Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Is POTUS Trump a Prophecy Accelerator?

Is the election of Donald Trump to give Christians a reprieve from the godlessness of the liberal-globalist agenda?


But what if Donald Trump was ordained by God for the purpose of accelerating prophecy?

What if world events are really getting ready to rock and roll and Trump is the guy to light the fuse? 

To that thought, many of us would say COME LORE JESUS!

During the past election year, America experienced a very dirty campaign. From the very beginning, the Republican Party was at each other’s throats. Establishment GOP were vehemently against the nomination of billionaire businessman, Donald Trump. He was not a politician, therefore, he was not in the same club as the average Washington D.C. politician. Trump was going against the tide and he stood up against the policies from BOTH sides of our government. Mr. Trump was opposed to this mess with illegal immigration and the open border policies of Barack Obama. He was against the TPP, a trade deal that was intended to sell out American jobs to Asia.

This was another policy by Barack Obama, that hinted at sabotage against the American worker. Repealing Obamacare was another promise made by Donald Trump and he listed one thing after another that he would change in his efforts to “make America great again”. Basically, Mr. Trump made it clear that he intended to undo most everything that Barack Obama and company did during the past eight years of the Obama Administration.

During those eight years, the establishment politicians in both parties rolled out the red carpet and allowed Barack Obama to dismantle and destroy many American traditions. Obama is a radical, there is no doubt, and his flippant rule and egotistical manner proved to MANY that he was no friend of America. It certainly appeared that Obama was bent on the destruction of America and he took the side of many ultra leftist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter and militant gay and lesbian organizations.

Barack Obama applauded himself as he gave billions of dollars to Iran, thus helping them toward developing a nuclear bomb. Obama flipped his finger at America as he opened the borders, allowed illegal alien criminals to run free in America, while he ordered the release of terrorists from GITMO. When not playing golf, Barack Obama signed one executive order after another, as he overstepped his authority. Under Obama’s watch, the IRS was used as a weapon against Christian conservative groups. With the help of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Obama brought war to the Middle East, as one country toppled after another, in the so called ARAB SPRING, which was actually a takeover by the violent Muslim Brotherhood. This led to mass persecution of Christians and many of those countries are now hot bed breeding grounds for terrorism.

President Trump’s plans to move the U. S. embassy to Jerusalem, means Trump agrees with God, that Jerusalem belongs to God’s chosen people. The world will disagree, and this move will unleash Satan’s fury not only against Trump, but also against the United States of America. Satan’s minions in the news media, our government, and globalists around the world, have been throwing fits of rage ever since Trump won the election. Could this explain the rabid hatred all these radicals have for Donald Trump?

We have witnessed the hand of God on this election. Christians on bended knee prayed hard and God heard our prayers. God’s will was for Donald Trump to be the 45th President, as all efforts to stop him failed. Is it also God’s desire that Jerusalem become the world’s center of attention now? Are we approaching God’s appointed time?

I believe the election of Donald Trump was allowed to happen, not as a reprieve, but as a PROPHECY ACCELERATOR. While many sit back and think we have been given a reprieve, it might be more correct to say that we have entered a new prophetic time frame.

Indeed, these could be interesting times. If Trump does fulfill his plan to officially acknowledge the capital of Israel to be Jerusalem, then America must expect the backlash from the world to be fierce, especially from Muslim nations. It could cause terrorist acts in America to seriously increase. We would be in perilous times for sure. This is the time to pray harder than we did before the election. We must pray that God’s will be done, and His hand to be upon our nation and President Trump.
Many ‘watchers on the wall’ believe the Rapture, or the calling out of the Body of Christ, will occur around the Jewish Feast of Trumpets, which occurs in the autumn. What if this event were to happen during Trump’s time in office? I have heard that he has chosen many born again Christians for key positions in his administration and some have said that Donald Trump himself became a born again Christian during the Presidential campaign. If this is correct, the Rapture could remove the top people from our government, leaving it in total confusion.


As we said yesterday in another post, if USA successfully moves their embassy to Jerusalem in a proper attempt to anchor the city into Israel's control....the Muslim world is going to have a fit and so are all the other Western liberal nations and 90% of college campuses in America.  It could lead to major unrest in numerous places.

Let's remember that Trump's election was not a surprise to God and NOTHING Trump does or doesn't do will be a surprise to God.  He knows the beginning from the end.


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