Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wars, Conflict and Violence

Paul and Jesus gave us quite a few signs to watch for so that we could discern the season we are in....but according to scientists the rise in violent acts, conflict and war is the result of....wait for it....CLIMATE CHANGE!

Shifts in climate are strongly linked to increases in violence around the world, a study suggests.

US scientists found that even small changes in temperature or rainfall correlated with a rise in assaults, rapes and murders, as well as group conflicts and war.

The team says with the current projected levels of climate change, the world is likely to become a more violent place.


Friday, August 2, 2013

Yellowstone Geyser Erupts

We are currently in Broadus, MT on our way to Yellowstone and saw this headline today on Rapture Ready...  No doubt the earth is shaking in many places.

The famous Steamboat Geyser erupted again during the past night breaking a 8 years period of dormancy. Known as the currently largest geyser in the world, its jets are known to reach up to 90 m height.
It is located in the Norris Basis in the northern part of Yellowstone. Its eruptions are very irregular, with intervals ranging between several weeks (29 eruptions in 1964) to decades (record was 50 years pause with no eruption).


Iran Says Armageddon is Close

When you see a headline like this it makes one wonder if Ezekiel 38 is right around the corner...


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mutilated Cows

Hey all...I'm on a road trip for the next week or so and my Internet access will be limited so probably won't be posting much as I can't type real fast on this I pad....but wanted you to see this article about "aliens" that messed up this cow.

HENRY COUNTY, Mo. (KMOX) – Who would cut the tongues and take the reproductive organs from several cows? That’s the mystery police in a small town 90 miles away from Kansas City are dealing with.

Robert Hills, Henry County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy, says the first cow was discovered in December of 2011, the second and third this summer. All were female cows and were owned by rancher Lyn Mitchell.

Mitchell told the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that the third cow’s heart was removed and exposed, but was not taken. She believes that maybe whoever did this was interrupted and she does not rule out the possibility of aliens.


What the heck are these demons up to?  They seem to always take the sex organs....are they making 
Strange flesh....again?

As it was in the days of Noah....

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Obama Celebrates Ramadan

Is it a big deal that the U.S. President celebrates a Satanically inspired religion of lies?

Was it a big deal that Bill Clinton was having sex under his desk with an intern who wasn't his wife?

Was it a big deal that John F. Kennedy was having sex with Marilyn Monroe while he was married?

Was it a big deal that Thomas Jefferson rewrote the Bible to deny the deity of Christ?

Of course I could go on and on with that list.  It would seem that finding truly God-fearing, Bible believing men capable of running this country has always been an why should it surprise us that Obama isn't one either?

President Obama late Thursday celebrated Ramadan with a traditional dinner in the State Dining Room, saying that throughout the nation's history, “Islam has contributed to the character of our country.”

In remarks before the Iftar dinner, eaten by Muslims after sunset to end the day of fasting, Obama quoted from the Koran, according to a White House pool report. "As the Koran teaches, whoever does an atom's weight of good will see its results." 

"Muslim-Americans and their good works have helped to build our nation, and we've seen the results," he added.

Obama, who has hosted five Iftar dinners, focused on entrepreneurship during much of his speech.
“Every day, Muslim-Americans are helping to shape the way that we think and the way that we work and the way that we do business," he said. "And that’s the spirit that we celebrate tonight — the dreamers, the creators whose ideas are pioneering new industries, creating new jobs and unleashing new opportunities for all of us.”
Obama recognized three entrepreneurs, including Shazi Visram, the founder and chief executive of Happy Family Organic Superfoods; Aunim Hossain, chief executive of Tista Games; and Iya Khalil, who co-founded GNS Healthcare, a biotech research company.

“So Shazi, Aunim, Iya and so many of you who have traveled here tonight — each of you have traveled your own path, but each of you have also lived out an American story. 


“And of course, this isn’t just the American Dream; it’s the aspiration of people around the world. It’s the basic human desire for progress, to find dignity that comes from work, to give our children something better.”
Members of Congress, local elected officials and dozens of ambassadors were on the White House guest list.


How terribly ironic that Obama would say such a thing at a Muslim dinner!!  Please look around at the nations where Islam rules, Mr. Obama.  They have no desire for progress!  They don't want to give their children something better!  Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan.....they are all filled with MILLIONS who want to execute women, kill gays, behead other sects of Islam and make sure the society CAN'T READ....because READING IS BAD!!!

What kind of a fool is this man in the White House?

"Muslim Americans have helped build this nation?".....WHAT???  Just because a few Western educated entrepreneurs, who are Muslims, started a company hardly qualifies as helping to build this nation! 

More evidence that this President is under the spell of the Father of All Lies....because Obama seems very capable of speaking his native tongue...which is lies.

But still, the masses love him...maybe not as many as once did, but still millions do.

Remember, Bill Clinton was impeached for bad judgment in having extra-marital sex and then lying about it under oath...and where is Bill today?  He is the MOST POPULAR DEMOCRAT EVER!!!

"Right will be called wrong and wrong will be called right."

This country was NOT MADE GREAT because of all the great elected officials we have had...NO! was made great by God to accomplish HIS purposes.  And when He is done with the USA, she will vanish just like the empires that ruled before her.

I just wonder if we will get to witness that....

Blacks Must Also Look Inward

Human nature is a sinful mess.  It seems we are born with greed, pride, lust, sloth, perversion, lying, cheating and violence all wrapped up in a "little bundle of joy"....also called a baby.

The other things we humans resist like the plague is the capacity to point a finger at ourselves.  We would prefer that ALL OUR PROBLEMS are really the fault of some other outside force beyond our control....and our actions are simply the unstoppable result of what acted on me.

And so goes the black community....

Last week the Mpls Star-Tribune published an article from a local black man and he said a lot of the things we white folks would like to ask, but can't...because we would be called racist if we even asked the question.

Everyone agrees that Trayvon Martin’s death was a senseless loss of life. While we’ll never know all the facts, it seems likely that George Zimmerman did “profile” Martin when he first saw him. What happened after that will forever be unknown, and, in my mind, the facts were insufficient to convict Zimmerman.
The establishment view of this tragedy is that it is primarily about racial profiling, “stand your ground” laws and the relative value our society places on the lives of young black males. Many black leaders argue that if Martin had killed Zimmerman, the verdict might have been different.
What often gets lost in this narrative is how we in the black community often contribute to our own destruction. The Martin case, tragic as it is, pales in comparison to the epidemic of black-on-black murders, which is the leading cause of death for young black men in this country. In Chicago, the murder rate is so high that it is affecting the city’s credit rating. It is broadly accepted that crime in Detroit is a major reason the city is bankrupt.
Where is the outrage, the indignation, the marches for victims of black-on-black crime? The simple fact is that black thugs pose a much greater threat to me and my family than racial profiling ever will.
More important, where is the honest self-examination in the black community of how we tragically devalue our own lives? How can we build a culture of self-respect, honor and dignity when the most visible expression of black culture today is hip-hop and rap music? This malignant new form of black culture plays a dominant role in defining what it means to be an authentic young black male. Hip-hop culture, with all its trappings, is embraced and celebrated by many black entertainers and athletes, who are the only role models many young black men have.
What other culture in the history of the world has routinely referred to its women as “hoes,” while pimps and hustlers are celebrated and education is devalued? How can we in the African-American community ever demand respect from others when we show so little of it for ourselves?
I would like to ask history a question, please....How long do societies last that have made it politically incorrect to even ask a logical question?
Logical question #1:  Dear black community....what are YOU doing to fix the problem of 70% of black babies being born to unwed mothers?  This would seem to be at the core of ALL of your problems.
Logical question #2:  Dear Arab community....since 99% of all terrorist suicide bombers are Middle Eastern males between the ages of 18 and 30, for the good of society, why can't we single you out for searches at the airport until you figure out how to FIX your own explosive problem?  Why do we have to strip search 70 yr old white women from Iowa while costing society BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to do such an idiotic thing?
Of course I say all this KNOWING FULL WELL that peace between nations and races will NEVER happen until King Jesus returns.  However, I don't believe we need to suspend logic until that time.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Syria is in a Free Fall

The United Nations human rights expert says that Syria is in a free fall...with each side engaged in dispicable acts which expose the nature of this Satanic blood bath.

he head of the U.N. commission investigating human rights abuses in Syria says the country is in "free fall" and has become a battlefield where civilians are the main victims of "acts of terror" from indiscriminate shelling to rape and sectarian killing.

Paulo Pinheiro told the U.N. General Assembly Monday that "massacres and other unlawful killings are perpetrated with impunity" _ most by pro-government forces and some by anti-government armed groups.

He demanded that the government stop using imprecise weapons such as unguided missiles on civilian areas, and said both sides must stop laying siege to cities and towns, cutting off vital supplies of food, water, medicine and electricity.

Pinheiro said the international community must demand a diplomatic solution to the 2 1/2-year conflict that has killed over 100,000 people.


I can hear the liberals now..."But Dennis, the U.S. had it's own blood bath of a Civil War 150 years ago...what's the difference?"

Ummmm.....can you find any stories in history of Union or Confederate soldiers torturing, raping, killing and dismembering women and children in the cities near their battlefields? b  Nop

4 ouf of 5 Americans Near Poverty, Joblessness

Hey friends!!  Have you been following the stock market's return to record high territory?  Did you see that pickup trucks are selling faster than apple pie at the county fair?  Did you see that people are building big houses again?  Have you heard that Happy Days are here again?

If may want to figure out which reality you choose to believe.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.
Survey data exclusive to The Associated Press points to an increasingly globalized U.S. economy, the widening gap between rich and poor, and the loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs as reasons for the trend.
The findings come as President Barack Obama tries to renew his administration's emphasis on the economy, saying in recent speeches that his highest priority is to "rebuild ladders of opportunity" and reverse income inequality.

As nonwhites approach a numerical majority in the U.S., one question is how public programs to lift the disadvantaged should be best focused — on the affirmative action that historically has tried to eliminate the racial barriers seen as the major impediment to economic equality, or simply on improving socioeconomic status for all, regardless of race.

The gauge defines "economic insecurity" as a year or more of periodic joblessness, reliance on government aid such as food stamps or income below 150 percent of the poverty line. Measured across all races, the risk of economic insecurity rises to 79 percent.
Marriage rates are in decline across all races, and the number of white mother-headed households living in poverty has risen to the level of black ones.


Marriage rates in decline?  You mean kids are getting raised by single mothers and their sometimes boyfriends?  You mean to tell me that now single white moms are as common as single black moms? 

Have you seen the statistics for fatherless boys ending up in prison?  Do you know how much it costs to keep a person in prison?  Do you know where the money comes from to incarcerate people?

As we just read...what happens when the parasite outgrows the host?

Answer;  the host dies and then so does the parasite.

Detroit...A Warning to the Rest of USA

We did a post on Detroit right after the bankruptcy news broke.  Is bankruptcy and collapse what we can expect to see coming for Chicago, Oakland, Atlanta, Columbus and a major city near you?

How many cities can go bankrupt before it hits YOU someplace between the eyes?  How many bankrupt cities can one nation have before the entire nation is declared bankrupt? 

Also, it begs the continuing question....HAS JUDGMENT ALREADY STARTED on this nation?

Detroit’s Bankruptcy: A Warning to the Rest of the Nation

When the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy on July 18th, it became the largest such filing in American history. The Motor City has $18.5 billion in debts, which comes to $25,000 per resident. At the heart of Detroit’s problem is the benefits owed to current and future retirees─a number that will ultimately reach─into the tens of billions.  Just to show how dysfunctional the city has become, the bankruptcy proceedings was immediately gummed up by an activist liberal judge who ruled that the filing, violates the Michigan Constitution because it would have a negative impact on pension payments. Union lawyers are also trying to void the bankruptcy filing. Since you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip, it doesn’t matter if the law says all cities need to pay their pension or bond obligations -- there is no money. To put it bluntly: The parasite has finally outgrown the host.

Few people realize how far Detroit has fallen. I could list dozens of key facts about the city’s decline. Here are a dozen of the most shocking:
In 1960, Detroit had the highest per capita income in the nation.
It was once our 4th largest city in America, it is now ranked 18th.
The murder rate in Detroit is 11 times higher than in New York City.
Police only solve 10 percent of the crimes that are committed in Detroit.
It takes the police an average of 58 minutes to respond to calls.
Only a third of its ambulances are in working order.
Over 40 percent of the streetlights are broken.
There are approximately 78,000 abandoned homes in the city.
Each year 1,100 buildings are torched because of arson.
There are 70 “Superfund” hazardous waste sites in Detroit.
In 1950, Detroit had 296,000 manufacturing jobs. Today, there are less than 27,000.
The police chief actually warned people to “Enter Detroit at your own risk.”

I don’t see much hope for a turnaround. Unless we reach a point where we realize our moral and financial deficits are directly related to each other, the cancer that has ravished Detroit will produce the same results in many other American cities.
“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God” (Psalm 9:17).


Friends, the signs are everywhere that the "American Dream" is taking a turn and heading for a nightmare.  Who could stop it?  Only God.

Where is The Church in America to sound the alarm?  Nowhere to be found!!  In fact they are too busy ordaining gays, denying the exclusivity of the Gospel, joining ranks with pagan religions and attacking the inerrancy of scripture.

Holy apostasy!!!  The Church of America has forsaken the Gospel!! 

Prophecy said we should expect apostasy to reign in the Last Days...and HERE SHE IS!!!

Praise the Lord!!  He is the Alpha and the Omega!  He is the beginning of all things we know and will also be the end of all we know!