Tuesday, January 31, 2017

On Boycotting Radical Islam

President Trump lit a firestorm when he announced a temporary travel restriction against residents of 7 countries from coming into America.

The liberals are going insane.  Protests are everywhere.  People are holding up signs with picture of woman using an American flag as a Muslim head scarf (hajib).

But is there another side to the story?  Should the Muslims of the world be forced to take a hard look at WHY the rich Arab-Muslim countries REFUSE to take in any refugees while Western nations seem to be taking them all?

This article comes from Nonie Darwish, a former Muslim raised in Egypt.

Early this morning an Arabic radio station in the Middle East called asking my opinion about President Trump's ban on refugees and citizens of seven Muslim nations. The radio host, who sounded angry over the ban, was a Christian Arab. She was surprised to hear that I supported the ban and think that it should have taken place the day after 9/11.

She then asked me if I knew any Arab American activist who was against the ban because she wanted to interview someone against the ban. She seemed shocked to hear that I do not have any Arab or Muslim friends who are protesting the ban, and that many immigrants of Islamic and Middle East origin support the ban and are fed up and embarrassed by what jihadists are doing.

She said that all she sees on CNN and other channels are riots that portray almost all Americans supporting Muslims and against Trump. I am upset over the success of the leftist propaganda all over the Middle East. It brings back memories of the life of the hate indoctrination and misinformation I lived under for most of my life.

What would Muslim countries do to the West, I asked, if 19 American terrorists flew airplanes into Arab capitals and their government and military headquarters? What did she think Arabs would do if every week or so American terrorists would conduct synchronized killing sprees all over the Muslim world, gunning Muslims down, blowing them up with homemade pressure cookers, ramming into crowds with trucks? There was silence.

She then started calming down and said that of course she is against terrorism, "but". I asked: "Do you see what jihad did to your Christian community in the Middle East?" She was silent for a minute, then it occurred to me that she might be afraid to continue the conversation because her bosses were probably Muslims.

I was sure she was going to hang up on me, but to my surprise she asked me to please hold. Then she was back, live from the studio, and started interviewing me and asked the same questions on air. I poured my heart out in Arabic to the Arab listeners.

The lesson here is that Arabs are hungry to hear the truth; this Arab station, instead of rejecting these ideas, ended up putting them on air. The lesson America needs to learn is that the West is not doing Muslims (especially the reformists) a favor by constantly treating them as children who should be shielded from reality.

Muslims need to know that the world does indeed have a justifiable and legitimate concern about Islam and actions done in the name of Islam by Muslims. Muslims need to look at themselves in the mirror and see the world from the point of view of their victims. Instead, the West is sacrificing its culture, values, laws, pride and even self-respect. Muslim culture needs a wake-up call telling them that, sooner or later, non-Muslim nations will close their doors to any kind of Muslim immigration if the jihad culture continues. That will also be a strong message to Muslims already in the West who still believe in jihad.

The Muslim people are hungry for the truth: that their educational system and mosque preaching are full of incitement, abhorrent, hate-filled and the foundation upon which violent jihad is built. The Islamic commandment to do jihad sacrifices Muslim men, women and children to kill and get killed.

As long as the West continues its appeasement of Islamic jihad, Islam will never reform and the West will lose. So far, the West has continued to extend a lifeline to the religion of Islam; a religion for which the number one enemy is the truth, and which struggles to suppress the truth.

It might be compassion that leads the West to take in millions of Muslim refugees, but it is reckless compassion. Why isn't Saudi Arabia taking refugees temporarily until things settle down in Syria and Iraq? Do Westerners question the motivation of Islamic theocracies, as to why ultra-rich Arab nations are sending us their refugees but taking in none?

Who is really benefiting from the policy of appeasement, the acceptance of Sharia-stricken theocracies and their jihadist, hate-filled education? Some "tough love" is urgently needed if Muslims are to be motivated to change and reform.

Here;  https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/9869/immigration-ban-radical-islam

Friends, war is difficult.  We are currently engaged in a civil war in this country.  It hasn't gone to shooting, (yet?) but it is a war between a Conservative worldview and a Liberal worldview.  The liberals HAD been winning these last 8 years and leading us down a path of destruction....following fast in the failed policies of France, Sweden, Germany and others.  And now that Trump is trying to roll back the atheist-liberal-COEXIST policies that the globalist-seeking world had come to expect....the world is having a hissy-fit.

Just remember to take a deep breath and remember that God is in control.  It's NOT GOING TO BE EASY to try and take back ANY lost ground that the liberals have won in this war.

And please remember first and foremost what Paul told us;  WE ARE NOT BATTLING AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD but against the satanic forces that want to possess this world and have things their own way...and lead all men into the godless-pit along with them.  So prayer and the Word of God are the weapons we use....NOT screaming at liberals on social media.


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