Friday, September 12, 2008

Analyst Describes WWIII

The article below is nothing less than frightening. I will remind you that the bible tells us that the events coming for this earth will make men faint with fear. The article describes some of those events and the author seems pretty convinced they could get started in the next few months. Israel has to be close to feeling that it is totally surrounded. If she feels that her very survival is at stake, she might fight like a cornered racoon and attempt to bite every one of her enemies...even if it's the last thing she does.

Read this VERY sobering article here;

I can tell you that if even 1/4 of these described events come true, it would make us forget all about shopping at the Mall of America, spending countless hours watching ESPN, planning for our early retirements, drawing plans for our dream home, etc... Instead, we might dust off our bibles and focus on the Lord so that our hearts get straight...before His imminent return.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

U.S. Refuses Israel

This is really big news that is coming out today. Is it true or is it pre-attack propaganda to keep Iran off it's feet? We will never know til it all becomes part of history.

The article is saying that the U.S. will not help Israel if Israel decides to attack Iran. Israel asked the U.S. if it could fly over Iraqi airspace and the U.S. said they should ask Iraq themselves. Actually, this is a very good answer (politically) since the U.S. is trying to show the world that Iraq is truly independent. But it may be a very bad answer for the U.S. from a biblical point of view if we quit standing with Israel. As many of you have heard me say, I think it may be possible that the reason the U.S. rose to such power, so quickly was to fufill God's word in helping to incubate Israel. And we were the first country to recognize them and the only country that has helped their military stand up to constant arab/soviet aggression and threats.

You can read the article here;

It begs the question; if the U.S. quits standing tall for Israel...will we lose the blessing of Genesis 12:3? It certainly appears that the Lord's hand of protection is being lifted as we watch natural calamities and moral depravity run all over this country.

US Society Sinks Even Further

The news in the headlines today is about a 22 yr old woman who is auctioning off her virginity to pay for college expenses. In the capitalistic society we live in, I guess it was inevitable, as we already had people auctioning off body parts like kidneys.

You can read the article here;

As I read this article I was reminded of the last verse in the book of Judges, "There was no king in Israel at that time. Everyone did whatever he pleased."

It's fairly obvious to me that as we turn away from The King (Christ) in this country, moral relativism takes over and everyone does whatever they please. Please pay for our country, as we are going south in a big hurry and only The King can save us.

Connect the Dots

Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania has put together a list from the past 12 months of what some of the enemies of the US have been up to. Notice again that Russia and Iran are in the list, and they are in prophecy as well. I'm not sure where Hugo Chavez fits in, but since they have oil and he hates the US, I'm guessing that he would like to see us destroyed.

Still-Gathering Storm: Enemies Are Working to Undermine the U.S.

Seven years since the terror attacks on the American homeland claimed the lives of 3,000 innocents and changed the lives of countless more. Seven years of war. Seven years without a terrorist attack at home, and the temptation grows to return to our pre-9/11 ways.
Can we afford to take a "holiday from history"? Two years ago I spoke of "the gathering storm" of anti-American nations - such as Iran, Russia and Venezuela - moving to confront us and was roundly criticized as a fear monger.

A quick look at the last 12 months:

September 2007: Iran establishes diplomatic relations with Bolivia. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad pledges $1 billion to help Bolivian President Evo Morales' "Bolivarian revolution."

September 2007: At a meeting in Venezuela with President Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad pledges $9 billion in direct aid to the region in 2007 alone.

October 2007: Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden releases a videotape message laying the foundation for an alliance between radical Islamism and Western leftist "progressivism."

October 2007: Iran and Venezuela announce their intent to sponsor "a global progressist front" to underline "the ideological kinship of the left and revolutionary Islam."

October 2007: In Venezuela, Russia's deputy prime minister says his country will build a $1 billion alumina plant. (Alumina is used to make aluminum.)

November 2007: Chavez tells French TV that Venezuela will join Iran in launching a "peaceful" nuclear program.

November 2007: Chavez meets in Tehran with Ahmadinejad to expand bilateral ties - Tehran-Caracas flights, joint construction of an oil refinery, a $2 billion anti-American fund, and greater outreach to North Korean, Syrian and Cuban allies.

November 2007: Venezuela's 2008 budget draft includes more than $250 million to finance "anti-imperialist" movements in the United States, Mexico, and Central and South America.

December 2007: China and Russia ignore U.S. sanctions triggered by Iran's nuclear program and continue to invest in Iran.

January 2008: Russia's Vladimir V. Putin announces plans to launch two long-range missiles just off the coasts of France and Spain in the biggest naval exercise since the days of the Soviet Union.

January 2008: Russia continues its nuclear-fuel shipments to Iran. There also are reports the two countries are teaming up to advocate for a "gas OPEC."

February 2008: National Intelligence Director Michael McConnell testifies to Congress that Iran, Venezuela and Cuba are working to undermine the spread of democracy though drug trafficking and the establishment of terrorist safe havens in the Western Hemisphere.

February 2008: Iran announces that it will cooperate with Venezuela on more than 30 industrial projects in 2008.

February 2008: Morales announces that Iran plans to open a television station "for all of Latin America" in Bolivia's Andean foothills.

March 2008: Iran launches a nuclear-capable ballistic missile that could reach Europe.

May 2008: Chavez announces that Venezuela has purchased military planes from China, expanding both its arms and its relationship with Beijing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Muslim Prayer Case Sets Precedent

First we had muslim taxi drivers who would refuse to pick up passengers at the Mpls-St Paul airport who were carrying liquor. Now we have muslims who are demanding prayer time during work and asking for special concessions since their religion doesn't allow them to handle pork...AND THEY WON!

Read the Star Tribune article here;

Here's a real obvious answer; If you don't want to serve alcohol...don't apply to be a bartender. If you don't like cattle...don't apply to be a cowboy. If you can't touch pork...don't apply for work at a hog slaughterhouse. If you want to live in a muslim country...don't come to America, because it is not a muslim country.

I swear....the world just seems to be losing all sense of logic and common sense.

Two Quakes in a Day

First there was 6.5 quake on the mid atlantic ridge. Then there was 6.1 in southern Iran. When Jesus said, ..."there will be eathquakes in various places...", these two sure line up. One thing for sure, the world is well on it's way to shattering the record for major earthquakes in a year.

Read about the quakes here;

and here;

Federal Deficit

The news came out yesterday that (suprise!) the federal government has spent a lot more money that it has. Now, just to keep things in perspective, this is not the largest deficit that we have run when you look at the 1980's and 1990's and compare it to the overall size of the US economy. But it is a troubling trend especially when you realize that that US consumer has spent more than they have made and if you squeeze them for more may not find any more money. So who will pay off the $1.5 Billion that we have to borrow everyday from China and other nations just to finance our consumer and governmental spending?

It's going to take major reform and sacrifice from all generations of consumers AND federal, state and local governments. But no one really likes to be told that "the party is over", so unless the Holy Spirit intervenes...the crap will only go higher on our boots...which will make it much harder to pull them out...and dang near impossible to ever get them clean.

Read the full article here;

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McCain and Obama

In this election year, the promises and flip-flopping seem to be everywhere. In light of that, I am going to post two articles from Foreign Policy magazine. One is McCain's 10 worst ideas and the other is Obama's 10 worst ideas. After reading both, I think you will see that no politician is going to be capable of saving the world...and/or this country. The bible tells us though, that during the last days, the world will be calling for a leader to solve all their problems. One thing for won't be either of these two.

McCain's worst are here;

Obama's worst are here:

Arab Christian has Bounty on his Head

Most of you are familiar with Joel Rosenberg, the author of EPICENTER which is a must read book if you haven't read it. Rosenberg made a posting to his blog today that I wanted to point out because it is simply an amazing story. It's about an Arab who is a Christian and is being watched by 50,000,000 muslims a day and is debating fundamentalist muslims on the air for all the muslim world to hear. He is on the hit list for al qaeda and has a bounty of $60 million bucks on his head. This is a guy who needs all our daily prayers as he is on the front line of spiritual warfare.

Read about Father Botros here;

Monday, September 8, 2008

Georgia-Israel-Russia Connection

The author of the Rapture Ready website has some interesting obsevations and connections with what is going on with Russia and Georgia. It seems Israel has been very friendly with Georgia on a military basis and has been arming and training the fledgling democracy. It also seems that Georgia is allowing Israeli fighter jets to use some of their runways, which Israel could use as a staging ground for an Iranian invasion. This could bring Russia (which supports Iran and invaded Georgia) into direct conflict with Israel...and could be one step closer to the Ezekiel 38 prophecy.

You can read the comments here;

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Parent's Murder Daughter for Honor

Here is a story that makes you feel pity for the murdered girl. It seems her parents sold her for marriage at age nine and now that the girl was 17, she didn't want to marry this 45 yr old man. So as she was coming out of court, she was murdered by hit-men sent by her parents. And of course, the article doesn't say it directly, but I will give you one choice of what "religion" could make these parents come up with such a heinous plan....yes, you guessed it....Islam.

Read the article here;,2933,418025,00.html

Please pray for Pakistan as this country is in great danger of coming apart. And if it does, the entire world will be at peril of being sucked into the resulting power vacuum, with a VERY good chance the muslim extremists could get a big hold.