Saturday, July 26, 2008

Out of Town

To my few faithful readers, I wanted to tell you that I will be at Lone Tree Bible Ranch this week and will not be able to post comments. If you want some good sites to get some great articles, you can try these while I am gone. Have a great week.


100 yr. Effect

Israel's version of the CIA is called the Mossad. The ex leader of Mossad says that if Israel attacks Iran, it could effect them for the next 100 yrs. He also talks about the window of opportunity that they have after the US elections and before the innauguration...which will be especially true if Obama is elected. Read the entire article here;

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sharansky on Iran & Obama

This article/interview with Nathan Sharansky is very telling. Sharansky is an Israeli politician but was a Soviet citizen and spent a decade in their prisons before immigrating to Israel. Listening to him, it sure sounds like war with Iran is imminent and Israel will definitely go alone if they have to. The forces are gathering against Israel because they believe the country has become weak and vulnerable.

"The real problem for his country, he says, slowly sipping a cup of tea as he sits behind his desk, is that the Arab world sees Israel as vulnerable.
“Our adversaries have a growing feeling that we are weak and they are strong. This has to be changed,” he says. To do so, he would punish, including with military retribution, states and networks that back terrorists. "

He is also concerned about Obama as president.

"As we talk, Barack Obama is here visiting Israel. Sharansky is dubious of the candidate.
“He is definitely a big concern for me,” he says.
Sharansky thinks Obama has “a little record or almost no record, while the one who he is competing with is McCain, and we know for sure his principles.”
Sharansky continues the train of thought: “It is very alarming for me the way Senator Obama voted, the way he spoke about his desire to negotiate with Ahmadinejad, and the way some of his advisers think.
“I was at AIPAC. He made a very strong speech, speaking about a Jewish state, defensible borders, a united Jerusalem, then the next day he started correcting himself.”

You should read the entire article here;

Rosenberg on Obama

Top selling author, Joel Rosenberg, doesn't seem impressed by Obama's understanding of conditions in Iran. It is disturbing to think that Obama believes he can sit down face to face with Iran and hammer out an agreement. Below are a few paragraphs from Rosenberg's email.

" In his heart, Sen. Obama does not actually believe the regime led by the Ayatollah Khameini and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are deeply and inherently dangerous. He sees Iran as a nuisance, not a forthcoming nuclear-armed power. That is why he is so adamant about wanting to sit down and negotiate personally with Ahmadinejad, without preconditions. His official website actually boasts about this position. "Obama is the only major candidate who supports tough, direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions," it reads. But to what end? Has Sen. Obama actually studied the speeches of Khameini and Ahmadinejad? Has he studied their eschatology, or end times theology? Has he been properly briefed on how this eschatology is driving Iranian foreign policy? No one who truly understands what the current Iranian leadership believes could honestly conclude that they can be successfully negotiated with, much less deterred. Ahmadinejad, after all, believes it is his God-given mission to annihilate the U.S., Israel and Judeo-Christian civilization as we know. Why? To create the conditions that will bring the Islamic Messiah known as the Mahdi or the "12th Imam" to earth. Ahmadinejad is not just another power-hungry dictator in the mold of the Soviet or Chinese leaders of yore. He is a Shia Islamic fascist. He believes his life destiny is to kill millions of Jews and Christians and usher in an Islamic caliphate. He believes he is a John-the-Baptist, a forerunner, of the Islamic Messiah. If he dies, he believes he will spend eternity in paradise with 72 virgins. But he doesn't really believe he's going to die. He believes he has been chosen for a divine appointment, and that nothing can stop him. That is what makes him so dangerous. Unfortunately, too "

Iran to Install Russian anti-aircraft

As just one more connection joins Russia and Iran, Israel must be realizing that if they are going to strike Iran, it should be sooner rather than later. You can read the Reuter's article here;

John Bolton has said that Israel will be going into Iran if Obama is elected and it will happen between his election in November and his innauguration in January. I agree that this is a very likely possibility. Every month that goes by gets more and more dangerous for Israel as Iran keeps cooking the bomb.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Test the Spirits

What are we to make of the enormous amount "alien" discussions, sightings and video recordings that seem to be making headlines everyday? What would we (as Christians) say to our friends and neighbors if aliens actually landed on earth and started giving us all sorts of stories on the beginnings of man and the history of the earth? What if they were capable of preforming all kinds of miricles or could call down fire from the sky? Would it test our faith? Would the "seen things" start to unseat all the "unseen things" that we currently believe? The linked article is a main headline on Fox News today;,2933,390161,00.html

This guy isn't some hill-billy from West Virginia, he's a respected astronaut. Jesus tells us in Matthew that the last days will be like it was in the days of Noah. If we read Genesis 6, we will find that in the days of Noah, the Nephilim were on the earth. They were, in fact, strange creatures that were the result of fallen-satanic angels who interbred with human woman. Could it be that we are seeing the return of the nephilim and they are manifesting themselves in the form of "aliens"? Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and discernment and understand that there is a "great delusion" coming for planet earth which will decieve many.

Can Bin Laden destroy the US?

This is a particularily frightening headline and reminds us that all of our lives could be turned upside down in an instant. Will we have the faith to survive such a catastropic event? Will the bride of Christ even be here to witness such an event? The bible tells us that men will faint with fear in the last days. If the described event ever did take place, certainly it would make the "fainting" prophecy a reality.