"I will make known my holy name among my people Israel.  I will no longer let my holy name be profaned, and the nations will know that I the Lord am the Holy One in Israel.  It is coming!  It will surely take place, declares the Sovereign Lord."  Ezekiel 39:7-8

God, You reign!!

California's Debt Burden Soars

We have been paying close attention to California over the past few years since we continue to maintain that their situations could be foreshadowing of what's coming for the rest of us.  With that being said we find this headline today;

California's debt burden soars to nearly 8 percent

California will devote nearly 8 percent of its general fund budget to paying off debt this fiscal year, more than twice the share of eight years ago, according to a new report from Treasurer Bill Lockyer.

The state has long borrowed for massive public works projects intended to last across generations.

But state leaders and voters went on a notable binge during flush economic times in the past decade.

They approved bonds for parks, flood protection, classrooms, children's hospitals, stem cell research and high-speed rail. They borrowed in 2004 to bridge a budget deficit from the last recession.

As new bills stacked up, the state entered a historic economic downturn and revenues fell sharply over the past three years
The combination of higher bond payments and declining tax revenues has driven the debt burden to 7.8 percent of the general fund budget. Lockyer also blames a drop in tax rates this summer, after the expiration of 2009 temporary tax hikes.

The rate is more than double the 3.4 percent California devoted to debt in 2003-04.

California also faces a higher debt burden compared with other states. It owes $2,542 per person, compared with the national median of $1,066.

Lockyer's report warns that if borrowing continues to rise, "That growth will come at the expense of other vital public services. Those services already are under severe strain."

Read more:

Wow!  Sounds an awful lot like the U.S. Government....borrowing for lavish programs when times were good and imagining they could always borrow money from China, India, Japan and others to finance the good times!  And just like California who are seeing their borrowing costs (interest rate payments) rise...America WILL NOT be able to keep interest rates at zero for too much longer.  And when our rates start going up and our tax revenue continues to go down....then a real pickle will be upon us all.

I wonder how it will play out when California starts needing additional bailouts from the Federal Government to avoid bankruptcy or default?  Will they be deemed, "too big to fail"?  Will all of us who don't live in California then be forced to sign on to pay for their lavish lifestyles and lack of fiscal discipline?  And if that day does come, where will the Federal Government get the money to bail out California?

It sure seems as if we are edging ever closer to a big unraveling.

Increasingly Isolated

This comment from the U.S. Secretary of Defense appears to be quite prophetic;

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned on Sunday that Israel is becoming increasingly isolated in the Middle East and said U.S. security commitments should enable it to take "risks for peace."   

Panetta, who arrives in Israel on Monday for the first time since becoming Pentagon chief, said he would reaffirm U.S. security commitments to Israel and try to help it improve its increasingly chilly relations with Turkey and Egypt.

"It's pretty clear, at this dramatic time in the Middle East when there have been so many changes, that it is not a good situation for Israel to become increasingly isolated. And that is what has happened," Panetta told reporters on his plane.

See it here;

It's becoming pretty clear that Israel is at the center of the daily news and also pretty clear that she is becoming increasingly isolated.  As the Day of the Lord approaches, could this passage from Zechariah be coming more into focus?

"A day of the Lord is coming whey your plunder will be divided among you.  I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it, the city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women raped.  Half of the city will go into exile, but the rest of the people will not be taken from the city." Zechariah 14:1-2

The nations do seem to be gathering....  May we be witnessing the foreshadowing to the "Time of Jacob's Trouble"?

Lord, we look forward to that day when there will be peace in Jerusalem when Jesus will be seated on the throne.


Of course we have seen the unrest in Greece and the UK in recent weeks.  We have written about how the unrest in America will start as unemployment benefits start to run out and unemployment continues at a real rate of probably 20%.  And in today's headlines...maybe we are getting a tiny hint that it may start soon here?

700 arrested after protest on NY's Brooklyn Bridge

NEW YORK — Protesters speaking out against corporate greed and other grievances were maintaining a presence in Manhattan's Financial District even after more than 700 of them were arrested during a march on the Brooklyn Bridge in a tense confrontation with police.

The group Occupy Wall Street has been camped out in a plaza in Manhattan's Financial District for nearly two weeks staging various marches, and had orchestrated an impromptu trek to Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon. They walked in thick rows on the sidewalk up to the bridge, where some demonstrators spilled onto the roadway after being told to stay on the pedestrian pathway, police said.

The march shut down a lane of traffic for several hours on Saturday. The majority of those arrested were given citations for disorderly conduct and were released, police said.

See it here;

Wow...a tense confrontation with police...over corporate greed. People are starting to get the idea that if someone made a bunch of money while they didn' must be someones fault.  Now maybe that's true and maybe it's not...but the fact remains that many folks are going to start to get extremely angry and they will need to direct their anger at something other than themselves.

Could unrest really start here in America?....I think we are about to find out.