Friday, May 9, 2008


For anyone who hasn't seen Hal Lindsey's website I've attached a link here: If you click on the featured video you will learn an awful lot about Iran and why they are such a threat to Israel and the stability of the entire world.

Stinking corpse

It seems Ahmadinejad feels pretty strongly about Israel's fate. We are told that God will supernaturally protect Israel during that Last Days and wipe out the gathered armies seeking to destroy Israel. Iran (Persia) is one of those armies mentioned in Ezekiel 38.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Iran and Nukes

While Israel is getting ready to celebrate it's 60th birthday, the countries that hate her are planning her demise. We can say with almost absolute certainty that Israel will not let Iran have a nuclear warhead strapped on a missile and pointed at Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. And when Israel does decide to act against Iran, the world will get very upset.

New Rumors

As we have said, Christ said that the days prior to his return would be filled with "wars and rumors of wars". This article plugs into that theme and is extra interesting in that it involves Russia which is definately a country to watch in the Last Days.

Violent Video

It doesn't take a prophet to see that this society worships violence and that we use it for entertainment purposes. In it's first week of release, Grand Theft Auto, which glorifies killing and rape, had $1/2 billion in net sales. I wonder how much we spent that week on things that would glorify God?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Birth pangs

We have noted the recent increase in earthquakes, and commented on the unusual places they are happening like Illinois, Reno, etc... We have also been watching the increased frequency of severe weather like cyclones killing thousands, tsunamis killing hundreds of thousands, tornadoes killing dozens, and hurricanes destroying entire cities. The Lord tells us these are the birth pangs to watch for. The bible tells us that the earth will go through an INCREDIBLE upheaval during the tribulation and then again at the end of the 7 yr tribulation when Christ actually returns to earth to usher in the millenium. What we are seeing (I believe) is the shadows of these future events casting over our present day. It is a time that the Lord is using to wake up his followers and also to bring in others who are maybe on the edge of belief.

Going back to strange earthly occurences, this article on the Chile volcano caught my eye. This paragraph near the end was of special interest;

"Chilean authorities were caught off guard by the eruption of the 3,280-foot (1,000-meter) volcano, long considered inactive. Officials say the volcano had been dormant for thousands of years before Friday."

The bible says that the whole world will be caught off guard by the Day of the Lord. Just like this looming volcano, the wrath of God has been dormant for thousands of years but when it finally breaks out, it will be nothing like the world has ever seen.

Monday, May 5, 2008

False Christs

Christ told us that in the last generation, many people would come claiming to be Christ. In the past hundred years the increase of people claiming to be Christ or being annointed by God has risen exponantially. Here is another one;

What's interesting is that in 99% of the cases, it's men who are doing the claiming and there is sexual perversion wrapped up in the lifestyle.

Solier's last words

No matter what you think of how and why we got our military into Iraq, we are there and US soldiers have died. And yes, it was a bi-partisan congress sent them there to dethrone Saddam and to try and set up a beach head of democracy in a very screwed up place. The attached article is written by a 22 yr old soldier who was killed fighting for us. It deserves our attention and respect.