Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tis the Season

You remember the atheist ads that were running in Great Britain last year....well it looks like they are gearing up to run here in America during the Christmas season. Read the above advertisement closely.
The godless groups say they are mounting this surge because they are aware that they have a large, untapped army of potential troops. The percentage of American adults who say they have no religion has doubled in the last two decades, to 15 percent, according to the American Religious Identification Survey, conducted by researchers at Trinity College in Hartford and released in 2008. But the ranks of the various atheist organizations number only in the tens of thousands.
A number of the planned advertisements pluck scripture passages out of the Old Testament in an attempt to frighten impressionable women and homosexuals. The American Humanist Association is pushing this message in one of its ads:
“The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.” (from Hosea 13:16, New International Version).
Wow!....misrepresenting the Word of God in an attempt to lead people away from seeking Christ and finding salvation. That's gotta be a serious offense in the Kingdom of God. It makes me wonder if that passage about it being better had they tied a millstone to their neck and thrown themselves into the going to apply to these vocal atheists.
No doubt the Word of God, the Church and Christ are increasingly under attack. It shouldn't surprise us, but in fact should confirm to us that judgment of earth must be close....which means the rapture of the Church is even closer.
"When you see all these things begin to happen, then lift up your heads for your redemption is near." Jesus
Hat tip to Lisa H.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jakarta to Jerusalem

Today in the far back corner of the Wall Street Journal was a tiny piece in the OPINION section. It is titled; FROM JAKARTA TO JERUSALEM. I would guess that 99% of Americans won't even see this little blurb....but from a prophetic point of view, it may be a major piece of news.

In recent weeks, Indonesia has endured a tsunami and volcanic eruption. On the positive side, it has a booming economy, a vibrant democracy and a welcoming investment climate. And because this Muslim-majority country has a long tradition of religious moderation and secularism, it serves as a model, or rebuke, to much of the rest of the Islamic world.

So what did President Obama talk about upon arriving in Jakarta yesterday? Israeli construction projects.

Why Mr. Obama chose to pick this fight from the distance of Southeast Asia is anyone's guess. Israel's decision to proceed with the building of some 1,000 housing units in the Har Homa neighborhood of municipal Jerusalem—a "settlement" only in the most jaundiced sense of the term—was made in October. Israeli governments of both the right and left have encouraged similar building projects since Jerusalem was reunified in 1967. And construction of the new housing will not begin for months if not years.

None of that deterred Mr. Obama, who warned the Israeli government that "this kind of activity is never helpful when it comes to peace negotiations." The State Department also chimed in, saying it was "deeply disappointed," while Palestinian spokesman Saeb Erekat added that the new construction proves "that Israel chooses settlements, not peace." This is the same Mr. Erekat who recently wrote an admiring letter to Ahmed Sa'adat, the mastermind of the 2001 assassination of an Israeli cabinet member.

All Israel has done is insist that Jews have a right to live anywhere in their capital city, something that might be controversial in Ramallah but ought not to be in Washington. Mr. Obama's public endorsement of the Palestinian view of what constitutes a settlement only puts the negotiated peace he seeks further out of reach.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian government forbids Israeli citizens from visiting their country. If Mr. Obama wants to bridge the distance between Jakarta and Jerusalem, maybe he can start with that one.

See it here;

OK...let's review. President Obama just used his platform-bully-pulpit offered to him in renounce the Israeli government for allowing houses to be built for it's citizens IN ITS CAPITAL OF JERUSALEM....and Indonesia doesn't allow Israeli citizens to even visit their country!!!!

Has our President lost his marbles?? Has he been bewitched?? Is he being used as a pawn of the evil powers of this earth to lead us all down the road towards a one world government? Will he behavior call down curses from God on all of America?

Furthermore, why is it that the vast majority of Americans have no idea of the significance of the prophetic activity we are seeing play out before our very eyes?

Maybe Jesus has an answer for that last question; "But if you do not wake up (watch), I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what time I will come to you." Revelation 3:3

Friends, let's face it. 99% of Americans have no idea what Jesus said. Even more sad, the vast majority of folks sitting in the pews of churches all over America, claiming to be Christians...have no idea what Jesus said. And this would explain why if the trumpet starts blowing today, announcing the rapture of the bride....most people who claim to be Christians will be 100% clueless as to what is happening.

Even so...come Lord Jesus.

USA Credit Rating Downgraded

We knew that it was only a matter of time before parts of the rest of the world would start looking hard at America's balance sheet and say, "How is it possible that they are going to pay the principal and interest on all those trillions of IOU's....and continue to pay the unfunded promises of Social Security, Medicare and Welfare?"

Today we find a headline that a Chinese credit rating firm has downgraded the U.S.

Chinese Credit Rater Downgrades U.S.

Dagong Global Credit Rating Co., the Chinese rating company that was recently rejected in its bid to be an officially recognized bond rater in the U.S., just downgraded the entire U.S.

“The serious defects in the U.S. economy will lead to long-term recession and fundamentally lower the national solvency,” Dagong said in a report.

The Chinese rating agency said the Federal Reserve’s new round of quantitative easing would further depreciate the U.S. dollar and was entirely counter to the interest of the creditors.

The Federal Reserve last week decided to buy 600 billion U.S. dollars of U.S. Treasury securities and other assets held by banks in a bid to inject fresh funds into the economy and bring down long-term interest rates.

“The credit crisis is far from over in the United States and the U.S. economy will be in a long-term recession,” Dagong Global warned in the report, adding a weakening greenback will cripple U.S. capability to attract dollar capital reflow.

See it here;

Now please note that the Journal writer does go on to say that Dagong Global has not been widely recognized as the major global credit rating company....meaning that, at present, it's not the same seriousness as it would be if Standard and Poors or Moody's came forward and said the same thing.

However, please remember that Standard and Poors and Moody's failed to warn anybody of all the toxic junk bonds that almost collapsed the financial markets in not sure they deserve anymore credence than Dagon Global.

More Persecution in Iraq

Last week there were dozens of Christians killed in Iraq when a group of Islamists stormed a church and took it hostage.

Today we read the headline coming out of Iraq that the attacks aimed at Christians are continuing.

A series of bombings and mortar attacks targeting Christian areas has killed at least five people in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, security sources say.

Six districts with strong Christian majorities were hit, and at least 24 people have been injured.
The attacks come days after more than 40 people died when Islamist militants seized a Catholic cathedral.

"These operations, which targeted Christians, came as a continuation of the attack that targeted the Salvation church," the source said.

The BBC's Jim Muir, in Baghdad, says it is unclear whether Christians were killed. However the intention is clear - to underline a threat from the so-called Islamic State for Iraq, an umbrella group linked to al-Qaeda, that all Christians in the country are now a legitimate target.

Over the weekend, a senior Iraqi cleric in London called on Iraqi Christians to flee the country because it was so dangerous.

"If we stay, they will kill us," Archbishop Athanasios Dawood said after addressing a congregation of Iraqi Orthodox Christians at a service in the UK capital.

However, in Iraq itself, church and political leaders have urged the Christian communities to stay in the country where they have been based for more than 2,000 years.

Catholic representatives in the city said the community was now frightened and confused.

"People are panicked. They come to see us in the churches to ask what they should do. We are shattered by what has happened," said Saad Sirap Hanna, a priest at Baghdad's Saint Joseph church, according to AFP.

Christians - many from ancient denominations - have been leaving Iraq in droves since the US-led invasion in 2003, and about 600,000 remain.

See it here;

Dear Jesus, please place a hedge of angels around these suffering Christians in Iraq. Of course Satan wants them killed or driven out. He wants no part of your Holy Spirit in Iraq and will be working hard to make Iraq a Christian-free zone. Please send the blessings of joy, perseverance, and comfort to those in Iraq who are marked with the Holy Spirit. Thy will be done. Amen.

I realize that we, (born-again followers of Christ) can bring any of our burdens or cares to the throne room of God by using Jesus name. But as one reads the stories of persecution happening to our brothers and sisters all over the world, who are literally on the front lines of the spiritual makes one feel a little sheepish over most of our "cares and burdens" that we Christ followers are experiencing here in America.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

California About to Crumble?

We have all been watching California for some time now, wondering aloud if it isn't the canary in the coal mine (a warning) for what may be coming for the rest of us....when fiscal insanity finally crosses the path of logic and sustainability...what will be the outcome? I am guessing it will be civil unrest.

Yesterday there was an article in the Wall Street Journal that confirms that we aren't the only ones who believe California may be the test case for what happens when a state goes spend-crazy.

Listen up, California. The other 48 states—your cousin New York excluded—are sick of your bratty arrogance. You're the Lindsay Lohan of states: a prima donna who once showed some talent but is now too wasted to do anything with it.

After enjoying ephemeral highs and spending binges, you suffer crashes that culminate in brief, unsuccessful stints in rehab. This cycle repeats itself every five to 10 years, as the rest of the country looks on with a mixture of horror and amusement. We'd feel sorry for you if you didn't constantly flip us the bird.

Instead, we're making bets on how long it will be before your next meltdown. Oh, wait—you're already melting down.

You've racked up nearly $70 billion in general obligation debt, and that doesn't include your $500 billion unfunded pension liability. Your own analysts predict you'll face a hole of at least $80 billion over the next four years.

Your government's run by a brothel of environmentalists, lawyers, public-sector unions and legislative bums. When they're not taxing or spending, they're creating regulations and commissions like the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and the California Blueberry Commission. Many businesses would leave if it weren't for your sunny climate.

The author then ends with this;

We've tried to help you, California. Some spent millions on campaigns to entice you to change your reckless behavior. And you told them to kick rocks.

So here's our final warning: When you inevitably crash and burn, don't count on us to bail you out.

See it here;

So again, we ask the question; what do you think the outcome will be when you take millions of people in Oakland, Los Angeles and Sacramento who have been reliant on California handouts of welfare, food and housing programs...and send them an IOU that they can't spend instead?

Think back 15 years ago when Rodney King (who was a drunk criminal) was beat by white officers...and the riots that ensued in Los Angeles. It's possible that that event was just a foretaste of what is to come.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Playing With Fire

A few weeks ago in adult ed we talked about the "coincidences" that have happened in the way of major storms and catastrophes whenever a U.S. President announces his intentions to tinker with Israel's land. God said the Holy Land was His land and that any nations that try to divide it will be "torn to pieces".

With that being said we also talked about how someone from Team Obama was no doubt dabbling with an Israel map at this very moment and will undoubtedly come forward with some type of plan to pressure Israel to give up some of its land to make peace with the Muslim world....even though most of that Muslim world makes no attempt to hide the fact that they want Israel destroyed.

The attached article from Jewish columnist, Caroline Glick, makes one wonder if the USA is about to light a short fuse on a piece of dynamite...and end up blowing it's own fingers or hands off.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is playing with fire. And Israel is getting burned.
Over the past week, it has been widely reported that the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government are conducting secret negotiations regarding future Israeli land surrenders to the Palestinians in the Jordan Valley and Jerusalem. According to the reports, the Obama administration has presented Netanyahu with a plan whereby Israel will cede its rights to eastern Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley to the Palestinians and then lease the areas from the Palestinians for a limited period.

By calling for Israel to cede the Jordan Valley to the Palestinians, US President Barack Obama is ignoring the most fundamental reality of the Middle East: Israel is besieged by its neighbors who seek its destruction.

This is the truth today and given the depth of Arab hatred of Jews, in all likelihood, it will remain the case in forty years and in 99 years. At any rate, Obama's suggestion that Israel entrust its future to an unsubstantiated hope that the Arab world will be fundamentally transformed is both ignorant and dangerous.

When the US asks Israel to lease the areas from the Palestinians, what the US is telling Israel is that it rejects the very notion of Jewish national rights to the State of Israel.

Now pay attention to this;

If Netanyahu and his associates expressed happiness at the outcome of the US elections they would be fully justified for doing so. The overwhelming majority of Israelis -- who rightly view Obama as hostile --understand this.

Did you catch that? The overwhelming majority of Israelis view Obama as hostile to them.

See it here;

So what do you think may happen when Obama announces his wonderful plan to divide Jerusalem? Could we experience a major earthquake? A major hurricane? How about the a financial catastrophe that culminates around the $600 billion of newly printed money the Federal Reserve just announced last week?

I guess we will have to watch and pray. But I do believe that if the USA continues down this path we will be calling down curses on ourselves from the Creator of the Universe....who could utter a word and we would be gone.

Hat tip to Barb F.