Friday, June 26, 2009

Ark of the Covenant

Prophesy makes it clear that a 3rd Jewish Temple will be built in Jerusalem in the last days. We know that the anti-christ will sit in the Holy of Hollies in this Temple and declare himself to be God. So we watch the movement towards this fulfillment.

Today there is news surrounding the Ark of the Covenant. This holy box is where God set his presence when Solomon built the first Temple. And this box has been missing for centuries. I don't know for sure if it was still in the 2nd Temple when Christ was here.

But we know that the Jews need it to even consider building a 3rd Temple.

Abuna Pauolos, in Italy for a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI this week, told the news agency, "Soon the world will be able to admire the Ark of the Covenant described in the Bible as the container of the tablets of the law that God delivered to Moses and the center of searches and studies for centuries."

So Ethiopia says they have the ark, but others say it is already in Israel;

He claims that after the Ethiopian civil war, Israel sent in a group of commandos from the tribe of Levi and the carried the Ark onto a plane and back to Israel in 1991.

"It is being held there secretly, waiting in the eyes of the religious leaders of Israel, for a supernatural signal from God to rebuild the temple," he said. "They are not going to do it before that. When that happens, they will bring the Ark into that temple."

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One thing is for sure....this is just one more rumbling going on in the world AND THEY ALL APPEAR TO BE HAPPENING AT ONCE. Jesus said that the end will come like a flood. That means that the situation on planet earth will go from good to really bad in a short amount of time. When you remember where we were in the hedonistic days of the 1990's when money was everywhere, stocks were cruising at new highs, houses were going up faster than popcorn and peace was all over the world....and now 10 yrs later, look at the headlines. The world seems about ready to be overtaken by a flood.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Discernment Test

OK...let's say your good friend sends you this video, the headline of which is; CHILD'S NIGHTMARES AND MEMORIES PROVE REINCARNATION.

Watch the news report from a Cleveland Fox News station;,0,1190900.story

Questions; does this in fact prove reincarnation, as the headline alleges? What possible explanation would a God-fearing, bible-believing Christian have to explain such a mystery?

Hints; Satan is a great deceiver. Do we KNOW where the dead airman's soul is? The bible is clear that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord...but that only applies to souls which are written in the lamb's book of life? Where could these other souls be? What purpose would they have to lie to and decieve an innocent little boy?

Remember, we are on Satan's turf and behind enemy lines. We need to cling to the word of God and all these deceptive mysteries have answers...but since many of us refuse to acknowledge the power of Satanic deception, we will be attracted to mysterious stories like this and look for a friendly answer...instead of the Truth.

Korea On the Edge

The war talk continues between North Korea and anyone else who will listen. Personally, I think we should quit talking to them altogether and quit reporting on ANYTHING they say or do. It would be like a giant "silent treatment".... the kind you used to give your brother or sister when you were young. North Korea desperately wants the world's attention. They want to bluster around threatening everyone with everything in a pathetic attempt to open up the blackmail game again. "I'll be good if you give me some candy," is pretty much the game their leaders are playing. And why shouldn't they play that game?? If the rest of the world falls right in line and starts sending emissaries, cash, incentives and barges of food to make the brat stop crying...the brat quickly learns that whenever he wants something, throw a tantrum and the world will come running with candy and prizes.

But now we have created a bit of a monster. Had we come down hard on them 15 years ago and laid out the ground rules, (yes, Super powers can do that) we may have avoided the situation we are currently in. Now we have North Korea saying that a new war could break out at any time.

The report says that a new war could break out at any time. It also says Pyongyang would never give up its nuclear deterrent as long as the U.S. continued what it called its hostile policy.

So what is the tough-talking United Nations doing? They have issued a warning to North Korea that they might contact North Korea's ships that they suspect of carrying illegal weapons and ASK for permission to inspect them. If they are refused then the UN will huddle behind closed doors and try and decide what to do next. Oooohhh!!...Scaaarrry!!

A U.S. Department of Defense spokesman said Wednesday that a decision on whether to contact the vessel or not will likely be made together with other countries. North Korea has said it would consider inspections of its ships an act of war.

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Have we really become so scared of confrontation and violence that the civilized world is going to let a gopher wearing a pantsuit (Kim Jong Il) hold the entire world hostage to his desires? How sad.

I also have to wonder if Obama's camp is asking the question, "What did we say or do for this man not to like us? Isn't everyone supposed to like us if we talk, smile and shake hands? Maybe we should apologize for the Korean War in hopes they will forgive us?"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mahmoud's Friends

Today the Wall Street Journal had an editorial about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and some of his friends. It is VERY prophetic in that Russia, Iran and Turkey are the three main players mentioned in Ezekiel 38 and the article mentions that Russia and Turkey were the first countries to welcome Ahmadinejad as the re-elected leader of Iran....even while the Iranian people are protesting the sham election...and dying while protesting.

The Kremlin backs this regime for Machiavellian purposes. Mahmoud makes life difficult for America, for one thing. Iran is also a big customer of Russian goods, especially weapons. Perhaps most of all, the prospect of another successful so-called "color" democratic revolution in the neighborhood -- in this case, green -- sends chills down Russian strongman Vladimir Putin's spine.
The Turks have no excuse. President Abdullah Gül and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulated Mr. Ahmadinejad in the days after polls closed. This Ankara government, whose roots are in the country's Islamist movement, has shifted away from traditional friendships with the West and Israel and reached out to Hamas and the Iranian regime. The leaders of the Muslim world's most dynamic democracy lost a chance to buck up the millions of Iranians who want the same for themselves.

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Did you catch that?.... just like a flash, Turkey has walked into the arms of Iran and Russia after decades of being friends with Israel and The West. The bible is clear that in the last days, this exact axis would come together and be joined by others...and God would put hooks in the jaws and draw them out to make them want to attack Israel. The bible tells us they will believe Israel has wealth that they HAVE TO HAVE for themselves....and they will gather together to destroy Israel once and for all.

But God clearly has different plans.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sightings on the Rise

We have posted about the incredible amounts of UFO sightings taking place all over the world. We have also clearly posted our belief that the "aliens" who are operating these space ship/UFO's...are really the fallen angels who rebelled with Satan...and they are part of some grand deception that is being cooked for planet earth.

We will post here a Kansas City Fox News report on some sightings that were happening around the University of Kansas. The most interesting part is when the lady from MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) explained to the reporter that they used to get 1-2 calls per month on UFO activity....but now they are recieving 1-2 calls per day.

Watch clip here;

Remember, the bible refers to Satan as The Father of all lies, the great deciever, but most curiously calls him the Prince of the Air. Interesting.

2012 Housing

We have posted numerous times about all the catastrophes that various groups claim are coming in 2012. Now we can all pre-order our housing so that we can survive whatever 2012 has to throw at us!

According to the website this community has all the amenities necessary to survive civil unrest, EMP nuclear pulses, solar storms or all sorts of other catastrophes....for up to 4 years they will be a secure little pod, complete with meals, doctor and dental care.

Zero Point is developing the world’s first resort that offers the amenities of a world class condominium and the protection of a hardened underground facility to shelter them in the event of a catastrophic event. Recognizing this market need, Zero Point has developed a concept that will greatly improve how our clientele can survive an event that impacts a region, a country or the world. Our unique approach of providing full service accommodations during a catastrophic event will include housing, meals, medical and other needs to survive extended periods of up to 4 years of disruption.

Check out their informational website here;

Or the youtube video here;

I guess the buyers of these places better hope the end of civilization doesn't come before the Spring of 2012...because they won't be open until then.

Serpent With A Nice Image

There is certainly lots to think about as we watch the news come out of Iran. We see the people desperate for change...but we realize that the opposition leader (who everyone voted for) is probably not much different than Ahmadinejad. Both are very much opposed to the State of Israel, and both have vehemently supported the development of nuclear technology.

For these reasons, Israel would rather see Ahmadinejad stay in power because it will be easier to build international support against him.

"Just because Mousavi is called a moderate or a reformist doesn't mean he's a nice guy. After all he was approved by the Islamic leadership," says Ephraim Inbar, director of the Begin Sadat Center at Bar Ilan University. "If we have Ahmadinejad, we know where we stand. If we have Mousavi we have a serpent with a nice image."

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Many prophecy watchers continue to believe that Isreal may need to strike Iran in before the year ends. Keep praying for the Jews and the Persians, that Jesus will continue to move amongst their people like never before. "The harvest is ripe but the workers are few..."

Monday, June 22, 2009


As we watch Iran, let's remember a few things. First off, the Mullahs and Ahmadinejad actually want chaos because they believe that is the condition necessary to usher in the 12th Imam. Secondly, remember that the Persians invented the game of chess. They are masters at thinking multiple moves ahead before they make any move. Is it possible that the Mullahs orchestrated this "election" knowing full well that the people would react the way that they are....because they want chaos? Why would you be so stupid to announce the "winner" before the polls closed? Why would you be so stupid to claim the "winner" received 62% of the vote and won in a landslide...why not say he received 51% and wait until the next day to announce the results and claim that the election was very close? Do they want chaos in the streets??....maybe that's exactly what they want.

The Persian leaders ARE NOT STUPID. They are VERY calculating, so it has us wondering if this whole thing was meant for another unseen reason.

Police used tear gas and fired shots into the air yesterday to break up a rally of hundreds of protesters in central Tehran’s Haft-e-Tir square shortly after the Guards’ warning, the Associated Press said.

Club-wielding members of the Basij volunteer militia, which is linked to the Guards, have played a role in suppressing the protests against Ahmadinejad’s June 12 victory. Opponents say the ballot was rigged. The clerical Guardian Council, the top election body, has refused demands for a new election, and is offering only a partial recount.

Read article here on protests;

There Will Be Famine...

Jesus said there will be famine and pestilence during the Last Days. So we watch for one more sign to come into focus.

Crop scientists fear the Ug99 fungus could wipe out more than 80 percent of worldwide wheat crops as it spreads from its home base in eastern Africa. It has jumped the Red Sea and traveled as far as Iran. Experts say it is poised to enter the breadbasket of northern India and Pakistan, and the wind inevitably will carry it to Russia, China and even North America — if it doesn't hitch a ride with people first.
"It's a time bomb," said Jim Peterson, a professor of wheat breeding and genetics at Oregon State University in Corvallis. "It moves in the air. It can move in clothing on an airplane. We know it's going to be here. It's a matter of how long it's going to take."

Read full article here;

It seems as if man is pedaling as fast as he can to stay ahead of destruction. If it's not a mad-man with a nuclear bomb, it's global warming that's going to wipe us out. If it's not a meteor from space, it's a Ug99 wheat scourge that would make us all starve. I am so grateful that God has this whole world in His hands....He is the beginning and the end.

Pray for Christ to return soon.

Hat tip to Mike S.