Monday, January 23, 2017

How Republics End

How long do nations or kingdoms survive?

History shows us a wide berth of answers to that question.

At this blog, we have been asking that question since the economy almost collapsed in 2008 and we watched the rise of Team Obama begin to shake and erode the very foundations of our nation.  We wondered if America would survive Obama.

Today, of course, we now have President Trump.  And now the liberals of the world are asking the very same questions we conservatives have been asking.

We ran across this NYT article by a liberal worldview journalist named Paul Krugman.  Notice what he asks at the very end of the article.

One thing all of this makes clear is that the sickness of American politics didn’t begin with Donald Trump, any more than the sickness of the Roman Republic began with Caesar. The erosion of democratic foundations has been underway for decades, and there’s no guarantee that we will ever be able to recover.

But if there is any hope of redemption, it will have to begin with a clear recognition of how bad things are. American democracy is very much on the edge.


We find it interesting that we have posted about the conditions in Rome right before the collapse.  They handed out free bread to everyone, they built stadiums in every town to entertain everyone and they devalued their currency and hoped the people would never find out.

Now look at America.  We have 48,000,000 getting free bread, we have new NBA, NFL, NHL and baseball stadiums going up in every city AND we just devalued our currency by creating massive amounts of QE I, QE II, QE III, etc...

We also find it interesting that Paul Krugman now thinks he should write about the collapse of Rome and question America's foundations only AFTER his party lost.  Why didn't he write the article after Team Obama had been in power a few years and started doing such damage to our foundations?


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