Friday, February 3, 2017

Similarities Between UFO Encounters and Demon Encounters

We did a post on this topic yesterday so we won't start all over again...except to say that this article by Rev. Jennings is even more evidence that "aliens" ARE NOT flying here from distant galaxies but are, in fact, demons in disguise.

A man lies sound asleep in bed when he is suddenly awoken. He senses a presence in the room, though he cannot see anyone there. Suddenly it appears next to him, peering down at him with a horrifying look. He lies paralyzed, unable to move. The creature begins to speak to him telepathically, telling him that he has been chosen to fulfill a mission and will be given special powers to do so. Things begin to grow hazy and soon the man is unconscious. When he wakes up in the morning he has bruises and feels as if he has been sexually violated. Over time these visitations continue and he begins to develop psychic powers.

So, what exactly is happening here? The answer to that depends upon the time that you live in. Most people today would readily acknowledge this as a typical “alien abduction” story but what if you asked someone who lived one or two or even ten centuries ago. How would they define this? The answer may surprise you. “Alien abduction” experiences have been occurring for centuries; the only difference is that those who experienced them in the past usually recognized them as being something evil from a demonic force. It is only in modern times that large numbers of people in Christian countries have began to refer to the atypical “alien abduction” as something that is not demonic.

Now all this is not to say that there may be other explanations for some of the “alien abduction phenomena” that are occurring. Some can surely be explained by sleep paralysis, nightmares or other natural phenomena. But some, however, seem to be unexplainable by any natural phenomena that we are aware of and have all the trappings of a legitimate demonic encounter. The following chart was created to show just how similar a “demonic encounter” is to an “alien encounter”. On the left are recorded cases of demons appearing to people and treating them in exactly the same way that “aliens” are reported as treating people in modern times. On the right are the recorded cases of “aliens” appearing to people and shown to be treating them the exact same way that demons have treated people in the past when they appeared to them. Click on either a similarity below or scroll down to view the entire list.  (Click on link below to see the list)

Now please notice the author's own testimony and understand that 1/3 of Christians around the world report having a similar experience of being paralyzed and held down in their beds by some type of terrifying entity. Praise the Lord that all of these NIGHT TERROR experiences will simply vanish at the name of Jesus.

I have never had an “alien abduction” but I have had several times in my life where I have went to bed, fell asleep and then suddenly found myself lying in my bed, paralyzed, and aware of a demonic presence in the room. In these experiences it was very clear that the presence was demonic (in other words it was not claiming to be an alien and I assumed that it was demonic—I just had this awareness in the experiences that this entity was demonic). I remember one in particular where the demon had taken the form of a stone Mayan Calendar kind of false god and was going to crush my head. In another a demon would come and touch me on the hand in kind of a taunting way. Another time a demon was trying to choke me. In each of these cases I would be in my room, in my own bed and usually paralyzed. In most of these experiences I would always struggle to yell out the name of Jesus but, due to the paralysis, would be unable to do so. However, as I struggled to cry out I would eventually be able to finally squeeze out the name of Jesus and every time that I did so the experience would end. Now, if I did not know anything about demons or Satan I would probably assume that these experiences were “alien encounters” because that is the most common way that society defines an experience like this. There really isn’t much difference between what I have experienced and your typical “alien encounter” with the only difference being that I was able to stop it.

And the good news for anyone who is being troubled by demons masquerading as “aliens” is that if they will place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, repent from their sins, be baptized and lead a life that seeks Him first in all things they too can experience that same victory over “alien abductions”.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Left's War on Reality

Good is evil, evil is good.  Up is down and down is up. The "smart" people in society will actually become blind.

Today we see evidence all around us that that is exactly what is happening.  College kids can't even tell us what men and women actually are because they are so confused by what their progressive professors have been stuffing into their ignorant little heads...and they won't allow any other voices of reason to step foot on campus!

The word gaslighting has been popularized in psychology to describe a form of mental and emotional abuse in which a domineering person denies and contradicts the memories and perceptions of an intended victim until the victim begins to doubt his or her perception of reality. The word comes from the 1944 mystery film Gaslight, in which a woman’s husband tries to convince her that she is losing her mind and that the things she is experiencing – such as the gaslights in the house flickering and dimming – are not real. Only when an inspector from Scotland Yard also notices the gaslights flickering does she realize that she is not losing her mind and that her husband has a devious agenda.

Because it presents a false picture of reality, two elements are especially important for gaslighting to succeed. First, those doing the gaslighting must display confidence and audacity in pushing their view of reality and must persevere boldly in the face of evidence that contradicts their claim. Second, the target must be psychologically isolated and denied validation by others who see the same reality. The left’s dominance in the cultural institutions of education, news, and entertainment has given them both elements.

Consider the video by the Family Policy Institute of Washington in which Seattle University students were asked if there’s a difference between men and women. Instead of answering, “You’re kidding me, right?” these students actually took the interviewer’s question seriously and, even worse, they struggled to answer it. Some went so far as to parrot the far left’s narrative that the distinction between male and female is merely a social construct imposed on people by society and that it has no real significance otherwise.

Has news about who has the babies not reached Seattle? Or have those students been so browbeaten by the gaslighting of their leftist professors and the leftist culture on campus that they are hesitant to admit publicly to what their own eyes, their own bodies, and their common sense tell them?

That is the power of gaslighting, and the left’s institutions have been audacious in using it against those who question their agenda.

In the left’s alternate reality, the police are threats to law and order and rioters are victims of the system. Mainstream Americans who supported Trump are ridiculed as “anti-immigrant” even though we made an immigrant our next First Lady. The belief that refugees should be carefully vetted in order to keep more terrorists from exploiting our generosity is attacked as “xenophobic.” And leftists casually use both “homophobic” and “Islamophobic” to attack their opponents without even a moment’s reflection on Islam’s position on homosexuality.

After all, in gaslighting, it is the effect of words on the intended target that counts and not the truthfulness or logical consistency of those words. If the target is isolated, demoralized, and fearful of opposing the left’s agenda, the tactic has worked.

One of the reasons for Trump’s Electoral College landslide was that he validated what tens of millions of Americans had been thinking in spite of the gaslighting efforts of the left. The light of liberty has indeed been flickering. We weren’t just imagining things. The political elite really did have an agenda other than promoting the interests of the American people. We weren’t crazy.

With their power threatened, the left’s gaslighting has passed audacious and become desperate. A man who has never held elective office just trounced the Clinton machine and their echo chamber in the media. And what does the left tell us? The Russians did it.

Get ready for more.


It would certainly appear that the lost world is being prepared for some type of powerful delusion....and it might not take too much effort to make them believe it.

2 Thess. 2:11
For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie

Are Aliens Really Demons in Disguise?

Many of my long time readers know that I have written numerous times about "aliens" and "UFO's" and have come to the conclusion that these entities are actually just demons in disguise.

Today a reader sent me an article that confirmed many of the points we have made over the years.

UFOs and the Bible – Are Aliens Demons?

Although many UFO and abduction stories are not real, there is evidence that there is something going on with some people. Evidence we do have includes:

Collateral evidence – scorch marks, burnt or damaged plants that can take longer than normal to recover, and depressions in the ground. These occur at places where eyewitnesses say they saw a UFO land.
Electromagnetic disturbances occur that cause power outages and interference with cars, electrical systems, and other devices.
Radar detection. Believe it or not, there is evidence of radars picking up objects that professionals cannot explain; things that should not be in the place where they are detected and quite frankly, should not exist.
Physical effects on humans and animals. Animals typically get spooked just before and during UFO sightings. Humans will experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms during an encounter.[8]

Even though we have the above evidence available, there is other data that most do not realize exist. First off, UFOs have appeared in many different shapes including:

Luminous objects at night (like balls of light)
Disk shaped (the most common)
Rocket- or cigar-shaped
Some think that these are simply secret-government technologies. However, as I discussed in part 2 of this series, the way that UFOs behave is impossible for real, material objects in our universe to act.

There is also a lot of testimony that UFOs change shape. They appear to slip in and out of our reality (disappear and reappear). How can something physical in our world do something like that? Many believe that since the alien beings could be millions of years older than us then they are millions of years more advanced than us. Look at how advanced we have become in just a hundred years! Surely the alien races are even more advanced! This idea is based only on evolution and is a faith. In any case, how can any physical object, no matter how old and advanced, defy the laws of physics? This sounds more supernatural than natural![9]

Before we move on, I want to present another piece of startling evidence: the relationship of UFOs with the occult. Abductees speak about being transported through solid objects, like a wall or roof. This is similar to activities one will find in the occult such as astral travelling, or an “out of body experience.” Abductees also speak about being pulled toward a light which is similar to near-death experiences (NDE). In fact, some people who have had a NDE claim to have had seen aliens on the “other side” and even report seeing loved ones with the aliens. This seems to point to a psychic/spiritual nature of UFOs.

In fact, a majority of abductees and alien contactees develop an interest, and even participate, in New Age/occultic or Eastern mystical religions. Some claim to be able, besides astral travel, to develop psychic powers, and even witness poltergeists.[14]

John Ankerberg and John Weldon make an excellent point: “…how credible is it to think that literally thousands of extraterrestrials would fly millions or billions of light-years simply to teach New Age philosophy, deny Christianity, and support the occult…”?[15]

Yet there is another way Jesus has connections with the UFO phenomenon. It is known among UFO researchers that Bible-believing Christians are absent among those who are abducted by aliens. “The Christians reporting the abduction experience tended to be people who intellectually espoused the existence of God, but didn’t apply it personally. But there seemed to be an obvious absence of devout, Bible believing, ‘walk the walk’ Christians. Where were they in this equation?”[24]

Data also shows that people who began to go through the abduction experience were able to halt it by invoking the name of Jesus. Sadly, even though there are many reports of this happening, most UFO researchers ignore it because it could damage their credibility or because they reject the idea of Christianity (many UFO researchers hold to a New Age/occultic belief system).[25]

Why are alien beings from another galaxy scared of the name of a carpenter who lived 2000 years ago? If Jesus was a nobody, then why do advanced beings from another planet, and who are supposedly millions of years older than humanity, tremble and flee at his name?

See it all here;

Do you think it's a coincidence that Hollywood has been pushing alien movies on us for the last 70 years?  And now science is telling us that there are billions of planets that MUST HAVE EVOLVED LIFE ON THEM just as earth does!  They want to convince us that humans are not special and that the idea of God making himself into the human-Jesus is so ridiculous that we should jettison the entire Gospel-Bible-God 'delusion'.

Remember friends, Jesus was very clear when He told us in John 10:28,
I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.

And now the "science" of UFO research is confirming exactly what Jesus said from the beginning. The name of Jesus has power over ALL the forces of darkness!

Amen!  Thank you Jesus!

Hat tip to Guy B.

The Berkeley Nuts Go Nuts

College is supposed to be a time when young adults can hear many different points of view so that they can form an educated worldview by learning to think through issues using critical and logical thought process.

Sadly, that's NOT happening at many college campuses today.  The ignorant students have already decided what they want to hear and, like little kids, will put their fingers in their ears and scream if someone with a different view tries to address them.

If that isn't bad enough, now the ignorant liberals on campus are turning violent and burning, breaking and making a general mess of things when they hear that someone with different ideas us coming to campus.

Last night, the forces of campus fascism may have overplayed their hand by forcing cancelation of a talk by Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley and then rioting (many rioters in masks) through campus and downtown Berkeley, lighting fires and smashing windows.

Berkeley and its university are worldwide symbols of the leftist takeover and corruption of academia.  Few people realize that until 1964, when the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley signaled the start of the leftist assault on academia, Berkeley had been governed by Republicans for many years.  The influx of thousands of leftists from all over the nation is what changed the city into a stronghold and symbol of the left.

The president of the University of California is none other than Janet Napolitano, the former head of Homeland Security, someone who ought to know about keeping order and preventing riots, but let her university fail.  It is not as if the intentions of the rioters were any secret.

But the university has issued a strong condemnation.  If words were deeds, that would mean something. 

 "We condemn in the strongest possible terms the violence and unlawful behavior that was on display, and deeply regret that those tactics will now overshadow the efforts to engage in legitimate and lawful protest against the performer’s presence and perspectives."

The University is claiming that it did a lot:

"The University and the UCPD went to extraordinary lengths to plan for this event and put the appropriate resources in place in order to maintain security. Officials were in contact with other campuses and paid close attention to lessons learned at the speaker’s prior events. Dozens of additional police officers were on duty. Multiple methods of crowd control were in place. Ultimately and unfortunately, however, it was simply impossible to maintain order given the level of threat, disruption, and violence."

"We regret that the threats and unlawful actions of a few have interfered with the exercise of First Amendment rights on a campus that is proud of its history and legacy as home of the Free Speech Movement. As Chancellor Dirks made clear in his message to the Berkeley campus community, while Mr. Yiannopoulos views, tactics and rhetoric are profoundly contrary to our own, we are bound by the Constitution, the law, our values, and the campus’s Principles of Community to enable free expression across the full spectrum of opinion and perspective" 

No arrests have been made, so far as Google tells me.  But there should be digital fingerprints for the social media used to organize the protests, and for the people behind, who sent out classic fascist tropes claiming justification for shutting down Milo:

-In fact, he is a fascist, and students at campuses along his tour have righteously fought, and sometimes succeeded, in shutting down his speaking gigs. (snip)

-People who protest Milo are not opposing free speech, they are opposing a fascist America, which is the actual, real, and gravely serious threat to basic rights of speech, assembly, and intellectual life.

This one is priceless, straight out of Orwell:

-Students who oppose Milo are strengthening the role of universities as places where dissent, critical thinking and the search for truth can flourish.

None of this will be persuasive to anyone but an authoritarian leftist.  So the time is ripe for the Department of Education (once it has a secretary) and for Congress to consider rules, regulations, and laws to crack down on free speech violations on campus and other features of the conversion of academia into a political adjunct of the left.


Is the behavior by Berkeley students more evidence of what happens when you raise kids by giving them a trophy every time they show up for any activity?

Trump has Tweeted that thinks maybe he should cut Berkeley's federal funding since they are refusing free speech.  Maybe that would be a good start?  Since the parents never did it, maybe we need to force these cry-baby college liberals to sit and listen politely to someone who thinks differently than they do.

Yes, it's the American way to debate over different ideas, but it's NOT the American way to silence free speech, cry and riot when you hear from someone who disagrees with your ideas.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Liberals are Getting Even More Delusional

As we continue to watch the liberals rant and rave because they are not getting their way, their ranting is becoming more angry, violent and delusional. 

This is ironic because they were the party that was telling everyone else to be more tolerant of different worldviews...but of course they are the ones who are totally intolerant of anyone who has a worldview that disagrees with theirs.

WASHINGTON – The scale of protests one week into a presidential administration is unlike anything in American history, but the rabid demonstrations also often appear unprecedented in their anger.
And in their disconnect from reality.

For instance, through his spokesman, former President Obama claimed his 2011 executive order was different than President Trump’s recent immigration order because “the president (Obama) fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion.”

However, the text of Trump’s executive order calling for a temporary ban on immigration from seven countries does not include the word “religion.” Or “faith.” Or “Muslim.” Or “Islam.”

In fact, the list of seven countries named in Trump’s order came from a bipartisan bill Obama himself signed into law, restricting visa waivers for people from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen.

Obama’s criticism of Trump’s order simply is not accurate because he is objecting to something that demonstrably did not happen: categorizing immigrants by religion or faith.

And yet that claim is the basis for virtually all the leftist protests against the order.
In parallel with the left’s disconnect from the facts, its protests have become increasingly surreal. In some cases, menacing and threatening.

A stunning case in point was the rant delivered by a Black Lives Matter speaker at an anti-Trump rally in Seattle over the weekend.

A woman who described herself as a preschool teacher declared, “We need to start killing people.”
“First off, we need to start killing the White House,” she added. “The White House must die. The White House, your f—ing White House, your f—ing presidents, they must go! F— the White House.”

And, “F— white supremacy, f— the U.S. empire, f— your imperialist ass lives. That s— gotta go.”
While that may be an extreme example, anti-Trump protests often have become bitter, hostile and, in some cases, delusional.

Writing in Townhall, former clinical psychologist turned conservative writer Timothy Daughtry called it the “Left’s War on Reality.”


The Bible says that after the rapture of the church takes place that God will send delusion on the people left behind(those who have rejected Christ's salvation)so that they will believe 'the lie'.

2 Thess. 2
They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie

We don't know exactly what the lie is that they will believe, but as we survey the protests, lies, vagina-hats at women's marches, the profanity, the nudity, the refusal of Women's March organizers to allow pro-life women to march with them, the rage shown by would appear that many of these folks may be those who 'refused to love the truth' of Jesus Christ. 

Because God foreshadows many of the prophetic promises that will come to pass, it makes us wonder if the delusion that we are witnessing by those who reject the Gospel is one more sign of the nearness of Christ's return for his bride?

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Death to America! Death to Israel! Death to Jews!"

It's being reported that Iranian rebels in Yemen carried out a suicide attack on a Saudi ship but maybe was meant for a US Naval Ship in the area.

The Iranian-backed suicide attack targeting a Saudi frigate off the coast of Yemen on Monday may have been meant for an American warship, two defense officials told Fox News.

The incident in question occurred in the southern Red Sea and was carried out by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. Two Saudi sailors were killed and three were wounded. At first the ship was thought to have been struck by a missile.

But based on new analysis of a video showing the attack, American intelligence officials now believe this was, in fact, a suicide bomber whose small boat rammed the side of the Saudi vessel.

In the audio heard on the video, a voice narrating the attack shouts in Arabic, "Death to America, Death to Israel, Death to the Jews."

U.S. defense analysts believe those behind the attack either thought the bomber was striking an American warship or that this was a “dress rehearsal” similar to the attack on the USS Cole, according to one official.


I'm hoping that America considers some plans to make sure that folks who believe death to America, Israel and Jews is a GOOD THING....don't get past our borders until their attitude and beliefs change.

Should California Split in Two and then Secede?

Remember some years ago when Texas threatened to secede from USA because of Obama doctrine? Of course the liberals had a cow that when a state like Texas could even mention such an unpatriotic thing!!

And now that Team Trump is in office, the liberals don't think it's too unpatriotic to talk about California seceding from USA.  Maybe they should?

Hey, if you do decide to secede make sure you split the state into North Cal and South Cal and you can leave the North Cal folks in the Union and take the Fruits and Nuts to go form a more perfect union.

Liberals used to hate secession, the notion that states could leave the Union as they did before the Civil War because they didn’t agree with the policies of the federal government. But with Donald Trump’s election, many California liberals suddenly have warm words for a budding ballot initiative that has just begun collecting signatures in order to place secession, or “Calexit,” on the ballot. 

At the height of the tea-party movement, Texas governor Rick Perry merely hinted at the thought that Texas might react to President Obama’s executive overreach by reclaiming its one-time status as an independent republic. He was denounced as something akin to a traitor; critics lamented that he wanted to return Texas to the era of sharecroppers or Jim Crow. Now Dan Schnur, who teaches political communications at the University of Southern California, says “California is the new Texas,” with its elected officials promoting a “virtual secession.” The secessionists plan to take to the legislature, the courts, and the streets to resist Trump’s agenda. Never before have so many prominent Californians gotten into such a reactionary, defensive crouch.

Some of their rhetoric resembles that of the “massive resistance” movement in the 1950s South, which vowed to fight federal intrusion into the right of states to run their own discriminatory elections, segregate public schools, and ignore federal law enforcement. Assembly speaker Anthony Rendon has warned Trump that he better not dare to go after any of the state’s estimated 2 million illegal immigrants: “If you want to get to them, you have to go through us.” Governor Jerry Brown vows to block any attempt to divert California from its radical plan to limit carbon emissions: “We’ve got the scientists. We’ve got the lawyers, and we’re ready to fight.” State attorney general Xavier Bacerra says one of his top priorities is the “resistance” against Washington’s deportation of illegal immigrants, even to the point of paying their legal fees to fight the federales.

Efforts to divide California into more manageable and homogeneous parts are as old as the Bear Flag that was raised over the state capitol at statehood in 1850. When I was a legislative staffer in Sacramento in 1980, a state assemblyman named Stan Statham had a serious proposal that attracted bipartisan support. He recognized that California’s people (now 40 million) would be better served if its competing constituencies had more in common. Lots of people have their favorite maps for new states. For decades, the natural dividing line ran due east from the coast, just north of Bakersfield; it emphasized the differences between northern and southern California. My favorite design was for three states: one centered on Los Angeles, one centered on San Francisco, and everyone else in a third state. More recently, in 2009, then GOP assemblyman Bill Maze proposed creating two states: a Coastal California state and an Inland California state. The big population centers of San Francisco and Los Angeles would be in the first, but the inland state would include some large coastal counties such as Orange (home of Disneyland) and San Diego.

Of course, it’s unlikely that California will ever be divided. It’s even more unlikely that it would cut its ties to the rest of the nation and become a separate country. But the debate on both ideas is healthy. To what extent should we let arbitrary political boundaries established many decades ago curb our imagination and prevent us from creative solutions to our problems?

Read more at:

As we look at the screaming liberals rioting, looting, wearing vagina costumes and crying because their dreams of abortion on demand might be in does make one wonder how long this Union of States will be able to stay together?

The pendulum between Democrat and Republican back in 1960 used to tick-tock back and forth about an inch between JFK and Richard Nixon....both were Conservatives by today's measure.

But today we find that the pendulum is swinging wildly back and forth between Pelosi Democrats and Trump Conservatives....and there simply is very little common ground to be found to even BEGIN a compromise.  So how long can a kingdom divided actually continue to stand?

Matthew 12:25
Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.

On Boycotting Radical Islam

President Trump lit a firestorm when he announced a temporary travel restriction against residents of 7 countries from coming into America.

The liberals are going insane.  Protests are everywhere.  People are holding up signs with picture of woman using an American flag as a Muslim head scarf (hajib).

But is there another side to the story?  Should the Muslims of the world be forced to take a hard look at WHY the rich Arab-Muslim countries REFUSE to take in any refugees while Western nations seem to be taking them all?

This article comes from Nonie Darwish, a former Muslim raised in Egypt.

Early this morning an Arabic radio station in the Middle East called asking my opinion about President Trump's ban on refugees and citizens of seven Muslim nations. The radio host, who sounded angry over the ban, was a Christian Arab. She was surprised to hear that I supported the ban and think that it should have taken place the day after 9/11.

She then asked me if I knew any Arab American activist who was against the ban because she wanted to interview someone against the ban. She seemed shocked to hear that I do not have any Arab or Muslim friends who are protesting the ban, and that many immigrants of Islamic and Middle East origin support the ban and are fed up and embarrassed by what jihadists are doing.

She said that all she sees on CNN and other channels are riots that portray almost all Americans supporting Muslims and against Trump. I am upset over the success of the leftist propaganda all over the Middle East. It brings back memories of the life of the hate indoctrination and misinformation I lived under for most of my life.

What would Muslim countries do to the West, I asked, if 19 American terrorists flew airplanes into Arab capitals and their government and military headquarters? What did she think Arabs would do if every week or so American terrorists would conduct synchronized killing sprees all over the Muslim world, gunning Muslims down, blowing them up with homemade pressure cookers, ramming into crowds with trucks? There was silence.

She then started calming down and said that of course she is against terrorism, "but". I asked: "Do you see what jihad did to your Christian community in the Middle East?" She was silent for a minute, then it occurred to me that she might be afraid to continue the conversation because her bosses were probably Muslims.

I was sure she was going to hang up on me, but to my surprise she asked me to please hold. Then she was back, live from the studio, and started interviewing me and asked the same questions on air. I poured my heart out in Arabic to the Arab listeners.

The lesson here is that Arabs are hungry to hear the truth; this Arab station, instead of rejecting these ideas, ended up putting them on air. The lesson America needs to learn is that the West is not doing Muslims (especially the reformists) a favor by constantly treating them as children who should be shielded from reality.

Muslims need to know that the world does indeed have a justifiable and legitimate concern about Islam and actions done in the name of Islam by Muslims. Muslims need to look at themselves in the mirror and see the world from the point of view of their victims. Instead, the West is sacrificing its culture, values, laws, pride and even self-respect. Muslim culture needs a wake-up call telling them that, sooner or later, non-Muslim nations will close their doors to any kind of Muslim immigration if the jihad culture continues. That will also be a strong message to Muslims already in the West who still believe in jihad.

The Muslim people are hungry for the truth: that their educational system and mosque preaching are full of incitement, abhorrent, hate-filled and the foundation upon which violent jihad is built. The Islamic commandment to do jihad sacrifices Muslim men, women and children to kill and get killed.

As long as the West continues its appeasement of Islamic jihad, Islam will never reform and the West will lose. So far, the West has continued to extend a lifeline to the religion of Islam; a religion for which the number one enemy is the truth, and which struggles to suppress the truth.

It might be compassion that leads the West to take in millions of Muslim refugees, but it is reckless compassion. Why isn't Saudi Arabia taking refugees temporarily until things settle down in Syria and Iraq? Do Westerners question the motivation of Islamic theocracies, as to why ultra-rich Arab nations are sending us their refugees but taking in none?

Who is really benefiting from the policy of appeasement, the acceptance of Sharia-stricken theocracies and their jihadist, hate-filled education? Some "tough love" is urgently needed if Muslims are to be motivated to change and reform.


Friends, war is difficult.  We are currently engaged in a civil war in this country.  It hasn't gone to shooting, (yet?) but it is a war between a Conservative worldview and a Liberal worldview.  The liberals HAD been winning these last 8 years and leading us down a path of destruction....following fast in the failed policies of France, Sweden, Germany and others.  And now that Trump is trying to roll back the atheist-liberal-COEXIST policies that the globalist-seeking world had come to expect....the world is having a hissy-fit.

Just remember to take a deep breath and remember that God is in control.  It's NOT GOING TO BE EASY to try and take back ANY lost ground that the liberals have won in this war.

And please remember first and foremost what Paul told us;  WE ARE NOT BATTLING AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD but against the satanic forces that want to possess this world and have things their own way...and lead all men into the godless-pit along with them.  So prayer and the Word of God are the weapons we use....NOT screaming at liberals on social media.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Meet Your New Human Ancestor

According to the news on Google today, scientists just discovered an animal in the fossil record that existed 540,000,000 years ago.

You see, at some point this thing got tired of looking like it did (see ugly photo) plus it wanted to swim it started having babies that looked more like fish....and then the fish decided they wanted to walk on they started having babies that looked like humans.

I'm not kidding....

Researchers have discovered the earliest known ancestor of humans - along with a vast range of other species.

They say that fossilised traces of the 540-million-year-old creature are "exquisitely well preserved".
The microscopic sea animal is the earliest known step on the evolutionary path that led to fish and - eventually - to humans.

Details of the discovery from central China appear in Nature journal.

The research team says that Saccorhytus is the most primitive example of a category of animals called "deuterostomes" which are common ancestors of a broad range of species, including vertebrates (backboned animals).

Saccorhytus was about a millimetre in size, and is thought to have lived between grains of sand on the sea bed.

The researchers were unable to find any evidence that the animal had an anus, which suggests that it consumed food and excreted from the same orifice.

The study was carried out by an international team of researchers, from the UK, China and Germany. Among them was Prof Simon Conway Morris, from the University of Cambridge.

He told BBC News: "To the naked eye, the fossils we studied look like tiny black grains, but under the microscope the level of detail was jaw-dropping.

"We think that as an early deuterostome this may represent the primitive beginnings of a very diverse range of species, including ourselves. All deuterostomes had a common ancestor, and we think that is what we are looking at here."


Awww!  The poor thing! had to poop out of it's mouth!!  No wonder he decided to evolve....because he couldn't get any dates!

Are Humans the Real Ancient Aliens?

The Bible says that humans are special because we are created in God's image.  Also, Jesus, the Creator of heaven and earth, chose to take on human flesh to defeat the devil.  So yes, we are a special creation.

But of course the world wants you to think otherwise.  That's one big reason they push the evolution crap on us and start in public schools with it when we are really young.  If they can convince us that we aren't special, that we weren't Created by anyone and that there is really no higher purpose in life....they will have us 9/10ths of the way down the road to godlessness and atheism.

How special are we? A recent research paper suggests that terrestrial-style biology may be rare, and Earth may be among the first examples of a planet able to sustain life in the cosmos. Even as the new kids on the block, humans are seemingly one of the precious few instances of intelligence to arise in the universe since the Big Bang did its thing.

Harvard Astronomer Avi Loeb and his colleagues in the U.K. have argued that the halcyon days for life are still to come. It's not even morning in the universe; it's pre-dawn. Biology may erupt like weeds on an untold number of worlds, but if so, the infestation will take place tens of billions of years in the future.

Why's that? And what's wrong with life sprouting up today?

Obviously nothing. After all, you're reading this — you, the distant descendant of a small collection of molecules that stumbled on a method for building nearly exact replicas of itself nearly four billion years ago. No scientist is yet sure if this molecular sleight-of-hand is just some sort of highly unlikely event, although opinions abound.

The new argument that primetime for an inhabited universe is still to come springs from astronomy, not biology. Loeb et al.'s proposition begins with the belief that life requires a few essential ingredients: a world that's amenable to easy chemistry, including liquid water, thick atmosphere — you know the drill. As best we can tell, there's no shortage of such Goldilocks orbs — there may be tens of billions of Earth-like planets in our galaxy, and that's not even counting habitable moons.

Loeb argues that, looking back on creation ten trillion years from now when the curtain is falling on the universe-as-we-know-it, you'd have to say that the overwhelming majority of life arose around red dwarf stars - and on average, trillions of years after Earth was over and done.

So among inhabited planets it sounds as if Earth beat the rush. From the standpoint of future cosmic civilizations, we are the ancient aliens.

But is that so remarkable? Maybe not. Consider being a citizen of Rome during its Empire. There were about 200 million people in the world then. If you were particularly insightful, it might occur to you that the future human population could be much greater — indeed, there's now 35 times as many people as strolled the world at the time of Jesus.

So that would make Romans special, right? There was a far greater probability that they'd be born after the Renaissance then in the time of the Caesars.

However, while interesting, that's not to say the Romans were by any means the first humans or even the first to be somewhat civilized. There were 10,000 generations of Homo sapiens before them, and neither they nor the Romans would appreciate being dismissed by the claim that "the best was yet to come."

Do you see how different this author's worldview is from ours?  We think that humans were created about 6000 years ago and that Jesus could come for us any day now!  While they think there were 10,000 generations of Homo sapiens that happened before us.

Clearly, the person writing this article has ZERO belief that Jesus created the heavens, earth and all life...including the first male and female, Adam and Eve.

Clearly there is a battle for your mind and it has eternal consequence.  So what do you believe?  Were Adam and Eve created, did they sin and now their sin nature was passed down to you and you are in desperate need of a savior?....OR.....did you evolve from chimps 10,000 generations ago, and since chimps don't sin, neither do you, so you DON'T need any fable involving the god-man Jesus, and you are free to pollute yourself with anything or anyone that you want....because when you die you will just cease to exist...just like the monkeys before you?

And which one do you think they are teaching our kids at Public school?

"Our Unisex Being, Who Art in Heaven..."

Does it really matter whether God and Jesus referred to each other as FATHER and SON?  After all, some will tell us that we can't really know for sure if Jesus was a man....maybe we really should be calling God and Jesus a MOTHER and DAUGHTER relationship?

The gender war has now moved from bathroom regulations and into the recommended language in theology classes. 

The divinity schools at Duke and Vanderbilt Universities have rekindled debate, previously addressed at Notre Dame and Harvard, by issuing gender neutral guidance to their professors. 

Referring to God as "Father", it would seem, serves to reinforce patriarchy. 

The current year's course catalog for Vanderbilt University advises professors that they should pay "consistent attention to the use of inclusive language, especially in relation to the Divine because the school commits continuously and explicitly to include gender as an analyzed category and to mitigate sexism."

The course guide goes on to explain that "masculine titles, pronouns and imagery for God have served as a cornerstone for patriarchy." 

As it notes that not all names used for God are gendered, it calls for professors to seek an "exploration of fresh language for God." A suggested "beginning point for developing a more inclusive language about God" are terms such as "God" and "Godself" (rather than Himself).

Though the debate may seem petty to some and a gross imposition of feminism to others, there has been significant academic study on the origins of gendered language for God. 

The Hebrew Elohim used in Genesis is a dual gendered term that can be singular (for emphasis) or plural, for example. 

Then there are references such as Isaiah 66:13 "As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem." or the many references to childbirth, such as John 1:12 "But as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.  

When a pastor refers to God as the Father or Jesus as the Son, this is merely referencing attributes of God's nature through such labels. 

To play linguistic games now serves little purpose but to push a feminist agenda that seeks to undo millennia of tradition. The trinity is composed of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, not as an accident but because those aspects of God are ever present.

Arguments that de-emphasize the masculine grammar in religious language can decrease oppression of women and erode the power of the patriarchy, but don't pass the test of history either. 

Hinduism contains a great number of explicitly female deities and Hindu sects that devote themselves to the feminine Kali are no less patriarchic or oppressive to women than any others in a typically "patriarch" Indian society.

The associate dean for academic affairs at Vanderbilt's school of divinity, Melissa Snarr, explained in an email that the precise use of gendered language "is up to the individual professor's interpretation for their classes and is suggestive rather than mandatory . 

Few would deny that the awareness of God's nature as being beyond human gender is positive, but if the result is both awkward and unnaturally "progressive" in its attempt to push its liberal agenda, does it really belong in the pulpit or the classroom or neither?

Remember that some colleges are now asking that their students do away with words like "he" and "she"....because they don't want to risk offending someone who may look like a "he" but in fact identifies as a "she".....and Lord knows we don't want to offend anyone!!  So instead the colleges are asking that everyone drop "he" and "she" and replace it with a unisex pronoun "ze".

So if you are in college today, you might not want to say, "I really think she likes him because she asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance!"...but instead should say, "I really think ze likes zir because ze asked zir to the Sadie Hawkins dance!"

Do you understand how that works?


And so it would only make sense that those same colleges don't appreciate all the MALE pronouns in the Bible and will seek to re-write them.

"Our unisex being, who are in heaven, hallowed be thy name...."  Don't you think that's REALLY what Jesus meant to tell us when ze taught us how to pray? (insert sarcasm)