Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Death to America! Death to Israel! Death to Jews!"

It's being reported that Iranian rebels in Yemen carried out a suicide attack on a Saudi ship but maybe was meant for a US Naval Ship in the area.

The Iranian-backed suicide attack targeting a Saudi frigate off the coast of Yemen on Monday may have been meant for an American warship, two defense officials told Fox News.

The incident in question occurred in the southern Red Sea and was carried out by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. Two Saudi sailors were killed and three were wounded. At first the ship was thought to have been struck by a missile.

But based on new analysis of a video showing the attack, American intelligence officials now believe this was, in fact, a suicide bomber whose small boat rammed the side of the Saudi vessel.

In the audio heard on the video, a voice narrating the attack shouts in Arabic, "Death to America, Death to Israel, Death to the Jews."

U.S. defense analysts believe those behind the attack either thought the bomber was striking an American warship or that this was a “dress rehearsal” similar to the attack on the USS Cole, according to one official.

Here;  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/01/31/exclusive-pentagon-believes-attack-on-saudi-frigate-meant-for-us-warship.html

I'm hoping that America considers some plans to make sure that folks who believe death to America, Israel and Jews is a GOOD THING....don't get past our borders until their attitude and beliefs change.


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